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How do I train for success? Walter Sanchez, DC

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Hello everyone. And welcome to ChiroSecure show. I’m Dr. Walter Sanchez, and I’m really happy to be here and share it with you, um, chiropractic and success. Um, as, um, a book that I read is whatever you can, your mind can think and believe you can achieve. Um, actually, you know, on, on today I call this show is about, uh, how do we, how do I train? You know, and how do I train for success? So I just want to tell you a little bit about me that I’ve been in practice since 1983. Okay. So I’m an old timer, I guess. Right. And, uh, and it is, it is, it is important to, to share this because I, I can see people coming into my office and every time it’s like, uh, there are with a while surprise, you know, how simple chiropractic is, you know, and how effective and most of them they’ve have had experiences, you know, in what they were thought it was chiropractic.

Right. So, um, I, I guess, you know, one of my goals is not to allow for true chiropractic principle chiropractic to disappear, and it’s important, you know? And, uh, I mean, you can hear the word chiropractic everywhere, but, you know, we have to understand that chiropractic is a way of thinking, and it’s a way of act, you know, so it’s, uh, this, uh, this thought and this action and also is, uh, is, is for the goodness of the word. Okay. Like right now, you know, with all these things that goes on, thank God for chiropractic. I really think that, you know, and people, they can choose chiropractic because they don’t know what it is. So it’s up to us to teach him what it is. Now, what I see is that, uh, you know, chiropractic has a great message to bring to the word no, to, to make him understand that the virus is not the problem, but the answer is the resistance of the invaders.

Okay. So if I would have thought it’s about how do we make our bodies to resist any the invaders, right. And from there we can go on now. Chiropractic is very simple. Okay. But what’s going on right now in the schools is that they, they, they, you got to go to school for four years and three years. So you getting so much education, you know, that when you get out, you’re probably confused. Okay. So I didn’t have to go through that. Okay. Uh, I was, uh, I graduated in 1983, as I said before for life college. And the whole objective of when I went to school there, it was, um, we came out of there with the feeling and the understanding that we can change the world, right. When our two heads, that’s what actually, what Dr said, Williams told us. And, uh, and if we’ll look back how chiropractic was on the map, you know, if from the old timers, they has so much believe in it.

You know, they had a vision and on the bus show, I talk about the vision of the, before, how BJ envisioned the whole world being on the chiropractic care, instead of being on, you know, the amount of drugs and surgery and disease that people have now. Right. Because I mean, that was the vision of the far, right. And he envisioned that this will happen sometime, hopefully, but it will be by, by us by because we work with that principle. So how, you know, like back then he used to say that there were so convinced they have that vision, their vision was so, so strong. Like BJ will say, if I have had the chance to adjust Hitler, the Schuster of humanity will have been different. Wow. Could you imagine that? Okay. But yet, you know, in this times, right now, with things going on in the whole world, how us chiropractice are thinking is, is a very important okay.

And especially is because your thoughts, you know, they can, they create things. Okay. So on the show today is how do we prepare for success? You know, what is success to you? Okay. So going, I mean, I’m talking about myself, I’m not going to tell you how to do things, but I just want to share, you know, what, uh, how by being a chiropractor and embracing chiropractic in full faith, you know, my life took a different meaning and I can live my dreams. Okay. So back then, innate in 83, you know, I’ll tell you what motivated me to be, to be a chiropractor is that, uh, I fall in love too, of Thompson technique on toggling technique. Okay. And the thing about Thompson and tagline is that I saw that I can, you know, that the world was in need of what I can do with my two hands.

Right. So I would say young chiropractor. And I say, man, you know, by being a, uh, chiropractor, you see my Thompson tables, you know, I’m teaching the people, you know, I think half of high volume practice, which is what always in my mind, you know, I want wanna, I want to be able to touch every, as many people as I can. My motto was like, uh, it’s like to, as an example is to see a building, uh, at about two or three in the morning when everybody’s sleeping and I see fire and have to go and save them, you know, and I have to go and knock every door to wake him up and tell him, come out and get out, get out, you know, or you’re going to be burned. Right. So that’s the urgency that I had, you know? And, uh, and some people are going to open the door.

Some people they’re not going to open the door, but it’s not up to me for them to open the door. It’s up to me to convey them my, uh, my belief. Right. So what happened? I persuade myself by being at live college with Dr. C, with D E you know, that, that was my life. Okay. So I went out and now another thing that motivated me big, it was that, you know, coming from Peru, you know, I kind of had at my mind was, uh, a little bit on this car city. Okay. It was not an abundance. So I thought that I am going to jump this much and that’s it, you know, that’s going to be my life. But, you know, by being in chiropractic and studying chiropractic philosophy and then studying life and, uh, and being a D E you know, I changed my mode and pop operated, you know, instead of leaving out of his car city, I started living out of abundance and using those principles.

Right. So my motivation was, Hey, I do, when I was a kid, I want to drive those beautiful cars. You know, those Porsches, Mercedes, all those beautiful cars, you know, I want to live on the water. I want to have a boat, you know, all those things, you know, and I knew that I can do it by being a chiropractor. The only thing is that, you know, nothing is free, right. So, so here it is, you know, I mean, by, you know, uh, by being a chiropractor, you know, all these things is talking about generalizing. Okay. And by doing chiropractic, nothing by chiropractic, analyzing people’s spies, you know, adjusting teaching, chiropractic grace, my energy raise my vibration shirt with them. You know, my journey as a chiropractor, because yet I was adjusting them, but I was living chiropractic. Okay. And this, that way, how, you know, I thank God for the net intelligence is that, you know, everything I can, you know, I was able to bring it out from my innate intelligence to start creating my friend within.

Okay. And that’s how I had a beautiful family. I have a beautiful wife, a great wife, you know, it’s a great life. And the most important thing is that I ha I haven’t stopped. You know, it’s not that I’m done. You see, it’s like, uh, this is, it’s so wonderful to wake up every morning, you know, and to know, Hey, there something new coming up, you know? And, uh, um, how my innate is gonna conduct me, right. To be able to, to practice chiropractic and I’ll delete chiropractically, you know, from above down, inside app. Right. So how you know, so the training is stars for success, you know, in, when you go to bed at night and when you wake up, because, you know, believe it or not, you know, you’d have to know what is your destination and your destination is your vision. My destination is my vision.

So I brought out BJ’s and sit Williams vision, which is to the whole world needs chiropractic. So somehow I’m gonna talk, you know, I will talk, you know, and, uh, or I will check peop anything is always, you know, I mean, it’s chiropractic, there is no fear, no innovations. Right. Okay. Chiropractic is alive without fear, no innovations. Why? Because a man he’s in a constitute a minority. So I was on fire on that, you know? And, uh, and that’s how I started seeing the practice grow. Right. It’s just because I offered them something different. Okay. Why something different is because that’s what chiropractic golfers. So your identity is important. Now, when you train for success in your practice, you have to understand, it’s like, uh, see, I used to have a boat and we used to go to a, I mean, another boat, there’s no one else.

But the, the, my first boat, you know, I used to make some trips on a Tuesday or Thursday that I was off and go to Bimini. Um, and then, you know, like I used to see that I have a compass in front of me and a half a Lawrence back, you know, Lawrence was the machine that used to supposedly take me to the destination. And let me tell you, it wasn’t that easy to get on that vast ocean to get to be with me to The Bahamas. Okay. And then I will see like swells or currents that they were trying to take me off my destination. Please try to learn something. You know, his nature showing me how important is to stay focused if I want to get to a place. Right. So if I want to start, you know, if, if my, uh, if my goal, my vision is to teach people, you know, about chiropractic the, the value of removing subluxations, you know, the benefits they can have for the rest of your life.

If they have a chiropractic life, you know, I mean, I have to stay on it and I have to understand that the word that’s in. Think that way, the word is trying to, you know, it’s making you believe right now and what it, the vaccine, imagine that, right. That’s, that’s your thing, man. Anyway, you know, but I choose to believe in what innate intelligence that he has been for generations and generations, you know, taking care of us. All right. And what do we do? We check subluxations, we adjust them and we allowed them, uh, we allow the persons to do the best that they can. That’s all we can do. It’s a huge is huge. Anybody without a subluxation is going to do better in life. That would subluxations. Okay. But the key here is that, you know, if you went to school and you’re ready to learn how to, you know, a technique, you have to master your technique.

Okay. If you went to school and they taught you, chiropractic philosophy is because it is a way of life. Okay. And you have to understand that every morning, when you wake up, you go to go to your office, you’re going to have currents. Okay. Distractions. Okay. Limitation, limit, limited beliefs. Oh. As Dr. Uh, Dr. Palmer used to call it destructive values that can, they can interfere with your being okay. But you have to identify them, you know, and they start replacing them with liberating beliefs, with survival values. Okay. That is going to allow you to be a free chiropractor, allowing it to flow through you and checking people’s spines. It’s the most wonderful thing, you know? And, and I love that to do that in my office, but how do you do that? You know, C to get to that state for me, you know, I can not do it through force.

I cannot force myself to do that. Okay. So I, if I understand that I cannot force myself, you know, uh, you know, you have to allow love to flow through you. How do you do that? When I wake up in the morning, first thing I do, you know, I make sure that I read, uh, I go into reading the gospel. Okay. Adjust the shore red, you know? And, but it’s something that it feeds my mind, just like I have to feed my body. My mind needs to be fed with truth. We liberate in truth. So after I do that, you know, I, I, I start revising my vessel, which is my body. So I feel my arms, I feel my whole body, I feel my breathing. Okay. And once I recheck every part of me, you know, I go into gratitude. Gratitude for me is, needs to be thankful to live my dream.

Okay. To be thankful for what’s going to happen. Okay. And I, and I work on that energy and I can feel how that energy start working on my vibration. Okay. So then I get ready in my house. I, you know, and then when I leave my house, you know, I revise myself and I make sure I know what my destination is, my destination, which is my office in Hialeah, but also my destination, my vision. Okay. So it’s nothing more, not, I mean, nothing, but you know, I’m going to speak from above, down, inside, out chiropractic. I’m going to feel deep. I’m going to be thankful because there, you know, I’m on a race, people, people’s consciousness. Okay. Um, I’m not going to persuade them, but I’m going to keep persuading myself about chiropractic. So I said of me being in chiropractic chiropractic is in me, it’s a big thing.

Okay. Then I do another check. Once I get to my office, before I walked into my, into my office, I just breathe. Bring back that, keep on the feeling, you know, looking at my, I already have the destination from my house to my office. Now my other destination is in the office from seven 30 that I started checking people to six 30. You know, what am I see? Okay. And is nothing by beautiful things, because what happened is this, when you start putting in your mind, thoughts that are good and actually that are good, the results are going to be good. Okay. You cannot plant, um, tomatoes and expect mangoes. You see what I mean? Okay. So I started using racialize in my day. Okay. And flowing from room to room, which is that’s what happened. Okay. And, uh, and people happy to be in the office, happy to be around us that they don’t even want to leave.

Right. Okay. And, and just building a beautiful community, nothing by law. Okay. So that’s, before I walked into the, into, into my office, once I go into my office, I drop everything that I bring. Usually, you know, I do three or four deep breaths. And then before I go into my first checkup, I, I do another checkup in me, make sure I have not very important. I check my mind, make sure I have no indecisions, no doubts and fears. Why? Because if I, if I, you know, if I can remove any kind of those thoughts, if they come in, okay, now I’m free to practice. Okay. And I’m free to check and I’m free to move and, and untrusting, every word coming out of my head, you know, because I did the work right. When I break a lunch, a lunchtime, I usually I do the same thing.

Okay. Um, I tried to watch also what I’m eating. Okay. Because what I found is the days that I fast in the office, I’m more productive in every which way. So fasting is great, you know, it’s, I do that too, but it’s thinks it’s always working with my innate intelligence because all the answers are there. My friend with there. Okay. I, my friend within is going to give me whatever they asked them to. So those are key, key, um, stuff that, that I do to have the success that I have in my practice. Okay. And, uh, and I guess I’m just pressing yes. Be present, be present, be present. Something that is interesting is this, is that, um,

Uh, [inaudible]

Focusing on your destination. You know, this is something that you, you guys, if you guys want to be free chiropractors, we have to, you gotta stop talk, thinking like a medical doctor. Okay. Your principal is not outside in, is inside out. Okay. So you need to go back into that. And the thing is, is, is that, you know, once you start getting the bad habits into allow a little bit of that type of thinking, then your history, okay. So what I’m saying is this, you have to recognize that you are not the healer, but the person in front of you is the healer. You have to start seeing things different. As you start seeing things different with different eyes, the opt-in that you see is going to start making changes, believe me, almost 40 years in practice. And that’s what I’m seeing. Okay. But it’s going to take for everyone of you that is watching this show right now, you know, if you want to start improving yourself and using this chiropractic principles, it’s going to start, you know, you got to start by working and checking the way you are thinking and acting because there is a thing about cause and effect.

So my, my word of advice is, uh, you know, watch your thoughts, you know, watch what you bring it into your office everyday, right? And look for your destination, see where the destination is, your vision, the whole word, 7 billion people are right now looking for a light. And guess what? We, as chiropractors can bring that light. Why we have a beautiful message, a message that empowers people a message of a lifestyle that has that is I live a life without fear to understand that there is an innate wisdom within everyone to understand that with our hands, we can make adjustments into the flow of that life. So you start on the app to us. And it started really not just because your name is a chiropractor, but you have to act and you have to take as a chiropractor. If it is, to me, it’s up to me.

If you S, if it is to be it’s up to you and the whole world needs you. So I want to thank ChiroSecure. I want to thank Dr. Stu for giving me the chance to just share with you guys, my experience on this wonderful world of chiropractic. Okay. Don’t forget. Next week, next Tuesday, Dr. Kim is going to be, and in the program tune in and tune in next month. When I came back with some more nuggets, I love and appreciate you. And there is nothing that you can do about it. Thank you. Okay.