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“Encourage Change” Dr. McAllister for the F4CP

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Welcome everyone to ChiroSecure’s Facebook live. I’m Dr. Sherry McAllister, the president of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. And I have so much information I’m excited to give to you today. It’s really about Chance. Now think about that word just for a moment Chance. What does that mean? It means there’s opportunity for success is a chance and there’s opportunity for failure. Well, today we will not let you fail at the Foundation for Chiropractic progress. We are United profession, all about making change progress and the entire profession can benefit in today’s webinar is going to be no different than that. I want to first start off with how I always do those that are supporting us to make fantastic opportunities happen. Cairo secure is definitely one of them and we can’t do this without them. It’s this sponsorship that helps us make progress throughout the year.

Well, let’s talk about three practice building opportunities for success. There are three today. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be fast and we’re going to move through this material furiously. So stay with me as we build the chance for change. What does that really look like? Let me tell you a little story that happened on the weekend. And one of it is involved with the roadmap. My husband and I were on a hike and it was behind a winery and there was a beautiful path. And I said to him, let’s take it. And it just kept going down and down and down. And it was beautiful. I mean, pristine, gorgeous as a summit to a mountain, but all of a sudden, my husband said, the farther you go down, the harder it is to go back up. If this is not a loop.

And finally I thought to myself, he’s right, this is going to be quite a climb to go back up. And it was that moment that I wished I had gone back into the winery and said, is there a roadmap so that I knew it was a circle because it would have been a lot more fun knowing where I was going. So that’s opportunity. Number one, the monthly marketing roadmap. So what exactly am I talking about? Well, there is a wise man who once said, think about this. A roadmap is a GPS, and we’re going to use the word nowhere when someone has lost their first responses, I’m nowhere. They have no coordinates. They have no idea where they are. Well, when you have a marketing roadmap in place for your entire clinic to use, everybody knows their GPS coordinates. In fact, you go from the word nowhere to now here, same word, just split.

And that’s what the marketing roadmap is. Your dollars in marketing need to make sense, just like everything else you do. Whether it’s treating the patient, you use best practices or how much money you’re going to spend on supplies for your practice. The dollars have to make sense. And that’s why you cannot forget how important marketing is to your practice. This is how the public sees you. And we want that public to see you as the expert in your community. Therefore, a marketing roadmap is imperative to success. And that’s why I like to think April is a perfect opportunity to spring into that. We’re now in March. So having a roadmap ready to go for April is absolutely imperative. And as we go through and show you a little bit about this roadmap, what do you want in your roadmap? Well, you want to have it laid out. So the entire staff knows week by week. What’s going to happen. And so let’s just go to week two. As an example, you have a strategy and you have an action step. And as you can see right here, pump up your progress webinars and social media. You want to be consistent and persistent in reaching out, not only in your marketplace, by your patients currently, but also on your social media networks, the more they see you, the more comfortable they are with the materials that people are providing.

But also recall that when they see,

See you on social media, they can refer their friends and family. And we all love that the best patients are the patients that are referred to you. And I know as you sit watching this Facebook live right now, that’s the drill that you want. You want the patients that already love you, referring their friends and family. Now, one piece of this is the second part. You will see. We have a brand new resource and it’s called the CA handbook. And I want to let you know that that CA handbook is going to be imperative. As you spring, clean your practice. That’s right. I said, we’re going to spring, clean our practice. Remember this is a chance for change. And as we go into April, we want to change the things that are not working. We want to build on what is working. And we want to advance our chiropractic messaging so that everyone in your neighborhood is going to be benefiting from the information here.

So one piece of that is your front desk. When was the last time you sat down with your front office staff to talk about procedures, don’t worry. We have you. We know that it takes time and it takes materials to have the front desk, which by the way, is the first thing someone sees. So let’s say that patient that loves you, refers their friend. And that really knows nothing about you, but the social media posts that you do or that, that person that referred says, you’re the greatest thing they’ve ever ever had in healthcare. Well, that friend walks in and guess who they walk into first? That’s right. It’s your front desk. And that front desk needs to be armed with best practice procedures. What does that look like? That’s where the chiropractic assistants handbook comes in because an assistant handbook tells you the best ways to handle what’s going to be happening.

And I want to share with you with that table of contents, it looks like here we are. There’s nine chapters. Do you know what that means? There’s nine opportunities to you. Sit down with your staff, take them for coffee, take them for lunch, go through each one. Don’t make it mandatory reading to do all of it. Cause I will tell you just like you and I, if we’re given Kirkcaldy Willis’s book, we’re not going to digest it all in one, sit down, we’re going to have to go through it chapter by chapter. There’s no better way to change your practice for success than talking it through with your staff because your staff are you. They’re the first people that are going to be introduced to your outstanding practice as we go through. What if you think of hiring a chiropractic assistant? Because now is the time we have been through a pandemic and some have left and gone on to other jobs.

And you may be thinking about hiring that next chiropractic assistant, do it with quality in mind. And then look at all the pieces that come with hiring a new chiropractic assistant chapter nine will tell you what you should be looking for. So know that we have you because part of this is making it easy. If your marketing dollars are complex, they won’t get done. So one piece of this, let’s just talk about something very simple telephone, etiquette, 10 steps to the best way to answer the phone. Let’s just go to number six, smile at the collar. You will be surprised even at yourself when you’re talking to a patient, if you start smiling, now I’m smiling right now and you can tell my voice changed. I’m excited. I’m excited to be with you and I’m enthusiastic and cheerful to be able to serve patients. And that’s one of the things that we want our front desk and our front office staff to always think about 10 steps to answering the phone with the best opportunity for success.

It seems simple. Now, what words would you not want your staff to use? Have you everyone thought about it? Well, let’s look at this next slide because the reality is you have a caller on the call and that first 15 seconds of every phone call is actually crucial to your image. So why wouldn’t you take the time to sit down with your front office and all of your staff and ask them not to use certain words, for example, please approve this paperwork. That’s a better way than saying sign here. These are small, but they’re imperative to how your practice feels when a patient’s there. If your patient says something out loud and says, Oh, that’s an old patient. Well, we all know what that means, but what we really want to say is that’s an established patient. Now, if you’re talking to your patient, you don’t say, do you understand?

Because it can actually come off kind of well harsh. How about we say, how do you feel about this? So we get their input. It’s softer. It’s the approach that makes people feel confident in the care that they’re receiving. And if you start taking the chance for change, your clinic will spring into action. This spring in chapter seven, it’s part of ancillary services. What do you offer in your office? And how do you want your, your office staff to talk about them in this example, right here, it’s ultrasound. Some CAS. If you go to them right now and you ask what is ultrasound, they have no idea. If a patient asks, they’re not going to make you look good. So we want to make sure that our staff really does understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. And sometimes we get so busy in what we’re doing.

We forget that there’s a whole staff supporting us. And when we talk about the patient, I want to give you a story. That is a true story. In my practice. I went through this script of talking to patients on the phone. It may only take you a minute, but he could save you. Thousands of dollars. One of them was a patient that called and it was an established patient that got into a motor vehicle accident. We had just run through this script with the staff, answering the phone and not just getting the established patient in, but that next extra question, which is crucial for success. Was there anybody else in the car that we could schedule is your office staff asking that question? You may think they are, but you want to remind them because we all get busy. And this is an important question.

There happened to be six people in that car. And that means six more visitors to my office, all of them scheduled. And that’s what we want to make sure that we think about as we move our practice into the spring and to change webinars. Why are webinars important? Well, you can see there’s two colors on the screen. One is blue and one is green. One is for the doctor to sharpen their saw. Now these are short, right to the point, webinars, corporate wellness in the pandemic world. Why is that important to you? You want to be on the latest, greatest information that’s out there and you want to be able to use it for your best interest. So you will learn something about how the corporations are looking at wellness and you might have a human resource individual walk into your office and you start talking to them about what is their corporation doing for wellness care.

You never know where questions will go. These are great for you to take a lunch break and just spend some time eating your lunch and updating your skillset. There’s also a green one here in that green one is for your office staff. All you ever wanted to know about the chiropractic manipulative treatment, the CMT codes, but we’re afraid to ask having your front desk in your office, watching these webinars means that they’re going to come back to you with questions. And that opens up conversations on how you do things and what the best practice for your office is. If you’re a silver member with the foundation for chiropractic progress, these are on demand. So watch for them utilize them because what they do is sharpen your clinical skillsets and office procedures. We have one for both, one for you and one for your CA webinar recordings are important because now if you’re still remember, you can go back and say, you know what?

I missed the relevant rehabs for headaches, when to treat and when to refer, you can go back and watch those. They’re all there for you. I will tell you the discounts, preventing legal issues, getting paid the right way, huge success. If you missed it, if you’re a silver member, go back and watch it. It was outstanding. And we got huge accolades on that one. As you see the road is broke in this, now you get to choose. Are you going to go left? Are you going to go right? How am I going to ensure that my dollars are working for me, monthly marketing roadmaps. You have to do them. If you’re not doing them yourself, join the foundation, make your own with us. That’s already made for you. And you just have to implement with your staff, having a CA handbook that you can actually share with your CAS, make it a point point of conversation and make maybe every week, just one or two pages out of it.

It’s an excellent way to ensure all best practice etiquettes are being put into place and last your third option for optimizing your success. The webinars, because all of us have that moment where we feel a little deflated. I mean, we’ve worked through an epidemic and we’ve worked through a pandemic and these are opportunities to fill yourself back up with chiropractic. Goodness, speaking of chiropractic, goodness, we have the FRCP updates. This is a moment where I can just share with you what the profession, as a unified voice across the nation is doing. First and foremost, you already know there is an Olympic commercial going to be aired five times. That’s 32nd TV commercial during the Tokyo Olympics this summer. In fact, because we’re in a pandemic and there’s not going to be the ability to have multitude of audiences live. This has been noted as the most epically watched Olympics in history because everybody needs to feel cheerful and excited to watch their gold opportunities come to fruition.

And that’s why we want you to be part of this. And the foundation is so excited because we know from what they’ve already told us, a minimum of 204 million people will watch that 32nd commercial get excited for the first time in history that there’s a limbic athletes that are going to showcase their very best. And what’s really interesting and exciting. Those athletes are speaking for us. We’ll get this right on your screen. Andre Cussan for many years, I competed in one of the most stressful events of track and field, the a hundred meter dash. I can truly say that chiropractic care aided me in becoming one of the best in the world. In the dash. I recently suffered a series of severe strokes. Once again, chiropractic care has been essential in my road to a hundred percent recovery through channeling my nervous system in ways that traditional medicine has not.

I fully support chiropractic care for everyone. Now, remember, as we lead up until the Olympics, we’re going to outline three Olympic athletes each month for you to utilize there’s posters, there’s social media testimonies. And I encourage you to use these the way that are fit for you. This is a unified profession that is showcasing the benefits of chiropractic care in optimizing performance. Yes, we do a fabulous job of pain, but this is about performance. And if you have a spine, chiropractic is fine. And that’s one of the things that I think is going to be a really nice next future. Remember, there are videos available for you to watch, and I’m not going to show them here, cause I want you to go to our Facebook page and find some of them that are already there. We have Deedee Trotter, there’s a whole host of them, and I’m really excited to actually be able to showcase them throughout the nation each month.

Because when someone speaks for you, it’s a thousand times stronger than us speaking for ourselves. Hi, I’m D D D D Trotter wants to talk, but we’re going to, we’re going to just bypass that and get onto some of the other things that are extraordinarily exciting. This is the fittest man alive, Rich Froning CrossFit games are starting up again, which for many of them haven’t been, they’ve been trying to keep up their training in the last year when they couldn’t even go to the gym, imagine how exciting it’s going to be when they all get together. And they all start talking and this podcast go out. The adjusted reality, trusted by the adjusted and the fittest man in the world is there to showcase how he keeps himself in top shape. And if you’ve ever watched CrossFit games and I was lucky enough to be part of one of the regional championships, it’s intense and it really does need chiropractic because the events that they go through maximize their biomechanic potentials in like the Olympics.

They’re going to need a fine tuning for optimum performance. And that’s why sharing these with your patients. Hey, I’ve got this great podcast. It’s called adjusted reality. It’s about the fittest man in the live. He weaves gently chiropractic back into it, but don’t, don’t underestimate the power of gentle because it’s coming from him. Our whole purpose to the adjusted reality podcast is getting people familiar with what it is. Now. We have posters that come out to these posters are fabulous to share with your high school. Maybe there’s an elementary school. Maybe there is a community outreach that you can share and give these posters away as a thank you for those that are involved in making chiropractic part of their lives. So I’d love to share these stories. And you remember when you touch someone in the Olympic dream or in the athletic world, you never know how far they will go. And you never know the experience that they’re going to have. And I say that because I want you to listen to Dr. Erica Whitter Davis. When her podcast comes up, her story is very touching and she is the person that’s in the commercial, the Olympic commercial.

Ideally our podcasts are meant to engage with healthcare providers, influencers, and celebrities, and one of the best. So far of Deepak Chopra and Heidi havoc and train your brain out of pain. Remember, we’re trying to get the whole gamut up to a hundred million. People are suffering in America right now with chronic pain. This podcast could help them. If anything, if your patient listens to it and they love it, they’ll share with a patient, a potential patient in the future, and guess who they’re going to come see you. That’s what we want. We want everyone in the nation to see a chiropractor and to find the reason why. Well, there’s five reasons to train your brain out of pain and spinal movement is part of it and who best but you to see them. Now, one of the things that makes me always look back to the foundation’s progress is are the dollars working for you?

There’s people that have told me I’ve spent $500 a month on a service. Let me ask you, this is your marketing service, giving you an annual report, telling you where your name is showed up. How many times it showed up national recognition rebutting some of the false information in the media about chiropractic. In fact, it was last week that I wrote to Harvard talking to them about their wellness report. That said, if you want to get a spinal manipulative therapy, you can see your medical doctor because it’s more likely that it will be paid. Now, if you’re sitting there in shock, it’s a true story. The reality is the national insurance data provided to me, is that less than 3% of spinal manipulative therapy is done by an osteopath. That’s not a shocker. 97% of chiropractic adjustments are done by chiropractors. That means 97% of spinal manipulative therapy is done by a chiropractor.

So why would Harvard put that in their letter is your marketing dollars going to rebutting? This type of false information are your marketing dollars doing ads and commercials and getting you 204 million people are your marketing dollars being spent, putting together white papers, infographics, and social media responses with Olympic athletes. Because if they’re not, the foundation is here for you and your membership is what drives a unified voice across the nation. In fact, I’d even go across the world. As we get world leaders joining the foundation, because they see the quality of our white papers. They see the quality of our electronic books that we send out our handbooks for CAS. This is why it’s so important for us to be able to unify our voice with a national progressive communication pattern. What are the benefits of chiropractic and how do they work? And last but not least as we go through and look at those marketing dollars, it helps your front desk and it helps your patients.

Once they’re educated, there’s no telling where they’re going to take their education. And that’s why your marketing dollars have to be committed to a outstanding source. That is ethical, that is capable of best practices. That’s looking at the research. One last story. Before I end today, there was a research paper that came out, talking about non-con coordinate care for low back pain. And the foundation looked at that research by Stevens and in the JAMA open network and thought about how are we going to get this out to the consumers to understand how are we going to get it out to the healthcare providers, to understand what did the research actually say? Well, we’re putting it in everything we can put it in. We’re pitching the story. The reality is how a patient is dealt with at the primary care physician level for medical doctors can actually affect the outcome of going from acute low back pain to chronic low back pain.

If they’re not following the guidelines, which we know are non-pharmacological options, 30% of them are going to go on to chronic low back pain because they were handled wrong in the first place. So we need the healthcare providers out there to understand that non-pharmacological options, especially chiropractic care can be very efficacious in ensuring that a patient with acute low back pain does not end up is that 30% statistics because non-con coordinate guidelines were followed. It means that we have an opportunity to share with the consumers that if your low back pain is not dealt properly with when it’s acute, it can end up being a lifelong issue, chronic low back pain. None of us want that. And that’s why the foundation is so happy to take on the research and share it with consumers. Share it with you so that you can educate the healthcare providers in your neighborhood on what non-con coordinate care looks like.

It looks like a 30% failure for that patient. We don’t want anyone in that area last but not least. First. I want to thank you. If you have any marketing questions, Alexis Lenos is our marketing director. She is more than thrilled to be able to help you answer more marketing questions last don’t miss next week, Dr. Judd’s Randall outstanding. Make sure you make the next Tuesday’s Facebook live. I want to thank all of you for joining me today. Take the chance to make the change spring into action. The spring, clean up your protocols, use best practices and make sure that the foundation is part of your arsenal to make progress happen across the nation. Thank you so much. We will see you next month.

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