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Hi everybody. I’m Dr. Pam Jarboe from Chirobloom and I’m here to talk to you today about TheGeniusRoom, which is an online learning environment that I am in collaboration with Dr. Peter Kevorkian and Dr. Stephanie Nagg. But first I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a chiropractor and I’m in practice in Groton, Massachusetts and in Acton, Massachusetts. I’ve owned four different practices and seen a lot of different regions of the country. I teach all around the world actually and I’m in practice for 24 years and I’ve been chiropractic for 30 years. I’ve been a CA, I’ve been a patient and a doctor and so I combined all of those experiences and it gives me unique perspective to be able to teach and share a chiropractic.

I’ve trained extensively outside chiropractic and inside chiropractic over these years. I’m a person that loves to be coached so I’ve really gotten a lot of resources and so I created two types of learning processes for chiropractors. One is a group learning environment called TheGeniusRoom and what makes it unique is that it’s primarily women, which a lot of my learning environments in chiropractic were mostly men with a few women sprinkled in and this is mostly women with a few men. And it’s a great learning environment. We focus on five pillars, marketing, sales, systems and communication, profit planning and team building. So these are ongoing conversations and trainings that are in TheGeniusRoom. My specific focus is about teams. I actually do a team training once a week or I’m teaching systems and also team development.

And we also do panel discussions about the other pillars that need to happen. What I’ve seen in practice over the years is that sometimes someone will be really good at handling new patients and helping people get on care plans but they don’t have the phone ringing enough or some people are really good at bringing in new people and attracting them but they don’t really get them under plans and they get burnt out so they’ll be really excited because a lot of new people are coming but it ends up being exhausting in the long run because they’re sustaining it and it just feels tiring. Some other people in TheGeniusRoom or in my coaching program will talk to me about systems and the chaos that they’re enduring in that they don’t have a lot of family time and to me it’s really important that you learn how to run a business and make it systematic so that other people can slip in and out of it and that’s something that I’ve been really great at showing people about how to set that up.

And another piece of the puzzle is profit planning, talking about money. Over the years in chiropractic, I’ve always heard people talk about numbers like, “I see this many people a week,” but the truth is their expenses are so much higher than that amount or they don’t even know how much they’re making and they’re afraid to look at the numbers. I think part of being a CEO and an entrepreneur is understanding what happens in your business. When you don’t look at numbers you give them power and when you look at numbers you are empowered. And so we really like to focus on profit planning as well. So I see those five pillars as being really important, understanding how to market. Now, everybody and their mother is a marketer in chiropractic. People are paying a lot of money to these different people who can help them with digital marketing and so what I’m noticing is that it really depends on where in the world you are actually help people in different parts of the world to do their marketing.

And one of the things we’re missing in our chiropractic marketing, that I see anyway, is messaging. We have a lot of tactics and so we’ll take out the ads and we are doing the talks or we think that that’s marketing but marketing is messaging. Marketing is strategy and so if you don’t understand how to communicate who you are and how you’re different you will struggle in order to get people in or it will cost you a lot more per person to attract people. And what I believe is that we need to build trust and we need to build reputation in chiropractic, that that’s one of the things we’re missing as a profession. And that’s one of the big things that I really teach my coaching clients but I also teach them other tactics because again I have a vast resource of help to give people.

And then a lot of conversations we have are around figuring out how to have a sales system, which sale is a dirty four letter word for so many people, but the truth is it’s a really important way. I like to use the word engage. We have to figure out how to help people to engage because heart disease isn’t an event, it’s a process. If you’re reversing heart disease it’s a process, it’s something that happens over time. And spinal health is something similar, that it’s a process not an event. And so we have to help people to engage properly in order to help them to change and transform their own spinal health. And so we need to understand what are those points of engagement that we have in practice and have clear systems for ourselves and everyone on our team so that we make that a lovely experience for everyone who’s involved.

And so these are some of the things that we work on in TheGeniusRoom and in my one on one coaching and what I see, those are five pillars that are really important for people to figure out. But underneath all that, the foundation is mind set and there’s a lot of challenges to being an entrepreneur and one of the things I love in my other groups that I’m involved in that I go into in person or online, they talk a lot about how hard it is to be an entrepreneur. And it’s just they accept it, “We’re different. We have a different mentality. We’re different people. It’s okay that we’re different.” And they actually help you to understand what those differences are and you’re not gonna necessarily always have balance but you’ll have alignment and creativity and you figure out how to create a life that you love.

And so for every person that I coach, it’s different and this is one of the things I think is kind of different about TheGeniusRoom and Chirobloom is that instead of us forcing on you and saying, “You need to do it our way,” we really encourage you to look at several different models and consider what would be best for you. And so we encourage you to build that knowledge base and then use your own self to know what works for you in your practice in your region. So we want to give you the database and allow you to build it from within rather than doing something that somebody imposes on you and you don’t really love it and it feels like wearing itchy clothing. So those are the five pillars but we notice that the foundation is based upon mind set, philosophy and when I say philosophy I don’t mean, “You gotta read green book’s all day long.” That’s not what I’m saying.

What I mean by philosophy is you need to define the energetic boundaries of what you do and what you don’t do just because it can get confusing if someone from the public comes in and expects you to heal them completely in one visit you have to have an energetic boundary to understand this is what I do and this is how I do it. So the other foundation that we talk about is technique. Those are the foundations but the pillars that you build really it takes a lot of learning to learn all those pillars and those processes but once you get them down and you build a reputation and you create trust in your community and it becomes effortless and a self referring source. It’s just that if you’re missing some of those pillars, which I’ve seen some people have been in practice for 10 years, one of the pillars just doesn’t work and so that’s what makes it feel like they’re just carrying this heavy weight.

And then they get a negative mind set and think that there’s something wrong with them or they can’t do it or there’s something wrong with the public when really it was more of a math problem or a systems problems and we just need to fix that and then the mind set can shift. So, I really encourage you to look into us and find out more about us. You can read about us on thegeniusroom.com. You can also check our chirobloom.com. You can find me on Facebook and message me privately. I’m happy to answer any questions or talk to you. I am a huge fan for chiropractic, it changed my life. It’s something that I feel really privileged to do every day and I’m happy to be of service if I can be to you and your team and help you guys go where you would like to go. And so I hope you’ll check this out, it’s geniusroom.com and in the meantime I’m rooting for your success.

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