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Dr. Mark Sanna: Hi. This is Dr. Mark Sanna. Thanks so much for spending a couple of moments with me today. I’d like to share some information with you that can really help you and help you in your practice. This is actually my 20th year coaching chiropractic practices in Breakthrough Coaching. First of all I want to thank ChiroSecure so much for all that you do for our profession. I get to serve on the chiropractic side with Dr. Stu Hoffman, and I’ve gotten to know the team very, very well throughout my years, and I can tell you that when you’re looking for support, you’re looking for support for your practice, your malpractice company, there’s no better place to go than to ChiroSecure. So thank you for making this time available for Breakthrough Coaching.

What’s it all about? What are we here for? Well, my goal, my purpose, my reason for being is really to help chiropractic take essential and unique role in healthcare. There’s lots of uncertainty right now. There’s uncertainty in terms of where are things going to end up in terms of healthcare reform? What are going to happen in terms of our scope of practices? Chiropractic is a little bit different maybe than it was when we first started 30 years ago. But, the reason why chiropractors became chiropractors, why you sacrificed all that you have, why you do everything that you do every day, and that is to help patients. That’s why chiropractic is all about. That’s the truth that we stand on, and every time we get shaken from that truth, every time they throw another bit of regulation or they raise deductibles or they take insurance away, or they put insurance on us, guess what? It means that we have to stand even stronger on our truth.

It’s about certainty. When you have certainty, when you have certainty in what you do, when you have certainty in the principles of chiropractic, when you have certainty in the team that you work with, you take strong action. Certainty breeds strength in action. The stronger you are with your actions, with your commitments, patients get it. They know it. They can feel that with you and guess what? Your results go off the charts.

So having a coach, having a Breakthrough Coach, somebody who works with your practice as our coaches do on a weekly basis, we’re online with you. We’re on the phone with you. We get to know the names of your staff as well as we know our own staff groups. It’s like having a board of advisors for your chiropractic practice who are looking out for you. We’re seeing the big picture, but keeping you focused on that thing that is most important in chiropractic practice today, and that’s producing results. When you can produce great results, guess what? You feel better about the action that you’re taking. You feel great about talking about your practice. You feel great about charging a good fee for the service that you’re doing. You have weak or shaky certainty in your practice, in your ability to produce results, these are the chiropractors out there who are doing ‘Let’s make a deal,’ and discounting their fees and having disgruntled staff and really having practice not be fun, having practice be a grind.

If practice at times has gotten like that for you over recent months, guess what? There’s an answer. You have somebody here in Breakthrough Coaching who is with you day by day, step by step, keeping you focused, keeping you on purpose. Listen, everybody does better with a coach. I have coaches, and there have been times when in my life I didn’t have a coach. And I can tell you that having a coach saves you time, saves you effort, saves you energy, actually saves you money. They say college is expensive. Well, yeah, your college expense, your college debt, when you come out of chiropractic college right now, it’s over $200,000. But that is nothing compared to what it takes to sustain a chiropractic practice over a career. That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars, and guess what? They didn’t tell you about that when you became a chiropractor, when they handed you your degree. They didn’t tell you, “Hey, guess what? You have entered the world, not only being a Doctor of Chiropractic, you’ve entered the world of being an entrepreneur.”

Being an entrepreneur means guess what? The buck stops with you. The last guy to get the paycheck, the last girl to get the paycheck is the guy whose name is on that sign. When it’s your name and it’s your reputation, you want to be sure there aren’t any missteps. Missteps can be expensive. Missteps can waste time. Missteps can waste energy, and actually in the long run, they burn you out. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you had somebody on your team, somebody on your practice board of advisors who knew the lay of the land in chiropractic? In Breakthrough Coaching we actually coach the most successful chiropractic practices in our profession. One of the the great things about coming to a Breakthrough Coaching seminar, and I hear this time and time again, is, “Mark, I don’t have the opportunity in the rest of my chiropractic world to sit down peer-to-peer, with people of this caliber who are doing and achieving what it is that I set out as my life goal. And I can sit here and share my opportunities with them. I can share my practice challenges with them and know that hey, I’m not alone.”

Sometimes being in practice, it really does feel like it’s a lonely walk. Well, the great thing about having a coach is you’re never alone. If you’re concerned, if you’re wondering about what to do next, where that next new patient is going to come from, how can I increase the retention in my practice? How can I make sure that I can actually put my head on the pillow at night and sleep soundly knowing all the T’s are crossed, all the I’s are dotted in terms of compliance for my practice? What can I do to make sure that I am the most profitable that I can be? It’s great to earn a lot of money in practice. It’s more important to keep what you earn. And I’m seeing lots of practices out there who’ve got a huge overhead, and that overhead can be crushing. When you’ve got a coach, we actually help you streamline your profitability so that what you’re doing is maximizing the efforts that you put into practice. You’ve probably heard it said before, “You work a lot smarter when you have a coach.” And that’s what Breakthrough Coaching is all about.

All of our Breakthrough Coaching team members, every single one of our coaches, has actually been a Breakthrough Coaching member. Some people don’t know, that’s how I actually started my career with Breakthrough Coaching is I was a member first. I became a Breakthrough Coaching member to help my own practice. I would sit in seminars, and I would be on the phone every week with my coach learning. Finally one day the fellow who owned Breakthrough Coaching … this is 20 years ago now …said, “You know, Mark, you might be a good coach someday. Would you like to do that?” I said, “Boy, would I like to do it. I’d love to do it.” Three years later I actually bought the company.

This is the exact track that all of the coaches who work with you in your practice have taken. Every single Breakthrough Coaching team member has learned our system. They’re not teaching out of a cookbook. They’re not teaching out of a test tube. They’re teaching out of the real world of their own practice experience. Not only have they been Breakthrough Coaching members, but they have actually taken their practice over the million dollar mark. That’s one of the great things is that our coaching team is from the elite of chiropractic. When you have somebody who’s been there, somebody who’s done it, you can actually ask them those hard questions. You can ask them to make those difficult decisions about when to hire, when to add staff, when do I add an associate? What’s my next step? What’s my exit strategy in my practice.

As an entrepreneur you’re going to be at one point in time confronted with the fact that I’ve worked in this practice for 20, 30 plus years, what’s next? How can I either retire in practice or have an associate come into my practice and make sure that this legacy that I’ve created lives beyond me?

One of our specialties in Breakthrough Coaching is we actually teach you how to integrate into your practice, associates. Listen, the future of chiropractic is the associate-driven practice. If you didn’t know that yet, you’ll know that soon. As I mentioned before, our grads are coming out $200,000 in debt, all of the insurance panels, whatever insurance there is out there, are getting smaller and smaller and smaller, tighter and tighter. Where is that new grad going to go?

Well, that new grad is going to come to work for a seasoned doc. So that doc who’s been in practice … I kind of call it the Batman and Robin practice, or whatever the Wonder Woman sidekick would be … but it’s the senior practitioner who has the expertise, the skills, the diagnostic skills who knows how to manage a patient, who knows how to manage a practice, and knows how to manage a staff, that partners up with that new doc, the doc who’s coming out who has really extraordinary diagnostic skills. They’ve got a lot of student debt. What they do have is an absolute certainty when it comes to technology. So when you have a doc who knows Facebook, who knows social media, who knows electronic health records, that young doc can come in and take your practice to the next level.

If you haven’t yet switched to an electronic health record, and you’re concerned about how do I do that? Well, the very best way to do that is to bring someone into the practice who has zero fear of technology. Partnering up with a young doc who can over time, through sweat equity, actually have ownership of that practice is a win-win situation. It’s win for you as the owner. You now have an exit strategy. Listen, you don’t have to own that practice to work in that practice. Wouldn’t it be lovely to know that after working in that practice and building that practice for years that your actual retirement could be doing what you love to do right in that practice, that you can come in and see your wellness patients, so that you can come in. You don’t have to worry about managing staff. You come in, do what you love and I know what you love to do most. That’s care for patients.

A really successful practice management coach is going to look not only in the short term of what do I do to get my practice to be the most successful that it can be today? What can I do to make sure that it’s the most profitable that it can be today? But they’re also going to think about what’s your exit strategy? What can I do to make sure that all of the years that I’ve invested in growing this practice, in helping my community, actually have value, and lasting value?

And so I encourage you to check out Breakthrough Coaching. You’ll find that our Breakthrough Coaching members are happy to talk to you on the phone. One of the things that we love to do is recommend to folks who say, “Well, you know, what’s this Breakthrough Coaching all about?” Talk to one of our members. Listen to what they have to say. Listen to the difference that we’ve made. We have members who have been with us from their very first … actually before they opened their practice, now in their 20th year of chiropractic practice. I’m proud to say we have lifetime members who have been with us for their entire chiropractic career. They’d love to speak with you. They’d love to share with you.

I’d love the opportunity to speak with you and match you up with one of our coaches who can actually help you bring your practice to the next level, to help you actually to achieve the lifestyle that you deserve, why you came into chiropractic. We’re very proud in Breakthrough Coaching that we are referred to as the most trusted source in chiropractic. You’ve got to be able to trust the person who’s there for you, to help you make the hard decisions, to help you grow that practice, and I’m very proud that our nickname, our reputation is we’re sort of the Boy Scouts of practice management consulting.

If you speak to somebody about Breakthrough Coaching, if they know us, they say, “Boy, why did I wait so long? I wish I had done it before.” If they don’t know us, they say, “Well, I do know they’ve got a great reputation.” I’m going to offer you the opportunity to have complimentary consultation. Listen, give you the opportunity to kick the tires, speak to one of our coaches, actually see what we can do specifically for your practice. This is not a cookie-cutter program. This is a very custom-tailored program for your practice, your practice style, your practice needs. Whether you’re just starting, or whether you’re maturing in the winter of your career and you’re looking for that exit strategy, speak to one our coaches. Take some time. Give them a half an hour. Let them go through the ins and outs of your specific situation. We work with chiropractors across the entire country, so we know what reimbursement is like in your specific area, but let’s find out about what’s under the hood in your practice.

I encourage you to visit our website. It’s really simple. It’s called It’s all about your breakthrough, so M-Y, spell out breakthrough, B-R-E-A-K-T-H-R-O-U-G-H, There’s lots of resources right there for you online. You can actually sign up for a complimentary consult right there on that website. If you Google Breakthrough Coaching, we come up first anyway if you forget Pick up the phone. Give us a call. Our phone number is 1-800-7ADVICE. A-D-V-I-C-E. 1-800-7ADVICE. It doesn’t get easier than that. Drop us an email from our website. Pick up the phone. This is a great time for you to look ahead.

This has never been a better time to be in chiropractic. The opportunities are greater than ever before. Listen, public knowledge about what you do about chiropractic is finally hitting that tipping point. We need chiropractors who are successful. We need chiropractors who love being chiropractors, and in Breakthrough Coaching we can help put the love back in your practice. We help put a little fun back in your practice too. I always say, “Listen, you are in the business of healing. You got to do a little business to be able to do the healing, but if it’s not fun, what’s the worthwhile?” Right? Let’s have Breakthrough Coaching help you put some fun in your practice. Give us a ring. 1-800-7ADVICE. Check us out online, and I look forward to personally speaking with you and seeing you along the way.

Thanks so much for our friends at ChiroSecure. We truly appreciate it.

Speaker 2: This has been a ChiroSecure production.

Speaker 2: This has been a Chiro Secure production.