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F4CP – Outlining Your 2022 Marketing Plans

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Happy New Year, Facebook friends. Thanks so much for joining us on this ChiroSecure Facebook live. It is so exciting because we’re kicking off a brand new year with a lot of new material. And I know that when you start fresh, you bring in a new year with passion and energy and you’re, well-prepared.

Everything starts to go in the right direction. So that’s what this whole Facebook live is about. Putting stuff. In place that will allow you to collide through 2020 to bring on the passion, the inspiration, and motivate your staff. They always look back over time and talk about great leaders and what they mean and why they are great leaders and the most important thing that I’ve seen as a trend going through, looking at great leaders.

They motivate themselves and they motivate themselves to continually grow and be better. And that is one of the things that as we prepare for 2022, our whole goal is to be better, is to create an atmosphere in your practice that helps the entire community see you as the expert. So let’s go to the slides because we have a great deal of.

And as we see that you always know how much I love my corporate sponsors. We had 16 corporate sponsors join us at the end of 2022, that my friends is progress. And hundreds of you have joined as individual contributors, which means we’re making a huge impact in the profession. We’re building on a legacy of a career for chiropractic or helping patients maintain their health.

And we’re inspiring. Is that are in pain to find a. Natural way to help themselves. So as we look through, we love to say ChiroSecure. Thank you for always being there with us and ensuring that we can continue the progress and what progress we’re going to make. 2022. Remember back in 2020, where we focus on enhancing your.

With chiropractic. In 2021, our campaigns were evolved around athletes and that was the Olympics. How do we prevent injury? How do we optimize our health? And how do we ensure that people around the globe will see chiropractic is an amazing benefit to their lives? Don’t despair. We have some really great moments ahead of us.

Now in 2022, our new campaign will be focused on all of the above. But in the more natural sense, stay tuned. We’re going to walk you through our campaign this year. So I’m going to keep you on the edge of your seat. What is it going to be? McAlester? How are you going to play this out? I can’t wait to share it with you.

You’re going to get a sneak peek today on what we are launching next. Now look, here is one of the next parts of our theme. Remember, as we’re going through the year, we want to spice it up. We want it to be fresh. We want it to be fun. We don’t just stick to these themes, but they’re important because then we know we’ve covered a lot of the basis where patients are coming to us.

So I want you to take a look at these PR themes. Remember we have 30,000 doctors that are joining us 46 chiropractic state associations and 16 columns. They’re all collaborated with us in this marketing and advertising. And that is to ensure that we are hitting all of the marks we’re best practice.

We’re bringing out the research, we’re inspiring our patients. So I want you to see that every year we offer out a survey to see if we’re hitting those marks with our members. And we work diligently to ensure we align RPR themes with those topics. As well, we want to direct our target audiences to ensure we’re hitting consumers.

Third party payers, healthcare workers, and academic institutions with our chiropractic messaging. As we know, outlining 2022 themes, we’ve had a couple of. Yes. I did say that pun intended to our March women’s health. We’re doing that because March has now been designated as the international women’s month.

And we want to make sure we’re covering some of the important women’s issues. We’ll be doing that same thing for men at the end of the year. So stay tuned because there’s a lot of great moments ahead as we start to develop those topics out and get the materials that are right for you. Remember, if you’re a member with the Foundation, you can download infographics, brochures, flyers, white papers, and also look at these themes, discuss the themes with your staff, because that’s also important what your staff knows is how they’re going to showcase what it’s going to look like in the future.

And that’s why a road. Is important. A roadmap leads you down the journey of success. And when your staff knows where you’re going, they know what the opportunities and objectives are to talk to the patients. They’re the first line connects. So with these PR themes are aligned in our marketing roadmaps and these roadmaps focus on the theme of the month and the majority of the materials within it will be tailored to that topic, but not all of them.

We spice it up a little bit. And if you haven’t been to my LinkedIn page, please do I had a thousand people join me on LinkedIn last week because of the pandemic posture info. If you haven’t seen it, look it up. It’s a good one. I loved it myself. I posted it personally on my LinkedIn page. Share it from my LinkedIn.

Whenever you see something that’s posted from the Foundation, please feel free to share it and make a comment about your practice and why chiropractic is so very important. So remember that these roadmaps will have all sorts of information in them. There’ll be social media, cover photos, infographics.

Every week, customizable PowerPoints will be available to you in some implementation toolkits. And that’s why you want your staff to get ahold of these and discuss together. What are the best ways to ensure you’re receiving these benefits is that you look at becoming a member with the Foundation because we want you to have the latest, greatest.

And the research, the best practices, the implementation toolkits together, we will bring a brighter future that allows the consumer to see a uniform front. Now we talked about social media cover photos. What do they look like? And why are they important? You want to keep things moving along in social media.

And the best way is to always look like you’re fresh, you’re new and you’re on top of it. Patients know when you change your social media cover page because it’ll pop up for them. If they’re following you. So you want to be active on your social media, especially Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And as January theme, the cover photos are all focused on our older.

Preventing falls. Cause this is one of those months that we unfortunately do see a higher number of adverse events because of falls and we want to prevent them. And you’ll see here, a quote from Harris, he’s a Greenbrae special forces author, doctor, and working with social services, falling down as a part of life, getting back.

Is living. So that’s one of the reasons why we want to make sure that we keep our social cover page moving along is we want them to be living their best life. And you’re one of the avenues to do that as we look through, we have some fantastic. Webinars now these DC webinars are designed for your practice so that you can keep current.

We have lots of wonderful speakers that come with the up-to-date most important information that really will impact your particular practice. And look, you can get these scheduled all the way out to the. You see that little arrow in the corner that says, click here to register for all of them, put them in your outlook schedule or your Google, whatever keeps you organized and make sure you make the time to be the best doctor you can be.

And that means. Finding more information. How do you continue to sharpen the saw in your practice? So get those scheduled, but listen, we didn’t just think of you doctor. We thought of your entire staff and that’s what pump up your progress. CA webinars are all about. It really is about pumping up your progress for your entire team.

So you can look at these, you can talk with your staff on let’s make time. Now, if you can’t attend these CA pump up your progress webinars with your staff, if you’re a silver or up, you can actually get the recordings. So when you’re getting your individual slash package, make sure you schedule for a silver or a gold, lots of benefits there, including the recordings that you can do on your own.

With your staff. Now you joined me. Why? Because you wanted to know more about what 2022 campaigns are all about. While you’re familiar with our annual September drug-free pain management awareness month. I wanted to bring attention to our latest campaign launching this year. And you were the very first audience to be able to see this.

I’m excited to share it with you, which is naturally chiropractic. As we know chiropractic care is safe. It’s a drug-free noninvasive surgery free and natural approach to healthcare. Our objective in 2022 is actually to continue to build awareness regarding all the natural components that chiropractic care.

As well as an in-app marketing advertisement and social media campaign, we’re looking forward to officially launching this soon. And we’re so glad you got to see it first here on ChiroSecure, the choice is clear and the choice is naturally chiropractic. All right, let’s get moving to what’s new. What’s fun.

And how do I keep my patient base excited about what you do every day? That’s adjusted reality. Adjusted reality is a podcast series trusted by the adjusted, and it’s brought to the consumer on a very fun, easy, and relatable way to bring in their healthcare initiatives. In a way that just feels light and exciting.

I want you to remember this. This is one of those moments in time where we can’t jam chiropractic down their throat, but we can easily weave it into their healthcare opportunities. So over the past year, we launched adjusted reality podcast. And as we won awards, which is amazingly exciting.

What’s really exciting is that you’re sharing it with your patients. In fact, we’ve had over 30,000 downloads to it and it’s been in 30 countries this year. We’re looking forward to launching our third season with new guests, encouraging consumers, to learn more about chiropractic in that fun and relatable way.

So I’m going to ask you. The join us more breaking news. We are launching, as I said, our season three, and you have a chance to win a special adjusted reality gift bag. Retail value is about a $250 and it is some matching. You’re going to be excited when you get it. We want to learn how you enjoyed adjusted reality.

What podcasts were fun for you. And you’re going to see that Facebook. Game posted shortly on our Facebook site. So please join us. It’s fun. And it’s an easy win and you’ll be amazed on what is in that adjusted reality bag. I think you’ll be very pleased. So go to our Facebook site and you will see shortly the game rules.

What does it take to win the adjusted for reality? Gift bag. It is a special competition and ChiroSecure friends, you are the first to know about it. So you’ll be right in there red way. So let’s look at adjusted reality. What actually has launched this year. And we had a fabulous guest that fabulous guest was UJ, Townsville, and we’re going to listen just to a snippet of the.

I was in need of chiropractic assistance at age 19. So I would have to go to the chiropractor twice a week in college to, because I would have back spasms and trouble walking. This was during football. It’s I should’ve started yoga back then, but I didn’t start until later on in life when I was.

Pretty much coming towards the end of my football career. And I realized I don’t want to be in my thirties walking with, crutches or a cane or, any kind of assistance whatsoever. So I decided to take my future into my own hands and do something that was more than. Friends that’s the inspiration that they need finding more balance.

And, DJ Townsville said in his podcast that one of the things that he looked at was finding alignment is that not our philosophy is finding balance and putting them back in alignment. So I really do think this is a great way to kick off the new year. And I. Told through many men that well, most men don’t do yoga and this might be just an inspiring opportunity for them to look closer at yoga so they can find balance where they can support their chiropractic care.

And you can share with them what it means to stretch to strength and to be flexible in their daily lives so that they’re not sitting at their computers hunched down. What person out there does not need a little help. In today’s world and that’s going to be you. You’re the coach. You’re the healthcare provider.

You’re the doctor with the expertise as we go through and speaking of expertise, this is now going to be the year that you prepare your 20, 22 marketing roadmap. This is your year to be the very best you’ve ever been in your entire life. How to do that, follow this to. As you begin 20 to evaluate your marketing strategies for your clinic.

Our 2022 marketing vision tip sheet walks you through a few ways that you can assure a bright future for the chiropractic profession will setting up your practice for success, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our research shows monthly marketing. Keep you on track our adjusted reality podcast, our PowerPoint presentations and print materials are easy to implement in your practice.

If you’re already a member with the Foundation, then you’re perfect. You’re signed up and you’re ready to go. If you’re not, is this the year 2022 allows you to have progress in a way unimaginable and. The next part updates. So what is my return on investment when I become a family Foundation member, and I want to share with you some of our highlights so that you can see is my money being put to you.

Our stakeholder report has just come out and we’ve had tremendous feedback on it. And I think if you read that and not only the awards that you can see on the bottom, but also the places that we’ve hit, the millions of people that we have actually shared chiropractic with in 2021, I think you’re going to say that was a very good investment.

And I certainly hope that if you have any feedback or anything more that you want to share with. Don’t hesitate. We love feedback and we love hearing from you. I wanted to remind you, we won a gold, gold video word for, I know pain, the title of the 32nd spot that the Foundation created, which air 25 times on NBC networks during the summer Olympics.

We’re very proud of it. It is like the Oscars for commercials and it arrived at my doorstep last Friday, and it was presented in. Fabulous black gold box. And it is something to be very proud of. If you’re joining me a Parker, we’re going to announce it. So keep posted, I’m going to show you the real live version of what the video board looks like.

Cause it’s yours. You paid for it. You own it. Those awards are not ours at the Foundation. They’re yours. And we want you to be as proud of it as we are because what other profession is winning light. I don’t know anyone who has this many awards as last year, but we have to keep pushing the needle. We have to keep growing.

We have to keep building together. And as you can see, we do also have the end of your video. If you haven’t watched it, I’m going to ask you to see how far we’ve come as a profession with the Foundation. It’s unity. It’s bringing us together, unity through opportunity and diversity, and that’s, what’s going to make.

Such an amazing profession, we’re recognizing it. And we’re exploring ways to which we can do a better job. So exploring ways, look at these billboards last year we did over 40, across the nation that makes. Incredible. It, you never know which marketing tactic is doing the best, but I’ll tell you what these marketing billboards are.

In fact, doing an incredible job. It makes you smile. And the speaking of smiling, I want you to know that if you would like a fun, easy way, no effort to support the Foundation’s campaigns please click your charity of choice on Amazon smile. It’s easy to do. Just go to Amazon,

You’ll see it on that slide again. And all you have to do is sign up there. You pick the Foundation for Chiropractic Education, and it’s an easy donation and you don’t have to do anything more, but beyond the smile when you order at Amazon, and that will make the entire profession.

Listen, I last year did just a few purchases on Amazon and it donated $40. I did nothing other than just do what I normally do. 0.5% of the purchases will go back to the Foundation. This will make us strong. Brighter and happier to build our marketing campaigns. Every dollar that goes in is a dollar that goes out to the advertising across the nation.

And so we want to build your practice. We want to build awareness. We want to build this future of chiropractic together, and that’s how we’re going to make a big difference in our life. And today I want to thank you. For being part of the Foundation, if you’re not yet, today’s the day start 2022 in the biggest bang ever get your staff fired up, get your community fired up on what you do as an ex.

In chiropractic care building and optimizing naturally through chiropractic. So join us back here next week for ChiroSecure’s, Facebook live where we have Dr. Mark Studin. He’s fantastic. You won’t want to miss him, but I want to end with this. Thank you happy new year. Make this the very best year ever and do it with the Foundation.

You are a part of our Foundation, family, and we want to explore ignite. And develop new ways to get those consumers, to work with us in chiropractic and optimizing their health. So we will see you next month. Don’t miss it. Another exciting topic is coming up, but don’t forget to go to our Facebook site and find out more about that competition.

That’s coming up through adjusted reality. Thanks so much for joining.

Isn’t it time you joined the most powerful team of successful doctors and chiropractic and go for the gold. Simply go to www dot dot org slash package and get your customized practice success solution.