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Monday Mandate UPDATE for the week of January 17th, 2022

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Hey everybody. I have a lot to share with you today from the impact of the Supreme court justice decision on OSHA and CMS, as well as what we’re starting to see in the narrative coming across the country and the important decisions we have to make as a group right now. About where we’re headed moving forward.

So make sure you pay attention to everything I have to say today. So hello everyone. My name is Bharon Hoag. I’m the executive director of OneChiropractic and the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, January 17th for your weekly update. So the biggest news coming out of the United States is obviously the Supreme court decision.

We, it was a double-edged sword, but honestly it’s not as bad as. Seem when you really break the whole thing apart. So the Supreme court ruled on two different cases. One, the OSHA mandate coming from Biden, as well as the CMS mandate coming from Biden, right? The OSHA was about any organization that a hundred more employees would be mandated.

The Supreme court said absolutely not. They did not uphold that. They actually overturned that and said that is overreached by the government to be able to get into private business and tell them how they have to manage their employees. That is obviously fabulous. On the other side, they did uphold the CMS regulation that I understand.

And if you really break in and read what the justices had to say, it had to do with the idea that the CMS program is the government’s business. That is their decision. They can create whatever kind of policies or rules, and then the providers can decide if they want to participate or not. So I don’t disagree with that decision.

Bogus as the whole thing is I understand why the Supreme court made the ultimate decision they did, but here’s the good news for the majority. And I’m talking like 95, 90 7% of our profession. It doesn’t apply anyway because we are not facilities within the CMS program. And the way you know, that is when you choose your fee schedule, you’re selecting the non facility fee schedule.

So whatever jurisdiction you’re in and whoever your Mac is, when you go to their fee schedule you’re choosing the non facility. That tells you’re not a facility with. The Medicare program and CMS, the it’s hospitals, emergency care facilities, elderly homes. Those are the types of places that are considered facilities because of the large amount of money that is paid through those programs.

They’re also part a part D part C and we’re part B within Medicare. So that doesn’t really affect most of us. So those of you that may be are that three. That are a part of multi-disciplined groups, or maybe you’re a part of a hospital system. And therefore you are really employed in a facility then that would apply to you.

However, because it’s a federal mandate, excuse me, a federal plan. They have to accept religious exemptions. They don’t have the right, this isn’t states. So if you’re a New York or Rhode Island or Maine, where we’re having that debate over religious exemption, This is the feds. They don’t have an option.

They have to accept the religious exemption because of the first amendment. So if you’re having issues within your employer on that, please reach out to us. If you’re a contributor, we’ll be happy to help you navigate those waters and ensure that you get your religious exemption as it relates to those two policies.

So if your employer is saying I’m sorry, we don’t have a choice. The Supreme court ruled because we accept Medicaid or Medicare and Medicaid. You have to have it. We’ll help you through that process. Now, if your employer is just saying as a global policy, That’s a little different matter. We’re still happy to help you, but it’s not as cut and dry as if they’re doing it specifically because of Medicare Medicaid.

Reach out to us if we can help. And you’re a contributor now across the rest of the country, we’re starting to see a lot of things shifting. I’ve been talking with our attorneys and we’re seeing different pockets of different cities that are starting to redo masks because of the Omicron as we’re getting into that and the spreading of the cases.

And again, they’re chairing, they’re changing the story in mainstream media about how we’re measuring the effectiveness of the, of this virus. Once it’s deaths, then it happens to be infections. Then it’s hospitalizations, then it’s ICU. So whatever number is the biggest is really what’s controlling that narrative.

And we’ve been witnessing this now for over two years, but we’re still starting to see the data, right? The data is starting to prove that now there was something that just came out of a couple of hostels. It was an info an infographic that showed that really 50 to 60% of those that are being admitted into hospitals are either partially or fully vaccinated versus those that have no vaccination at all.

And so that they can’t hide any more behind saying it’s the vaccinated or the un-vaccinated that are causing the seizures. And so as that narrative is shifting, we’re starting to see a little bit of a change we saw with the NCAA. They changed their protocols that are only those that are symptomatic have to be tested.

Obviously we know most of us know that’s an economic decision as we’re heading in to the biggest moneymaker for NCAA of any program with the final four. We know why a lot of this stuff is happening in, in, in no way am I making light of this? I understand how deadly this virus can be to those that have co-morbidities and are.

I’ve lost my mentor. I’ve lost friends. I’ve gone through it with my parents. I understand. So please understand at no point in my minimizing, the severity of that particular condition, my issue is the draconian and tyrannical type decisions that are being. For a disease that has a mortality rate that is in the high nineties.

And so what we’re trying to do, remember our scope is very clear. We’re trying to ensure that you have the right to choose. You have the right to practice. You have the right to choose for you and your family, how you want to live. That is your inalienable right here in the. And we are not going to stop from protecting you with that, but we’re getting ready to move into new types of issues.

And this is my request for you. I’ve been asking for a little bit and I’m going to start hitting the road. If you’re going to be at the max living event, I’ll see you this coming weekend. I’m going to be at the AMC. Coming to the weekend after, and I’m going to be all over. I’ll be in Parker Vegas.

So if you are going to Parker Vegas, please make sure you find me, text me. You have, I put my number out to the world. So you have a way to get ahold of me. Let me know. You’re there. I’d love to meet with you and talk with you. And we’re really going on this campaign. We need to get our goal is 10,000 people contributing to this organization so that we can really build this massive.

We’ve already shown you what we can do. We’ve shown you how quickly we can respond. We’ve shown you how well we communicate. We’ve promised you that everything we’ve promised you we’ve delivered on. And so I want you to continue to spread the word and help us to achieve that goal. We’re spreading into more countries.

We have more influence. We’re learning more about how chiropractic operates in the rest of the world than any other organization in our profession. And I want you to be a part of that. I want you to stay connected, and I want you to share this with your colleagues. So I’m asking you to spread the word, go to our website, see what we’re doing in the other countries.

A few of you came back when I did my year-end summary of every country. The success we’re having in Australia is unbelievable. We are we’ve successfully fought for over 25 individuals, not one case. Have we, as a chiropractor, been fined or shut down for practicing unvaccinated and you hear the horror.

That are happening in Australia. The same thing in New Zealand, we’re fighting strong for those individuals. And if you don’t think those things affect you here. Then you don’t understand how all this process works, especially in Canada, look, what’s happening there and all of the civil restraint that’s happening and they can’t even, they can’t leave their country new Zealand’s can’t leave their countries.

So it affects you here as well. So I need you to understand being a part of this organization is about being a part of chiropractic as a whole. I get we’re human. I get, at the end of the day, we look at what affects us in our four walls in our immediate. But I think that’s part of the problem with why chiropractic has not grown.

It hasn’t become the mammoth that it should be because of its impact on the world. Because we think too small at the Chiropractic Defense Council, we are going to take on every issue across the world that affects chiropractors and their ability to practice. And you being a part of our organization ensures that what’s happening on these other shores.

Doesn’t come here to the United States because the knowledge we’ve gained. And Australia New Zealand has helped us here with our attorneys has helped us bring experts from other countries in here to help us with the cases that we have. A lot of good things are happening, but now is the time that we have to double down.

So I’m asking you to jump on board for those of you that are not contributors. And if you are a contributor, I’m asking you to share this information with your colleagues. So we love you. We appreciate you. We’re going to continue to bring you information. As we move forward we’re moving forward in a lot of different avenues here in the United States, getting connected with other groups, and we’ll be sharing that information with you here shortly.

So we love you have an incredible week and we’ll talk to you next week.