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Monday Mandate UPDATE December 20th, 2021

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Good morning, everyone. This is Bharon Hoag, the executive director of OneChiropractic and the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, December 20th, for your weekly update, relatively calm week in the United States. We haven’t had any massive shakeups. New mandates have been introduced.

We haven’t heard of any chiropractor having any issues with their religious exemption forms or anyone showing up to their office and challenging their current status, which is great news. We are however, a little watching, pretty closely the language that’s happening right now. We’re starting to see them do this similar thing they did last winter where they’re canceling sporting events.

They’re starting to really hone down. I know in New York, in the new England states are starting to. Shut things down. And they’re bracing for this increase in hospitalizations, which we know the truth is that these are actually vaccinated people for the most part, not unvaccinated, but nonetheless, the narrative is going to be we’re heading into a new danger season.

So we’re going to be watching very closely to see if anything happens. That would again, affect our ability to continue to. And live as we choose. But we haven’t had anything massive. I did have a conversation with our attorney in Rhode Island. Our case we’re still waiting for our final ruling.

From the last case, we expect it to not go in our favor. We’re surprised that it’s taking as long as it is. We think they’re just trying to drag this out so that we can’t get to the next level of the courts, but we are continuing to work that we believe our case, New York and Maine. If you remember, they have cases similar to.

We believe all of us will be able to get to the Supreme court by February or March of next year. I know that’s longer than anyone had wanted including myself, but we can’t force that to go any faster. We’re at the mercy of the courts. And again, at this point, they have not really been very forceful about enforcing this particular mandate, especially in Rhode Island.

So we’re still moving forward. As we had planned, our legal team is ready. If anyone has any issues or they are challenged on any. We will continue to be there. I am going to ask that as we continue to move forward, that we start communicating in our own states, as we’ve connected with other organizations like stand for health, freedom, I can children’s health defense.

We’re, we’re realizing that the strength is having the communities in the states. As I shared with you last week, I’m going to be rolling out something with Stanford health freedom here very soon in the new year where we’re going to be creating more of a network here in the United. Between ourselves and other allied health to make sure that if and when anything does happen, we can mobilize a little bit quicker than we have been able to in the past.

But I’m also encouraging you guys to do the same. I’m not asking you to go be an advocate and throw rallies and draw attention to yourself. What I’m asking you to do is start being conscious of what’s going on in your communities. When you hear a good tangible groups that seem to be organized and doing good.

I’d like you to share that information with me so that we can reach out to them and we can get connected. And we start working really as a tribe of individuals that are on this side. I think, next week I’m gonna share with you guys my forecast of where I think things are going as we enter the new year.

But I, I believe that there’s something new that’s going to be happening in the new year. This narrative is starting to die. Even those that had got. Are starting to complain because they keep changing the goalposts. They keep saying, in order to be considered fully VAX, you have to do another job. They actually just changed that to three jabs now to be considered fully vaccinated.

And that’s going to continue. We know the flaw in that science. We knew from the very beginning, this is what’s going to happen. So we want it, we’re starting to see that crack in that narrative. So we’re believing something new is going to be coming, which is even more important that we continue to grow the defense counsel.

We continue to really strengthen our network of communication so that we’re all sharing real time. And it gives us the ability to move at a much faster pace. So please continue to spread the word around. I’m so thankful for our allies that we work with. We have so many organizations that have jumped on board to support what we’re doing and sharing the information.

And rallying their members to be a part of what we’re doing. And so I want to continue to do that through you. We need to continue to grow. Our goal was 5,000 contributors right now. We’re just under 27. I’m very thankful for that. That’s a lot of people to jump on board in a short period of time, but we’re not done.

We, we need to continue to grow this infrastructure, the resources, the community that we’re building is very important with what’s coming. So I’m asking you to keep spreading these videos, to keep sharing with your colleagues. If there’s a way for me to jump on and do an interview with anybody I’m more than happy and capable of doing.

To make sure that people get the information real time. So as we enter into this Christmas holiday season, whether Christmas is a religious holiday for you, or it’s just a time of family and fellowship, I’m asking that we reflect really on, on really where we’ve come from and where we’re going as a profession.

Not as it relates to chiropractic or full philosophical, vitalistic versus mechanistic, but where we’re at the stance we’re willing to do. Are we willing to stand up? Are we willing to function as our forefathers did? This is our time in history. We have the opportunity right now to make some decisions that impact the future of not only our profession, but our world.

And are we going to stand firm? Are we going to work together? Get past our issues that we fought over in the past and start bringing our profession together in a. That allows us to lead in healthcare, which is exactly what the defense counsel is doing. We are leading other health specialties because they’re so fragmented because they don’t have the resources to do what we’re doing.

So they’re coming under our umbrella, which is a fantastic thing to watch. And that’s happening all over the. So my challenge to you in this holiday season is that you really do a self analysis to figure out where you’re at the stance you’re willing to take. And if you’re going to be willing to connect and help spread the word of what we’re doing.

So we love you. I also ask, as we head into this, myself and our team are going to be taking some. To be with our families to step away, get recharged. So our response time might be a little less than normal. We will be monitoring emails and our other portals that we’re communicating for emergencies, we will be there to respond and work, but we are going to take some time.

So I’m going to ask over the next couple of weeks, you’ll be patient with the response times as we are taking some time to unplug and recharge, but we love you. We appreciate you. Thank you for who you are. Thank you for believing in who we. And we have some exciting days ahead. We are starting to win. We are starting to gain ground on this narrative and we are functioning from a place of truth.

We’re doing what’s in the best interest of the world around us, which is how I know we’re going to win and prevail. So we appreciate you. We love you have an amazing Christmas week and we’ll be talking to you next week. Goodbye.