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jon Vermeulen: Hi, I’m Jon Vermeulen, President of Financial Corp. First of all I would like to thank ChiroSecure ( For the opportunity to make this video possible and available to chiropractors in need of working capital or equipment financing for their new or existing offices.

jon Vermeulen: We have specialized with providing new startup and existing chiropractors equipment financing and leasing, primarily x-ray need for their offices since 1991. That’s over 27 years of experience working and learning what the needs are of chiropractors and how to best satisfy those needs.

jon Vermeulen: In addition to offering competitive equipment financing for new startup and existing practices, we are beginning to offer SBA express working capital loans, because the response has been amazing to this need. This is a way that we can help more chiropractors start up and grow their practices with enough working capital to be successful with those new offices.

jon Vermeulen: SBA working capital loans are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration, a department of the federal government dedicated for helping new and existing small businesses open and grow.

jon Vermeulen: The reason new businesses fail is because they run out of working capital. Most chiropractors, whether they just graduated and are out of school, or after associating for another doctor for a period of time, may wish to open up their own offices, but don’t have the availability or resources, the money or capital, to do so.

jon Vermeulen: With our several years of experiences as working with chiropractors, we have seen those, and now we have connected with a few SBA banks to help make chiropractors dreams of opening a new office come true.

jon Vermeulen: With your good personal credit, we are able to approve up to $150,000 of working capital with no additional collateral, like real estate or even a cosigner. These SBA loans help new chiropractors with no previous experiences that just graduated from school, and we can even go up to $2 million if a new chiropractor is purchasing an existing office from another doctor.

jon Vermeulen: Now, not all SBA banks are the same. If you buy a Big Mac in California or New York, they’ll probably taste the same, however, SBA banks are far from being identical like Big Macs. Only about 20% of SBA guidelines are similar to the banks they work with, whereas more than 80% of most banks’ criteria are more about that specific bank itself. SBA banks are not created equal.

jon Vermeulen: We have approved chiropractors that were previously turned down by a local SBA bank, usually because they do not understand chiropractors. We have a network of over 100 SBA banks available based on the specific needs of the borrower.

jon Vermeulen: Our SBA banks’ loan’s process is very quick and easy, and the terms are up to 10 years with no pre-payment penalty and the interest rates usually floats at just 2% to 3% above the prime lending rate, which equates to about 8% to the doctors receiving their working capital from the SBA bank.

jon Vermeulen: From submitting a credit application to receiving funding, we’re able to get working capital for chiropractors in just two months or less. Whether you are in need of startup working capital, leasehold or tenant improvements, expansions, or a business acquisition of an existing practice, we’re here to help.

jon Vermeulen: Instead of wondering if you can get approved, why not apply and know for sure if you can qualify? We will pre-screen your application for free, and our credit inquiries are soft, meaning our inquiry will not even appear on your credit bureau or affect your score.

jon Vermeulen: Check us out at to learn more or please call us with any questions at 800-770-8550. Now quickly I’m gonna talk about equipment financing, because we’ve been doing this since the beginning.

jon Vermeulen: Is it better to pay cash or finance equipment for your startup or existing practice? Well, if you don’t have the money to pay cash, the choice is simple, but if you do have the finances to buy equipment, then which option is best?

jon Vermeulen: Well we’ve learned over the years that having x-ray equipment in your office is not only a convenience, but it’s also income-producing, so why not let your money work for you and use our money to help make those payments? If you happen to have cash or a credit line at your bank, why not keep those funds available for emergencies? And if you’re starting up a new practice, then paying cash is gonna take away and jeopardize you possibly coming short of working capital while growing your practice to be successful.

jon Vermeulen: With your good credit, we can get up to $60,000 for startup chiropractors, and up to $100,000 for existing practice with just a quick, simple credit application. The process is easy and simple with approvals in less than two days. We have different lenders available that are based on credit and customer requirements, most of which offer no money down, zero down to you, and up to six months with no payments, which helps you when you’re growing your practice. We are also offering seven-year terms with no pre-payment penalty from several of our lenders.

jon Vermeulen: To learn more about our equipment financing, go to or call us at 800-770-8550. We hope you will contact us if you are thinking about or wanting to learn more about out how SBA working capital or equipment financing can help. One stop does it all. Remember it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

jon Vermeulen: Let us help with our years of experience with your practice financing needs. We look forward to hearing from you and all the best to you. Thank you for watching, and again our thanks to ChiroSecure for making this possible.