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Monday Mandate UPDATE for the week of October 25th, 2021

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Hey, everybody. It’s Bharon Hoag, the executive director of OneChiropractic and the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, October 25th with our weekly update. And yes, I know we used to call these a mandate madness updates, but we’re starting to cover a lot of different things across the profession. Um, so we’re just going to simplify it and call it the weekly updates so that you’re aware of the things that we’re doing. Um, you can tell from my surroundings that I’m in a different environment today, I’m actually recording these videos from, um, a hotel room in Chicago, Illinois. I’m actually at the remarkable practices immersion event this weekend. And, um, thank you so much, um, to Dr. Franson and your team at TRP and, and allowing me the opportunity to speak to your tribe today, what a great group of people. So those of you that this is your first weekly update, uh, thank you for joining the cause and becoming a part of our tribe.

Um, but I also want to thank the other amazing groups that we, that we are working with that have jumped behind us and supporting us and sending our information out to your tribe. Um, so we have amped and we appreciate you guys. You were one of the first to jump on Tony [inaudible] PDX that the patient experience or a pediatric experience group. Thank you so much for your support and jumping on board. The master circle has joined on, thank you so much for disseminating this through your Facebook channels, all of those amazing things, ChiroSecure. Um, we thank you so much for jumping on board and again, pushing this through your channels. Um, maximize living has been a big supporter in what we’re doing and then AMC. Uh, we also are partnering a lot with, um, state associations and, and communicating through them. So thank you to all of you for being a conduit to get this information out on a regular basis.

So make sure you check out their social channels. Um, obviously through our social media channels as well, it’s a great place to send your friends. Um, we post these videos there as well. So, and we also post the videos from other countries. If you are interested, we put those on our Facebook page as well. Um, we’re starting with the updates on our website. Um, please make sure you go back to that site, defend chiropractic pretty regularly as we’re updating on, on the regular, what’s going on. Our financial information is up there. Now. We we’re starting to add pages by country. So if you want to know what’s going on in these other countries, you can click on those links and be able to see the updates that I’m shooting for that as well. So again, our whole commitment is making sure that we’re updating you on everything that’s going on throughout the profession.

So as far as the United States is concerned, um, actually still, no news is good news for the most part. You know, we’ve still not heard from any chiropractors that are being harassed in any part of the country. Those that are following our religious exemption process, um, for them and their employees, everything seems to be going as we expected where they’re just not going to bother us. They’re going to let us do our thing. Um, uh, Rhode Island. Again, we are still working on that lawsuit. They’re forcing the state government to accept and recognize religious exemptions. Um, as I stated, new York’s case was a big case for us to be able to support the standing of the religious exemption. Unfortunately main’s case did not go our direction. So they’re in the process of an appeal, but it’s actually a good thing cause it’s rising it all the way up to the U S Supreme court, which is where we believe based on the justices that sit on that, that we’re going to be, have a favorable response to their opinion of the first amendment.

So we needed those appeals. We needed this to go all the way to the Supreme court. So the decision can be made once and for all, and it is escalating pretty quickly. So we’re hoping within the next couple of weeks, we’ll have that ruling from the Supreme court, which then we can use in our case in Rhode Island. Um, we are still escalating through the stages in Rhode Island as well. Um, so you providers there just keep doing what you’re doing. The good news is, um, we haven’t really heard of any massive, uh, tax or, or anyone coming in knocking on doors. As I stated last week, we have heard there are surveys. I heard that the health department made a call or two to chiropractic offices right now our attorney is saying that, just ignore all of that. You are not legally required or mandated to do any of that stuff.

Just keep going business as usual. If anyone shows up at your door, reach out to us and we’ll be there to defend you and make sure that you’re protected. So right now it’s just business as usual in the United States, it’s what we’ve been doing. Um, you know, we believe that this thing has kind of run its course, at least this phase of this battle, everyone’s waiting to see exactly what the fallout is going to be from some of the cases that are currently in the legal system, as well as the, the, the repercussions of people being fired or people just not working because they aren’t going to get the vaccine. So I want you to, I want you to understand that there’s so much going on and there’s so many various levels of these particular mandates that we have to just be willing to be okay, to just do our part.

And our part is telling the story of chiropractic, right? We just need you to keep doing your thing in practice. Don’t get sucked into all of the brain damage that’s happening, all of the media, perpetuating propaganda. And fear-mongering, I’m telling you, we have our boots on the ground. Our team is ready. I told you from the very beginning, if you go back and watch some of our recordings, I was sharing with you that we think part of their strategy is kind of a shock and awe, which is to really just scare people into submission that they really don’t have a mechanism of enforcement. And so far, that’s exactly how it’s played out. Now that could change overnight. And if it does, we’re prepared, I don’t want you to think that we’re just necessarily playing a game of chicken with them. Cause we’re not. We’re fully prepared to support and defend our chiropractors.

If it comes to that, we just don’t believe that’s actually going to come to that position. So we want you to continue to just do your thing, continue to practice, continue to educate your people. Tell the story of chiropractic, stay off the social media is don’t go out there and perpetuate any anger or frustration or add to the noise, but continue to do what you’re doing. Now. I don’t normally do this cause I shoot videos for other countries, but I do want to share with you some things that are going on around the world, because they do have some implications on what’s happening here in the United States, especially what’s happening in Canada. So we are aggressively working. So as I stated, our website, you’re going to be able to go there, here in the coming days and be able to see a new look kind of, and be able to see what’s going on in each country and the resources that we’re supplying and the things that we’re doing.

But I want you to know that that Canada and Australia are in a completely different situation than the United States because of their, um, legal framework because of the constitutions they have in their countries. And it’s just not the same as in the United States. So we’re having to go a little bit of a different strategy, but we’re building a phenomenal network of attorneys. Um, I’m very pleased with how well we’re working together with the organizations within those countries, bringing everyone under our umbrella. And so the really great news that I have to share with you as we’ve just eclipsed, our 2000th contributor. So we now have 2000 plus people that are giving to us every single month, which gives us an incredible position to be able to not only financially to be able to fight the fights, we need to fight, but it also gives us a huge tribe to make sure that we’re continuing to plug in, that these videos are going to, I remember the goal is 5,000, right?

We, we don’t want to stop here. Uh, you know, I’d love to get to 10,000 and 15,000 chiropractors across the world that are jumping on board to ensure that we’re protecting the rights of practicing chiropractors, but I’m very, very proud. And I want to thank you. So a sincere thank you to your trust. You guys have helped us to achieve this goal by actually sharing this information with your colleagues. But I’m asking you to keep it up. I’m asking you to continue to go out and tell the world about what we’re doing. Tell your colleagues, get us in front of other groups. So I named a bunch of groups off in the very beginning that have already connected with us and are willing to be conduits of our information. I’m asking you if you’re a part of a different group that I didn’t name, please reach out to me, let me get connected to whoever runs that particular group so that we can share with them really what we’re doing.

The power behind the Chiropractic Defense Council is really about having our network of people in our channels of communication. So when the proverbial crap hits the fan, we have a streamlined way to get information to everybody that needs it. So please, as, as you continue to support what we’re doing, part of that is sharing your message with others. Imagine when we have the resources and the network put together that we’re building how powerful we’re going to be at stopping anyone from attacking chiropractic. And again, right now the issue has mandates and a lot of places, but we’re fighting x-ray issues in British Columbia. We’re working with attorneys right now. We’re going after their college of chiropractic. There’s a lot of crazy stuff that’s going on up there that will, if not contained, will slowly start leaking into the United States. And so the work we’re doing is so much bigger than just vaccines.

It’s about building a network, building an infrastructure, a foundational group of people to ensure that the rights of chiropractors are protected and it’s working that confidence that we’re able to instill in others is something that I will never take for granted. Just the emails that we’re getting to people saying, thank you for fighting for us, letting us know that we’re not alone. And there’s someone out there on our side. So please continue to spread the word, share this video, share our website. If I can help, I’ll do a zoom call with anybody or I’ll record videos for any group. There’s a number of groups this weekend. I’m here in Chicago, but I know down in D E Dr. Johnson is sharing a video. I know AMC last weekend shared a video cause I couldn’t be at their event because I was somewhere else in the country and looking forward to being at Lyceum next weekend and at Sherman and connecting with a number of amazing people as well.

So I’m doing my best, traveling the country. Well, they’ll let me travel when I don’t have a vaccine, um, and telling the story right now, when I can get in front of groups of people, but you can help me escalate that by sharing these types of things with your network. So please keep sharing. Please keep telling people about what we’re doing and just know that we’re going to continue to love and serve and fight and defend the rights of practicing chiropractors, but it’s because of you that we get it done. So thank you for letting us eclipse that 2000 contributor. Um, and man, our next milestone is 5,000. So help us get there by the end of the year. We love you. We appreciate you. God, bless your day.