Insurance For Chiropractic Businesses – More Than General Liability Insurance

When we talk of insurance for chiropractic businesses, people associate it with general liability insurance – one that protects you and your business from “general” claims, including coverage for bodily injuries. However, there are other types that you can add to boost the protection of your chiropractic business.

In this post, we are going to tackle other types of insurance for chiropractic businesses that you may consider getting for your practice.

Business property coverage – It protects your chiropractic clinic or building’s physical structure in case you face certain covered losses such as damage from natural calamity and fire. You can also get covered in case your building is affected by problems like vandalism. In addition to that, the Small Business Administration says that your business property insurance can cover the contents of your office or clinic, including computers, treatment tables, X-ray equipment, among other similar items.

Business interruption coverage – This is another type of coverage those who are shopping for insurance for chiropractic businesses may want to consider. It helps replace your business income in case your clinic has to cease operation for a time due to a natural disaster or other unplanned, covered event. The coverage is computed based on your past profit documentation.

In case you become incapacitated, a business interruption coverage can also offer income replacement.

It is imperative to note that you have the option to evaluate this and other business insurance coverage each year.

Data compromise coverage – A type of coverage that is more relevant these days where more and more businesses are embracing digitization. Like any other type of business, a chiropractor uses a computer’s digital storage to keep patient names and information that one can categorize as confidential, such as health records, financial information, and contact details. If it happens, for some reason, that there’s a compromise in your patients’ data, you can have some protection. Data compromise coverage for chiropractic businesses may help you pay for the expenses related to recovering data, patient notification, and providing credit-monitoring services.

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