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Monday Mandate January 31st – Now we are right in the middle of all of this!

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I would say that the world is starting to take notice. So there is a lot happening and we’re very excited to be right in the middle of all of this. So we’re excited to be here this morning. Hello everyone. This is Bharon Hoag, the executive director of OneChiropractic and the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today.

Monday, January 31st for your weekly update. So I am telling you what there is so much going on across the world. It’s unbelievable. And how that impacts the United States is so important. And I want to break that down for you today. So first of all, nothing really super exciting going on in the U S as far as mandates are concerned, everything’s still going the same way.

We’ve had a couple of states that have actually blocked even the federal employee. A mandate from the president. So it’s very interesting to see how the states are starting to really break down even the federal order, even though the U S Supreme court upheld that. So it’s going to be interesting to see how all of this stuff shakes out, but at this point we’re not sure how much longer that’s going to stay in play.

It doesn’t really affect chiropractors. Anyway, as I’ve already broken down in. Updates, but it’s still interesting to watch as it sets precedent about states’ rights versus federal orders and so on and so forth. But more importantly it’s interesting what’s going on around the rest of the world.

And I guess before I forget, let me talk about Rhode Island and Rhode Island. We, we’ve had a couple. Individuals be contacted by the health department. Our legal team is working with them now to make sure that everything goes as it should. But we have still have not had any mass update there.

We are moving forward with our appeal on our lawsuit there. But again, everything’s moving very slow as the world’s really waiting for precedent to be. By the Supreme court on a number of cases that it’s viewing that really affect these decisions in the lower courts. But we’re still pushing forward with that, but nonetheless, we’re still, having providers that are operating in doing so knowing that we’re going to be there to defend them if necessary.

So that’s what’s going on that the United States front, as it relates to the mandate, I’ll come back to some of the things going on in the U S but I want to talk about really what’s happening around the world. Obviously most of you, the new one that spends time on Facebook use social channels in general, you’ve been seeing the convoy that happened in Canada.

And it’s been very interesting as we operate very extensively up there watching the people just start to really step up. It’s been very interesting to me to see the different ways that people are starting to make sure that their message is heard. Very interesting to me. So it’s, I’m excited to see how.

That continues to move. I’m hearing there’s going to be something similar here in the United States. We’ll see if that actually manifests or not, but it’s very positive to me to see that happen. Probably more importantly, across the rest of the world is what’s happening in the United Kingdom.

Obviously I told you last week about them coming out and removing all. Restrictions as it relates to masks or a vaccine mandates or passports or travel restrictions, all of that stuff has been lifted as of the 26th of January. But now we’re starting to see data coming out of the United Kingdom clearly stating that the vaccine is actually removing in a person’s ability to have natural immunity.

And that it’s very detrimental and oftentimes ineffective at managing one, the spread clearly, but two, even the level of symptomatology. Of the virus for those that have the vaccine. So it’s very interesting. It’s our first major power country to come out and start saying some of this stuff from the government.

So I’m interested to see how this really impacts other countries and the stances that they have as the narrative is literally falling apart, all around them. On these issues. We’re having more and more people stand up more and more mainstream media starting to put. The information that we’ve been talking about in groups like I can, and children’s health defense have been doing just crazy stuff as this thing really starts to unfold.

All right. Other parts of other things that are going on in the United States. So in Illinois, we know they have put forward a bill that basically kept a registry of non-vaccine and VAX. It looks like that’s gotten kicked down to a subcommittee. We’re not sure our lobbying team is working on that as well.

We’re also, that also leads me into. A very exciting announcement. We’ll be making very soon. I’m going to be working with. Wilson here shortly to do an official announced, but we are really partnering very closely with Stanford health freedom. I’m very excited about that organization and the work they’re doing.

We know that a lot of you have been asking us for help as it relates to your patients or your spouses or your children. And I keep telling you as much as. I agree with your position. That’s outside of our scope. And so we’ve been taking the time to vet and to appropriately align with different organizations and Stanford health, freedom.

We’ve officially made that move to work with them, and they’re going to be our arm for our patients and our staff and everything outside of the chiropractic world and vice versa. We are going to be their organization for healthcare individuals across the country. So it’s been an amazing. Leah Wilson is actually the wife of a chiropractor.

She gets it, she loves it. And it’s a perfect marriage of two organizations that are very well. And being able to do some amazing work together. So be looking for that’s going to be coming out in the next week or so as we take on issues. So like the issue in Illinois, that’s not really a chiropractic issue.

We are having our lobbying team look into that and work on that. We’re doing what we can, but that’s outside of our scope. But working with Stanford health freedom, it’s given us an opportunity to make sure we can still provide information to. Our tribe. And so we want to be sure to do that. The other thing I want to talk to you about is what’s happening in Michigan, which is absolutely important.

And I’m going to be releasing this week interview that I did with Dr. Garrett Sodano he is a chiropractor in Michigan that is running for governor. And I know that kind of sounds amazing. And we’ve heard chiropractors run for office before. But he’s got a really legitimate shot of winning this thing.

He’s got a very big primary. That’s going to be hitting in August. We want to get behind him a hundred percent. We’re going to be, I want you to see this interview. I want you to meet him. I want you to understand who he is, and I want you to understand the significance of having a chiropractor as a governor.

It is so much bigger than just Michigan. One. Michigan is such a high profile state, right? It’s a swing state when it comes to elections, it’s next to the Canadian border. There’s so much industry that comes out of that. To have a chiropractor and a chiropractor’s way of thinking is so pivotal, but it also sets precedent in other parts of the country for other chiropractors that may have desire to run.

And we’ve got a guy that has done phenomenal work, and he’s a chiropractor. He’s not a politician that happens to be a chiropractor. He is a chiropractor that’s running for governor. So I’m very excited about that campaign. We are a hundred percent behind it. We’re using every tool that we have.

To try to support him, but now we need to get you guys behind it. I want to put it on your radar with this video. I’m going to be kicking on another video this week. So please be on the lookout for that interview with him. I’m asking you to watch it, and I want you to really consider giving to his camp.

We need to help him raise some money. He’s got the votes he’s right at 33% right now, which is ginormous for someone like him and the grassroots campaign that he’s running. He’s done really good work. So we need the profession to jump behind him. So lots going on. This is the type of thing that we do, right?

The Defense Council is really about defending the rights of practicing chiropractors. A bunch of different ways by partnering with the right organizations and using our channels of influence to make sure that we’re pushing things in the right direction. And then working on things like Garrett’s campaign to help him get in because man, what an unbelievable way to defend our profession and then to make sure at the very highest seat in the state, we have someone that understands the truth about healthcare.

So I listen, amazing things going on all over the world. I know it’s very easy to get tied up in your own world and your own. I’m actually, you can see my background’s different again, this week I told you I was traveling. So I’m actually in Atlanta right now at an AMC event and what a phenomenal group of humans.

I had a chance to speak to them earlier today. And it’s just been incredible. And our profession is alive. Our profession. Ready to grow and thrive. We’ve had some of the best years that we’ve had in a long time because the world is receptive to our message. We need to come together. Now is the time to be a part of an organization like the CDC and one chiropractic where we’re looking beyond today and making sure that tomorrow is much brighter for all of us.

So if you’re not a contributor in your world, Please go to our site and get linked to us. If you’re seeing this on one of our social channels or YouTube, we want you to be a part of our organization. Our goal is 10,000 individuals worldwide being a part of this organization and helping us to think ahead and to not be restrained by most of the limitations of some of the other organizations in our profession.

Not a derogatory statement at all. It’s just the nature of their structure, where ours was built for a very specific purpose. And that was to make sure that chiropractic becomes the number one healthcare choice in the world. So we love you. We appreciate you. Amazing things going on. Please share this information with everybody.

You can let them know that our profession is alive. We have amazing days ahead of us. And I can’t wait to continue to bring things to you that you may not otherwise know, but we love you. We appreciate you. Don’t ever stop telling the story of chiropractic and we can’t wait to come back at you next Monday.

God bless.