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Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp can be contacted by visiting: https://hackyourhealthhabits.com

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Dr. Beauchamp: Hello there. My name is Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp and I’m super excited to share with you today something that I’ve been working on for quite some time and it is my book, Hack Your Health Habits.

Dr. Beauchamp: But first of all, let me tell you a little bit about me, a little bit more. I’ve been in practice for 23 years. I am in Ottawa, Canada and for the past three years I’ve been working on writing a book and I’d like to share that with you because I also have designed an online coaching program for patients as well to educate them and empower them to change their lifestyle.

Dr. Beauchamp: So I’m going to go over some slides just to show you and for you to get a feel of what is in the book and what is in the program to see if it’s of interest to you, because I took the three years and sat my rear end down to write this book and record all the videos. So I’m hoping that other health practitioners and other chiropractor can use that time and that knowledge to empower their patient. Because let’s face it, we can as chiropractor, help our patients with their spine, their nervous system, have them working more optimally, but at the end of the day, if they do all the wrong things at home well, we’re kind of running in circles.

Dr. Beauchamp: So I’m going to switch onto my slides now. So this is a picture of my book, Hack Your Health Habits, and I’m happy to report that the book made it the first week that it was launched, which is three weeks ago, to the Amazon best seller’s list in the alternative medicine category. So I was super excited about that and it happened in both .ca and .com.

Dr. Beauchamp: So what is the book all about? Well, it is about a lot of things because it is 610 pages and I’ll show you right here. Whoops, I’ve got it here. As you can see, it’s quite thick and I remember when I was talking to my publisher way back and I told him that the book was 600 pages, he says, “Oh my God, Nathalie you can’t do that. It’s way too thick.” And I said, “No, no I can because that’s the whole point of the book that it almost has everything that people need to know.”

Dr. Beauchamp: So I’m just going to put this slide so you can see. So section one is all about getting motivated, organized, and we talk about productivity and setting our day in the morning and all of that stuff. Section two is getting back to basics. So I talk about protein, carbs, and fats and phytonutrient, just making sure that people have their basic rights. Section three is about getting fuel with the right food and figuring out what works for them, because this approach, the book approach, is that there is no one size fits all and people have to really design things for themself.

Dr. Beauchamp: Section four is all about toxin and decreasing our toxic load. Section five is on vitamins. Section six is fitness. Section seven is hormones, eight is all about the gut and the immune system. Nine is all about the brain. Ten is about recharging, sleep and again some meditation and all of that stuff, and section 11 is gaining control of your health and it’s all about empowering them to know their numbers and having a wellness team. Then section 12 is kind of more global about their life. So that’s everything that is in the book.

Dr. Beauchamp: So it’s been out for three weeks. I’ve had many people read the advanced copies and the feedback that I’m getting is, it’s a reference guide so people will go back to it, but also if people want to read just one section, they can go and read.

Dr. Beauchamp: Now, I am a chiropractor so rest assured that this book is written with chiropractic in mine and anytime that I had the opportunity, I referred back to the importance of the nervous system, and gut brain connection, and sympathetic, and parasympathetic and all of that stuff. So my goal with the book and with the program is truly to create and build a health hacker tribe. A tribe of like minded people that want to learn, that want to grow.

Dr. Beauchamp: So the program, as I mentioned, is all online. So people when they sign up they get a username and a password and then they can login. There’s over 72 videos that I recorded and it’s kind of, it’s not like the book in the sense that it’s more transformational, it’s kind of gradual that they need to start with the basic and I’ll explain in a second.

Dr. Beauchamp: So they’re all based on different hacks. So we talk about nutrition, fitness, brain hack, gut hack, hormone hack, and full body hack. So the first module is all about the mindset, making sure that people get what they want out of their program. The module one is all about key health indicators. So I have tons of quizzes and questionnaires in there to make them do kind of a spot check of where are they in their overall health. So we do a symptom inventory, we look at self care, fitness, toxin inventory, their food as well.

Dr. Beauchamp: In module two, this is where we start building on that knowledge, but we’re still giving them the basics. So again, carbs, protein, fat, we talk about food labels, we talked about mindset, we talked about overall fitness, and we talk about the posture; posture, spine, and the nervous system.

Dr. Beauchamp: In module three, we take more action and I called it, Let’s Get Hacking. So this is where we talk about the importance of organic food. I even kind of came up with your health habit food pyramid, which is in line with a higher fat, moderate protein and a lower carb diet. We talk about the adrenals, the thyroid, the digestion, how to decrease our toxic load, some stuff about mindset and strength training.

Dr. Beauchamp: In section four, Step It Up Advanced Hacking Strategies, and this is where we dig a little bit deeper into ketogenetic diet, exogenous ketone, food sensitivities and in there we’re dialing in because as a bonus they have access to six different meal plans, that’s whichever one fits them. We talk about hormone testing, electromagnetic fields, gratitude and mindfulness. HIIT training. We talk about the impact of sitting on our health.

Dr. Beauchamp: Module five, I called it Cracking the Code To Optimal Health. We talk about genetic testing, intermittent fasting, block fasting. We talk about epigenetic, we talk about neuro transmitter and how to support the brain naturally. We talk about brain optimization and the power of manifestation.

Dr. Beauchamp: So as you can see, there’s a lot. I don’t think I missed too many things and the conclusion model is about all, putting it all together because, and leaving them with a plan and inspiration to really take control, take action and empowering them.

Dr. Beauchamp: So the bonuses that they have within is the playbook that goes along with the book. They have worksheet, quizzes and questionnaire for them to really do an assessment of where they are at so they can measure their progress. I even have them do a health currency, when it comes to money we can measure how rich someone is as how much money they have in their bank account, so I came up with a health currency. So it’s a questionnaire that they do at the beginning to test their health worth and then they do that questionnaire at the end and hopefully with the things, the action that they are going to have implemented and their knowledge, their health currency should have increased.

Dr. Beauchamp: They also have access to the meal plans like I was talking about and they are awesome meal plans. I have to say that I didn’t create them, but I have access to some pretty amazing tools. There’s also a goal setting video and workbook as well that I’ve used for many years and I also have open office hours in a private Facebook community. There’s already people on the program who started this in September, so I log in Facebook Live, answer questions every Monday at 11:00. Then if people can’t do it then they can ask me their questions.

Dr. Beauchamp: So this is what the program looks inside. Pretty user friendly. I’m using ClickFunnel as a platform. So it really is seamless. So if you are interested in getting the copies of the book, you can go online at Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, depending of where you are at. It’s also Barnes and Noble, Chapter Indigo in Canada. But if you’re interested to leverage that into your practice, you can text the word book to 716-203-1356 or you can go to the URL hack your health habit, hyh8bookpackage.com and it’s eight books. It’s the digital copy of the playbook and what I will do as well is record a video with you through Zoom or Skype, we can decide, where I will help leverage your book in your practice and your community. So kind of make you look good with your patients and let them know that you have tools to help them.

Dr. Beauchamp: So let’s make this a win win and if you’re interested to be an affiliate for the mastery program, you can text the word affiliate to, again, 716-203-1356, and the affiliates, it will be a form you’ll see. So it will show me if you’re interested. So obviously the way affiliate programs work, you get a percentage and I will help you with your marketing because I’m doing it in my practice right now. I’m doing webinars, so the sky’s the limit, how creative we can get to reach your audience in your community and even on a bigger platform, also outside of your community.

Dr. Beauchamp: So hopefully this inspires you to reach out to me and get the books. Hopefully get some books hopefully to share with your patients because these are the questions that I know I’ve been asked for the past 23 years. So I figured I would compile things together because people, our patients, are overwhelmed with the amount of information out there and the analysis by paralysis kind of thing.

Dr. Beauchamp: In the book, I forgot to mention, it’s all about three levels of hack that I kind of created for each chapter. So it’s reading the chapter and then, “Okay, what do I want to change? What do I want to implement and change as a habit?” So level one is an easy change. Level two, level three gets harder. So really try to give them the information, tons of references at the end as well if they want to dig deeper, but also to have them take action.

Dr. Beauchamp: So I’m going to leave you with this last thought here. The raising tide lifts all boats and I really hope that my work with the book and the mastery program can uplift your patients as well developing a better lifestyle because like I mentioned at the beginning, as chiropractor we’re there to help them from a spine and nervous system optimization, but if they’re not a following a really healthy lifestyle, it’s not very productive. So if we can support them, help them become less toxic and more empowered to do what they should do because they’re seeing results, I think it’s a win win for all.

Dr. Beauchamp: So again, if I go back to the slides, but let me just … So the word affiliate, if you’re interested in the affiliate program, and the word book to, again, 716-203-1356.

Dr. Beauchamp: So this was Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp, thank you so much for listening in and hopefully that gave you some ideas of what else you can do to help educate your patient in your practice. Thank you.

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