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Monday Mandate UPDATE for the week of March 7th, 2022

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It looks like the battle is over in Rhode Island. We also have amazing information happening around the world, Canada, as well as what’s happening here in the U S we think we have an idea of where we’re headed and why you need to be concerned. So make sure you pay attention to today’s. update Well, good morning Americans.

My name is Bharon Hoag, the executive director of OneChiropractic and the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, March 7th for your weekly update. So our legal team has reviewed the documents from the government in Rhode Island. It does look as if we have won that battle. We’re waiting for public comment.

It should go into. The end of March. But at that point, you no longer have to be vaccinated in order to continue to practice. There’s a bunch of variants. We will be putting out a document. I’m just waiting until this public comment period goes over. But at this point, all signs are leading to. Our battle in Rhode Island is over our lawsuit is still in effect.

We are going to continue to work. It we’ve already paid for it. And we are going to work it because we do want the Supreme court to rule on the the point of religious exemptions. So we’re going to keep pushing that, but now those of you watching this from out Rhode Island, you can say a big sigh of relief.

You’re no longer practicing outside of the law. As of the end of the month, but there’s not going to be any. As long as this language is out there. So we’re very excited about that. We, for those of you that have been practicing and wrote up. That is fantastic. Our legal team has been pushing the government very hard, obviously with our lawsuits with letters, explaining the violation of not accepting our religious exemption forms.

And we didn’t have anybody that was affected. So we’re, we know there were a lot of you that maybe stopped practicing or didn’t do it, but we have not, we didn’t have anyone shut down. We didn’t have any fines that were issued. So our team was able to really protect to the highest level.

So we’re thankful for that as well. And thank you for those of you that stood strong in the face of that adversity. Also want to share with you some big things that are happening in Canada. We are now tied to a number of legal firms and again, I need you guys to understand that if you don’t think what’s happening in Canada, Australia, New Zealand affects the United.

It really does. And I know it’s very easy for us to just sit back last week. I charged you with thinking bigger understanding where we’re at, but we, I’m going to share with you in a second kind of where we think things are headed and what we’re preparing for, but I need you to understand these have a massive impact on us here if they win in these different countries.

So that’s why the defense Council, not only to protect chiropractic in those countries, but also to ensure that it doesn’t ever tread in here in the United. But there’s a million examples of things trickling into the United States because they’re effective in other countries, they’re testing grounds for theories.

And if you don’t believe that big pharma was a behind a lot of this, if you don’t believe that a lot of us controlled entities are controlling, what’s happening in the other countries, then you just, you really haven’t been paying attention. So please understand that the contributions you’re giving us and although we’re not spending a ton of money in the United States, we are keeping an eye on what’s going on, but it’s also preventing these things from happening in other parts of the world. So with that being said in Canada we have retained a few different legal things. British Columbia has threatened to mandate in the midst of everyone was pulling back. We have British Columbia doing a threatening, a mandate, but we’re working very extensively.

We’ve been sending letters, we’ve been doing freedom of information requests. We’ve been doing a number of things that are starting to really start peeling away at the armor that these government agencies have. And we have, we’re pretty optimistic that we’re going to be able to prevent that pho from coming.

With the work that we’re doing with our team. So we’re excited about that. Also very excited about the growth that we have with contributors and people coming in. We are just under 4,000 contributors at this point and growing, our goal is 10,000 by the end of the year. And we’re pretty confident we’re going to get there as we continue to push forward.

Now here’s the big picture I want you to understand. We’ve been having a lot of conversations with a lot of different people around. And especially here in the United States. And what we’re preparing for is we believe what’s happening now is that there is a testing of the waters to see what kind of groups were willing to stand up or.

And be effective at preventing these types of mandates in the tyranny and draconian measures, all of those types of things. We believe there’s a battle coming. That’s going to pretty much be inferior to what happened with the AMA back in the seventies and eighties. And we believe it’s going to be against pharma as chiropractor.

Continues to gain more market share. Our profession has grown extensively through the midst of this pandemic for various different reasons, but it has grown there. We’re having more students going to chiropractic school where we’re have more openings and opportunities. Chiropractors can’t find chiropractors to work for them in their growth.

Right now it’s a shortage of chiropractors. There’s a lot of good things happening. It’s a good sign for the future of our profession. However, as we gain more market share as our way of thinking. Works as the medical lies have been exposed through this pandemic, the opioid crisis, all of the things that have happened, they’re going to be targets.

They’re going to come out there. We’re affecting their way of life by the knowledge that we’re bestowing on the world. We need to be prepared for that. I need you to understand the bigness of what we’re doing within Cairo, the chiropractor defense Council in creating this defense system. Our objective is to create a war.

So when those battles come, we’re not frantically trying to go and raise money. I want to do it in an organic manner that we have this war chest that is available the minute that anyone comes after our profession. You’re a huge part of that. The problem is we’re lacking in the United States. I’m not getting enough people to jump on board here in the U S we’re growing worldwide, which is fantastic, but we have over 80,000 chiros here in the United States, or arguably anywhere between 70 to 80,000.

And we’re still right around 1100. So I’m trying to ask you to help spread the word. I get the fire, the house isn’t on fire right now. Here, we are taking things into consideration. We’re watching legislation in California, we’re watching legislation and other parts of the country, definitely the blue states and making sure that nothing is going to happen.

That’s going to continue to affect, and we’re using our legal teams to do that. We still have everybody on retainer that we had at the beginning of this. But we need to see the bigness of what’s going on. If we can do what it is, we’re professing. If we can get to 10,000 people giving us $33. The ability for us to ensure that our profession can lead and successfully defend against any attack is very realistic.

It’s never been done before. So I’m asking you to help me do something that’s never been done before. So spread the word. We have one we have taken on these battles. We’re successful in every market that we’ve been in. We’re in South Africa, working against their universities that are restricting students from continuing to graduate without vaccination In Canada, Australia, New Zealand, we’re in the United Kingdom now. So we’re working on x-ray issues. We’re working on all kinds of issues, protecting the rights of chiropractors, but we need to continue to grow our tribe. So that is my challenge for you this week, send this video, send them to our website, defend

Look at some of the other countries in the work that we’ve done and how we’re helping chiropractor stay in. And we’re giving them a sense of hope. We’re bringing a sense of unity together in these different countries. And we want you to be a part of that. We want you to share it with your tribe. If you’re a part of a consulting group, if you’re a part of any type of an organization where there’s a group of chiropractors, I want you to send me their contact information because we want to share the.

Now is the time that we come together and we work together to achieve something that’s never been done before. So we love you great things happening this week around the world. You’re a huge part of that. I want to thank you. It was obviously this group of people that helped get this whole thing started.

And so we greatly appreciate. But we want to keep the momentum going now is the time in the calm is where we have the best opportunity to grow and train and get our team in place so that when the battle comes, we’re ready to attack. So we love you. We appreciate you keep selling, telling the story of chiropractic.

Let me know where I can go to tell the story of the Defense Council to grow our influence, to grow our following and make sure we hit that goal of 10,000 contributors by the end of the year. So we love you. We appreciate you having an incredible week and God bless.