Kathy Mills Chang

Kathy Mills Chang can be contacted at (855) 832-6562 or by visiting: KMC University

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Kathy: Hello, everyone. It’s Kathy Mills Chang. Of course, otherwise known as Kathy Weidner depending on the circumstances there. I’m delighted to be able to visit with you today, and I’m so grateful to ChiroSecure to have invited me here to share a little bit about what we do in the profession.

Dr. Stu Hoffman is a long-time friend and colleague, and I greatly appreciate his opportunity here. As you well know, it is the chiropractic malpractice insurance, I think, that really best serves the profession. I’ve had so many clients over the years who have needed to enjoy utilizing … Or I don’t think they’d ever enjoy it, but if they have to utilize the errors and omissions insurance for audits that is associated with this insurance, they’ve had amazing results and support because of that.

It’s interesting, I am in the process of just a month into celebrating my 35th anniversary in the profession. On February the 8th, I hit the 35-year mark. No one brought me a watch or anything, but I’m still grateful for having had the opportunity to actually serve this profession at the levels that I have for that many years. Likewise, KMC University, my company, is in its 10th year serving the profession. We’re very proud of the fact that we are the largest certified faculty existing in the profession with really the most comprehensive online curriculum available in the areas of focus that we focus on, which is reducing risk and maximizing reimbursement. We don’t try to do everything, but what we are great at and what we know we’re great at is really those two areas of focus, reimbursement and risk.

And right now, the way that compliance craze is throughout the profession and audits are rampant, more and more doctors are choosing to be proactive. Just like you’re proactive with purchasing your malpractice insurance hoping you never need it, being a member of KMC University is a proactive action to begin training your staff and to begin working directly with your other team members in the practice to have the opportunity to kind of get ahead of the curve a little bit in the areas of documentation, coding, Medicare, billing, collections, you name it.

We’re also very, very proud of our new recent launch of really the only basic CA training available kind of in the profession that covers all of the things that ours does. Not only that basic information but also the opportunity to learn about insurance and Medicare and some of those kinds of things. We recently decided that it would be included within our benchmark product and our kind of cornerstone of KMC University, which is a KMC University Library. The Library is a very comprehensive collection of training with hundreds of lessons, with thousands of resources, forms, support tools, references, fact sheets, videos, you name it, directed into content that is specific to correcting or learning about an issue.

I think our favorite part of that is that it comes along with a certified specialist, so a live help desk, an email help desk is at your fingertips 24/7, so to speak. So any question that you have that you don’t know the answer to, you can be right in touch with one of us who does. And that’s kind of our mantra. We love the idea that, in this world today, you just don’t have to know everything; you just kind of have to know somebody who does. And for the thousands of people who use us in this capacity, we are who they call when they don’t know the answer in the area of risk and reimbursement. And we’re very proud of that, and it’s a sacred trust that we hold very, very dear, and we do not take it lightly.

Consequently, we stay up-to-date on everything that’s going on in every state. We have clients in every state in the country. We make sure that we are plugged into all the most important updates, Medicare and otherwise, and it allows us to be that reference point for you. And even if one of our memberships is not a good fit for you, at any time you can simply use us on an on-demand basis, making a phone call, scheduling a consultation anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes or more, and that can be the extent of our relationship.

I like to think of it a little bit like you probably don’t actually do your own taxes. I certainly hope not in today’s world. But if you use an accountant, that’s your specialist in that area of focus who knows the new tax law and all the details, and you rely on and trust them to do that for you. In the same way, that’s how we serve the profession and our clients and even our customers who elect to visit us and just use us in an on-demand basis.

If you’ve never checked out our quick reference tools, they are extraordinarily popular. I encourage you to visit www.kmcuniversity.com and check under Products. We have a wonderful Medicare Quick Reference Tool that is recently released and a great documentation one meant to be able to be just at your desk and find the easy reference on things. There’s a little short video about each one that I certainly encourage you to review.

Should you have a question or a need, I hope that you’ll trust your judgment to call us because we will be delighted to serve you. Our phone number is easy to remember 855-TEAM-KMC. 855-TEAM-KMC, and that relates to 855-832-6562. Likewise, info@kmcuniversity.com is an email address that will be answered promptly. Visit our website, call us, and let us know how we can help you maximize your reimbursement and reduce your risk. We’d be delighted to help.

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