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Is Information Warfare Next?

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We’re starting to get a glimpse of what we believe is going to be the next wave of this insanity. That’s been happening around the world and what we think might be happening here in the United States. So you’re gonna wanna pay close attention to what we’re talking about today. Good morning.

Our United States chiropractors. My name is Bharon Hoag the Executive Director of OneChiropractic and the Chiropractic Defense Council. Coming to you today, March 21st for your weekly update. So we shared with you last week. The success that we had in Rhode Island we’re still having, no issues really for chiropractors as it relates to mandates.

Across the United States. We’re sharing with you that we’re looking at other bills that are starting to pop up in some of the more liberal states as it relates to mandates and things of that nature. But at this point, we’re not overly concerned about what’s happening in that regard. However as I’ve been sharing with you, and I know once our know we’re motivated by, fear, unfortunately, rather than belief.

As humans, but I wish that you guys could spend a day in my shoes, understanding what’s going on around the rest of the world and our concerns for what’s coming back to the United States. I know this all started here, but I’m concerned with what I’m seeing around the rest of the world. And I need you to understand we’re not in, we don’t exist because of may mandates.

We exist because of the threats that we believe are coming and have always really been there for the profession of chiropractic. The thing that we’re starting to see in Canada, which is very concerning, that we haven’t seen anywhere else in the world in it. And I believe this is gonna be a strategy you’re gonna start seeing here in the United States, which we’re starting to prepare for that right now.

Is information warfare. What’s happening in British Columbia. You may have heard me talk about in previous videos and their public health orders, which we thought were going to mandate the vaccination. They pivot it. And the actual attack that they’re doing there is on information. Their public health order is now required that their colleges, which would be the equivalent of our licensing boards, have to share information about every registrant.

Stating, whether they’re vaccin or not. Vaed now what the government is wanting to do is actually have a public registry that lists everybody that is vaccinated and not vaccinated. I think you can appreciate how horrible of an idea that is, how much that’s an invasion of privacy. Even the vaccinated people don’t really want people to know they’re vaccinated, it’s nobody’s business, whether are not vaccinated.

And so for there to be a registry that does that creates this. Segregation within healthcare of the doctors that are vaccines and those that aren’t the hate crimes that could be created from that the massive misunderstanding. And that’s never happened in the history of infectious disease in our world.

Have we had a registry of who has, or has not had a vaccination or a particular disease? So the idea of that going, but what we’re starting to see is because they’re no longer winning the mandate or of getting people vaccinated. They’re wanting to create this social stigma or Scarlet letter, if you will.

Those that are not vaed. And so this, whether you’re watching this and you’re vaccinated or not, I need you to understand our organization is not anti-vax right. We are about choice. We haven’t always will be about your choice. That’s why we exist as an organization is to protect your right to choose.

Whether that’s your way of practice, whether that’s your ability to continue to practice by not putting stuff in your body. That’s looking at all different forms of the restrictions that happen to chiropractic that stop you from having the right to choose how you want to practice and live. And so this happens to be our fight right now.

If you can think about the revolutionary war here in the United States, and you look at how the, we actually won that war, it wasn’t because of one big battle. We actually couldn’t, we weren’t strong enough. We weren’t big enough. We didn’t have the massive numbers that Britain had at the time. What we did is we picked off little wars a lot and as we started winning those little wars, we started becoming more of a force to reckon with it.

And we became a nuisance. That they didn’t want to deal with anymore, which is ultimately how we won that revolutionary war. That’s the exact strategy that we’re taking with the Defense Council. We wanna pick these little wars and we want to go after them and we wanna win. And I need you to understand, even though it’s not here in the United States, it’s so pivotal for the survival of the United States, because it’s about the profession of chiropractic because a.

So I need you to care. I need you to share with other individuals, if that ha, if they’re successful in Canada at doing what they’re doing, that is going to come to the United States, you can expect that other states are gonna try to do the same thing where they’re gonna figure out some social way to separate those that are not backed and see them as the non-compliant group of people.

You become targeted for so many other realms, other than just the vaccination issue. And we will not tolerate that. So we’re having our legal teams right now. Start looking into the laws in the different states, making sure that there is no way for them to do any type of a registry or any type of a public access in doing under the auspices of informed consent, which is what British Columbia is trying to do.

So we are, we have our legal team in place there in British Columbia. We are fighting that we’re working with other, he. Specialties, because again, now it’s not even about VAs, not VAs. This is an issue for just the general public and their health information remaining private. I need you to understand the bigness of what the CDC is doing.

It’s the unique advantage of our organization being in so many different countries and pulling the data and the information from all of our legal minds and making sure that we’re protecting chiropractic as a whole all around the world. So I need you to stay plugged in. I need you to share this information.

We know things are gonna be coming back into the United States, and it’s about going after these little battles. Making sure that we become that annoying group of people that is not worth pissing on anymore. Because we’re going to make sure that we stand up for our rights and we’re protected. So please stay connected to what we’re doing.

Watch these videos, share these videos, and we’re gonna continue to make sure you have the information you need to continue to practice with confidence, with belief and not being fearful of anyone coming after you. Because of the stories that you’re telling, because there’s truth and power in our story of chiropractic.

And I need you to have a reckless abandonment in sharing that story. It is next to the gospel. It’s the most powerful story that exists on the planet. It, and we want you to continue to tell it. So thank you for believing in us. Thank you for being a part of who we are. Thank you for continuing to contribute, even though your particular house isn’t on fire.

This is about making sure that our profession as a whole is protected and we have the most to lose here in the United States. By us not being successful in these other countries. So hopefully you can catch that vision. You can continue to share videos like this with your colleagues. We continue to grow our influence.

Remember our goal is to get to 10,000 contributors by the end of this year, and we need your help to get that done. So please go to our site, stay abreast of what’s going on. If you really want to know the nuances of what’s happening in other Countries. Those videos are available on our website. By choosing the other countries, you can see what’s happening in those individual countries, the work that’s being done on behalf of our profession.

So we love you. We appreciate you. I can’t thank you enough for who you are and what you do. Never stop telling the story of chiropractic and you can rest assured we’re never gonna continue. We’re never gonna stop protecting your right to do just that. So we love you. We appreciate you have an incredible week.

We’ll be at you next week. God bless.