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Monday Mandate January 10th

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Good morning, everybody and welcome to another incredible week in the the world of chiropractic. This is Bharon Hoag, the executive director of OneChiropractic and the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, January 10th for your weekly. So man, we are jumping in with both feet this year. I’m so thankful to all of our supporters that have worked with us to help us share information.

I’m getting, filling my calendar up with places. I’m going to be this year to go and tell the story of what we’re doing around the world, and really empower you as a chiropractor to know that there’s an organization that’s working its tail off to make sure that your rights are protected. The big report that I have for you right now is we’re excited.

Judgment from the us Supreme court, as it relates to the president’s order to OSHA where I know this doesn’t affect chiropractors directly. For the most part, we have a few people that are a part of companies of a hundred or more employees. But for the most part, this doesn’t really affect chiropractors.

However, it does affect the narrative of what’s going on in our country and gives us a little bit of ammunition when we’re fighting the fights that do affect. So we are preliminary reports and some information coming out of the Supreme court show that it appears that this is going to go in our favor, that the Supreme court is going to deem the government does not have the authority to mandate this across businesses across the United States, that they’re going to leave it to.

By state to make these determinations. So that’s good news. The us Supreme court is still listening or going to be hearing on the Medicaid CMS side of it. We expect it to be very similar there as well. But we’re waiting to hear that our case in Rhode Island we are still waiting for our judgment from our last appeal.

It’s pretty comical. How long they’re delaying. Yes, we went through the holiday season, but still we would have expected some type of a, an answer back by. From them, but we are going to keep pushing that forward and we expect that case. And just as a reminder, that case is about the use of religious exemptions that, that states have to honor the first amendment.

We saw some other cases go before the Supreme court didn’t necessarily go in our favor, but it was very promising to come back. Those are out of New York and Maine. Those are happening again. We expect that to be taking place again within the next couple of weeks. So the Supreme court is going to be very busy.

But we expect most of those, if not all of those judgments to go in our favor, so good stuff happening on that side. And I’m in Rhode Island, we have had a an office have a complaint that has been practicing. So our attorney is working with them to navigate that. We’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

But as of right now, we’re pretty confident we’re gonna be able to navigate that situation in that provider’s going to get. To be able to practice. But I, remember the big picture of what we’re trying to do here is really start putting in the seeds and the, and each of these states that have these meals.

And be able to express our individuality, our freedoms, and our right to choose. And so part of doing that, because we’ve navigated the waters for the most part, as it relates to you practicing in your clinic, it has a lot to do with what we’re doing with our patients, what we’re communicating in our communities.

And if you recall, I’ve asked most of you to just fly under the radar, not to draw additional attention to yourself, but we’re getting to the point now that we want to start branching out. And pushing while we’re, we’ve got them on their heels a little bit with all the data that’s going out, if I’m sure those of you that are paying attention, the Joe Rogan interviews with Peter McCullough and with Maloney, th there’s just phenomenal evidence.

What happened in the NBA and the NHL the data that’s coming out about a lot of these things, the fact that they’re trying to change the definition of fully VAX to 3g. All of these things are really working for us to push our message forward. So as I shared with you before, we’re really starting to strategically align with Stanford health.

And we’re wanting to plant some roots in this turf, right? We want to, one of our slogans in our of the Defense Council is don’t tread on me and we want to make sure that we’re standing strong on that. So here’s where you come in. As we start formulating this plan with Stanford health freedom, as we continue to work with ICANN and children’s health defense, we want you to continue to build this network of individuals that we’re connected to so that we can even have a stronger way.

Throughout the country. So if you hear of other organizations locally or afar that maybe you’re connected to, I would love for you to give me that feedback so that we can connect with them as well. We’re having great success with this in other countries and Australia. We’re very well connected throughout other specialties and other groups in Canada.

We’re starting to really work with good groups in Canada as well. And so we want to make sure that we’re taking advantage of that same opportunity here in the United. But this is about us protecting not only what’s happening right now, but what’s coming. I shared with you before that this is the year of the people we’re deeming 20, 22 is our year.

I ask you to join me in manifesting that belief. But I believe that we also need to start moving our feet in that direction as well. And so we want to make that happen. So I get some of you are like, Hey, we don’t have mandate issues. We’ve done. Religious exemptions. We’re good to go. You keep telling us there’s no massive attack against chiropractic.

So it’s easy for us to get on our heels, but we’ve created an infrastructure of 39 attorneys across the world. We’re pulling all of that information into one place so that we can start moving forward and more aggressive manners on maybe issues that have been plaguing us for decades, for centuries.

So I want you to stay connected to us. We want to continue to grow. Our goal is to get 10,000. People a part of this organization so that we not only have the economic resources, but we have the numbers. When we go in and start dealing with some of these issues, our lobbyists are working very hard as we’re looking at different angles to be able to deal with that in Washington, but also in individual states, as we work with state associations and other national associations to move forward on things that make sense for chiropractic.

So that’s where we’re at great stuff happening. I’m excited to dig in. We’re gonna we’ll report back to you on WhatsApp. With the us Supreme court with what’s going on with our case, then as we continue to move forward. But as always, please make sure you’re reaching back out to us so that we can communicate with you and let you know what’s going on worldwide.

So we love you. We appreciate having an incredible week. This is the year of the people, and you’re going to help me manifest that by moving forward. Not only in belief, but in action. So we can’t wait to see you next week. God bless we’re here. If you need us.