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How To Use Your Ethnic Edge To Market Your Practice – Chen Yen

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Only I looked different if my skin were different and I would have an easier time growing up. And, and because perhaps your, uh, what you experienced at home was different. Um, how you’re raised was different. And I, you, on some level, you, you, you wish that at, at, at a certain point of time in your life, that, that, uh, if you were just like more like the people around you in terms of, of the majority, but everybody else looked like them, then things would be different for you. So I’m Chen Yen. I am the host today for Chiroecure welcome, and I’m the six and seven figure practice make-over And today I want to talk about how to actually use your ethnic advantage ethnicity as an advantage in your practice, because, you know, as someone who might be a color or a first-generation immigrant or second generation immigrant, you know what it’s like, even though you feel like we are all the same in the sense that that each one of us is, are just people and, and, um, but it’s inevitable just until there’s complete openness to all, and also understanding of diversity that, uh, sometimes we may be a little bit treated a little bit differently.

And so, I mean, for example, when I was growing up, I remember, well, actually this was when I was older. Um, I was in college, uh, uh, Ohio state university. And I, uh, I was actually in an honors dorm at the time and went into the elevator and walked into it. And the guy, the janitor said to me, there’s no room for u in the elevator Chink!. And I thought, wow, what did I just hear? Right. So, you know, even, even myself growing up in place where, where for the most part, most people were, were, um, friendly to me. I still felt like there would be those moments that just reminded me of how not everybody might, might see me equally or treat me equally. And so I, one of the things about that is how can we, we actually use our ethnicity and our diversity to, um, to be an advantage in our practice is to actually look at how, um, what is your advantage right now?

You know, one advantage is that you perhaps, whatever it might be, it might, it might be your culture because if you’re your cultural understanding that your parents raised you with because of, um, the culture that, of your own ethnicity, you’ve, you’ve learned to, to grow and love, that is an asset for you in your practice. It is an asset that, um, can help other people who are also who see you in the reflection, um, can, can relate to. And, and then, so are you actually making an, a concerted effort to perhaps inspire people of your own ethnicity, um, to be interested in, in working with you to be interested in chiropractic or, or functional nutrition, whatever you’re you’re involved with. And, and also in some I, in some cultures, chiropractic is not as, um, like it’s not just an everyday part of a culture either.

Um, for example, in the Asian culture, at least from what I’ve noticed, I, you know, chiropractic isn’t as popular as, um, as acupuncture comparative way. And so there’s such area of opportunity for, for educating and helping people understand the benefits of chiropractic and through people who, um, perhaps are of your ethnic background as well. So how that would look like in terms of, of an advantage for you in the practices, looking at well, are there ways to actually advertise more in front of them to speak in front of them? Um, so because you and your voice is what will help change things you and your voice is what will also help people understand whether it’s about chiropractic or whether it’s about, uh, you and, and your culture and, and, uh, what’s, what’s unique and special about you and your practice. So, and even if you’re watching this and you are not, you wouldn’t consider yourself a particular ethnic background or, or, um, that, or have a, um, or aren’t an, an immigrant or no first or second generation immigrant look for what is your unique advantage of it might even be that you are very close as a, um, couple to your spouse.

And, um, that, you know, you really looking at how that is an asset in your practice, and, and you can inspire people who are also wanting to, you know, have a good, good relationship as a couple. And, and so perhaps as part of your practice, you end up highlighting those things, those elements of what, what, um, you know, people can aspire to as far as being, being a great couple. So, um, and then you could talk about, about chiropractic as the couple, or, you know, different stories related to that too. So regard, regardless of what, what your ethnicity is, you can look for what, where where’s the advantage. And so I’m curious, I would love to see you type it in the chat. I, what is one thing that, based on what we’ve talked about so far that perhaps you could relate to, or that you can look at?

Hmm, well, this is an area of opportunity for me in, in, in my practice, because here I am, you know, maybe I’ve been, been looking at how can I have more people find out about me and, uh, but I haven’t really thought about, Oh, what, what is my unique advantage that nobody else, because of the perspective, because of the unique perspective you have grown up with, um, with all the, the experiences and, and whether you might consider good or bad rate, they all add up to being such rich experiences that make who you are today and make you the compassionate chiropractor that you are today. And I think one of the things about this too, you know, as I think about the different things I’ve experienced, um, growing up is personally, I feel like I can, I have more compassion for all kinds of people and also for also with, with traveling to a lot of different places, right?

And so what can you, how can you bring more compassion into your practice and, uh, that you already have, but it’s just, you know, making, making it a point to, to, um, highlight that and, and your understanding of, of different cultures and, and your rich experience. The other thing is one very powerful, um, way to grow your practice is by educating people through speaking. And why is that? Because when people don’t really know about, you know, if you are just, you know, sending a, an, I mean, if you’re just posting ads, if you are writing, you know, flyers or, or an article, or, you know, blog articles, if you’re posting on social media, uh, there’s only so much that someone can get to know you through that. And there are, especially because of your, your ethnicity and your diversity of how you grew up there.

I bet they’re such interesting stories that could be really inspiring for people. And it’s that, that, um, uniqueness of, of your experience that could really get someone interested in working with you versus someone else. There are so many chiropractors to choose from. Why would they choose you over someone else? And when you could share those kinds of stories, when you can share, uh, also by educating, then people will be more likely to come see you, because part of the reason why they’re not coming is because they either don’t know how chiropractic or functional medicine can help them. I, or they don’t really realize that that you’re there and that they resonate with you enough to come in. So I believe that it, uh, one of the, the ways to, to really, um, be, you know, really having a more of a platform to, to share, um, is by you being able to speak about it, and we need more diversity and chiropractic with different voices, um, beyond just, uh, what the majority of, of chiropractors and, and the ethnic backgrounds that, you know, to, to actually be speaking and having a voice and, and sharing from you there, your own unique perspective in this profession.

So with that, I look forward to you, um, sharing your unique journey and experiences to inspire people. And, um, and for more six and seven figure practice make-over tips go to, where there are specific practical tips that you could use right away to be getting more new patients in this week and join us next week for Walter, um, who will be Walter Sanchez, who will be the host of our show next week. So until next time.