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Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022 – F4CP

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Oh, right. Welcome chiropractic family. I am amazingly excited to have you today because this is where we start to plan for 2022. Wow. How fast did this year ago? I hope you’re like me and you’re looking for the optimistic opportunities that are approaching us. And that is why today is a very special presentation. We’re going to go through many resources available to you as well as what’s coming up next month. So let’s jump in. Let’s get started. And let’s first and foremost always have that opportunity to give thanks to those corporate sponsors that help us be the very best we can be. And ChiroSecure has always been with us. They continue to be a major support. So thank you, ChiroSecure. I hope you thank them too. Being grateful is part of what we do every single day. Now let’s talk about our patients.

And one of the things that I think is so important as we start talking about 2022 is how are we going to connect? Let’s call 2022, the connection year, because remember 2019 and 2020 all started out with goodness. And then it all started there on Ravel for us, where we lost that momentum that we were gaining with our patients and building on the benefits of chiropractic care. But don’t despair because we have not lost a heartbeat for those patients. And we just need to continue to connect with them and show them how we’re going to do it. So on this particular slide, I’ve shown you three ways. 2022 can connect with your community, Microsoft teams eventbrite and zoom pick, which one works for you and then work with your staff commit. Now, yes, I said commit in October, 2021, because when you commit now, the seeds are now sewn into the ground and your staff’s going to support you.

What topics are going to hit? How are you going to hit them? Come to the foundation, be part of that extraordinary movement. And as we start to think about that, I want to show you on this next slide is what do we do to eliminate that noise and reach the audiences that we want to reach. We start with Facebook. This is an example of how you’re going to set up your particular web business page on Facebook. Once you’ve set it up and you can see there’s a cover photo there that shows one of the presentations or conventions that they’re going to have. That’s you. I want you to think about putting that cover page on your Facebook business page and saying I’m hosting an event. I’m hosting an event on pandemic posture. Okay? And you put it in there and you set up the Eventbrite or Zoom.

I like event bright because you can actually, you can actually ask for donations for coming to the event. And that way you can say any donations made will be put to the second harvest food drive or a Thanksgiving dinner, whatever it is, it’s a win-win. So put yourself out there. Now you’ll notice there’s a yellow box on the slide. That’s the like button. So you want to make sure your patients know your Facebook business page. And they come over to that like button and they click that first on the other side, you’re going to see the big box. That box right there is for them to get notifications from you. So we want you to point out how do they follow you? So they miss no information. When you host an event, they’re there and it’ll pop up in their notifications. So help them become better at what they want to do.

That’s Facebook. Now let’s go to Instagram, an outstanding opportunity to build out another platform for a more youthful audience. Remember Facebook is usually in the 40 year old age range and up well, Instagram is a younger audience and do not miss this younger audience. They’re vibrant. And they’re all about chiropractic. In fact, rumor has it through a Harris poll that they’re more likely to see a chiropractor first than any other generation. So do not miss this opportunity to be on Instagram, set your account up. Listen in that corner, you’re going to see that little bell help your patients. The older ones that may not use Instagram, help them find Instagram, help them with the little bell. Once you go to the next box, when they click on that bell, you’re going to see notifications, ask them to open up all those notifications. Why? So they can see your posts, your videos, um, you know, everything that you do that goes live, that is important for them.

And it’s, it really helps to share how to do this. Because if they’re not aware, they’re less likely to actually get engaged with you. But if you think to yourself, well, how am I going to populate Instagram? Don’t worry. The foundation for chiropractic progress has you three times a week, just reshare our posts and you’ll be populating your own Instagram page with really high quality pictures, articles, podcasts, you name it. We got it for them. And speaking of which, as we start to move forward in 2022, I want you to take a moment with your staff, build this into your 2022 journey. I start early because it takes time to think these things through. You can see our old design in 2020, and now you’ll see the new design in 2021. I’m asking you to look at what does it appear to your patients? Are you on the cutting edge?

Are you cleaning up your branding? Are you looking good? Top-notch ready to go for 2022. And some of the things that you can think about is an example is look at this color wheel scheme. What is your branding saying about you? And as you go through, you can see that the foundation for chiropractic progress, you analyze is blue and green. Why confidence, secure, trusted, loyal, and also making sure that it’s successful looking when you go over to the green, you’re seeing environmental issues, positive, peaceful, organic growth. So look at this wheel with your staff, ask them, get their insight, get them motivated to help you build a better marketing appearance in 2022. And it starts now it starts with you becoming a thought leader. What does that mean? It really means that you are building out ideas, inspiration, and motivation for your patients. You’re bringing maybe some complex problems to them that you’re solving with a simple and easy way to promote that idea.

Albert Einstein had a very interesting quote. If you can’t explain it simply, you just don’t know it well enough. And that is very true. I learned it myself. The hard way I can lose an audience in a heartbeat. If I make it complex, bring them all in, make it simple. So your community understands what your job is and how important your job is. You go to the next page and I’m going to show you, this is the shell self-insured magazine. This is thought leadership at its best. Now I’m putting this on my LinkedIn page and I’m going to show you that in just a few moments, but as you start to think about what does the future of chiropractic look like? Stay with the foundation, learn what the thought leadership is happening in many different areas, whether it’s corporate, whether it’s Medicare, whether it’s helping the youth or maybe it’s sports performance, you can be the thought leader and you can have quality material.

You can stand behind. That has quotes, has articles, has research and those research pages are ready for you to utilize as we go through and you see this next piece, this is called personalization. If you consider your 2282 campaign, think about the things you’re going to do. Email campaigns, how are you going to lay them out? Is there a specific day of the week that you want to hit your patients with an email? How about chat bots on Facebook messenger? If you don’t know what that looks like, I will show you in just a moment, but I want you to really look retaining the data that comes to you from your Facebook events or your zoom events or your e-bike invents, calculate the strategy that you want to use. What are the topics that you want to be known for in your community? Those are critical components.

Build out your list, build your community. That list is important to go to the schools in your area, go to any area that will have an opportunity for you to speak. Now, speaking of chatbots, what does it look like? That is this particular one right here. Welcome to the foundation for chiropractic progress. And this effort CB bot will take care of things for them. They can choose options. You can build it out so that they don’t feel like there’s no one monitoring your Facebook page. That’s what you want. You want them to feel connected. Now, feeling connected is a big piece. How do we get connected? First and foremost, we start to build out articles that really do have an impact. Now you’re seeing right here articles that can be taken from my LinkedIn page. Now, going to LinkedIn is critically important because this is where your health care professionals are landing.

I want you to have easy, accessible information. So please, if you’re listening today, I want you to link in with me, Sherry McAllister foundation for chiropractic progress. That’s a really critical point. Now, as you see, there’s LinkedIn articulators, these will come by email and they’re so easy to do. You just click on the LinkedIn and you’ll be able to post right from your own LinkedIn account. Trust me, it’s super simple. And if you don’t want to wait for an articulated to show up in your email account, because you’re a foundation for chiropractic progress member, just go to my LinkedIn, grab one of the articles and reshare. That’s how we build an audience of understanding is we continue to reshare each other’s material, make your own comment in the box and then follow up with your patients in healthcare consumers that actually do respond to you.

It’s one thing to post, but be active on social media. Maybe you just set aside 10 minutes a day, set it aside. And I know a lot of you are like, I can’t be bothered. Please be bothered because sometimes it’s the only way people are feeling connected. These days is by what their social media is doing and don’t make it your entire life. But I’m going to encourage you to at least connect with those that are looking for extra opportunities to improve their health. And you’re it. You are the expert, but they need to know who you are and where you are and how to learn more. Speaking of learning more, let’s go to our updates. Why is the foundation working diligently to enhance the understanding of the benefits of chiropractic care across the nation? One of them is branding. We need the entire nation to see our branding.

Here is the latest billboards that are going up across, based on our state associations. Let’s say you wanted to do a billboard in your neighborhood and you wanted to co-op with some of the cars in the area, contact the foundation. We will figure it out together. That’s what this family is all about. Helping each other be the best they can be in promote chiropractic on an epic level all day, every day. And we’re here to serve. We’re not making any money off of this. Every dollar that comes in is going out in an advertisement. So look at the next slide and you’ll see what’s happening in Ohio. 13 billboards were put up in September. How does that impact you if you’re in California or you’re in Florida? Let me tell you this. When you’re driving through a state and you look up at a billboard and you see choose chiropractic, the first thing that you start to think about is have I ever even seen a chiropractor?

Number one, and number two, you know, and Jane was complaining about our low back. I should send her an email and let her know that she can find a or think chiropractic to find someone that’s a win-win across the nation. So, because the billboard is in Ohio does not mean it does not impact you. And speaking of impacting you, we need visibility in every single way. And one of the best in very exciting ways is we just got recognized once again, for our Olympic campaign, we had over 80,000 hits to our site to find a doctor during our Olympics. That means there are 80,000 new people who are looking for a chiropractor or trying to find out if their chiropractor was on that list. And we also got honorable mention, what are some of the other words we got? Well, as you know, we got the telly award synonymous to an Oscar in films and the other part, the healthcare digital award, which I’ll talk a little bit about on, in a few moments.

So let’s talk about what resources are available to you to day on the left-hand side of my screen is beyond recovery. Why is that important? This one is important because beyond recovery helps to follow up with that Olympic campaign. Are we offering optimizing your performance with stability, mobility, flexibility, and chiropractic. We certainly are. We’re helping our patients find their best and in doing so, having a book like this and sending it out to your audience is critical in the middle. There’s an ebook. This is ideal. If you’re looking to work with employers in your particular neighborhood, why? Because it’s assisting them in working from home, probably, you know, the pandemic posture that has been creeping up. This is on-site near-site or shared site. There may look at you for the very first time because you sent this book out and it’s talking about highlighting chiropractic in the reduction in costs, the improvement in employee’s productivity and most important is being able to be satisfied with the care that chiropractic is bringing across the, the envelope.

So on the far right, our last one, don’t miss this opportunity real raw and authentic. The look of coming into your clinic. It is the guide to the journey to opening the door at your clinic. What does that mean? It means when we think about all the ways that a patient can find you, we need to be honest. Are we making it easier or do we have a lot of barriers? Do we have a lot of paperwork? And are people talking about us? This particular e-book is about you. You may not like everything. Cause you have to think through, am I making it easy? And how do I change some of the things that are making it hard, the barriers to coming to your practice, don’t miss it. It is a must read and don’t read it alone. Read it with your, with your staff.

Now upon reading, I want you to listen. So what are you’re listening to? Well, we have one of the most exciting podcasts in the nation. In fact, we were granted the bronze in the healthcare digital awards. And I just shared with you what that was. That is one of the reasons why chiropractic is making a major hit in the healthcare industry, because we’re trying new ways of doing this. This podcast is for your patients, listen to it yourself, share it with your patients. This is the adjusted reality podcast, trusted by the adjusted. And we have some fabulous topics right now. We’re diving into the mental health portion. Why? Because it’s trending on every single search engine. If we don’t hit mental health, cause we’re having a mental health crisis in this state. Currently the nation is hurting. It’s hurting through an epidemic through a pandemic.

The veterans in our military are in distress. You don’t have to go too far, too many clicks to find out how they’re in distress. And as chiropractors, you know, something very important. We help them find better options to their pain. We help them find the guiding light. And I do want to encourage every single one of you recognize that next month is going to be a focus on the military. We’ll have a fantastic tool kit available, but I want you to implore you now find the mental health experts in your community. So you can refer those patients who need that. Don’t create more stigma on top of their already sad and in sometimes very desperate situations, chiropractors out there. You know, there’s always an open door for you as well. If you need to find someone to talk to, please do so. We want you to be the very best you can be in.

We know it’s not been easy out there. The foundation appreciates you. In fact, I’ll go one step further. We love you. You’re part of our family. We want to move that. Now, speaking of part of our family, Dr. Lou Sportelli, you see this book up here right now, this contain and eliminate book is donated proceeds from the, um, opportunity of you buying this book and sharing it with your community who is deep throat, sore throat. Pardon me? And did he feed the information to the Amy’s committee? How did he do so how did we get labeled quacks share this book, even sharing, um, you know, excerpts from it. This book that is is from Dr or Mr. Howard Molesky is fantastic. Look it up. Uh, doctor, um, I want you to look at containing eliminate as a project that you can get these books into the library.

He can go to, um, dynamic chiropractic to buy this ebook and share it. The more we share, the more people will recognize chiropractic had had some pretty difficult blows in the past. And now we are being honest and true. And if you haven’t seen dope sick documentary, think about looking at that tonight. Dope, sick it’s real. And it’s painful to see how the pharmaceutical companies has created. The distrust in chiropractic has never written a prescription for an opioid, never will. And we are a trusted source for their wellness care. And we want to make sure everyone knows where we’ve been. And most importantly, where we’re going, where are we going? We need a roadmap. What’s your GPS look like? What growth are you having? What purpose are you having? And what’s the service you’re doing in your community GPS. Yes, I know it stands for global positioning system, but in your world, it’s growth, purpose and service.

This roadmap is going to help you be the chiropractor expert by utilizing the materials and doing so in an effective way. My friends, this is how we do what we do. We share quality materials. We build our personal growth and we ensure that our staff is cared for as well together. We unify, we make this profession progress. That’s what it’s all about. Speaking of progress, I want to remind you do not miss next week with ChiroSecure Facebook live. We have the fantastic Sam Collins. You don’t want to miss that because he’s always full of great information. He is a fantastic individual and is a true leader. When we talk about thought leaders in our profession. So don’t miss me. Next month, we have that toolkit available for you. You can start lining up your business, start preparing for 2022. It’s going to be your best year ever. I promise you get engaged, get inspired, get motivated and accelerate your progress. We will see you next month.

Isn’t it time you joined the most powerful team of successful doctors and chiropractic and go for the goal. Simply go to www dot [inaudible] dot org slash package and get your customized practice success solution.