LinkedIN Easier Than You Think – Dr. McAllister F4CP

Welcome, Facebook Live fans. Thank you for joining me on Chiro Secure’s Facebook Live. Delighted to have you with me. Listen, I’m with you, I have a chiropractic practice. I understand these are tumultuous times and I want to make sure that you feel comfortable knowing that one of my favorite instructors when I was in school said to me, “When you’re not busy in practice with your hands on patients, you’re building your practice.” In fact, in many times when I was building my practice, I was more busy building the business then I was building the patients. And then, all of a sudden it flipped the switch.

The pandemic is going, we’re all going to be passing through this and it is very stressful. We’ve got leases, we’ve got employees. I promise you, we will get through it and we’re going to get through it together, as an entire profession comes together and builds a better system of outreach to our patients, when they can’t come into our clinics.

Stick with me because today is all about just that. It’s about outreach. How do we connect to our environment? Social media gives us that opportunity and this is the time now, building our practices and figuring out how to connect with them on a longterm basis when there’s not a pandemic. Let’s get started. First and foremost, I have to thank our corporate sponsors. Take a look at these, these are the people that are helping us with national messaging. Give them your support because they’re supporting the entire profession. Thank you to Chiro Secure for always hosting the Foundation on a monthly basis. We truly appreciate it.

Now as we get started, I think one of the big keys is why are we doing this? We’re doing this because it’s important to connect with healthcare providers in our neighborhoods. Today’s Facebook Live is about opening opportunities. Some of it won’t feel comfortable. In fact, many of you remember my last month’s Facebook Live when I talked about how to do videos. Yes, I know you didn’t sign up to be in chiropractic to be online and doing social media and videos. But trust me, videos can be very effective. And today we’re going to try another way to connect to our healthcare providers and businesses that are in our area, without having to hit the streets with our feet.

Let’s get started. It’s called LinkedIn. Welcome to LinkedIn. And actually, according to the platform, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with nearly 660 million users, in more than 200 countries with territories worldwide. What are actually the facts? Launched in 2003, LinkedIn connects with the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. This network allows you to not only build connections in your industry but offers many features to you in the chiropractic profession.

Who is LinkedIn for? I get that question quite a bit. If you are looking to find a coworker or a classmate, find a new job or find a course or a training program, LinkedIn offers all of these benefits. And shortly, I will walk you through how the Foundation has connected the dots for you to spruce up your personal and professional LinkedIn pages. Now, there was a recent Wall Street Journal article that posed the question, “Is LinkedIn a waste of time?” I’m sure many of you are aware of the platform but may not know that you’re using it to the best of your ability because you either do not find value or the effort required does not yield the same results as another platform you may be using for your practice.

I want you to remember, thinking about something as a waste of time if showcased by the perception of the user. What do I mean? Well, I can tell you it’s actually worth the effort. While it’s not social media pages like Instagram or Facebook, it is attracting patients to chiropractic care. In fact, LinkedIn targets the B2B or the business to business audience that you can easily tap into and stay active. According to the Wall Street Journal article, it is not a waste of time and I really do agree. The platform helps you connect with your colleagues, allows new connections and connects you with new opportunities. An example of that, is the article, a director at National Geographic reached up to the author and it led to a full on travel shoot. That wouldn’t have been possible without having the opportunity to connect. In fact, I can say the same at the Foundation. I’ve received plenty of requests that wouldn’t have come unless I was active on LinkedIn.

You will actually be surprised about the opportunities that are out there and you never know where someone is going to ask you to come out to an event and build your practice in your community. One tip for you is to regularly post relevant content. The Foundation has it and I will cover it shortly so that you can actually stay active on LinkedIn and not be overwhelmed with the, I have to do another article, I have to do another post. No, the Foundation is absolutely here for you. We understand that your best value is your hands on patients. We understand that your best value is making sure your outreach to the community. We have the material that will allow you to connect to businesses in the area and that’s typically where you’re going to find the LinkedIn, is the businesses in the area, especially when it comes to corporate wellness.

In fact, I read an article today that talked about leadership in the corporate world and the important thing that the leadership article covered was in fact that you need to connect with your employees that are at home and that we want them to be feeling fulfilled and part of the team. There’s no better way to feel the wellness and the opportunities then to know what the chiropractors are offering. Connecting to businesses in showcasing that you are a wellness practitioner is above all else connecting with your community, building your practice, and sharing the benefits that chiropractic offers. As we go through, there’s big perks of LinkedIn and one of them is the professional groups. One of the largest, if not one of the largest in the professional community of chiropractic is the Chiropractic Professionals. They have over 20,000 members. This group is the place to be and stay up to date on all the business related chiropractic matters.

When you’re on LinkedIn and you want to connect to your colleagues, that’s another area. Start your own practice page. If you haven’t done it, I’m asking you to think one more step of what you need to do while you’re not treating patients. Build your LinkedIn practice page. Here’s a snapshot of the Florida Chiropractic Association’s LinkedIn page. They have over 17,000 followers. The FCA actively promotes their conferences on here and utilizes the platform to effectively network with their members. You can do this too. What if you did an article or you used one of our articles and said, “Wellness matters. I’m Dr. Sherry McAllister and I will be hosting a wellness talk today online, virtually and your healthcare community or your corporate community is welcome to join me so we can all get through the stress of COVID-19.” Another opportunity for to win.

LinkedIn provides an active opportunity to bring in other providers. It’s not a billboard to only promote your practice, but an opportunity to teach and do and reach others in your community with the benefits that chiropractic care offers. The Foundation also has a LinkedIn page available for you to follow and join. I highly encourage you to do that. We’re a dynamic group and we have 34 state associations, 16 schools and 28,000 members that are linking in with us very frequently, please be one of them. We need you to link with us because together we actually will make a huge difference in how patients around the globe are going to start thinking about wellness, more now than ever before. These are historic times and if we band together and we showcase how important we are in patients’ lives, then, as we get through the COVID-19, we’re going to be stronger as a profession. Now, if you’ve already have a LinkedIn profile set up, you can search the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress on LinkedIn and follow our page.

If you have not, let’s go to making sure we get our page set up. LinkedIn Postings to Share. This is what I was talking about earlier is I know you’re going to be busy once you get back. If you have been told you have to close your office or you want to be able to connect more with your businesses around your community, then the time is now to start thinking about posting and sharing. As a follower of the Foundation page, you can easily share our LinkedIn posting directly to your personal and or professional page. Right here as an example of a posting we have on LinkedIn that is available to share and you can make your own comments and build your own practice community. That’s another opportunity for success. Every month or couple, I share articles to my personal LinkedIn page and then share it with my network of colleagues as well as the Foundation’s LinkedIn company page.

These articles are actually increasing the awareness of chiropractic with a one click to engage your network. What are these called? These are called the LinkedIn Articulators. The articles that I post to my personal page are then put into what we call the articulators. This is a brand new Foundation membership benefit that allows you to directly share the B2B chiropractic article from my page to your LinkedIn page, one click or your practice page. The articulators are a new benefit which are similar to our accelerators. The only difference is that our accelerators are more for different platforms, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The major difference here is that the LinkedIn Articulators are actually more about the professional environment. Linking to the businesses in your community, getting opportunities to speak in front of corporate environments or getting out to churches. It’s a professional opportunity to really showcase who you are, what your practice does, and what are the benefits of chiropractic care.

Now, speaking of that, we absolutely love our members and each month we have a membership benefit. Right here I want to share with you the benefits of M-Bomb, and that is the membership benefit of the month. Each month, the Foundation will feature a brief video in its monthly e-newsletter explaining one of our benefits. Let’s do that for you now.

Hi everyone. I’m Dr. Sherry McAllister, the Executive Vice President of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. I’m pleased to share with you the Membership Benefit of the Month. Remember last month I called it the M-Bomb? Well, let’s tell you what it is. This month’s highlighted benefit is our LinkedIn Articulators. A brand new benefit in 2020 our LinkedIn Articulators are easy to share, click to post messaging for your LinkedIn pages. In the past, our social media content was tailored toward the consumer, but with this new benefit, we are now helping our members to reach the B2B professional audience with information about chiropractic. I want to thank you for joining me today to review the different levels of Foundation membership and join or upgrade today. Visit and you’ll see a variety of membership options right there for you. Look forward to seeing you next month for our M-Bomb. Thanks.

Now listen, why did I share that with you? The reason why is, videos actually have the highest rate of engagement. I want to continue to ask you if you would please think about doing videos because that’s an avenue to move your message forward and it engages your audience. And if you attended last month’s Facebook Live on Chiro Secure, you learned the tips on recording videos on your smartphone and doing it well. Now, staying active on LinkedIn actually means important to communicate with your regular community, so we want to be consistent, we want to be persistent. With all of the new Foundation benefits available to our members for LinkedIn this year, we encourage you to stay active by using the chiropractic articles we generate and share those articles via the LinkedIn Articulator emails if you receive those as well. We also ask that you follow the Foundations page and connect with our team on there with easy to share postings on general LinkedIn pages to the articles, you have consistent, relevant content to share with your audiences.

And I also want to remind you, I have a fantastic team that I deal with. If you start getting a little anxious and you’re like, “Hey, I don’t really know if I want to do this. I don’t know really how to start. I feel a little overwhelmed.” That’s why we’re here. No better time than the present for us to help you. And we’re happy to help because we know some of this is completely brand new to many and that’s why we’re actually all together. As we want to get started, I wanted to share with you how easy this is. We ask that if you have any questions at all, just let us know because we’re going to help you walk through this particular platform so you feel confident in putting together the articles and outreach to your business and the community.

It’s pretty easy. I don’t want you to get overwhelmed. These are the resources. First you just got to find the, “Make the most of your professional life.” Click on there and share to your pages and you’ll start to see that your community starts to respond to you. Don’t forget them. Once they respond to your posts, it’s really important that you respond back. If you’re going to jump into the LinkedIn platform, don’t be surprised that all of a sudden you’re going to get pretty busy in that platform. People are going to ask you questions, they’re going to want to know more and that’s why the Foundation is fabulous because you would go to our Foundation page and grab brochures and white papers and infographics to share with them. They may actually even post them in their clinics if it’s a healthcare provider. You never know where the network is going to take you. You just got to jump in.

I want to actually stop here and thank you. We cannot do this alone and we’re not isolated in the national pandemic. We are in it together and we want to showcase to you why utilizing LinkedIn is so important. These are tools and tools are meant to be used appropriately and that’s why the Foundation is here. When we post something, I can tell you that we’re doing our very best, our due diligence, to ensure that you are getting the latest information, doing everything we can to make sure it’s correct, that it is the best knowledge based information that we have and that’s where we want every chiropractor to be. We want you to be reaching out with the best information available, with the latest information. This is the time now to explore with our patients what they need if they’re feeling anxious. Contacting, connecting with them.

And then on our professional level, reaching out to all of the variety of businesses that are in your community because you’re the expert in wellness. You’re the expert in helping our patients optimize their health and that’s where altogether we can make a difference using quality information and bonding together as a profession. I want to thank you, Chiro Secure, for having us. Please join us this time next Tuesday for another fantastic speaker who will get more information out to you. All the best to you. Stay well, stay healthy, be vibrant.

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