Blog, Chiropractic Research March 15, 2020

Outcomes of Pregnant Patients With Low Back Pain Undergoing Chiropractic Treatment

A ChiroSecure Research Update

Outcomes of Pregnant Patients With Low Back Pain Undergoing Chiropractic Treatment

The purpose of an outcome study of pregnant patients with low back or pelvic pain undergoing chiropractic was 1) to report outcomes in receiving chiropractic treatment; 2) to compare outcomes from subgroups; 3) to assess predictors of outcome. 

Baseline numerical rating scale (NRS) and Oswestry questionnaire data were collected. Duration of complaint, number of previous LBP episodes, LBP during a previous pregnancy, and category of pain location were recorded.

Low back (LBP) and pelvic pain in pregnant women is such a common phenomenon, affecting 50-80%, that it is often considered a normal part of the pregnancy.

Out of the 115 recruited pregnant patients, 52% ‘improved’ at 1 week, 70% at 1 month, 85% at 3 months, 90% at 6 months and 88% at 1 year.

There is clinical evidence that proves most pregnant patients undergoing chiropractic treatment reported relevant improvement at all time points up to 1 year.

No serious adverse events were reported in this study and over 85% of the patients were happy or very happy with their chiropractic treatment. Adverse events from spinal manipulation to pregnant women or those in the early post-partum period are very rare with only 7 cases found in the literature.

The impact that LBP or pelvic pain may have on quality of life, as well as the fact that back pain during pregnancy is commonly linked to low back pain persisting after pregnancy, mandates that it be taken seriously by health care practitioners.

Peterson, C.K., Mühlemann, D. & Humphreys, B.K. Outcomes of pregnant patients with low back pain undergoing chiropractic treatment: a prospective cohort study with short term, medium term and 1 year follow-up. Chiropr Man Therap 22, 15 (2014).