Blog, Chirosecure Live Event March 29, 2022

It’s Time for Our Profession to Become Offensive

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Another interesting week in the world, as we continue to see how this agenda is being rolled out in the concerns that we have moving forward. So today I want to give you a little bit of a deeper insight on exactly what we think is happening and how that’s affecting our profession moving forward. So good morning, American chiropractors.

My name is Bharon Hoag. I am the executive director of One Chiropractic in the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, March 28th for your weekly. So I want you to know that I’m very conscious that I don’t want to be a broken record with you when I do these videos. And I can start to see that our viewership is slowly dropping here in the United States because people are less interested because the fire is not at your front.

But I cannot speak to you enough about how important it is that we stay plugged in and we stay knowledgeable. I’m going to keep shooting these videos because I need people to see it. I’m asking that you keep forwarding these to your colleagues so that people stay aware of what’s really going on. I don’t care if you’re in a Republican state or a democratic state, it doesn’t matter.

I know we sometimes think we’re untouchable because we’re in Florida or we’re in Texas or whatever the situation might be in your particular. But people, our profession really deserves to be educated. We deserve to be now to have a purview of where things are going. And that’s the role that we’re trying to play in our profession by shooting these videos every week.

And if you don’t think that the impact of what’s happening in Canada right now is. I just, I need you to wake up. I need you to understand that the purpose of the chiropractic defense counsel and the reason that we function all over the world is to protect our Homeland is to protect who we are and what we do here.

We’re the largest accumulation of chiropractors. So they’re testing things in different parts of the world to see what works and what doesn’t to be able to bring it here. And if you don’t think that big medicine or pharma is keeping track of what’s going on. That’s just a naive perspective. So please keep watching these.

I do my best, not to bore you or to give you nonsensical information, but I want you to be plugged in and be aware because it’s time that our profession starts becoming offensive. It’s time that we start planning things and putting things into place that produce an outcome that we are controlling rather than constantly responding to other people’s decisions and directives.

So that’s exactly what our ultimate plan with the chiropractor defense counsel. And why it’s so important that you share this information. With your colleagues moving forward. So Canada, it was an interesting week this week, as we continue to see how the colleges and the ministry of health are dealing with this whole informed consent agenda that they have, as I shared with you last week, I’m very concerned that this is going to be the next wave as they’re going to use data to start really separating those that are being controlled and buying the live versus those that are standing strong.

If they make that a public perception and they start using the public to start shaming. Those that are not, I actually think that’s going to backfire on them because I think the public has over this lie as well. But it still is a little concerning that they’re going to put a Scarlet letter on all of those that are not cooperating with their agenda.

So we’re watching that very closely. And every week we get a little bit more information that gives us a purview. So I need you to know that we’re researching that here in the United States, making sure that can’t happen here, but more importantly, what I need you to understand this week is the role that our profession plays in the continuation of this reformulation of healthcare is so vital.

We know, and we’ve known forever that our approach is about health and its prevention. And if chiropractic was used more appropriately, we could fix a lot of the issues that are currently affecting the healthcare industry. I don’t need to really get on that soap box, but what is the problem is the infrastructure of our practice.

And I’m not pointing fingers. Don’t turn this into a Hatfield and McCoy argument that our profession has been having for 126 years. I’m talking about the infrastructure of the knowledge of our people and understanding everything from our schools to how we’re getting them licensed to the licensing boards, to our scopes of practice.

All of those things are factors in what allow chiropractic to rise up and step up to take its rightful place in healthcare. So I want you to be aware that the CDC is starting to really probe in. Everything from CCE to licensing boards, to how our profession is really structured, making sure that we have now that we’ve seen how they can come at us.

And we’ve seen how they’re using licensing boards and how they’re using regulatory boards and departments of health. And that’s how they used this pandemic to control and produce that. We’re going to start ensuring that not only here in the United States, but everywhere in the world, that chiropractic becomes better positioned to be able to adapt to those types of attacks.

And I want to educate you through this process because if you don’t understand that, and you don’t know where you’re sending your students, if you don’t know how CC CCE operates. And so if you look at CCE for an example, which is the council on chiropractic education, They’re the group that actually controls what the colleges have to teach in order to stay accredited.

And obviously every state associate or every state licensing board requires a licensure or graduation degree from an accredited university. So there’s this whole trickle system that has. When you look at the decisions they make on what a school has to teach or what it can’t teach in order to remain accredited, that actually creates the future of our profession, right?

Because these are the students that learn. Certain things are being told certain. And it moves forward, which then moves to the state licensing regulation boards. And it starts creating this platform that does, or doesn’t allow chiropractors to be able to do the work that they need to do to, in order to provide the best quality of care to the general public.

So there’s a lot of variables that need to be really evaluated. And I’m not saying other groups aren’t doing. But because of the work that we’re doing in other countries and because of what we’re seeing in the trends that are happening, it’s so important that we take that information to ensure that we’re protecting here as well as protecting other countries.

So we’re going to be taking a proactive stance. So I want you to know, I shared with you that. The whole example of the revolutionary war and how we won that war by taking on the little battles that were very strategic, that really started removing the strength and the power and the positioning of Britain as we were fighting that battle.

That’s exactly our strategy here. We’re not big enough to take on the whole world at one time, but we are strong enough and we’re growing every single day to take on a little bit. To ensure that the profession of chiropractic is positioned perfectly to take our place in healthcare. So I need you to understand the strategy behind what we’re doing and why it’s so important that we continue to grow our contributor base.

Why we get the numbers, why the economics are on our side to be able to move and hire the right people. We need to hire we’re positioning our legal teams, our lobbying teams, our researchers, our content experts are our advocates. All of these things are so important as we take on. Proactive these offensive strategies to make sure that chiropractic becomes the number one healthcare choice in the world.

That is why you support an organization like. Again, that is not an attack on any individual organization. It’s an attack on how our profession operates as a whole and it is dysfunctional and we all know that we’ve all known it. It’s just, no, one’s willing to stand on a stage to say it, and I’m saying it, but I’m not only going to point fingers.

I’m actually going to step up and make sure we’re doing the work that needs to be done on behalf of the profession. So I’m sure that’s going to piss somebody off and I’m sure I’m going to get some kind of hate email and maybe that’s what this takes for you to start spreading this information is I create some kind of controversy, even though that’s not what I’m.

I need you to understand our strategy and why the CDC exists. It is not about these mandates. We existed before the mandates came into play. It’s about positioning our profession, defending the rights of practicing chiropractors around the world to ensure that chiropractic becomes the number one healthcare choice in the world.

So that’s what we’re doing. That’s why you’re a part of this. That’s why I want you to stay connected. I’m going to be giving you more information as we’re doing this deep dive into this structure of how our profession operates and make sure that you’re aware and you’re educated so that you can make the right decisions as you move forward as well.

So we love you. We appreciate you stay plugged in. We’re going to keep giving you the information you need to do your part in this process. God bless you. We’ll be back at you next week.