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Freshen up your Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3 Patient Experience

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Hello everyone. My name is Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp. Welcome to today’s show Empowering Women in Chiropractic. Thank you so much for to ChiroSecure for organizing these shows for us practitioners to stay connected and stay fresh and talking about fresh. This is my topic today. Is it time to freshen up your patient experience when it comes to your day one, D two and D three.

For me, I do this little exercise every so often and being in practice for as long as I have, I think it’s important that we keep them fresh and then we review our procedures. So I’m going to share with you. What I’ve been doing recently, and the questions that I’m asking myself, even now of my process.

So I’d like to cover today how to leverage the wow factor so we can stand out from the other chiropractic clinics or from any other. Because I think there’s a huge opportunity to stand out in the natural health world because of the standard of the typical medical practice. I also want to cover how I try to educate my patient.

Within a system. So it doesn’t require a lot of my time. I’m all about creating something once and then leveraging it many times over and also have to give patients access to tools that they can use. On their own and creating system to do so I put this lovely picture of a spring cleaning.

And to me, this is this time of year, I feel like doing this in my home and my clinic. So let’s go over our patient experience, with a fresh set of. So how to leverage it a wow factor. I think there’s many things that we need to ask ourselves. First of all, our website, I know I redid my website 20, 20 had more time on my hands, so figured, let’s refresh.

So is your. Mark. Site’s looking old and tired and doesn’t have the fresh look that you would like, because our image starts online when people are looking up chiropractors. And I think it’s really important that it’s. Like it’s new, that it’s been updated and it looks recent people are truly searching now and researching their practitioners to make sure that they connect with them.

So make sure that they have everything to get a true picture of who you are and what your practice is all about. Reviewing, your scripts. I called it, I call led them a to Z procedure with. With the team over the phone how easy is it for people to book? I know that I’ve had online bookings for my goodness eight, nine years now, even before it was connected to my EMR, but it was so important to me that someone could on a Sunday night, send an email at least to start the booking process and then make sure that.

It’s easy for them to do another key thing to make the experience of day one really easy online forms. So if a patient can be sent the forms ahead, now everybody is in different states, a different country in my case. So make sure that your forms are HIPAA compliant and so forth. Maybe your EMR already has that.

No, we all use different systems and have different rules and regulations. So make sure that obviously you conform with that, but just having that efficiency for people that when they come in, everything’s already done and the staff is ready for them. Plus it gives them that extra commitment that if they took the time to fill out a new patient questionnaires, they’re more likely to really be committed and, show up for.

Also I’m a big fan of sitting in my own waiting room and that’s the next point. And looking at everything, looking at the perception and of the patients when they walk in and for us living in a country where it gets MindTickle and full of salt in the winter I do that as often as I can, because.

Easy for a clinic to get messy and the walls to be scratched and so forth. So when people are coming in do day, see, or does your clinic give the feeling of the place a vibrant place and a place that people want to be? Office door is also to me, super important. For, not, let’s just, let’s say a grant or right down to the bathroom here, but just for people to know how you do things and what other practitioners or services that you may have in your office.

Now, one of the picture that you see here is something that also I’ve done, a year or two ago. Really. Owned in or zoomed in our clinic values and mission and vision. And I did it with with the theme of we believe, and I have this in all of my rooms even down to the bathrooms actually because I want people, when they’re waiting for me to have something to read that is empowering.

And again, Every time, maybe they read a paragraph, but every paragraph to me tells them more about what we stand on. They want obviously your team to make sure that they’re expecting that Sam patient and they know their name to forms are ready and they make them feel special. So that’s something that’s I think is super important.

What else could you do? I know throughout the years, Confused water, herbal tea. I used to even have cookie that was, healthier cookies but whatever else can you have to make it just to stand out to say, oh, I don’t have that at the other clinics that I go to now, the next two years, I’ve thrown a bit of.

Aramco into doing all of that stuff, but I know personally I’ve started back integrating those because they’re a great feature. If a new patient is sitting down and waiting maybe for not very long, but a case, if you can offer a cup of tea. So to me, this is all the little extra that hopefully can make a patient feel even more welcome.

Then when it comes to D two and I realize, everybody has. Different procedure. I’m just sharing mine with you. Obviously if day two, day three, doesn’t make sense to you. You do everything on the second day. Perfect. But these are, I think all the steps that we should have we should review on a regular basis.

So welcome back. Obviously again, not expecting the person and I schedule my doctor’s reports at non adjustment hours. I find. I’m more focused. I’m more fresh. And this way, if I run a little bit longer than I’m not stressed out, I’m going to fall behind with my regular adjustment. And that strategy’s really paid off.

For me, I do it at the start of my day before I started my adjustment. And at the end. Day. So this way we’re expecting to spend more time and have the time that’s required to spend answering the patient’s question. I do use a doctor’s report video link. I used to do the in-house doctor’s report, but Several years ago, I leveraged that, recorded it, and I’m giving that to patient to watch as well.

And I pre-frame it that, it’s really important to me that they understand their results. And in this video and I have it down to about 20 minutes that I will explain the scans, the x-rays, the nervous system and so forth, and people really appreciate that. The information and obviously the understand their results more efficiently now, modern a report, a finding, this is the one that I use.

It’s branded or co-branded with CLA cause I do use the insights at luxation. So it’s nice. We called it with my staff. If you ask my staff where’s the purple folder for. So for such patient. You know that the purple folder is a report of findings. So in there, you can integrate different handouts, again, depending on the practice on the type of practice that you have.

I have a nervous system charts, subluxation chart. I have an x-ray phases of degeneration. I have the heart rate variability explanation, cause that’s a tool that I. Quite a bit, and obviously the patient’s x-ray findings. Again, some people have gone digital with that kind of stuff. I’m still the old school with with with a folder like this.

And I think people that appreciate leaving with this piece of information, because it’s all. There are results. I’m like to do a neat to me, a kind of report of findings. So that means me sitting on the chiropractic table with them and reviewing their There are results. Also a clear expectation of the D two, meaning I’m going to, welcome back to patients and say, today, I’d like to go over to the results.

And then we’ll give you your first adjustment. And also in my video, I do say that I don’t make my recommendation on that set visit because I like to have a little bit more insight on how their body is going to hold their adjustment and I’ve done it throughout the. Combining those two. And for me, that’s what works better.

I’m also going to pre-frame the chiropractic adjustment. And I do that in the video as well with the technique and what they should expect. Are they going to be sore and not sore? I play all of these scenario and I really try and sometime, we, it’s easy for us to get. Chatting to get to know our patients better.

I know I do, but I really try to make D chiropractic adjustment a sacred time that I don’t talk. And I really focus on that and then leaving the patient with clear next steps. So they’re going to go back to the front. They’re going to book their next appointment. And at this point I will go over my recommendation.

And again, It’s still at specific times, because I want to make sure that I have all the time that I need to make sure that I’m answering patient’s questions and figuring out their care plan. Now, there are huge, important aspect to is an excited team member at checkout. And I hired a lot of university student that are studying and health and one particular lead.

That’s been with us for four years. She’s so outgoing and she would ask patients on their way, how was your adjustment? And I’m like, at first I was looking at her as I was like why would you ask that? But she literally means, So well, because she’s excited about it and that kind of energy really transpire.

So I think it’s important that we let our staff be who they are and really they’re excited about being in your office anyway. So let them share that with others D day number three, this is where I use a choice of carrier form that I asked the. What type of care would they like symptomatic corrective wellness?

The only reason I do this is to know where their Headspace is and to know what their expectations are. I’ve done this for many years and it’s been a great question to ask because I can, have a better. Idea of what the patient expects or wants. And then I can adjust my communication with what their needs are a clear option for a case based on obviously my recommendation and what they want.

I’ve had it down to a recap of what I explained in the purple folder with their major complaints. Complaints. And another one that I really like to ask as a question on day one is if you had a magic wand what three things would you like to improve? And I find that I’m getting a lot of other information, it could be gut issues or not sleeping.

Because I find a lot of time, people come in, they think we’re back pain or neck pain, and they don’t think that these other things are relevant. So I like to integrate that. And also care plan again, see our recommendations again, I know everyone’s different. Some people are paying for visits.

Some people have. Plans, bigger plans, we’re all different, but I think right now what I’m doing, I’m even revamping my care plan to make it a little bit more concise and also let people know what else I can help them with when it comes to their lifestyle. And then and that’s the other benefits that, you know, if they don’t.

You have access to all this, or they have access to all this in term of education. And again, every practice is different, they’re not going to know that you have that. And I always joke because I’ve written a book that’s 650 pages, and I point to it and I say, I’ve written this big book, and I want to share information with my patients on what’s relevant to them.

But I also don’t want to overwhelm the heck out of you. Let me know what you need from me, and we can continue to the discussion and then booking after their recommendation as a . And what that means is it’s a code for my staff to notice patient is this newer in the office. We need to let them know to flow.

We need to make sure then their care plan is well organized or whatever they have decided. So I find doing that as opposed to. Squeezing them in India adjustment schedule can make a bit a big difference. And obviously then the certainty of your team when the patient checks out that they understand your care plan, that, they have the right mindsets and the supportive mindset So that’s day one, day, two day three.

So how to give patient access to the tools and products that day want, because one thing that I’ve learned, people are going to buy vitamin somewhere else. They are going to go other places to seek your service, seek other services. Having implemented many different things into practice, I want to make sure that like I said, All about creating once and then I’m using it in many different things.

What else do they need? In the last year, I’ve also written this smaller book called fired up and feeling great. And what I said to myself, I said, okay, what am I repeating? Often with patients. So I have some stuff on nutrition or economics fitness or exercise, vitamins, sleep, and breath work.

It’s also very strong on despising, the nervous system and so forth, but I wanted to have in one book, everything. So it talks about beds and pillows, all the questions people ask. So my goal was, if I give this to someone technically. Not have any other questions for, they should have all the tools that they need and then making it a game also within an app because I want them to be able to receive the tools.

With the book, they can download an app and within the app they can download. Protocols, but, nutrition, basic protocol or a foundational protocol, vitamin a core and posterior chain, exercise, breath, work, and sleep and also guiding them to write us a Google review. So I’m literally in the middle of launching that right now.

So that’s my spring cleaning and reorganizing, and it feels good to be able to revamp some, our procedure to integrate that in. How to educate your patient by means of technology and optimization. Couple of things that I do doctor’s report I’ve already mentioned, and also another report when people finish their wellness care plan, why continue care all the benefits of getting adjusted on a regular basis, chiropractic lifestyle, educational emailing campaign.

I’m already doing this, but now I’ll be integrating more what’s in the book as well. I’ve also have campaign on health related issues. So for gut health or hormones or stress management, just because I have. A lot, lots of content to share with people. I also have a good nutritional app that I use if people want to, are we ready?

Let’s say to do work on their gut, then they want an elimination diet. Boom. I. I send them to the app where I triggered the app and they have all of the information and I don’t have to do anything. When it comes to exercise, I’m using a a platform where I gather a whole bunch of different video.

Again, it’s free and I put it in themes. So when people would ask me, do you have exercise to give me? And sometime, I’m thinking by golly, you’re 50 years old. Hopefully you know how to exercise. Obviously, if they’re asking, they’re not sure. So I compile a series of video to focus on specific things.

And then again, they just log in and all the information is there. I don’t have to do anything with it. And the last one is obviously what I just mentioned with the clinic and a book app, and I found. To do an app. That’s quite simple. It doesn’t actually even require you to go through the app store.

They just save it all under under phone there. Your main screen. So it’s it’s great. And we’re really excited to launch that. And then in term of technologies that I use obviously hosting videos on either Vimeo or YouTube Infusionsoft is the platform that I use. I know, I guess now it’s called keep I use JotForm as well for many purpose, and I think every office should have a Canva account.

It’s amazing where we can do ourselves. And especially if you have, maybe are a little bit more artistic people on your team, they really may embrace and have fun doing this. You can do , animated videos with some graphics now. It’s amazing what you can do as supplement wise. I’m a big fan of design for health.

So I use one of their platform. I also use a full script and then when it comes to my membership sites, I use a member vault and I also use a click funnel as well. So those are just a few of the tools that I use. For me to leverage everything. So I know it might sound like it’s a lot, but like I said, you create it once and then you just put it in your system with your staff of when dysphasia is going to be triggered and what the campaign and you can.

Customize it and support a patient’s need. And I like I tell you those main complaints and the magic wand can really open up a huge conversation. And people more than ever are looking for advice. They’re happy that they’re, talking to someone somewhere. That cares someone that is accessible as well, because the last few years I’ve been challenging for many.

So hopefully you found this interesting and adapt it and it has inspired. Inspired you as well to look back and say, okay, it’s spring. I need something new in the office. I need something fresh. What can I do to clean things up? And you can, throughout the years I’ve involved my, my, my staff with this and say, okay guys, let’s pick the clinic apart.

What about this? What about this? And I find what it does is that, before a mark on the wall or a piece of paper, They would not even see it, but once you present it to them that way, and you go, okay, let’s pick the clinic apart of what we could do better to have a better experience.

It can be a fun activity to do with your staff. So next week or the next show with Empowering Women in Chiropractic is going to be with Dr. Nicole Lindsey. Hopefully you enjoy and it got you excited to to clean up your clinic process a little bit and spice them up with, things that are going to be beneficial for your patients.

My name is Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp. This was ChiroSecure, Empowering Women in Chiropractic.

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