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Monday Mandate UPDATE for the week of November 22nd, 2021

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Good morning, my United States chiropractors. This is Bharon Hoag, the executive director of OneChiropractic and the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you Monday, November 22nd for your weekly update. Um, again, more good news. There is there’s still no new mandates that have been introduced anywhere in the country. Um, we have no reports of any chiropractor having any issues with their exemption forms. Nobody has knocked on their door. Nobody in Rhode Island has had anybody visit or show up or harass them. Um, so we’ve had a quiet week. Um, we’re obviously heading into the Thanksgiving day week, and we have a lot to be thankful for and consideration to what’s happening in other countries, uh, is insane as it’s happening here in the United States. We’re finding it’s far worse elsewhere. So I’m very thankful for you guys, um, whether you know this or not, those of you contributing have been helping us to be able to support chiropractors around the world.

And it’s been pretty magnificent the, the, the work that we’ve been able to do. So thank you. I’m very thankful that you get the vision of what we’re trying to do with the Chiropractic Defense Council. That, that it’s something that’s never happened in our profession before. And I’m very, very honored and blessed to be sitting at this seat. So I also want to thank very much our, um, our corporate partners, those that are helping to disseminate this information. And, you know, we love you guys. Um, I, I can’t thank you guys enough for who you are and what you do and, and believing in our vision and our structure to be able to make that happen. Um, there’s been a lot of good work that we’ve been able to do. And, um, and that all really resides on, on you. Those of you that have jumped on board and are working with us to ensure that we’re protecting the rights of practicing chiropractors around the world.

So thank you for that. Um, now to just kind of updates on what is happening, um, you should have seen that, um, last week we had the federal courts put a freeze on Biden’s mandate through OSHA. Uh, this week OSHA has actually came out and said they are no longer going to pursue any of those mandates, which is great news. We’re also hearing that within CMS, they’re starting to push back as well. Um, there has been no action out of CMS yet to enforce, um, any of those, uh, draconian and tyrannical type, uh, enforcement that the, that Biden has been pushing. Um, we’re starting to see some action again in Rhode Island. Our case was heard on, uh, the 19th. So actually today, uh, I’m actually recording this today. So on Monday, um, we should have more information. We’ll communicate that out to be clear. We do not expect that to be successful.

We expect to have the same result we had last time, but remember what we’ve learned from the Supreme court decision is a pathway that we believe we have to win in the U S Supreme court, which will be very generational. Um, the results of that particular decision. So, um, we are moving forward in that. Um, we’re seeing more work coming out of Maine and New York. Um, I actually had the opportunity with our lobbyists and with our attorney to sit and have a call this week and strategize about the things that are happening and where we’re going and what we’re doing. And although it’s been frustrating and it’s, it’s been a long road, we do believe we have a path. So I’m going to tell you for what I see in the, in the vantage point that I have in the United States, we’re doing pretty well.

Um, we’re starting to see employers are, are laxing on their strictness with religious exemptions. Um, we’ve seen a massive shortage of employees, uh, in hospital units around the country. Um, we think that’s leading to a softening from these large employers and allowing those that want to choose not to be vacs, to remain, to have that choice. So we think, we think we’re on the other side of this, at least we’re starting to come to the other side. We’re seeing the CDC actually just came out and admitted and was forced to admit that they have zero evidence of anyone that has natural immunity ever transmitting the disease to somebody else. Um, so we’re, we’re starting to see a kink in the armor. There’s even more data that shows the highly vaccinated population. That’s where the, um, virus outbreaks are happening, not amongst the unvaccinated. So their narrative is slipping.

We’re starting to win, um, in our efforts. Um, and it’s, it’s just, you know, it’s been a long road, been a long, long fearful road. Uh, the propaganda machine that they have produced or the fear-mongering that they have done, um, has definitely put us on our toes, but I’m very, very proud to say that we have not yielded that our, um, resolve as much stronger than that. And we will win this thing. We’re starting to win it, um, across the world. And I’m excited to be, um, involved in that. I sent you guys out an email, um, earlier in the mid week, last week about an event that’s happening in Nashville, that I’m very excited to sit down in the same room with Robert Kennedy and Dell big tree and, and Leah Wilson from Stanford health freedom, and a lot of other freedom fighters that are around the country to be able to share what we’re doing around the world.

Remember that part of our vision in this process was to elevate the awareness of chiropractic and how chiropractic actually functions and works and how we have stood our ground. And we have really created something that most other specialties have not created. And this is going to be a phenomenal opportunity the first weekend in December, to be able to sit down with these people and share what we’re doing, um, and also to continue to ferment the relationships that we have with those organizations. So I’m very excited. I’m very appreciative to Stu Warner for, um, allowing us to be, uh, allowing me to be a part of that, um, weekend. So if you’re going to be at that event, I sent you that out there, we gave you a code. Um, if you want that information, just reach out to me. I’m happy. Share it with you.

Um, it’s going to be a pretty awesome event. Um, two days are just about pediatrics in general and two days are about the health freedom. So, um, you know, I’m excited to be a part of that. We’re, we’re, we’re really creating a movement, um, and we’re showing our strength and we’re showing the value of the CDC and our infrastructure. So thank you to all of those as we go into Thanksgiving week again, I’m so thankful to you for who you are and what you bring to the table and what you’re allowing us to do. Now, I want to give you a little bit of a report. I don’t normally do this, but I don’t have a ton to report to you on the United States at this point, but I want to give you a glimpse of what’s happening around the world. So we’re now in seven countries that we’re working, um, Canada, we don’t have really any mandates that are affecting chiropractors, but we still have issues with their chiropractic school, with their examining boards, um, as well as in British Columbia.

So we’re working with legal counsel to actually start representing chiropractic and really, um, showing that we’re no longer going to take the bullying that’s been happening in British Columbia. So I’m excited to be working with the CNAC, which is their national organization, as well as the local chiropractors in British Columbia. They’ve been amazing. Um, and we’re having a great relationship and, and really showing some strength and resolve up there as well. Um, we’re in New Zealand, um, and we’ve been working, they’re kind of getting hammered right now. The propaganda machine is going hard, but again, we’ve yet to have anyone in force, these mandates anywhere in the world, we’re not getting reports of anyone just showing up on a chiropractor’s door, asking them to prove that they’re vaccinated. And we don’t believe we will. Um, that was the same case in Rhode Island. There’s really not a mechanism in place for them to do this unless you’re making a spectacle of yourself.

And so that’s not happening there either, but we’re working with them. We have legal counsel there to protect those, if anyone does show up at their office. Um, but we’re just really giving them some resolve and letting them know that they’re not alone and giving them resources and Australia, which is where most of the fight is right now. Um, we’ve got a number of legal teams and there’s five different states within Australia that now have a six. Actually, I keep forgetting about Tasmania, but there’s six states in Australia that have mandates that affect chiropractors. And we are, we’re doing a very legal approach there because they don’t have things like the civil rights act in the first amendment. Those countries don’t have that. And so we can’t use that angle there. So we’re having to really go more of a legal route, and I’m getting quite an education on the legal system in Australia, as I’m talking to barristers and solicitors and learning that process.

But we are about ready to file a couple of different suits in Australia. We’re very confident that we have a pathway there, and man, those chiropractors are pretty amazing. Um, we, we’ve got almost a thousand, uh, you know, chiropractors and health professionals that are a part of the CDC from Australia, and we’re excited to be working with them, learning from them and developing resources. So I, you know, we’re also now starting to work in the United Kingdom. We’re working in South Africa, we’re working in Barcelona, Spain, um, as there’s different issues and attacks that are happening with chiropractic, not everything we do has to do with mandates it’s about anything that’s coming after chiropractic to reduce its effectiveness and its ability to impact the people in our world. So I thank you. I really do thank you again, as we’re going into Thanksgiving week. I think I’ve said that three times now, but I’m very thankful for the role that I get to play right now.

And for the trust that you guys have in us to continue to contribute, I’m asking you to continue to do that. If you have colleagues that aren’t aware of this yet, please talk to them because the work we’re doing around the world, um, is insane. That’s expensive. We’re spending a good amount of money on these things, but man, is it worth it because we’re furthering the resolve of chiropractors. We’re bringing unity together. We’re bringing chiropractors together that have never worked together before. And it’s only because of the structure and because of your generosity and support. So keep contributing. We love you. We appreciate you. We’re going to continue to do the work that needs to be done. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Um, we have a new website, make sure you take the time to go look at that. That should be up by the time this video hits. And you can see some of the work we’re doing around the world and see some of the other videos that I recorded for those countries. But, uh, we love you. We appreciate you having an incredible Thanksgiving week and we’ll talk to you next Monday. God bless.