Blog, Chirosecure Live Event December 13, 2021

Monday Mandate UPDATE December 13th 2021

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Good morning, everybody. This is Bharon Hoag, the executive director of one chiropractic and the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, December 13th for your weekly update. Another successful week we have not had any further reports of any negative activity, whether it be new mandates introduced or anybody that’s practicing in Rhode Island, having issues or any religious exemption forms being under attack.

We are hearing new little changes. I guess I should change that a little bit. There was a little bit of a talk in New York, the city of New York, the mayor was stating that all employees, all employers private in public would need to be mandated, but it looks like that’s going to, that’s not going to go through.

He’s not going to have the legal authority to do that. So we’re tracking that we’re watching that. We’re talking with the New York chiropractic council and UN organizations up there as well as our attorneys are monitoring what’s happening. But at this point we don’t feel. That’s going to have any traction or go anywhere.

So there was a little bit of chatter, I suppose, this week, but for the most part, we’re not. Seeing anything negatively happen? On the positive side we have has been working and talking with Leah Wilson, who is the executive director of Stanford health freedom. We are going to be rolling out a program.

If you remember, when we first launched, we had a three-pronged attack. One was keep you practicing. Two was to give you the resources. You need to be able to function and not live in fear. And three was to be able to actually go after. The bigness of what’s going on and giving resources to your patients and things of that nature.

And everything’s been so volatile. Everything’s been moving so quickly around the world that it’s been a little slower than we would have thought. To be able to give you that information. But through all of our partners and individuals that are disseminating information and all of that, we’ve been able to really meet and connect with amazing organizations throughout the country.

Well, Stanford health freedom is that group that we will be partnering with. Again, had a phenomenal conversation with. And the work that they’re doing, they’re very technologically savvy. They have amazing resources. Their response time is pretty amazing. I’m very pleased with how they operate and in comparison to a lot of other organizations across the country.

So that is who we are going to be working with. Obviously we’re still working with ICANN and children’s health defense. We’re always going to be tied to Mary Holland in that group, in Robert Kennedy and Dell big tree and Aaron Surrey and the groups there. But as far as having a very connected group, we are going to be doing that with Leah at Stanford health freedom.

And so you’re going to be seeing that it’s probably going to roll out in the new year. We’re developing ways to communicate specifically within the chiropractic profession. And maybe for those of you that don’t know, Leah’s husband is a chiropractor. So she has an affinity for chiropractic and in our world as well.

So it’s a wonderful marriage. She’s also working a lot with maximized living and shell heart, who is one of our board members. A lot of connections there, a lot of ability to work together, but we are going to be formalizing that, that partnership moving forward. So be looking for that in the new year, as we develop resources and private label and all that kind of fun stuff to make sure that it’s appropriate for your world.

Excited about those connections and people coming together and really the validity of the chiropractic defense council amongst everything that’s happening around the world. We are becoming one of the key figures in organizations that moves quickly has a very thorough process that we move through and gives credibility for other organizations like Stanford health.

To connect with us in ICANN and CHD children’s health defense. So I’m very pleased about that. And a lot of that goes to you guys. It goes to your support and the fact that we have, over 2,600 contributors and that’s growing. So I here’s my plea to you again. And I hit this last week and I’m going to hit it again.

We really need to get to that 5,000 contributors. I’m very sure. Please what we’ve done in the last four and a half months. But I really need to get to that level, not only for the economics, which are very important as we’re really fighting in New Zealand and Australia. And we do believe there’s going to be a new wave coming here in the U S in the new year and through the holiday weeks.

So we, resources are definitely necessary and we would really appreciate that. But it’s about the numbers. It’s about getting the representation, the people that we’re connected with. So I’m asking you about. I know a lot of you in your particular state, you don’t have a fire that’s burning bright. And I know that fear is a great motivator.

But I’m choosing to believe that belief has even a stronger motivator. And we believe in what it is that we’re trying to do through the chiropractic defense counsel. We’ve proven how we operate. We’ve proven our transparency. We’ve proven all of the questions that people had when we first launched.

Now I’m very adamantly asking you to continue to spread the word, get us connected with your consulting groups, get us on your podcast, get us anywhere. We can just share the word because we need to grow our contributor base. We need to get more people on board, understanding what we’re doing, pulling from the same end of the rope and bringing our profession together.

So I’m asking you to please share if you’re getting this it’s because you’ve already bought in. You’ve seen and you’re supporting us and you’ve been doing it for months and months. I’m asking you to continue to spread that information and let the world know who we are. The vision of what we have, if you remember, is that we want to be that elite striking force to protect chiropractic all over the world.

That the minute anything happens, we’re prepared. We have the resources, we have the legal team. We have the lobbyists, we have the researchers, the experts, and we’ve got them. Now, our work that we’ve been doing around the world has given us access to some of the leading people in the world that are literally just a text away.

So I’m asking you to. MI get our profession to understand the bigness of what we’re trying to do, because now is the opportunity. So if you believe in what we’ve been doing, which I have to assume you have, because you’re still contributing and you’re watching this video, I’m asking you to please help us spread the word.

We just launched our new website. You can go and look at that. We’re going to continue to be moving. I’ve got two different marketing groups that are starting to work with us to help with our messaging, to help with our social media channels, to really make sure that we’re doing our job to make sure information is accessible and easy for you to be able to share the message for us.

But I’m asking you to start getting through the grassroots and getting people connected. Again, we want to get to 5,000 contributors. Our goal was by the end of the year. I’m not sure at this point, if we’re going to get there, but I believe we can make a good move at it. So help me out. We’re continuing to fight.

We’re continuing to move forward. Our case in Rhode Island is continuing to move through the appeal courts. We believe in the new year, we’re going to get it to the Supreme court, which is going to be an imperative. So we’re doing the work but I need you to continue to support, continue to spread the message because together is where our strength really is at.

I love you. I appreciate you. And I’m choosing to believe you’re going to do what I’m asking you to do, and we’re going to see even more opportunities to tell our story throughout the profession. So we love you. God, bless you. Have an incredible week. As we enter into the holidays, may we not ever forget really the purpose of.

What we’re doing, what we’re doing is ensuring that the truth of health, that the chiropractic message is spread organically and authentically in every corner and crevice of our world. And we can do that by standing up for ourselves and taking advantage of opportunities. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.

So we love you. We appreciate you. God, bless your week. We’ll be back at you next week. If you need me, where I’m at otherwise, continue to love and serve through this amazing profession of chiropractic.