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Leveraging Longevity for Practice Growth and Impact

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Hey there. Welcome to today’s show Growth Without Risk. My name is Dr. Janice Hughes and an incredibly excited today. Thanks to ChiroSecure for bringing to you an interview with somebody that is really near and dear to me over these last, I’m going to say a couple of years in chiropractic, Dr. Melissa Grill-Peterson. And I’m going to introduce you a little bit, Melissa, but then I want everybody to hear most of the words today from you. Um, it’s been a really exciting venture. Melissa has just released a best-selling Amazon book called Codes of Longevity. And besides featuring you and acknowledging you Melissa, and saying, congratulations, I really want to tap in and talk about how to leverage this topic. Like why, why write about longevity? Why write a book and then why the topic of longevity?

I love it. Those are great questions. So first of all, thank you so much, Dr. Janice, you are, you are such a leader. Um, I love, I just love you and I could gush all over you, but I know we have limited time, so, so why longevity? You know, what’s so interesting to me. I want to take a moment and I want to remind our audience that, you know, over the past 15 years, I’ve expanded from more of a traditional chiropractic practice into the very integrative health and wellness space. Um, both as a doc, um, as well as a consultant, and I’ve done everything from, you know, yoga studios and gyms to these dynamic functional medicine and clinical practices. I’ve worked with primary care. I’ve worked with every type of practice and clinician, and it’s super interesting, you know, something that, because it is our background and our training we take for granted and we forget is that we’re really fortunate that we were trained in philosophy and principles of innate, innate healing and wisdom.

Um, and, and so what’s happening now in the world. Is there, is this true awakening for something more, right? And it’s not just the sick care that it’s, that people are in are in mainly feeling the awakening to say, I know there’s more, there’s more within me. There’s more than what we’ve seen. And they haven’t had the language. And the language is really about optimization. It’s about, you know, limitless potential. And what I love about longevity. First of all, it is the leading industry hands down among any other industry. They 5 trillion, $5 trillion industry. And when you think about it, it truly holds the container from preconception all the way through transition and then transgenerational epigenetics, transgenerational expression of human evolution, because it’s what we’re doing today, how it’s informing or DNA or epigenetic line going generations ahead. So for me, it was the whole container and it really allowed people different entry points into the conversation because to live a long life, well, it’s not just one thing at all, right? And so I think there’s a huge opportunity based on our own zone of genius, our own passion to really be able to show up and have a new conversation that can inspire, um, and really, you know, empower people to want to look through life and their health and their potential through a different lens than maybe they have before.

Well, and I think that that’s so incredibly powerful because one of the things I’ve talked about last year, um, kind of the misuse or abuse of that word wellness, you know, a lot of times we want to tap into what we think is the bigness of that, but I hate to say it, but that’s almost like old terminology, you know, whereas the new terminology is longevity, you know, and, and how do I stay healthy, you know, through this multiple generational, you know, concept. And, and then you touched on something really important for all the practitioners listening. This is like a multi-trillion dollar industry and is predicted to be one of the largest industries ever, you know, bigger than software, bigger than all the computer stuff. So I think that’s really important to talk about as well.

Well, and what I love is that it’s opening up things for us as practitioners to understand that maybe we’ve been, um, you know, too, too focused in the way things have been, and we’re not keeping our eye in, you know, forward in what is here and coming. And so the reason that longevity is a $5 trillion, because it does encompass technology, it encompasses innovation encompasses so much, and that what we as practitioners must understand having now been at least in the last five years in this health optimization lane, um, there is so much that’s going to be showing up like literally in the next 18 months to five years, that is going to completely transform how we understand healthcare and the expression of our health and our potential. And so something as simple as to me, this is now very, very basic to some of the listeners.

This may be basic to them, to others. This might be a brand new thing. We’ve all seen Fitbits. We’ve all seen our Apple watches. Maybe you’re a bit more advanced and know about things like Garmin and aura, but let’s just talk about wearable technology for a moment. It is complete. It’s a tool that as providers, we should be leveraging and using, we should understand how to, not for a diagnostic standpoint, but from an engagement standpoint of the feedback it’s giving real time from our clients, from our patients. And just even that is a huge one. What I see in with many practitioners, there are so many that don’t know what to do with it. They don’t know how to understand it, and they certainly don’t know how to leverage it. And it can become just one more thing. That’s again, keeping you a trailblazer, keeping you in this direction of how do, because, because it’s no longer a question.

If we’re longer, we are like it or not. Dr. Klasko does such a great job of this. And he’d started this with the a hundred year lifestyle. If, if the client, what was it ring that started the whole thing. If he knew he was going to live to a hundred, like if he knew it, would he have lived differently because the last 50 years of life were miserable. Well, we now know that we’re going to like it or not. So it is our choice to get to say yes. So it’s a pivotal moment of empowerment of personal engagement. And now we are in this time that we can get super precise. So as I’ve transitioned into really the optimization lane, I do a lot. I run an Academy on epigenetics. And so one of the foundational tools that I leveraged with my clients is their, um, their genetic blueprint.

Now genes are not our destiny. We know that they’re simply the blueprint of potential, that this is where the conversation begins to change. And it’s what I’ve been talking for several years. Now, whenever I speak at conferences to our, our peers, it’s that, you know, we are, we are all pure potential. That potential is encoded within our DNA. Every moment of every day, the outer world is informing, influencing and impacting our inner expression of potential to either express or repress turn on or off. And so, while we’re not trying to be everything to everyone, when we can recognize that there is so much more, that is waiting for us than maybe what we’re currently looking at and understanding and leveraging, then it becomes really exciting. Hey, it infuses more exciting back into our own practices, right into our own mind to go, well, what is possible? How could I begin to, to look at new tools that can, especially after 2020 create opportunities for our providers to scale virtually because that’s a whole other part of this we are right. But like it or not, things are never just going back to the way they were is now a new norm. And a big part of that new norm is understanding how to maximize the virtual space and digital digital tools. Yeah.

And it it’s tapping into like what you’re describing. Not only is it exciting for us to learn about our own health and wellbeing, you know, but it’s, how do we lead the practice members? How do we lead the patients? How, and more importantly, from my perspective, do we become that public health resource within our community? And that’s what a lot of this digital piece allows, but it is because the public wants do it yourself, health plans, or, or how can I monitor this myself? Like they want that level of empowerment. So, you know, again, that’s a lot about the conceptual piece of it. So how can practitioners listening, number one, I’m going to recommend, definitely get Melissa’s book. You know, you took a very collaborative approach with the book and tell the listeners a little bit about why, so you didn’t write the whole book, you managed an entire project

And you’re one of the contributors. Thank you. Um, because I knew like I’m not trying to be all things to all people and, and there’s, we are also now in the time of the collective, you know, and I think that as, as many petitioners, we’re so used to just going out there for years, we’d have to do it on our own. We can come to a conference once or twice a year and, and feel like connected. But then we go back and we feel like we’re all in our own. Um, and again, it’s no longer the time of the individual. It’s now the we versus the me. And, and what that means is understanding that like, again, like there is no us against them. Like so many of us it’s understanding what drives you. So for me, it’s about expanding the evolution of human flourishing for generations to come really helping human beings, Uplevel their ability to flourish and thrive now and, you know, making this lasting impact.

And so I say, well, who else has improved is interested in that as well? You know, cause it’s not just me. It’s not just chiropractic. Right? Who else? Well, it’s everything from the financial advisor, right? The success coach that the, uh, the parenting coach that, you know, there’s all these different people, all these different backgrounds and all of these different titles that have a similar focus and drive, they want to make a positive lasting impact. So we say, great, how do we come together? Because you know what, if we understand what really drives health and in this conversation, longevity, then we realize it’s not just what we eat. It’s not just how much sleep light exposure we have and how many times we get adjusted. It’s so much more than that because it all begins here. It’s the biochemical. I mean, there’s, there’s so much, that could be another conversation for another time, but I did it because it truly does take a village.

And it’s important to allow each person to stand up and share their zone of genius. I’m knowledgeable about every single thing in this book I had to be so that I could know how to tell the story and how to connect the dots. Yet. It was important to me that each of these experts could stand up in their own, in their own genius for a few reasons, a that this book can now become a tool to help them build their, their genius, their part of the conversation. If they choose to leverage it. Um, it was important for me to read, to help the faster. And this is what I want to really hear. The faster that we pool our power together, the faster we amplify the new enhanced conversation, right? So if I’m the only one doing this, I, yes, I could have this be a bestseller. This was a bestseller within 24 hours of being on. Pre-sale nice because of me, but because of the power of the collective, we all spread the word. We all were excited. We all couldn’t wait to get this out. Right. And so we amplified, that’s an example of how to amplify your own impact collective. So we all did our own part, but we were a part of this greater whole that made this really amazing ripple across the world, literally. Right. And so,

You know, give the listeners a couple of examples. Like how could they even use this book? Like, instead of thinking, okay, now I need to write a whole bunch of my own things about longevity. How could I right away leverage using this existing?

I’m glad you asked. In fact, um, Dr. Nicole Lindsey, she re she lives just up the road from me and it’s, and I’m super excited.

He’s another. Yeah. And, and let’s also make a little plug because she’s one of the hosts of one of the other Cairo secure, you know, shows as well. So, so a lot of the listeners will actually know that example really well.

Perfect. And, and I didn’t, I didn’t reach out to her. I didn’t say, Hey doc, you know, like she got the book, um, when she saw all of us promoting, she started to read it and she reached out to me and said, Oh my gosh, I love your book. And I’m sharing it with my practice. And so I’m taking my practice through this book and I want to interview you on it. And literally, she just messaged me this morning. I said, Oh my gosh, the book is creating such a buzz in my practice. I can’t wait to interview you. Here’s the calendar link. And what I want to share with you is this how a book, whether it’s codes of longevity or any other book you want to pick, but this is a great one because you’re going to have, you’re going to see when you turn the pages, how we cover mind, body, and soul, how we go through everything from mindset, mastery, and brain health and cognitive performance to truly breaking through transgenerational trauma, to wearable technology and heart health.

Like we cover everything. We cut the gut, the gut brain connection, you know, happiness, gratitude, all of it’s in here. So it gives this really expanded conversation and container that you bring your own expertise to leading the conversation and letting the book be a tool that everybody can now come together in community to have a shared experience. And now they’re having a new experience with you as the provider, and they’re seeing you as they know, you’re a doc that they love, right. But now they’re also seeing you as a leader and they’re listening and they’re understanding that you’re helping them to understand other pieces that maybe they didn’t connect dots, so,

And give them, but that gives them the, the ultimate goal, the, the longer, more vital life that they’re looking for. Like that for me, Melissa, it so taps into the core of chiropractic, which is about vitality. You know, it’s about that nervous system to Rolla G vitality. So for a lot of docs listening, this isn’t only, well, do I sell wearable technology? Or am I tapping into that? This is, this is the core foundation of what we do, which is that vitalism, you know, and so thinking about having a tool like this, that supports you as the doctor guiding your patient base and your community through this topic.

Yeah. And I would encourage people a think of a zoom book club, right? So that way you can have all these spaces, you can invite everybody and there’s no barrier to entry, you know, like give them a link. You guys can, we can sell it to you at wholesale. If you want to actually sell it through your practice or it’s 99 cents right now on Amazon, it’s only going to be that for a little bit longer, but it’s still super, super, super affordable. It’s not, you know, like, so anyway, you can, then you can amplify and now you build community in a new way. And this also becomes a way for you to start to see where are my patients wanting information. Now it can open up new ideas of what type of digital products could you maybe want to create, or do you want to create a new offering in the practice that again, scales virtually I can keep income coming in. Um, and the last thing I’ll say to your point about vitalism yeah. Chapter three. When I write about saying yes to stress, I immediately go into, you know, our autonomic nervous system. We talk about the sympathetics and the parasympathetics vehicle tone, and I list chiropractic of course, as being one of the ways to support all about it. And so it’s a great way to, just to your point, it is encompassing of all of it, of what it truly takes to live a long thriving life. Well,

Uh, you know, it’s, it’s such a powerful tool and that’s what I want a lot of the doctors listening to, to hear and understand it’s, um, I commend you for, for being the first to launch into this, you know, again, just long longevity, you know, conversation expanding on, like you said, really pointing out Dr. Eric placekicker, who really started that hundred year lifestyle, you know, and, and this adds to that, and maybe some of the practitioners listing listening, you do both, you know, like you literally use both of these books as these tools within your practice, you know, tell the listeners a little bit, Melissa, about your own platform, like an and as a practitioner, what have you been able to do and provide and support, you know, just briefly kind of, as we come to an end of this sort of introductory interview, how have you used this to, I’m going to say, like enhance your own practice, your own capabilities as a, as a practicing chiropractor.

Well, I think it’s important to know that I did sell my brick and mortar and I retired from daily practice about, I guess, seven years ago now. And that was because I transitioned fully. I knew I wanted to go virtual and I knew I was moving and what was happening at that time where I had many of my fellow practitioners and I was doing a lot within functional medicine. We had a, uh, an integrated practice. So there were, Hey, how do I do what you do so long? Short is I really started to pour into my fellow practitioners, did tons of branding and marketing and sales. And how do you scale virtually? So I was already doing it and I was leveraging all the tools. Um, now fast forward that what it’s done for me is I made a very conscious decision. Yes, I’m going to be bringing things back out, you know, with the consumers, but I don’t want to go back into traditional brick and mortar.

I, it’s not, anything’s wrong with it. I just know I’m here to make a big impact and amplify that in one-to-one. Um, so I want to help my peers continue to do what they love, and I’ve got to continue to amplify that message if you will. So here’s the short version is that my platform is both sides. Yes, B2B B2C, if you will. So peer-to-peer and out to the consumer that needs this and, and leveraging the tools that can bring them in. So for me, in this past year, I built an entire longevity platform and that’s, you know, the longevity summit, the Kozel longevity book, the longevity lab podcast, um, it’s the longevity life hub lifestyle website that, you know, I’ve got all affiliate marketing on there that can sell lots of products. So there’s a residual revenue. Um, but the bigger than that is, and then I scaled it into higher ticket offers, right. That they could work with the precision lab packages and what I’m doing. But my big vision for me this year is I want to move totally to membership communities again, how do I help as many as possible with, well, you know, working smarter versus harder. Um, and I can still have a lot of time and freedom and flexibility to do other things that I love in my life and continue to grow new offerings, uh, cause I’m bringing up workbooks and all that.

And that’s why I wanted, I wanted the listeners to, to hear that, that, you know, you, the book and hold your book up again, you know, the codes of longevity. And, um, again, I know that car’s secure, we’ll post the links for that. Um, as, um, Dr. Melissa mentioned, you know, right now you can get, you know, again, the electronic version for 99 cents, which is quickly going to be going away. But, but thinking in terms of really recognizing that, what you’re hearing is how Dr. Melissa has taken a brand, she’s really emphasized the brand here and she’s building her entire platform from that. So I’m not asking that every one of you listening thinks, wait a minute, how do I recreate that? Exactly. But how do you tap into that? Because again, you are on that cutting edge, Melissa, you know, where you’re tapping in already now in 2020 and 2021 to something that is going to become even more prevalent for health and healthcare in general for the public.

So I just, I really commend you for that piece of things. So now I know these, these interviews are quick, they’re fast, it’s all again about, you know, sort of introducing from my perspective, practice growth opportunities. So that’s why I definitely wanted to have this interview. Um, my hope is we can even maybe break down over the years, some of the resources from within the book for the people listing as well, the kind of in closing talk again, we’ve really said what you’re doing is you’re leveraging longevity for practice growth, for growth for the people listing. So maybe summarize that as we come to an end.

Yes, absolutely. So have a message for me, it’s longevity and it is a timely message that is continuing to grow. So you don’t have to guess if you, if it resonates with you, you can use it too. And then you get to say, what am I asking? What are the ways I want to share this? So for me, I knew I already had the programs and stuff and I’m like, well, I really want to go out and make a big impact. And so I’m going to do this summit from the summit. I condensed down. I knew what I really wanted to highlight in the book. Um, from the book I knew what I really wanted to highlight in an accompanying digital course that went with it. And from all of that, I knew, you know what? There’s so much more, so many people leaned into this conversation in a way that I was surprised and delighted.

I actually expected more practitioners to show up for the summit. And I was blown away at how the majority of people that signed up or everyday laypeople, right? 80% of the attendees were the public, the consumers. And that told me a lot. So they want to know they’re eager, they’re hungry, they’re looking for new possibilities. So whatever your magic is, whatever conversation you love to have, you can tie it to longevity. I promise you, there’s a piece of it that is tied to longevity. And so it can become another way to have a conversation, to open things up because if people just think they’re buying chiropractic, then they may have an idea of how much of it they need and when they need it. But when you talk about longevity and chiropractic is a piece of that path for them to live a long life, well, you’re now not selling chiropractic. You’re selling longevity. You’re selling an outcome of living an optimized life to 120 and well beyond. And how you, your brand, your products, your solutions, your services can be a part of that. And it can be as simple as doing a book club, starting with the conversation, leverage the codes of longevity, bring it in, see how your own practice and patients lean into it. See what they’re most interested in. Let that inform you of where the opportunities are to springboard into new offerings, products, programs, and or services in your current business model.

Right? And that’s something actually, um, you know, a potential other interview for myself and or for, you know, Dr. Nicole Lindsey on, on her show is then even how she is using that. You know, just, just showing all of you as listeners, these kinds of opportunities that are there. So thank you so much, Melissa. I know you have a hundred things on your plate. Um, taking the time to have this conversation, I’ve been so impressed watching you, you know, being part of the collaborative group. Um, I’ve been fortunate to do one tiny teeny chapter in that, you know, which is, again, is about more my focus, which is, you know, helping practitioners thrive financially and why and how that has to be a different conversation for practitioners and the public related to longevity. So thank you for taking the time today and for all of our listeners, again, please, I encourage you hold up that book again, you know, definitely get the book, um, support Melissa in this project that support yourself in growing this topic and the way that you can leverage that within your practice. So in closing, thank you to ChiroSecure for the opportunity. Again, you know, hosting the show, please know that next week’s show is hosted by Dr. Sherry McAllister. So by all means stay tuned and thank Kira secure for bringing you all of these resources have a wonderful day. Thank you.

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