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Learn the Ins and Outs of Podcasting Dr. McAllister F4CP

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ChiroSecure Facebook, Live friends. It is delightful. This is the first time I’ve been with you since the new year began. So I am super excited to be with you today. It’s a new topic. It’s a new year 2021 is going to be a much better year for those of you that are still feeling the downs of 2020 don’t despair. I’ve got some fun things in the year for you today, and we’re going to cover them in an enjoyable, inspiring way so we can help our patients. Remember the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is all about one mission, and that is showcasing the benefits of chiropractic around the nation. No matter where we go or when we go there. Our primary purpose is to help you in practice, ensure that your patients know the benefits of chiropractic care today. We’re going to try a new way of inspiring our patients and that’s through their ears.

We know when they come into your office, you’re touching their spines and you’re encouraging them to optimize their health. Well, when they’re not in your office, we still need to connect. In fact, I would say now more than ever, do we need to connect with our patients when they’re outside of the office? Because the situation that they may be in may be stressful. And when we can provide them with really important information to inspire their days, then we’re really helping them enhance their health. And that’s what we’re all really about at the end of the day, every chiropractor out there knows one thing. It is a patient centric opportunity. It’s about what the patient needs when the patient needs it. So let’s get started today. We’ll bring up our slides and we’ll show you a little bit about the ins and outs of podcasting and what it really means.

And I think one of the key aspects when we start going through this is for those of you who are very comfortable with podcasts, sit back, relax is who’ll be informative for you. If you’re brand new to podcasting, that’s even better because you’re going to stretch a little more. And that’s what it’s all about at the foundation is stretching. But as usual, before we get started, I want to thank these fantastic corporate sponsors. They’re the reason why we can go around the nation. In fact, we can go around the globe. We have global leaders at the foundation for chiropractic progress now. So our message is getting broadcast bigger, better and brighter every day because these corporate sponsors like Kyra secure are willing and able to help us move forward. So let’s start with those of you who are brand new to what exactly is a podcast.

The term podcast is actually a mix of the word, iPod and broadcast. I actually didn’t know that when I first started a podcast and it’s the best way to describe it to someone that is not familiar at all with it. So when we’re talking about it, what is it? It’s actually just a conglomeration of your favorite blogs, your shows and topics wrapped into a huge hub of recordings that you can download and listen on your time. That could be at work. If you have a few moments, it could be at home when you just steal away from your computer and you want to have some downtime or you could be in the car. That’s the best part of this. The dictionary definition is a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading and to your computer so that you can get that mobile device going with typically available for a series of podcasts, which many people do sign up for as a series.

And that kind of helps you become a podcast. Listener is you subscribe to a lot of different episodes in one particular podcasting arena. So I want to share with you now a little bit about what exactly is the importance of podcasts. Well, look at this, this is editor’s choice, 197 million Americans have heard about podcasts. 32% of Americans listen to the podcast at least once a month. So my chiropractic friends listen, 30% are already there. So let’s inspire them to do more. There are 750,000 active podcasts in 2019. And that list is growing on average 45% of podcast listeners have an annual income of more than 250,000. Why is that important? Because oftentimes we forget a lot about where our consumers are hearing things. So we need to know reflect on what are the stats, why are the stats important? 2 million podcasts are now registered by Google and 54%, 54, 4% of podcast consumers say they think about buying advertising products.

So this is a big part. When you think about 408 97 million podcasts advertising in 2018, what are we advertising here? Friends, we’re talking about chiropractic. That’s why this topic is so important. Now you’re seeing we need to be where the patients are and guess what the patients are here now on air. So let’s talk in 2004 about the history of podcasting it was developed when Adam Curry, the former M T V video jockey. Some of you remember easier than others and Dave Weiner, a software developer coded a program known as an eye Potter. I Potter enabled them to download internet radio broadcast to their iPods. Oh, we all remember our iPods Curry now hosts the daily source code. One of the most popular podcasts on the internet in 2005, actually big companies started to hop onto the bandwagon with Apple leading the way and that’s with iTunes 4.9.

This was the first update we support for podcasts. The same year, yes, podcast was declared word of the year by the new Oxford American dictionary. So why are we talking about podcasts? Let me tell you why. Because there is a new podcast out at the foundation for chiropractic progress. We have a brand new podcast that just launched earlier this month and we are ecstatic already about the results that we have achieved. We’ve actually hit over a thousand downloads within the first week, which is pretty Epic. When you look at podcast statistics adjusted reality, trusted by the adjusted. It features athletes, celebrities, and key influencers to bridge the gap with the consumer on health and wellness and how it relates to chiropractic care. This podcast was created with the intention for consumers to tune in and for our doctors. Yes, that’s you friends to share with the patients, all the different episodes that are coming up.

So you have to listen. So you know what your patients are listening to, but this is an awesome way for all of us to join together, unite and prosper. And that’s what the foundation is all about. Creating new and creative ways to be able to help our patients be the very best of health care and optimizing their health. Now, some of you have already seen it, and I am grateful that you have listen. This is our January line of speakers, Dr. Deepak Chopra, New York times best-selling author who focuses on how inflammation is directly related to anxiety, depression, and even chronic illness. Isn’t that appropriate this time when we have had so much emphasis being focused on sickness, the time now is to focus on health and wellness in today’s. In that episode, in that today’s episode of deep October, one of times, magazine’s top 100.

He shares how to listen to your body sensation through a five minute meditation. I can use a five minute meditation every day. I’m sure you in practice could as well. So help them help your patients, help yourself learn to find a less stressful and more enjoyable lifestyle. Next up Monica Renagel. She is quite something. I was absolutely delighted to be with her. She’s the host of nutrition, diva who speaks on the myth of diet culture. Renagel will the bunk, the myth that if your diet isn’t perfect, well then you’re not doing a good job. So as chiropractors, our primary purpose is to want to help inspire our patients. Some of them have a long way to go. Others are right there with you, but you got to take all of them because they’re all part of your community. So we want to be able to help them.

Renagel is a certified nutritionist licensed, and also, which is very beautiful. A trained chef professionally, her scientific and foodie friendly approach is regularly featured on the today. Show CBS news, NPR morning edition, and in leading newspapers and magazines across the nation. So she is someone we can trust to give information that is not going to put us in a particular difficult place. And we want the patients to just start somewhere. And if you listen and you can share with them, it’s a, a community of growth and prosperity. Speaking of prosperity, our health and our fitness is part of our prosperity. So Adam Schaffer is the last one. He is host of the mind pump. This is where we talk about healthy mind shifts and behavioral changes that will last a lifetime. This is not a trend. This is us being chiropractors and being right on task with our patients optimum performance.

He’s going to talk a little bit about the experience in the fitness industry and how he became his online business to bridge the gap between performance and wellness. I think we can all relate to that. Now, moving forward, how to listen to the podcast. If you have a smartphone, you have the capability to listen to podcasts. Now, remember you might be talking to an elderly person who is very uncomfortable, which is downloading. You may need to walk them through this. That’s why I’m walking you through it. So you can do it effectively and efficiently with your patients. So you can listen to our adjusted reality podcast on a variety of different platforms. Obviously Apple’s a big one. Uh, you have Google, Spotify, Pandora, and even Amazon. And what you want to encourage your patients to do is actually like, and follow the podcast on Facebook.

That’s the best way to stay up to date. Now this is for you to friends. If you can get connected with us liking and following us, you’ll get the latest, greatest information. And so will your patients so stay with us because as we grow together, we can share more together and it’s, it’s going to be bringing together the easy shareable information that we can all get out, because I know you’re busy with your hands on your patients and you’re not developing your own network of infographics and white papers and articles, your busy in your practice. So I had to make this really easy, and that’s why we’re doing this Facebook live. So you know how to do it and then help your patients be able to like, and follow. Now the next one as we go through and we start talking about following the podcast is some of your younger millennial patients will be on Instagram.

In fact, it is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. You can follow your favorite program on the Instagram. This is the more popular place where you can see adjusted reality. As an example, it’s an excellent way to stay engaged with the content being made available. So as we go through how to share podcasts effectively on social media, here’s where you help those that might be struggling just a little bit. We host our podcast on a platform called Buzzsprout. This is the best part about Buzzsprout is that it’s truly a very friendly user experience. So you can share if you’re not familiar with sharing directly from Spotify or Apple music, this really is in my personal opinion, the easiest way to share podcasts. All you need to do is click the buzz sprout link on the top of the page and where you see highlighted in the yellow box is an option to share the episode to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

These are all excellent platforms for you to take the adjusted reality episodes and share them directly with your patients. So they have educational content to listen to, and they can share it with their friends and family. The more they share, the more they’re aware of your expert community advice and the more they trust. And that is a big part of why chiropractic is so amazing. Our patients trust us, and we have an increasingly high patient satisfaction rates. So just so we can get into the weeds for the younger audience, how to share effectively on Instagram. So sharing directly from Instagram, Instagram can actually be just a little bit more work or some would say trickier. I don’t see it as tricky, but option one is to actually copy that. Buzzsprout link that we just talked about and add that link to your, um, uh, Buzzsprout sorry.

Take the link in and put it in your own bio. This is an unique link in your Instagram bio. So you want to make sure that, you know, the Instagram, what your Instagram bio looks like, that directs your users to a selection of links you share. Now, if you don’t have this already set up on your Instagram page, that’s okay. Another option is if you’re familiar is to download a reposting app such as repost on your phone. When you see a post you like on the adjusted reality Instagram platform, for example, all you do is you click copy link, and you can share it to your own page. When you open up the repost app. Now let’s go into social media accelerators. So social media accelerators, many of you have seen them. They come two times a week and a new accelerator that showcases the adjusted reality podcast episode with Deepak Chopra has come, and you can take it exactly.

Take that exact episode and you can share it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So you can go to our Facebook, our foundation for chiropractic progress, Facebook page, and you can find these episodes and it can be that easy. So Instagram, maybe not that quite simple, but listen, we have it all worked out for you because we want you to be successful. And we want you to do it in the easiest way that you’re comfortable with. Everybody has their own level of comfort on social media. Speaking of comfort, on social media, one of the things on our social media page is our YouTube channel. And we have this YouTube channel at the foundation and we host all of our videos there. If you’d like to share the video version of our podcast episodes with your patients, totally feel free to do so. Just click the link and select the episode to share sharing is caring.

Now let’s talk about email campaigns. When we get to the email campaign, when you’re getting ready to share this information about the foundation’s new podcast, adjusted reality, you can share directly with your patients in an upcoming newsletter. Wouldn’t that be fun another way so they can read, they can, they can hear you. They can hear a podcast. You know, when I was doing my master’s degree and we were talking about pedagological options, one of them was visual auditory read-write and kinesthetic. Well, guess what? Now you’ve got the audio portion read, right? If they’re in your office, give them something to read or send them an email. That’s why this is so important. And we’re trying to make it really easy. Just put this in your newsletter and a way you go, remember email, email campaigns are very effective when I, they patients know it’s coming from you, a trusted source.

And as we go through tutorials, we crafted a tutorial for you to learn how to effectively share our podcast episodes, and any other podcasts that you see fit on a variety of platforms. Maybe you actually even do your own. If you do fabulous, then you can put this information with it and you can carry on. This guy will walk you through the exact steps to share on every single streaming platform and offers, tips and assistance along the way. Wouldn’t this be wonderful for your front desk to help you with it’s an opportunity for all of your staff to listen as well and get excited about what they do. If we’re not inspiring our audience, which is in our office, we’re missing a lot of potential new patients. So take this tutorial, have them all listen to it. And that way you can do listening and supporting podcast stars.

So the best way to stay up to date when the foundation launches new episodes is to subscribe to our podcast that is supportive a podcast, you’ll be able to enjoy and rate the podcast to get started. You pick your platform of choice, whether it’s Apple or Spotify, for example, and search for adjusted reality. And you can see all of these pieces right here. If you have Apple podcasts like me, look at the first graphic on the screen. That purple podcast app is the image you need to click on to access podcasts. Most I-phones come loaded with the app already there, but if you can’t, if you have to, you can download it from the app store on your phone. When you open it up, you will see the search option just to enter adjusted reality into the search bar and click on our logo. This will open up to the image you see now on the far right, that lists the podcast episodes and provides you with the opportunity to rate and review friends.

You are the most important thing to the foundation. And when we can provide content that you like, we’re excited. If you have more people that you would like to see on our podcast, please give us feedback because with you, we create a better environment for our patients. So give us the feedback we greatly enjoy hearing from you. And I have really truly enjoyed hearing over the course of the week, what your thoughts were. And so thank you to all of you who have already listened. I really appreciate the, um, the feedback. Now we’re going to get to the FRCP updates because a lot of you are fantastic friends of the foundation and you’re part of membership. And I want to show you what your updates are for January. So this month we have a referral, fresh new marketing roadmap. It’s designed with an easy flow moving from one to two pages.

We decided that your staff can make notes on this particular page. And really you can all engage in what 2021 is going to look like, how you’re going to put the pieces in place. And there is a lot from toolkits presentations, infographics, white papers. It seems overwhelming, but it’s so well laid out. Now it’s clicking go, don’t get left behind because you’re the leader of your chiropractic office. You want to be up to date and really carefully scrutinized what’s best for your office because only, you know, your office best. So use this roadmap to walk your staff through an implement the important information and going back, we’re just going to talk a little bit about the cover photos. These for photos are important because most people don’t have time to redo their own cover photo. So let us do that for you. It’s a new benefit this year that we have for our members and it comes out every single month.

We will unveil a new cover photo. So you can have your staff put it onto your social media pages. And in January, the theme is being older, adults and falls. We also align our, our monthly PR topics with our media pitches. This month. We a feature just last week in news break with a user audience of 20 million unique visitors per month to that site. So this article featured a quote, which is highlighting how medication can lead to dizziness and falls a serious project. For sure, our patients to understand, we need to take the time for those that are aging. Our balance does decline with age. We may not want to face that fact, but it does. And in so doing you’re the chiropractor who’s taking the time to really address external and internal factors for falls. The last place we want a loved patient is in the ER.

And so many do die, unfortunately from preventable falls and we, as a profession can help our patients be strong, stable, mobile, and flexible. So please look at that because I think it’s one of the big pieces that makes us who we are. We’re about prevention. We’re about optimizing performance. And that’s one of that. You can see that news break article. You have the link right there, but let me tell you, what’s really exciting. Why do you really even care about the foundation? Because the most important person is the patient and the patients have to come to you. You’re the expert in the community. So last month had, I had several different articles, infographics, and ads that have gone out we’ve had in one month, 25,000 hits to our find a doctor directory. Are they finding you? Because that’s what the key is. If a patient is looking for a chiropractor, where are they going?

How do they know? Well, that’s where I find a doctor. Directory has been so incredibly powerful. Having worked with over 41 state association, 16 schools, and you to be able to provide the benefits of chiropractic care across the nation and make it easy for them to find you. So if you’re not with us, we ask that you join us because we want to be able to advertise for you. Now, speaking of advertising, we had such great success with our digital ads. We placed in 2020, we’re now embarking on new native ads throughout 2021 to support our members. You, the previous results of 25,000 hits was due to a past native ad campaign. I can’t tell you how excited and, and really, um, energetic I am about the forward moving ads that we’re going to have placing targeted digital media, pointing to our find a doctor directory.

So if you haven’t already been a foundation member today, 2021 making the choice, that’s right for you. Join us, celebrating chiropractic care across the nation. Well, friends, I want to thank you for joining us today. It’s always a pleasure be with you. I hope this was helpful. I hope you have some time listening to a new podcast. And I hope that this year really brings prosperity peace, and most importantly, relaxation, stress reducing optimized health for you and your community. I look forward to seeing you in a month’s time. Don’t forget. Meet us right back here. Facebook live ChiroSecure to join for another fantastic speaker. All right, everyone take on the week. All the very best CNX month

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