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Now, here’s today’s host, Dr. Erik Kowalke.

Welcome, it’s December, Christmas time, holiday season. You can see the office is all decorated with presents and candy canes and all kinds of fun stuff. I love this time of year. This is probably my funnest season because we get to put lights up on the walls and just decorate all over the place, and to see the kids’ faces when they come to the office this time of year is just awesome, and they have a ton of fun. So, yes, I love this time of year.

But, again, my name’s Dr. Erik Kowalke. Thank you for ChiroSecure putting on this link to the children’s show. Myself and Dr. Monika do this every single month. Mine is the first Thursday of every month at 1:00 PM Eastern, and we go live with Alan and the crew. So thanks so much for ChiroSecure for hosting this and putting this on and getting the content out there. Hopefully this is valuable for you guys. We like to keep this to 15 to 20 minutes and just give you some real tangible stuff that you could use every month and implement and see more kids and be more effective at seeing kids and ultimately push pediatric chiropractic to another level, allowing us to make a greater impact in the profession.

My office is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We started in 2011, graduated from Life University. I’m also a part of SKED Incorporated, which does patient automation stuff and AMPED, which we help other chiropractors open offices. Yeah, that’s a little bit about me. But this specific episode I wanted to talk about just leveraging testimonials in your office, and this all started in this idea because if you Google search “pediatric chiropractic video,” there’s like 2.9 million hits in 0.59 seconds or something. But most of those videos on the first page, actually every single one of them, I think, is a pediatric adjustment video. So it’s a chiropractor that filmed himself adjusting an infant.

I’ve been talking to a lot of parents recently, and its interesting mindset-wise, because we been in chiropractic for so long that we just don’t see things and think about things like a parent would because we’ve just been in it so long. So some stuff doesn’t even make sense, like why would they even think that, because our minds don’t think like that anymore. So, it helps to get a parent’s perspective that has zero experience with chiropractics. I love doing initial day-one consultations with a mom that found us on Google or something, and it’s very raw because I really get to relearn like, okay, what are their objections? What are they thinking? It’s good I need to refresh myself like, “Oh yeah, this is where people are coming from.”

You’ll find their perception of chiropractic is…

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