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Monday Mandate UPDATE October 18th 2021

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Good morning, everybody. This is Bharon Hoag, the executive director of one chiropractic and the chiropractic defense counsel coming to you Monday, October 18th, for our mandate madness update. Um, I want to start off today’s video by really thinking a lot of the organizations that have jumped in to support what we’re doing and that, that keeps happening every single week. So I want to thank, uh, ChiroSecure. They’re actually throwing these videos live on their channel every Monday to, to all of their members and their followers. And we’re so thankful to them. We’re thankful to Amped, to the Remarkable Practice, to Maximized Living, to AMC, um, to DE, and Steve Judson and his group. Um, so many people have been, you know, really perpetuating and promoting what we’re doing. And I’m so thankful for that. I, I don’t remember in my history, in the profession, so many different organizations being willing to get behind someone else’s initiative.

Yes, this affects us all these mandates and the attacks on chiropractic. But, um, I’m humbled that these organizations trust our vision and our structure and what we’re doing, and they’re willing to put it out there to their tribes as well. So thank you to those organizations very much for sending this information out. If you are viewing these on any other source, other than the emails we’re sending you, um, well, even on our, right on our Facebook page, um, please, if you have questions, put them in the comments, um, and that way, if it’s on someone else’s platform, they’ll get them to us and we’ll be happy to answer questions, feel free to do so on ours as well. One of our objectives is to make sure that we keep lines of communication open so that everyone feels like they have access to us, and they’re not alone through this process.

So again, I’m very thankful to everybody that has jumped on board to support us. I’m going to ask that you continue to do so. Um, things are really heating up around the world. We’re doing a lot of work, um, and that just costs a lot of money when you retain as many eternal attorneys and, and professionals as we are right now. Um, it’s very, it’s exciting. Um, I’m empowered by that. I feel we’ve got a dream team all over the world right now with strategy and purpose and, and, uh, resolve. Um, but that just takes a lot of resources. So we’re, again, I’ve said from the beginning, our goal was to get 5,000 chiropractors contributing. And so I’m asking you to help continue to spread that word. We’re just under 2000 contributors. Um, that’s growing every single day, but we want you to keep spreading the word.

We need to continue to build these resources because we’re starting to get into legal battles all over the world. And, and that we want to be able to make sure that we can fund that. So thank you to our organizations. Um, those of you that are a part of the, of these organizations, I thank you for supporting them. Um, we appreciate that. Um, all right now, to the, the nuts and bolts of what’s going on. So the United States, uh, it’s still relatively quiet. Um, we’ve had a few states now that have passed that window of when, uh, those that are under the mandate and need to start being in compliance. Um, as I’ve stated over and over and over again in every state other than Rhode Island, our doctors are in compliance. We have developed a strategy to ensure that you’re compliant with the guidelines of the mandate, as long as you followed the system that we’ve given out, um, you’re in good shape.

So I just need you to keep holding the line. I need you to do business as usual. I need you to stay off the internet. I need you to not make a spectacle of yourself. We’ve given you all the resources you need on how to communicate moving forward. So I need you to just continue to do what you do. We have heard no reports over the weekend, um, or even in the middle of the week, last week of anyone having, you know, enforcement issues of people knocking on their door or doing anything. So I need you to just trust us if that does happen. I had a good conversation, um, with a malpractice insure this weekend. Um, and they said that your malpractice insurance is also a resource for you. All of the companies we’ve reached out to Nick, Chirofutures, ChiroSecure, um, w those are the major groups, um, in the industry have all said, they are going to continue to ensure that your malpractice insurance is available, even if you choose to not get vaccinated.

So you have that coverage. If any of your local authorities come at you. Um, we are there as I’ve promised from the beginning to defend, but I want to be clear, um, that we have resources. You are not alone in this process. As we continue to partner with malpractice, insurances and other organizations, we’re all working together to ensure that you maintain your ability to choose and live your life as you want to, and as your belief system and, and, uh, enables you to do so. I want, I want to be clear as we’re disseminating information and making things out there, you do have resources on your side as well to have representation in coverage so that you’re not alone. Um, so again, not a lot is happening across the country. We’ve had no additional mandates that have dropped on any level. Um, so I don’t expect we’re going to, for at least another month or two, if at all, um, the, the tide is turning.

We’re having more and more evidence to support why the vaccine is not effective to the degree that they had promised. It would be. There’s a lot of pushback in the states that have mandates. We’re expecting to continue to see things like hospital shortages, things of those nature. As employers are starting to backpedal a little bit, we started to see a shift happening in the very staunch hard nose talk that’s been happening is starting to subside a little bit, and we’re starting to see people just kind of sitting and waiting. So we don’t know what’s going to happen. And then new wave of stuff could happen. And we’re prepared for that. Should it, should it go that direction, but right now we’re just watching. Um, so that’s where we’re at with everywhere in the United States with the exception of Rhode Island. Um, I do want to talk a little bit about Illinois.

I’m one of things that we’re hindering a lot on is a specific law that is in Illinois called the healthcare conscious act. Um, there’s a lot of talk about their governor behind scenes going in and trying to remove that law, um, from Illinois. So if you are in Illinois, make sure you reach out to your legislators and you do not allow that to happen. He’s going to have to go through the legislature to, to get rid of that law. That is a phenomenal law. It protects a lot of you in a lot of different areas. We want to make sure that that is continued to be supported, um, and that remains in effect. So if you’re in, in Illinois, a great idea to send an email to your local legislator, both in the house and the Senate, and tell them, do not allow him to remove that law.

That’s been in existence since the seventies. So, um, in Illinois, that’s just a point to call out, but again, we’re not having any issues. I’m getting no feedback. If anyone being harassed in Illinois, I’m with them continuing to move forward with business as usual, um, in Rhode Island, um, a couple, we have some good and some bad things that have happened. Um, we are on the 21st, our case will be heard again in front of the circuit court. We have to start there. Um, it’s going to be with the same judge that our previous case was. So we expect again for it to get denied, but we’ve got to go through this process of, of submitting the normal case, and then going above that, that court, uh, jurisdiction, which is what we’re expecting to happen. However, in New York last week, there was a, a pretty significant when that happened in the district court, that they upheld that the religious exemption must be honored.

Um, when we have cases like this, it supports us in our arguments when we’re in states like Rhode Island, uh, we were expecting some type of a re a reply from Maine. Maine has a case as well, that came, came out with a ruling last week. That one did not come out in our favor. Um, but they’re appealing that. And we expect in that appeal, we’ll have the New York case. So we’re using everything we can right now to continue to push forward and to ensure that we’re challenging when a state says that they’re not going to accept religious exemption. So it was a very big win in New York. We’re going to continue to use that again, October 21st is when we’re, our case will be heard again in Rhode Island. We’re not expecting anything magical to happen there. Um, but that moves us to the next level. This time we will get our appeal.

We will be able to continue to push this to higher courts where we believe we’ll have a better shot at arguing the facts of the first amendment. Um, so that’s where we’re at in Rhode Island. So I told you guys in the beginning, this was going to take three to four weeks. Um, we’re in the middle of that time. Uh, so I need you to continue to do what you’ve been doing. Again, I’m hearing no reports of anyone knocking on doors, or there was a, um, email that was sent out, um, is a survey from the health department. Um, I we’re just recommending ignore the survey. It’s a survey. There’s nothing that requires you to do it. Um, we need you to just holding the line, just continue to do what you’re doing. Ignore all of that stuff. Obviously, what they’re trying to do is to get people to say, no, they didn’t.

So they can narrow their ability to go down and find people and enforce. We want to stay off the radar, stay off the internet. Don’t make a big spectacle of yourself. Just continue to go about doing business as usual. And then if you are contacted, reach out to us immediately, we will help you. I just talked to you, reach out to your malpractice insurance, see if you have coverage and let their attorneys help you on these types of cases, what we’re seeing as no one’s going to jail. No one, all they’ve done with other individuals, not chiropractors. As I said, we haven’t had any of that happen, but their fines they’re there. They’re small little things that they’re doing. And once you get those that allows us to go into another legal process and we’re prepared and ready for that. So as your malpractice, insurances, from what I’m understanding and the conversations we’re having.

So I want you to know that you have support for you to continue to move forward. Should you choose to so w there are things happening all across the country, um, the world, if you want to get an update on what’s going on in Canada and Australia, things are heating up dramatically. In those countries. You can go to our Facebook page, you can see our updates that we’re doing for those. I’m just not going to take the time on this recording to share that with you, but you can find that information on our Facebook page, as well as our website, which leads me to the last thing I want to talk with you about today is we are in the process of slowly updating our website to be more of a resource. So you can see past updates. You can see what’s going on with the work that we’re doing across the world.

Remember I told you in the beginning, we want a bunch of chiropractors giving a little bit, and we’re going to go to where the fight is. If you don’t think what’s happening in Australia is going to affect you here in the United States. You’re very, very misinformed. We have to win in Canada. We have to win in Australia because it dramatically affects what we’re doing here in the United States. That was our vision. When we built this organization was we are one profession. And so we’re going to put the money in one pool and we’re going to go and spend it where it needs to be spent at the time. Right now, the United States, we don’t have a lot of crazy stuff going on. We’re monitoring. We’ve done our due diligence. We provided systems. Now our effort and energy are going to Canada, New Zealand and Australia. So if you want to see that information, that’s all going to be on our website.

Hopefully this coming week, you’re going to start seeing some changes. When you go there, updating the attorneys that we’re bringing on all of that type of stuff. So you’re going to want to check back, uh, pretty often to ensure that you’re getting the most up-to-date information. The last thing I’m going to tell you again, is please, please, please continue to spread the word we need to continue to grow. I’m very thankful for the growth that we’ve had, but we’ve got to get to that 5,000 mark as soon as possible. Our goal is to be there by the end of this year. So if you can please continue to spread to your colleagues that they need to go to defend chiropractic dot Oregon, start contributing. It’s $33 a month. It’s a very small amount, but that small amount really accumulates when we have a bunch of people doing it.

So please share these videos, share our Facebook page, share our website, ask questions. We’re we’re constantly. If you are a part of a group that I have an opportunity to do a zoom call or a webinar or show up to their event, I’ve been traveling every weekend, going to different events, spreading the message of the defense council. And we want, we want to do that anywhere we can, because we’re on a push to get to that 5,000 by the end of the year. So please keep helping us spread the word, go to our resources, go to our website, to our Facebook and let people know what we’re doing. We’re doing amazing work. We’re defending chiropractic. We’re the only organization that’s as organized as we are. That’s doing the work that we’re doing. And so I need people to jump on board and be aware of it because when our profession comes together, that’s when we’re the strongest.

So no good things are happening. We’re continuing to move forward. The tide is shifting, but know that the defense counsel is continuing to defend your rights and your ability to practice as you choose. So we love you. We thank you. We’ll talk to you again next Monday. If anything happens this week, uh, we’ll be sure to pop something out to you again, but thank you so much for your love, your support for spreading this information for getting your colleagues on board. And we can’t wait to continue to serve you as we’ve been doing. God bless!