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How To Get PEDIATRIC Referrals from FB & IG – Dr. Kowalke

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That’s Stu Hoffman. Hey, we’re live. Thanks to Dr. Stu Hoffman for hosting this show. Um, and just all he does for principle chiropractic. I’m Dr. Eric Kowalke. I have a chiropractic office in Grand Rapids, Michigan Higher Health Chiropractic. I also own and run a software company you might’ve heard of called SKED, Inc. That helps chiropractors connect to their patients through mobile applications, a mobile app, a rescheduling app. Um, and we opened about 10 years ago now and have a huge family referral-based pediatric clinic. Um, I love doing this show. It’s quick 15, 20 minutes, uh, first Thursday of every month. That just helps you get some information you can take back to your practice, implement right away and see more kids and see more families, um, and make a bigger impact. That’s really what we’re about is making an impact. There’s a lot of kids out there.

We know sick kids turn into sick adults. And so we’re on a mission to help kids get healthy, stay healthy so that they are healthy adults to make good decisions for our society, which we need desperately, as you all can agree. I’m sure. Well, let’s dive into it. I want to give you just a few pointers today that you can use to get more kids into your clinic from Instagram, Facebook, social media. Uh, number one is if you’re a parent, you know, you connect with families and seeing families, and there’s an instant trust. When you see somebody that has a family versus somebody who doesn’t have a family. So we have six kids. I’ll put a picture of my whole family, where new patients are gonna see it or potential new patients are going to see it because I don’t have to have any words.

A picture is a thousand words that they see a picture of being my family on our homepage, on a blog post on an advertisement, through another kid’s area. They’re going to instantly have some trust because well, if he has kids, he probably knows what he’s doing. Is it instantly what the public thinks? So if you have kids and you have a family, you make sure that information is on the forefront of all of your advertising, all of your media. It allows you to connect with them really easy. If you don’t have kids put pictures of families that come into your office, put a picture of a, you adjusting kids in the office, newborn baby picture of every single newborn baby first adjustment. We have one of those new little Polaroid cameras. So one picture goes with mom. One stays in our office and our wall.

You could pull those under supposed to be curves of mom’s proposals on your social media. Those are great things to do. Uh, so families and kids needs to be all over the place. Picture of you in your mission statement in your family, in your office. So patients can see that is also super important. Um, number two, testimonials testimonials on your advertising for Facebook and Instagram. So if they click on an ad, it needs to go to something that is a story. So stories are worth way more than, than facts. Think a lot of chiropractors, including myself, we can get stuck in rabbit holes of here’s a research paper that shows, you know, Chiropractic is safe for kids. There’s another research paper that shows the correlation between chiropractic adjustments and less even fashions. All that stuff is good. And it’s true and it’s factual and the backup what we’re doing, but parents don’t make decisions off of seeing a research article like that.

They’re not easily, easily influenced by that they’re easily influenced and they make decisions off emotion and emotion is better communicated through a story than it is through facts and research. Dan, Dr. Dan Sullivan talks about all this and a lot of his research about the parts of the brain that you’re activating when you start telling stories versus when you go for research. So sharing stories and telling stories is super, super important sharing testimonials. So how you can do this is have your Facebook ad. However you want to do it. If you’re doing a special or whatever, this testimonial in the Facebook ad, even if it’s a picture of a child and then just a quote or a mom holding a child. And then just the quote on, you know, my child is 85% better, or a hundred percent better sleeps, sleeps through the night. Now, something like that, that grabs a mom’s attention.

When she’s scrolling through it, you only have five seconds or maybe even less to grab their attention. Something like that’s really important. So stories you’ve got to get the testimonials from your office out. You know, I think a lot, if I had a newspaper following me around in the office or a news, a journalist, I guess I would say following me around in the office, just for one shift, the amount of stuff that they would learn and hear in one shift, most people don’t even believe it’s possible, or it doesn’t even happen. And that same for all of you guys in chiropractic. It’s just amazing what we see. People just don’t even know it, especially with kids. So you kind of get that information out there. Just keep sharing the basic stuff. Don’t don’t think you’ve shared too much. You can never share too much.

Uh, the third one is kid reviews. So Google reviews are hugely important. I just did a whole presentation on this the other day. If you go to our, our office higher health chiropractic in grand Rapids, Michigan, you’ll see all of our Google reviews were crushed. We have like almost 400 Google reviews, maybe more now. And you just scroll through there and you see the, the stories that people are posting and the experiences they’re having. That stuff gets you so many new patients and so many referrals and so much trust before they even come into your office. Cause they can see, well, all these people are having a great experience. I’m probably going to have a great experience too, but they look for reviews on people that are like them. So if I was a parent with a child that, that I wanted to go see a chiropractor, I would look for reviews of parents that bring their kids in or say it’s easy for my family or something.

So you want to encourage families to leave reviews and encourage moms and dads, silly reviews for testimonials of their kids. That stuff just builds over time. You do that once and that’s going to pay off for the next 10 years of your office because every review is another star. It goes a little higher and, and builds more trust. You just think if you’re going to a restaurant, a restaurant that was rated number one, and they had 35, five star reviews and this restaurant was number two and they had 505 star reviews. You probably would just go to the 505 star review because it must be better. They have 500 reviews versus this one, the last 30 something, same thing with chiropractic. Nowadays, guys, everybody’s searching chiropractor near me. They pick the one that’s got the most Google reviews scanned by the way, automates that whole process for you automatically gets people to leave you great reviews and encourages them to do that.

And automatic feedback when you don’t have to do anything. So if you’re interested in that, please reach out to me. Um, that’s how, if you look at my page, how we have so many Google reviews scan does that, um, Google pictures. So Google photos is really important for your business. I would bet you, 75% of chiropractors don’t even do anything with their Google listing and their, their Google business listing. So you have to have updated photos in your Google business listing. We have tens of thousands of views on our Google photos for hire healthcare practice. Every single month, you’ve got to update the photos, get nice photos with filters,

Take captures,

Screen captures of the Google review, and then post those into your Google photos. That’s super, super important as well. Um, so screen capturing Google reviews, pictures of kids on your Google listings, number six, sponsor, everything to do with kids just sponsor. You know, they say, Oh, you know, the school is doing a promotion to put your name back of a shirt, do it, uh, you know, they’re, they’re doing a cookie drive, do it, whatever you gotta do, everything that has to do with kids and families in your community, sponsoring sporting events, sponsoring, whatever, just sponsor it, sponsor everything up to like 500 bucks. We just say yes to everything and just get your name out there and people in your community and parents in the community recognize that it’s not a one-to-one referral. It’s not, it’s not like, well I spent $500 on the basketball sponsorship and I didn’t get any new patients from it.

Um, I know we’re having some internet issues. Hopefully you guys can see me. I’m in a ski resort right now. You alive. I have about 12 kids waiting to break down the door on the other side there, um, holding them at Bay for the show. And they’re probably like doing something with the internet. I’m sure. Um, blog posts. So blog posts, that’s engaging that you can share it lives there forever. It takes a little bit. Um, and I feel like it was outdated for a while, but it’s coming back. So doing blog posts and sharing stories and testimonials again, we’re coming back to stories. It’s gotta be stories in these blog posts. It can’t be factual research based stuff. I mean, I’m a mechanical engineer before I was a chiropractor. I love research. I love facts. You’re not going over with that. You’ve got to, uh, you got to steer your story.

You got to share people’s story. That’s where it’s at. So number eight, um, classes, if you could do classes in your office and by classes, I mean, we do a group orientation to start that’s our class. Uh, if you’re in PE classes, um, about, you know, ADHD and neurosensory issues, all of that stuff is important. You’re sharing stories in there and you’re getting moms and dads to share stories of their kids in the class. All of that is so important and engages them and connects people with you to trust you. Um, number nine, the last one to get more kids and families is to make it convenient. So if it’s off of Facebook or Instagram, you want to make it as easy as possible to schedule and as easy as possible to reschedule and remember of the appointment. So if they schedule an appointment, they should get an automatic confirmation text message and email.

They should be the link in that email to fill up their paperwork super easily, to get directions to your office. There should be a video that they see that says welcome them to the clinic. So if you have CA’s, it could be one of your CA CA’s just having a selfie video in front of the front desk or in the office saying, Hey, this is Maria from higher health care practic. We’re so excited to see you, uh, on your first visit. This is about our office. This is who we are. 30 seconds, 60 seconds. They get that right. When they schedule the appointment 24 hours before the appointment, they get another one. This one’s from the doc or doctors. If you have multiple docs in your practice, and this is another selfie video, just shoot you tomorrow, Mary, uh, or excited to see your son David tomorrow.

We’re going to go through this, this, this, uh, you’re going to have an awesome experience where we’re, you know, grateful take care of lots of kids. And, and we’ll see you tomorrow afternoon. That is the video that goes up 24 hours before and get text message reminders of pulling reminders two hours before all of that is automatic. You don’t even have to think about it. You can send it all manual. If you just have a, you know, if you’re not using scatter and automated system, but the way scan, setups, all that’s automated. We just put it in there. Boom, boom, boom, boom makes it really easy and convenient. So you’re spending all this money to get Facebook and Instagram leads and they’re not showing up. It’s because you’re not making it super easy and convenient and relational with them. And the other big factor for convenience is rescheduling.

A lot of people are afraid if I, if I let people reschedule appointments, they’re all gonna reschedule that time. Uh, keep rescheduling and never come in. The fact of the matter is they actually rescheduled the times that they could come in and your show up rate goes through the roof. Our SharePoint run from 80% to 95, 97%. We were last week because we allow people to move their appointments attends that actually work for them and work for us. And we ended up seeing more. We had 150% increase in a show up rate on a, on a Saturday, just from some tweaks we did in our messaging and our text message reminders that people that come in. So it’s all kinds of stuff you can do like that to just make people’s experience. Great. And so please go look at our Google reviews and read through them.

And you’ll see some of the things that we do that they specifically say, this office makes it so convenient for me. I love how they make it so easy for me to schedule and reschedule the that’s, what they’re leaving on the, on your reviews. And you can’t get people to leave a review unless they have an authentic, genuine response and memory and experience. Uh, that’s the other big question I get is how do I get people to leave? You know, they might say five stars, but I want them to actually say something about our office. The only way to do that is if they have exceptional experience, if you think you went to a Chinese restaurant and it was like pretty good, somebody asks you to say, yeah, that was good, but you’re not going to leave a review and write something out. So it was exceptional.

And so you have to make the experience in your office exceptional so that people are drawn to leave review. And convenience is one of the biggest things that make people’s lives easier. They’re already trying to come into your office. Time is a big factor. Money is a big factor. They’re used to regular diamonds. They gotta run their kids all over the place for all kinds of other appointments. They’re going to sporting events and school events, and they have multiple kids. It needs to be easy. Their scheduled changes every hour. Sometimes they can’t be calling you saying, Hey, can I come in again? You know what happens? They just get, they feel bad for calling and rescheduling so much. So the upcoming in they’re like, you know what? Just don’t even schedule my appointment. I’ll call and let you know, and I can come in and then they just don’t because they get busy.

It’s not that they don’t want to command. It’s not that they don’t value the office. You just didn’t make it convenient for them to find a time to get into the office without calling you and it’s inconvenient. So they couldn’t, they couldn’t convince you. You’re losing patients. If you’re not using an automated scheduling and rescheduling system, you’re losing people, you’re losing retention. You’re losing conversion just because of that specific factor convenience. So make it convenient for people recap quick on all the points in cases of my internet broke out and he missed it. Families or kids, pictures on your homepage, on social media, homepages on bios, pictures of your family, your kids, and or families or kids in your clinic. Number two, testimonials and stories of kids getting well, your practice. Number three reviews from moms and dads and families in Google, really try to get those important number four screen capture those reviews screen, capture them, upload them as a picture into your Google photos because Google photos get a lot of, we get pushed through their algorithm.

So that’s a huge one. Number five, uh, Oh, kids pictures on your Google listing. So not only are you screen capturing reviews, but pictures of kids and families in your Google photos is also important. Number six, sponsor, everything to do with kids and your whole community. They’ll just keep coming. As soon as you do a couple they’ll come every year. And, and then it gets easy. Um, number seven, blog posts with stories. So the same testimonials you’re getting on Google, turn those into a blog post, put a number eight, uh, sharing stories of kids and families online and Facebook lives. Getting them to share their story online. If you can sharing them in classes and in your office is huge. And number nine is making their experience convenient from the moment they find you online to the, when they’re in under care and your staff are getting adjusted, easily, schedule, reschedule the reviews, all of that stuff, make it convenient for them, and you’ll get more kids, more parents to show up, stick to care and, and just stay for a really long time, um, in your practice.

So that’s what I got for you today. Hopefully you can take that back, implement some of it. Uh, don’t forget to join Dr. Monika Buerger on the third Thursday of the month, she does another look to the children’s show. It’s just phenomenal and awesome. She has a ton of wisdom and thanks again for Dr. Stu Hoffman and just all he does for ChiroSecure and through ChiroSecure for chiropractors. I personally use ChiroSecure, um, and the docs in my office do were just renewed a whole other group policy. And they’ve been great every time we need something, uh, they respond quickly and efficiently and so I’d highly highly recommend, but thanks again. And we look forward to seeing you guys in April 1st, Thursday of April.