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Mastering Your Chiropractic Practice from Above Down Inside Out

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Hello everybody. And welcome to ChiroSecure, uh, show. I want to thank again, Dr. Stu Hoffman for giving me this chance to come. And I’m unsure everyone with everyone today and on the topic of how to master your chiropractic practice from above, down, inside out. Um, probably like 40 years ago, it used to be a dream for me, but now I’m talking about 40 years. I can look back and just share with you guys, you know, how I created a successful practice in, you know, and when I talk about successful practice is, uh, is a practice that I see that patients love to come. They, they love the service we provide, which is principled chiropractic. Okay. They laugh, they, they grow with me. Um, and they’re happy to come. You know, it’s not about forcing, there is no a fear tool. Okay. And, and they also very important.

They, they also they’re happy to pay for the service. So it’s, it’s a beautiful practice. And, uh, and the beautiful thing about it is that it keeps getting better and better than better, you know, as Dr. [inaudible] used to tell us is that your practice is never perfect, but it can be near perfect. And I really feel that, um, my practice keeps going near a, near a near perfect just by using a lasting purpose mindset, which we’ll learn when we went to chiropractic school and while going a D a D a dynamic dynamic essentials. Okay. So today, you know, talking about mastering, you know, like what I see is I see a lot about young chiropractors and, uh, and a lot of them, you know, I love the enthusiasm. I love the passion, you know, and then I see them later on, and then I see them like waning to different places, you know, different states of mind now.

And, um, what’s going on right now is that, uh, is like the lesson of taming, the lion, you know, um, if you, you know, if you’re going to go and tame a lion, you better, you better know what you’re doing because when you’re going in there, you know, is your life okay? So I want you to understand something, you know, when, when, you know, when you, you have made a decision to be a chiropractor, you know, where that’s step number one, you know, but Joel life and the life of everybody around you, you know, can, can be better, you know, by you mastering or going towards mastering this chiropractic. Okay. Okay. When we talk about mastering, mastering is a progressive idea. So you progressively are getting better and better and better, you know, and how do you know, you know, I mean, you can use this infinite ways to learn, you know, or to know how you are getting better, but, you know, like in our case, in our business, in our service, you know, we use numbers.

Okay. And numbers is how we measure our progression. Okay. And, and, you know, we, we have an idea, you know, how, how far can we go? Okay. And just to tell you something, there is nothing impossible. You can keep going higher, and then we’re going to talk about it. Okay. So numbers give us, you know, an idea of where, where we going. Okay. We can make numbers with goals and everything. And, uh, and you know, by looking at my practice, you know, I can tell you that is, it was just by using service love and commitment to chiropractic. It was always uphill, you know, and not, and, uh, as far as, uh, since they number one, you know, it was in my mind, nothing, but I want to S I want to take care of these people know I want to serve people. Um, Y Y you know, what did I have?

I mean, what was the magic? What’s the, my clothes, my white jacket, no, nothing like that. I was a 24 year old kid that I opened up my, my room, my practicing, a rural place called Hialeah. And, um, but there was one thing that I look back that I had, and I, and it was so anchor that no matter how big the waves were, you know, I was able to adjust. And that was my belief that my belief was that when I went to school, I have to learn everything that I needed. Okay. To start a chiropractic practice, I had a technique. Okay. I was very comfortable with my technique and I was keeping improving, you know, uh, hours, uh, all the thing makes also that I can use. So it wasn’t just one, you know, so in this case, I got plan a plan B plan C, you know, so I knew every technique, you know, what is the objective, which is to correct the subluxation.

And then another belief that I have, it was that the body can only heal from the above, down, inside, out. There is no other way. Now that doesn’t mean that you cannot have, uh, the help of a medical doctor or the help or something from the outside. But ultimately the healing happens from the inside out. And that was my preaching. Okay. Now, you know, as, as, uh, as I, you know, as the thing is by understanding that they own, you know, there’s only one way of healing, only one way to be healthy. If from above, down, inside out, then I had to teach that to the world. Okay. And, uh, not only that, but the detrimental effects of subluxations, which they had no clue that this subluxation are, you know,


My goodness, you know, it’s 7 billion people and they’re all know about what a subluxation can do, you know, and, and why can it happen when you make an adjustment? Would intention and belief, you know, in working happen to a person and, and working happened to that family and working happen to that community and working happen to that country and working happen to that war, just think about right now, you know, the amount of subluxated people, you know, I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s crazy. What’s going on right now. Why? Because people are sound luxating okay. And who is going to come out there and say, Hey guys, you know, I can help you.

It’s gotta be you. Okay. But for that to happen, you have to believe, okay. So there is a big challenge that you haven’t, you know, how big is the challenge and BJ used to write and wrote about it. Krista repeats, you know, the challenge of, uh, the Christopher Columbus had, okay, for centuries, people thought that the earth was flat. Okay. And if you say that it wasn’t there we’ll kill you, just because you say that now he proved that that was at, do you know that when you thought it was the truth, it was a limited idea, a limited belief that was stopping society from routine other places.

And because of that discovery, look at what happened now. Right? So what about us? What’s our big idea. You know, which BJ used to say is bigger than law, bigger than religion. And it is the fact the life floats my boat down, inside out. Okay. And we can use that above, down, inside, out, understanding for everything, for everything. Okay. And what can happen when there is a subluxation and interference to that flow? So my challenge to you is that the were, is they ignore these principles and it, rain now is like, there’s so much thirst to understand that because people are looking, you know, looking, they say, I mean, they, they cannot, they cannot understand. And what we see right now is how our limited belief about health okay. Has produced a sick society.

And if we can remain loyal to our chiropractic principles and teach that without force, but with power, we can change the world. We can change the world. I really believe that. Okay. So the thing is about as, as you progressing, you know, in mastering your practice near perfect. Remember your practice, your life, everything, you know, my question is how big is your real estate? Because we’re talking about numbers, as fact, as a say, number tells us if we are how, you know, I mean, how we grow in which ratio we going. Right. We can make sure things. Okay. But your real estate just think about this. Okay. What would you do if I tell you, listen, uh, listen, Joe, I’m going to give you this house. And it’s going to cost you $250,000. Okay. And in 10 years, this house has the potential to cause to sell it for a million dollars. And it will be four for $10 million. And you’re going to be paid $1 million every year for 10 years. Okay. I repeat it. No. So I’m giving you a house for $250,000. You’re going to give me 250,000. Maybe you got to get in depth, but I’m going to assure you that this house has the potential intent in, in four years, has the potential to cost 10 million actually, after it has a potential to go up to $10 million. So that’s definitely a successful deal, right? Because you’re going to make money out of it. Okay. Now we’re going to change the name.

Okay. Of

The house. We’re going to put chiropractic education. You’re going to go to chiropractic school. You’re going to spend 250,000. Actually. You’re going to invest the war spending means that you’re not getting anything in return. Okay. So you’re going to invest 250,000, but then when you finish, you have a potential to annually


As it earned because you’re not making money. Okay. You earned me money, $1 million a year. That’s your potential or even more. Okay. So what are you doing in chiropractic school? Do you learn how to serve and what’s your service off? Okay. And chiropractic. That’s another thing, you know, when, I mean, how important it is for you to have an identity of what chiropractic is, because are you going to make a million dollars? Like I say, you’re going to be earning, how do you earn it? But it’s changing your service and service and service of chiropractic, and you’re going to be paid for it. That’s how powerful it is to be cool. You know, I was on that. My vision was that wow, chiropractic is big and a lot bigger than religion, you know? And our society has been, our society has been taught to believe

That health

Is the absence of disease. So everybody in our society, what they feel, they, they, they trying to, not to the sick, but they have no clue about life within them and how everybody’s life can be better if we have a proper life flow, you know? And if we have, somebody can educate us about having a life without subluxations all going towards it. And that’s our thing, you know, and, and progressively, we keep getting, you know, I mean, it’s amazing when you stick with the principle, how it keeps opening up all the doors, all the doors, all the doors. So we can keep on growing progressively growing. Okay. Our results in our chiropractic offices are due to the fact that we understand the negative implications of a subluxation in peoples and health potential. Okay. Our success, your success in practice happens when you are in love with the, with, with your patients and your patients love you. We are 100% responsible of the circumstances will count by maintaining our focus and our belief. We will progressively keep growing.

Our principal is a law. It is, it is. And this principle, it is an, is, is a law that it flows from both down inside, out, and the providers with whatever thing, you know, this principle that we can share with the world by using our mine heart and hands, that’s all we need. Okay. And we have a mouth to express. So that’s our service to society. Okay? So now this word happens from the inside out. You must, you know, you can use this chiropractic philosophy towards enhancing your life, enhancing your practice. How, because you direct yourself to learn from your inside. You learn from me, Nate, and in any dis always providing, if you become disciplined, if you talk to yourself with authority, because there is, there is a conversation with yourself every day, that every time, every moment and your practice and your life can change, change, according to how is your conversation? You must want talk about your, you know, work on your conversation on your inner talking. All those things are necessary. Why? Because that’s, that’s, that’s your mindset. Okay. Dr. C used to talk about his mindset of lasting purpose, got into what to create the largest school of chiropractic funded with 20 students that are rental place. Okay. And now there’s a life university when our mindset of lasting purpose, which is how you talk to yourself.


Everything is possible. You know, how has your practice, how do you improve your practice? And, and that is, you know, your practice is like the lion in a cage and you are the lion Tamer don’t ever go in there without a stick, because you’re going to be eaten. So you prepare yourself every day and you prepare yourself every day, so you can go and serve. Okay. And what happened is beautiful. Okay. Because all I can see here is all these people coming into my office. We learned that at the, with a singer Foos, you know, saying that you have to visualize, Hey, I’m seeing the right here. I, I can feel my hands on people’s Atlas. It’s, you know, on removing that obstruction on allowing life to flow from above, down, inside out feelings happening. And I understand that those healings that happen and because innate is expressing 100% and there is no other way.

Okay. But it starts with what you believe. Okay. Uh, how you go or your belief, you got to believe in yourself. Okay. How do you believe in yourself by, by speaking it, by thinking it by, imagine it by acting on it, you have to see yourself get my experience was that I was able to see Dr. Caruso. Okay. And it wasn’t just talking, but I saw that he was seeing hundreds of people and so easy, so simple. Okay. So what happened? I had reproduced what I, where he saw and he told me, you can do like this and better, you know, and multiply. Okay. And I just watching how this power, this unseen power, the chiropractors work with, you know, will work when you are ready, but you must get ready. And that’s, that’s, that’s work that you do in yourself to learn what you need.

Cause there is a lot of people doing a lot of things that they don’t need to do, and they do it very well. So you have to unlearn those things on, learn and get the simplicity of chiropractic. If you didn’t watch my video from last time called kiss, you send your case to create a great practice. Okay. Please do so because it’s simplicity, it’s simplicity. As you become simple, you become more human with your patients. Okay? Where would you? You know, they can feel the love. They can feel what you’re all about it. Okay. And you can express to them. It’s a total different game. You know, you give them hope. You give them hope. You give them a result. You know? And in a moment like today, where there is so much darkness, they see your office as a place of light and they could come in and they keep bringing their family because they want to be enjoyed.

They want to have a better life. And obviously living in fear is not the way chiropractic teach you to live without fear. Okay. How do you know, how do you, you, you empower them. You give them, empower them, believes that there is an, there is innate intelligence. There is life within you that can do anything, anything. Okay. And what is stopped? You are subluxations and you, okay. So you must work on that. Okay. So number one, you made a decision. You’re a chiropractor, number two. Okay. You’re committing to serve people with chiropractic. Okay. Wait, don’t dilute it.

Use your technique. Okay. And you know, and be loyal to your technique. And if that one, that technique is not that it’s not causing what you want. Go to plan B. Like I said, you know, I mean, I, I love toggle toggle. I toggle Atlas accesses. You know, I love, uh, Gunston. I love Thompson. You know? I mean, I have plan a, B or C. Okay. And, and, and, and allow my innate to tell me what to do, but I need to prepare. You need to prepare yourself to listen to your innate. Now. Ho how do you prefer to yourself? Number one, you have to recognize that you are, you have a lot of bad habits and you have to start watching them. You have to start watching what are your bad habits and your bad habits. It’s not just, oh, I don’t get up early. No, it’s not just, that is how you talk to yourself.

Okay. Bad habits, how you stop, you know how you own by yourself, you stop believing, okay. It’s too many things that you have in your head that you believe they’re not possible, but there’s nothing impossible. It’s just your belief. Like I said, you know, so you must work into believing, okay. And into, into having better conversations with yourself. Okay. Your chiropractic philosophy, you cannot master it, but you can always keep on learning and learning. Where are you going to learn chiropractic philosophy and a pharmaceutical book? No, on YouTube. No. On Facebook. No. You got to get on the green books. Get on the green books. Get on book slide. Dr. Barch, Dr. Sit Williams. Success comes from the heart lasting purpose. Okay. And it’s unbelievable. But you know, I fall in love with my practice. I fall in love with, uh, with learning this chiropractic philosophy.

So I keep reading about it. And what happened is I, I feel, I really feel that every day is a brand new day where new, new things coming up, you know, and, and is, you know, by having a lasting purpose mindset by keep growing on my chiropractic principles, you know, it’s, it’s, I just see my Garvin getting Brainerd and ranger. Okay. And when, and, uh, when more and more, uh, beautiful things, more flowers, it’s all beautiful. But it’s up to you to start working on those things. Okay. How can you tell somebody a patient, you know, or your patient, what you do, and if you don’t believe in it, so you got to work on your beliefs, how you know out, I will suggest you to go and look and see a chiropractor that is busy, a chiropractor that is doing what I’m telling you.

Your why’s are welcome to come, or you’re welcome to, to write me okay. If you need any help, because you are part of my vision. You, you need to help me to read, to bring chiropractic to 7 billion people. One person is not enough. One chiropractor is not enough. 6,000 chiropractors is not enough. 100,000 chiropractors, not enough. Okay. But just imagine the impact that can, that we can have, if we can bring chiropractic to the world where they can understand that, just like they go to Starbucks and have a coffee, they can just go into your chiropractic office, lay down, get in, check, you know, adjusted. If you need it. And walking out of your office, were they understanding that their lives are better because the check, the tower, their operating power, and that will be our next topic on our next show is going to be, it’s going to be our operating power.

But just to know that we have an operating power and that it needs to be taken care of. Okay. Just like you need to take care. The love for your family and the law for you, for your wife is a must to do with, with this operating power. This would India. And one of the ways is about how you talk to yourself. So we’ll be talking about that on our next show. Okay. So we need to act okay. And when I say act is simply, if, if, you know, simply prepare yourself, prepare yourself every day, prepare yourself and make your destination. Okay. And your journey, the same thing. Okay. Don’t separate things. Okay. And, and just go into name, word, learning in word, um, growing, because this, the master of your practice is a reflection of what’s going on inside of you. Okay. With that.

I want to leave you. Okay. Um, by my step, my last thing is this practice with purpose. Okay. A man without a purpose is like a boat without a rudder, without a captain is going to be poor anywhere. Okay. But, uh, uh, a chiropractor with purpose is going to maintain himself from so work on your purpose, even better. If you have a lasting purpose mindset, if you want to learn something about mastering purpose line life’s mindset, please come to the E dynamic essential. And the next one is next month in October. So hope to see you there. Okay. We’d love and appreciation. I want to say goodbye, uh, without, um, and also to let you know that next week and the next show is going to be Ms. Chen Yen. So please tune in. Okay. Thank you all for your attention. And God bless.