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Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month

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Welcome, ChiroSecure Family Friends. This is our September Facebook Live, and this is a very special month. Why? Because as colleagues, this is the month where you help. Literally save lives. This is how we activate our community, and this presentation is really about being able to create awareness about our Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month, and it is a very powerful month.

I bring this information to you because as you see, as we go through the slides, This is the month where we showcase all of the benefits that chiropractic office offers, and we know that what we do matters. We’re changing the quality of life for millions of patients, and we do it every single day. What I’m gonna ask you to do though is make this month really count, educating our communities and activating them so that they know better, therefore, they will do better.

Communities are suffering, and today is the day that we bond together as one family, one chiropractic family, getting our message out for promoting September as our drug-free pain management awareness month. And as we always start. . By being grateful. I’m sincerely grateful for all of you. You come in month after month and you listen, and you create a world that opens up possibilities for our youth, for pediatrics, for our seniors, and for those that are doing their job the best they can, and they just need a little more help.

And that’s where chiropractic fits in. The lifestyle of chiropractic. So we thank each and every one of these sponsors, especially over the weekend. We did a massively impressive moment, and I wanna call out Dr. Alan Weinstein and ChiroSecure a step with us every step of the way. So as we move through, this is all done for you doctors.

I don’t expect you to reinvent the wheel. I don’t expect you to stay up until midnight every night putting together a drug-free pain management awareness month. What I do expect though, is that you will do one more step this month. One more step I bring forward a very special man that always used to remind me that, Sherry, if you wanna have success, it’s really one more step to Dr.

John Donofrio. So those out there that remember our late Dr. John Donofrio, we give thanks because boy did he educate a lot of us. And he always used to say, doctor, just one more step. We’ll make the difference between, in many cases here, Life or death when we’re talking about opioid use and mu misuse disorder.

But we have people that are collaborating with us and one of the pieces of being able to showcase the benefits of chiropractic care is to have collaborators. When you collaborate, basically all you’re doing is you’re communicating other options. And if you look at this list, it is pretty impressive. The International Association of Yoga Therapists, crossover Health, the Institute of Mat Natural Medicine.

Hashtag. Same here. Karen Noes Hope, the American Society of Acupuncturists New Cell, Katie’s Cause, and Florida Chiropractic, when they put on the panel in August at the national. This is why it matters because we’re passing to you one of the biggest and most important. Pieces of how chiropractic fits in, particularly with pain management.

So look at this. We’re losing 220 Americans each day from an opioid related overdose. And it’s important more than ever to raise awareness. This is the highest loss of life we’ve ever seen in American history, and if we can do our job, we will be able to promote. The use of chiropractic as a safe, effective, drug-free choice.

And as many of you, the Lancet Journal is highly regarded in the medical community, and they just came out with a study that pinpointed specifically the first time ever that opioids have no sincere, efficacious opportunity. Low back and neck pain. They’re not beneficial. And I repeat that.

They’re no more beneficial than placebo and we know how unfortunate the adverse events are. When you take an opioid at Stanford University said 30% of the people on the first one will become addicted. And do you ever get addicted to placebo? If you do, what are the adverse events? I’m creating these conversation pieces because what is the trauma that happens when, let’s say an elderly drops an opiate on the floor?

This happened literally this weekend. A five-year-old died because an elderly person dropped an opiate. It went under the couch and the baby took it. That’s more than tragic. It’s preventable, and it’s a tragedy that we cannot allow to continue to happen in our healthcare. Regimen. So when we look at past your September proclamation as I was in Michigan on the weekend, we looked at who’s doing what and why.

One of the pieces that motivates me is to see activity in the state, and Michigan actually got their Governor, governor Whitmer to pass the proclamation, noting that drug-free pain management and awareness is extremely important. Can you do that? I think you can. I think you can go that one more extra step and start asking yourself, what can I do to make that happen for my community?

You just need to reach out to your local mayor. It’s all here. You download it, you put your information in and you share with it. It’s not too late because next year it’ll be just that easy to do it again and again. And if we had 50 states and hundreds of doctors out there passing proclamations, In their community.

Imagine the world will be creating. So don’t stop there. Now, I’ve also included in the roadmap. As the roadmap for September focuses on all the ways you connect with your patient. One of these pieces is our adjusted reality podcast and. Trusted by the Adjusted. This is one of our most recent episodes.

We have a chat with TLC’s Crack Addict, Dr. Alessandra Colon. She is just an amazingly beautiful gem for our profession. She’s bringing chiropractic to millions and millions of viewers. And listen if you haven’t watched Crack Addict yet, what are you waiting for? She is looking to . Make a new season, and she only gets there by building her audience.

So if you have not . Watched Crack Attic. Put that as your homework assignment. You can look at it on the Learning Channel, the T L C channel, or you can go to free streaming sites like h, Hulu and Peacock to download the crack attic and watch it this weekend. It’s a good watch. More importantly, this is a good listen.

If you go to Adjusted Reality podcast and you can share this podcast with your community, all you have to do is share the link on the bus route, and it will make its way into the lives of the people that you care about your patients. So one more step, doctor. . This is week one. Now listen, if you came in and you’re thinking doc it’s week three in September.

Don’t worry. You can get this information out at any time. And we still have two weeks left in September, which is why we’re together right now. So looking at week one, look at the, this is how you actually start to gain more attention to your Facebook sites. Put that standard cover photo up. Better yet, look at the social media postings, medication overuse, and headaches.

I’m gonna come back to that because our next guest launching tomorrow is one of the most heart rendering adjusted realities. Podcast we’ve done in a long time. The message is Katie’s cause and I’m gonna come back to what Katie’s cause is in a few moments. But I first want you to really look at the September Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month and ask yourself, can I put a tip sheet out in my office?

Can I get it online? Can I do a my own YouTube and showcase the risks of painkillers just by using this electronic tip sheet. You can do it in your website, you could do it on your social media sites. You can have it at your front office. You can do a community outreach with it. It only takes an extra step, and that’s why we’re putting you in the driver’s seat of looking as the expert in your community because that is in fact what Drug-Free Pain Management is all about.

From the social media posts to your tip sheets, to articles, to webinars, we have it for you. There’s no excuse to say, I didn’t know there’s no excuse. To not be in your community and get this information out, because at the end of the day, doctor, it’s about the love for the patient, the lifestyle that they’re living, and how we connect with them.

That’s what makes us so special. We connect with our hands and our heart and we bring the information directly to the patient. We’re not going through any media channels that we don’t need to go through. Obviously, the mainstream media is being bought with pharmaceutical dollars. They get their advertisements out.

But what about us? How are we getting our advertisements out? That is in fact, why have the F four C P updates for you today? What are they gonna look like? What is the F four c p doing for you? And let’s be honest, what are you doing? For the profession. So let’s look at some of our updates and see if your dollars are being put to work.

First we wanna tell where do we go and who do we talk to. So drug free p Management Awareness Month actually kicked off at the New York Academy of Medicine. It’s epic because the benefits of chiropractic care are only going to hit their ears if we say it, if we do it, if we’re there with them. So you came along with me because I do nothing alone.

I am the servant to carry the message. I am not looking to increase my practice growth. I’m looking to increase your practice growth. I am here to ensure that utilization of chiropractic goes from the small minority. To the vast majority. So these people need to hear what our message is and why the benefits of chiropractic care is a first line.

Pain management and approach for neuro musculoskeletal care is so critical. So that’s where we kicked it off, ladies and gentlemen, and we keep it, keep going. And this is one. Truly amazing podcast. This was released last week, and it’s the true tales of the opioid epidemic. Who is Sam Kione and why did his books reach the top of the charts in the New York Seller’s best seller list.

It’s because he is a rockstar. He is true. He is raw. He is real. And he did the homework. He went more than one step. He put his life on the line. He was the first one to showcase what the Sackler family did. What did they do and why did they do it? And how did we get to this mess that we call the opioid epidemic?

Listen. Listen to the podcast. Read the book. I implore you that any mother, grandparent, uncle, aunt, or friend should read these two books and listen to this. Adjusted reality episode. Why? Because when you know better, you do better. And this man has single-handedly changed how America is being scorched by the opioid epidemic.

How and why and what are the answers? And remember I told you. Tomorrow, Wednesday is our next drop on Katie’s cause. What is Katie’s cause and why does it matter? Let me tell you this. Katie’s cause is a mother who actually comes forward to tell you about the terrible tragedy of the use of acetaminophen in her daughter’s life.

We do not want another unfortunate. To our youth. So please share Katie’s cause adjusted reality episode tomorrow with everyone you can possibly do. Have them come to our site, have them give us feedback because we only get better when we do and be. Better in our approach Now, piece of excitement, where were we this weekend?

We had Kyro Secure with us live streaming on 13 different channels, the first ever. Hon, regional. That is right. Ladies and gentlemen, we had a very exciting three day weekend where we streamed 13 plus vignettes on the benefits of chiropractic care. Listen, if you weren’t there, I. You missed something and it was very important.

And don’t worry, I’m gonna include you back in it and I’m gonna tell you how. But what did we do this weekend? We had guests come in, such as Dr. Colon, the Medal of Honor recipient, Leroy Petri, the Guinness Book of World War record kayaker, Cyril Demil. We celebrated, we elevated, we supported the Michigan Chiropractic Association.

We raised over 30,000, but it’s not good enough. I mean it sincerely, $31,022 raised by small donations. I, in fact, even had a donation from the AV tech person at the back of the room when we kicked off Roon. I’m not kidding. This was a moment that reflected almost for me tears. Dr. Fab Mancini was our co-host for Rohan Mac, and when we kicked it off and I said, is there anybody willing to help us get our message out?

And at the very back, the person who was doing our audio, Denzel stood up with his credit card and said, I will donate. These are 10, 50, a hundred dollars donations. Imagine how you get $31,000 when $10 are coming in at a time. Did you donate? If you didn’t, there’s time. Where do we go to donate? You can go and watch any one of these vignettes, any one of them.

You can share them with your patients. You should be proud to get the information out that a world record holder depends on chiropractic care, that a Medal of Honor recipient was only still here because their chiropractor was there for them. This is the time where we truly do celebrate. We’re being in missions across the world.

We’re in the down street Detroit to get out the opportunity to be involved in a halfway house where we’re helping people off the street. Some of them are drug abusers. Some of them have just lost. They’ve been, they’ve had a lot going on and they lost everything. Will you be there for them and help them move the needle?

I think you will, because you’re a chiropractor. So if you haven’t yet, you can go to till the end of September. We’re keeping Mac alive. We’re keeping this whole Roon donation moving forward. And in doing so, I have a very special announcement. Our chairman, Mr. Kent Greenwalt, you know him as the c e o of foot levelers.

He stepped up. I hope he will too, and he will match every single donation and every single one that comes in till the end of the year. But don’t wait till the end of the year because we need you right now. Let’s make Max goal a $50,000 happen to today. If you donate $10, it turns into 20.

It’s just A little bit matters. It’s whatever you can do right now. And I know a lot of you right now are doing very well. So I wanna ask you this. Are the dollars that you’re putting into the foundation for chiropractic progress, are they making a difference? So let me show you if they are.

The foundation has produced two commercials this year, which recently aired on television. Our FIFA commercial, which aired during the Women’s World Cup, was aired on Fox Sports. It was so good. E S P N picked it up. That’s dollars put to work. So how many people did that see? Hundreds of thousands. As soon as it gets produced, and then it keeps getting more and more.

And when you’re on E S P N, you know that we’re mainstream now, we’re not giving the ad space to a pharmaceutical company. It’s us. It’s us putting our money in and getting our value back. 4.4 million elderly. Saw Mavis commercial and that, as you remember, was played on C N, and we did it again when we were in Florida and they got another additional 4 million people.

Can you imagine this one commercial has been seen for almost 10 million people? Your money’s coming. Your money’s coming in. To help us support this now, next month. I know we go from a very difficult month, drug-free pain management awareness month to a very celebratory month, and I want you to celebrate with me.

Celebrate next month we will be celebrating Global Chiropractic Health Month in collaboration. I. With the World Federation of Chiropractic, which is hosting its annual meeting next month in Australia on the Gold Coast, and I promise to bring you with me so we can meet some of the incredible chiros from around the world.

This designation in October is in fact a celebration of chiropractic profession across the globe. Do you wanna be bigger? Do you wanna have more people living the lifestyle that all of us live a healthy, well-balanced, super invigorating life? I hope you feel like I do, which is I’m on fire. I love this profession.

I love that you’re here with me. You know I love you because I keep coming back and I’m not stopping. It’s a resilient moment for all of us. How much can we do? Where can we go? The limit is unbelievably high. They say that you can shoot for the stars for if you miss, you’ll be in the galaxy, and that my friend is where we wanna go.

We want to build our profession to be the best it can be, so that people can enjoy the quality of life that we have. We know that the chronic . Unfortunate disease, scouring our global community, cardiovascular, obesity, diabetes, hypertension. How do we play into that? Someone needs a coach. Someone needs a nurturer.

The past, a pill for every ill, the future, a DC to whom? We’ll nurture, and that my friends, is why we’re building. We’re growing and together we’re unstoppable. So don’t miss your chance to be and do in your community for drug-Free Pain Management Awareness month, and then join me back here in October.

’cause we have fun when we celebrate our profession together on a global scale. So meet me back here, but do come back for next Tuesday’s. Kyra Secure Facebook Live. Thank you all. Isn’t it time you join the most powerful team of successful doctors and chiropractic and go for the gold? Simply go to and get your customized practice success solution.