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Monday Mandate UPDATE for the week of November 8th, 2021

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Good morning, everybody. This is Bharon Hoag, the executive director of OneChiropractic and the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, November 8th for your weekly update. Again, I always love starting out. Thank you so much to all of the groups that are helping to channel this information to your tribe, to make sure that this information is getting to our entire profession. You know, one of our goals is really to create clarity, not confusion around everything that’s happening. And obviously when you hear different types of things and different opinions and different approaches, all that does is create confusion. So our partners are, we’re so thankful for you. So thank you so much for helping to disseminate this information out to the profession. Um, yeah. Uh, what a crazy week, crazy crazy week in the United States. Um, the good news is we’re still not getting any reports of any chiropractors being harassed.

Anyone that’s been find anyone that’s had any issues with their exemption forms. We have no new states that have done any type of an expansion, um, or an addition to their mandates. Um, that’s all good news. However, we did have our fabulous president that, uh, put out his edict through the, through OSHA and CMS. Um, there was a lot of, of, uh, you know, concern about that from a number of chiropractors, because if they see Medicare, they were concerned that that CMS mandate applied to them, um, that does not apply to chiropractors. Uh, at least those that are private practice. Um, if you’re in a major hospital system or you’re working in a multi-disciplined office that is considered a facility within Medicare, well, then it would have applied. Um, but the majority of our chiropractors are what’s considered out of our non facility rather, um, instead of a facility.

So it, it, it just didn’t apply to us the great news, which just happened on Friday, um, that it doesn’t matter. Our federal courts have actually put a freeze on that edict stating that it is unconstitutional. And so it’s basically an injunction that’s been filed by our courts. We didn’t even have to really do much. Um, I think it was a lot of the governors and the Republican states that have been very, very vocal about how bad this is for the economy. Um, and our courts have just put a freeze to that. So indefinitely that is on hold. So you don’t have to worry about those that are concerned about Medicare really didn’t apply to the majority of us anyway. Um, obviously the OSHA side of it, the a hundred or more employees doesn’t apply to us. Um, and the most part, I know there are little nuances that may have that fall into that.

Um, but I do also want to share with you that even in the midst of that, let’s just say it did apply to us because it is a federal thing. They have to accept the religious exemption. So it wouldn’t have been the end of the world. Anyway, I’m glad that it stopped. I’m glad that it’s being viewed as unconstitutional by the courts, as it continues to look and dig into that. I, our, our team believes that that’s going to continue to be upheld. There was just no way that they could mandate that on that level. Um, but again, it’s all about the narrative, right? The narrative has always been to protect the health of Americans that starting to break down a little bit, as we’re finding, um, the vaccines are not doing what they were originally proclaimed to be able to do. Um, we now know that testing probably is a much better option.

Not that we’re advocating for that, but, um, we, we know that there are arguments to be had that fall within the appropriateness of protecting Americans. So we’re continuing to do our work. Our legal team is constantly reviewing, looking at analysis, but as we basically told you, you can go back and look at our videos, um, that we felt like this was going to be more propaganda, more fear-mongering than it was going to be an actual all-out attack on Americans. So I think they just scaring enough people. They were able to get a lot of people vaccinated, um, just because of the fear. And now when it comes down to it, we’re actually seeing, even in Illinois, for example, when they did that underhanded stuff a couple of weeks ago, but even their governor said, well, you know, we’re being a little lenient on hospitals because we can’t afford to not have workers.

So as people are standing their ground as groups like I can in the children’s defense fund, um, you know, as those do their work stand for health, freedom, make Americans free and all the groups that we’re connected with as they continue to go out there and work, and with all of the other specialties and healthcare professionals, um, you know, it’s working, I mean, as people are standing together, standing strong, we knew the economics would ultimately drive this. And so it’s great to see the American people standing up and saying, absolutely not. And we’re right there with them. Um, the Defense Council will not stop. We will not continue to push and ensure that your rights are protected. Um, it’s just, it’s just what we do and to why we’re here. Um, so I will give you another update on Rhode Island. Um, we’ve had a couple, I’m not going to say setbacks.

We we’ve kind of expected some of this, but the second circuit within New York, we got some not so favorable news. Um, they’re trying to do an emergency appeal to the Supreme court. If they do an emergency appeal to the Supreme court where we’re believing, you’re going to get the same outcome that Maine received, that they’re just not going to do it under an emergency order where there is no testimony. There is no appropriate work through, um, our case in Rhode Island. We are back in the courts, November 19th, um, to continue to push that. We, again, we do not expect we will have a favorable outcome there, but we’ve got to keep navigating to get to the higher level of the courts, which I’ve explained to you a couple of different times. So we’re going to continue to push that. I will update everyone as we’re moving forward.

There we are really with all being completely candid. Um, we need to get, get it back to the Supreme court in the right way, not in the emergency appeal process, but we have to get it there in the appropriate manner for the courts to hear it. So that are, we believe our five conservative justices will rule in our favor and protect the first amendment. Um, but they’re not going to do it in an emergency order. They’re going to do it under the normal process that the Supreme court hears cases. So we’re just going to continue to push. We’re not going to stop. We’re not going to back down. Those of you that are practicing. Um, the good news is, as we were, as we believed nobody is being harassed, nobody is, you know, being threatened. Um, those of you that have chosen to continue to practice good on you, uh, proud of you.

We’re here for you. You’re not alone. Just communicate with us. If anything does end up happening, our team is ready to go. We will be there to back you and support you. But right now, our recommendation is still just to continue to do your religious exemption form, have it on file. Um, and then do business as usual, keep loving and serving, telling the story, stay out of the debate. This is not our issue to be debating. Well, the only thing we should be communicating in our practices chiropractic, um, be the safe space, be the place that they can go to. And they’re not hearing all of the other rhetoric. I know it’s hard because we have opinions and we get irritated and frustrated with the things going on and they want to come to a friendly voice and they want to hear someone, but I’m telling you those that have just adopted the policy that you know what, we are not perpetuating dogma in here.

So we’re done, we’re talking about love life, light health, Optum optimization of health, and that’s what we do in our office. So if you want to talk, you can go to the coffee shop and, you know, solve all the world’s problems with everybody there. But here we’re not gonna, we’re not gonna lower our energy level to be in, in conspiracy theories and those types of things. Cause it does not do anything but perpetuate continued, uh, disease and, and negativity. So w that’s my recommendation. Um, we’re working. I am intrigued as I continue to talk. A lot of our theories are starting to pan out, which just validates our team and the people that we have around us. Um, there’s bigger wins happening all over the place on corporate levels. And we’re going to keep pushing. So know that we’re getting closer and closer and closer to some of these, uh, executive orders running out, um, the statute of limitation.

And these are going to start hitting by the end of the year. We’re also getting an even closer and closer to election cycles, which I think is why you’re also going to start seeing some things soften as people are running for office, and they don’t want to have this on their back in that process. Um, but make sure you get out, make sure your voice is heard in that regard, vote back. Those people in your communities that you know are on our side of this issue. We have a phenomenal opportunity to take the house and the Senate back. And this has nothing to do with Republican and Democrat. It has to do with those that understand the truth of what’s going on with this pandemic and are going to work to ensure that your rights are protected. So as we, uh, you know, we have a couple more years left of this current president and we need to make sure that we, we stop him from doing anything by getting the house in the Senate back.

So that’s what I want you spending your time on. Should you choose to, other than that, just tell the story of chiropractic and know that we’re continuing to fight. We’re continuing to find and chase down every possible option we can to ensure that your rights are protected. Um, we’ve got a great team, very proud of our team, and we’re going to keep fighting on your behalf. So you do your part and you tell the story, you keep adjusting people. You’ve got a world that is so ready to hear what it is we have to offer. And if we don’t jump in the noise that’s already being created, we can break through with our truth. And so that’s what I’m encouraging you to do. You’re a part of the most amazing profession on the planet. And I, for one, I’m so thankful that you’ve made the choice and that you were chosen to be in this profession.

And now you need to just step up and do your part. We move forward in faith. We don’t move forward. In fear. Those of you that are maybe are in stickier areas, Illinois, Rhode Island, you know, you’re in Massachusetts, you’re in the new England states where it’s a bit rougher up there, just live in light, right? We w we move forward in faith, not fear. And you know, you’re not alone. You’re a part of a large group we’re growing. Um, every single week. We’re just, we’re growing by hundreds of contributors around the world. We’re now in other states or other countries, rather we’re into South Africa, we’re into Spain. Um, working with these groups, helping with all kinds of issues. It’s this, isn’t a, I want to remind you that the CDC does not exist because of mandates of vaccinations. We exist on anything that threatens the chiropractic way of life.

We’re fighting in Canada with the x-ray issues. We’re now fighting in South Africa. They’re starting to do the same thing with creating these bogus x-ray policies. And we’re going to be working with them down there to ensure that our doctors have the ability to treat and to do what they need to do from an analysis standpoint. So we’re, we’re fighting on behalf of chiropractors for chiropractors all over the world. So please just continue to do your part. We’re going to do ours and together. We’re going to make sure that chiropractic becomes the number one healthcare choice in the world. We love you. Don’t ever stop telling the story and I’ll talk to you next week. God bless