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Monday Mandate UPDATE for the week of March 14th, 2022

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The public comment and Rhode Island has ended. It appears that we are going to continue to move forward without a VAX requirement for our providers and Rhode Island. Huge one. We’ll talk more about that today. We’re also tracking some legislation in California. That is talking about mandatory vaccines for pretty much any employee in the state of California.

We’re going to dig into that a little bit, and I want to share with you what’s going on in the rest of the world and why that matters to you. So good morning, our American chiropractors, this is Bharon Hoag, the executive director of OneChiropractor, and the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, March 14th for our weekly update.

So I’m Rhode Island, really great stuff. I actually have a link. I know I received a couple of comments from our Rhode Island providers wanting clarification. So in the base of this email, you’ll see a link to be able to go to the new public order. That validates what I’m stating. I know there’s been some confusion of how that reads.

We have double and triple check that with our legal team. And it is in play. The public comment has passed. We’re expecting it to be ratified here shortly, but all signs are showing that this is over and you no longer have fear. Those of you that have maybe have not been practicing. You are free to start practicing again.

The only requirement you have is mask and there’s even. Guidelines to that. So I do have my legal team. I’m going to be putting together a specific document, outlining exactly what needs to happen and how you need to move forward. So be looking for that in the next week or two as we wait for this to sift out, obviously we need to wait until it’s officially written.

What all of the ramifications and specifications of this policy are, as soon as that’s done we will have that document released for you. So that’s great news in California. We are. Oh, the legislation we have communicated with the chiropractic our California Chiropractic Association, working with them and their legislative team.

We’re not overly concerned about this bill, obviously on face value. It’s a pretty horrific bill as it, basically means anyone that’s employed anywhere in California must be vaccinated, but based on who’s sponsoring it and where it’s sitting, we don’t expect it to really have many little. We are monitoring that you can rest assured that if this thing does get some legs, we will put the full force of the Defense Council working alongside the CCA to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

I wanted you to be aware that we are tracking that we’ve had a number of you reaching out to us. And it is important if you see things like this and it’s not, again, remember we’re not an organization that’s specifically to mandates, right? We’re looking at anything that affects chiropractic period.

On a global scale, we’re not really illegal from, for you individually, but when there are big issues, we love working with other organizations to, to fix issues that may apply for our profession as a whole. So please do reach out to share with us things like that. Legislation in California.

Obviously we have a lot of interest in I, and then we’re having some effects in Canada. We really have been busy this past week, helping those in British culture. Those that are on the border up there may be hearing what’s going on there. And it’s really important that you understand that if those things happen right now, what’s happening in British Columbia, that’s even scarier is they’re not mandating the vaccinate, the vaccine for private health care, but they’re however trying to gather all of this information.

Who’s vaxxed. Who’s not vaxxed they want personal information. Cell phones, home address. It’s really crazy. So with our legal team, we are doing injunctions to try to stop a number of these things from happening. We’re guiding our individuals. You may have seen on our Facebook pages past week, we put something out about what we’re doing for the Canadian chiropractors.

So we need you to understand that has implications of moving into the United States. If those things are successful, what they’re wanting to do in British Columbia is actually post publicly who’s vaccinated and who’s not, and they’re doing it under the claim that it’s an informed. Giving the general public, the ability to have that information to choose which providers they want to see, but that is blatantly unacceptable.

It’s a violation of health information. We don’t do that with other infectious disease or other types of conditions. This is just unacceptable. Those are the types of things that I’m concerned are going to happen here in the United States. If we can beat it in other countries, it’s going to show the United States that they’re not going to be able to do that here.

And we have states that are not happy with these. And VAX and face mask, all this stuff being revoked, and they’re looking for ways to still exert their authority. So I need you to understand the work that we’re doing is so important, not just for those particular countries, but for our profession as a whole.

So please keep up on that stuff. That’s going on. We’re going to continue to update you as we feel it’s necessary for you. And what’s happening, but the work that’s being done in Australia, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa these are areas that we’re representing chiropractic our chiropractic students and the rights of things happening.

So we want you to be aware of that, we’re also going to start working on some other laws and things that we are fearful could be used inappropriately things like. Our speech. We know that there are a lot of chiropractors that probably would speak a little bit more boldly in their community if they weren’t fearful of ramifications.

Now I’m not saying, I believe that you should be out there saying that chiropractic cures, anything that is inappropriate, we’re never going to defend are never going to try to create any. Process that supports those types of ridiculous behavior. However, there are things that we believe chiropractors should be able to communicate without fear of losing their Facebook page without fear of issues with their licensing board.

So we’re starting to work with other organizations in the profession, looking at those types of issues to ensure that our. Fearful to be able to tell the story of chiropractic. So you’re going to be hearing more about that as we’re moving forward, but I want you to know that our objective is, and always has been to make chiropractic the number one healthcare choice.

We believe part of doing that is protecting your rights to ensure that you can practice as you choose. So understand the scope of everything that we’re doing. A lot is going on. We’re starting to be taken more seriously in the profession. So people are reaching out to us, telling us things, allowing us to do the work that we’re properly positioned to do.

So we love you. We appreciate you. We want to continue to grow this infrastructure. Remember our goal is to get to 10,000 contributors around the world and the work that we’re able to do just expands the larger we get and the more resources that we have to be able to do it. So please continue to spread the word with your colleagues, and we’re going to continue to share with you the amazing things that are happening around the world.

So have an incredible week. We’ll be back at you next Monday. Thank you very much for your support. Thank you for your belief in us and for preemptively spreading the word and now getting more people, a part of what we’re doing. We love you. We appreciate you having an incredible week. Okay.