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Pediatric Table Talk

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Hey, welcome to the show. We’re alive. Look to the Children first Thursday of every month. My name is Dr. Erik Kowalke, thanks to Dr. Stu Hoffman and ChiroSecure and all that they do for the chiropractic profession. We appreciate all the content that they’re putting out all the support they give our office and all of our associate docs that work in our clinic over the past.

Several years. And so this show is hosted by ChiroSecure. We do two a month, the first and the third Thursday, Dr. Monika Buerger leads the third Thursday, Look to the Children’s Show and myself leads the first Thursday, which is what you’re watching right now. I’m a chiropractor in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I also started at founded a tech company called SKED where we allow patients and families. The ability to see their appointments and improve communication between chiropractic clinics and their patient base through technology and a mobile app is that if you want to check it out but today, specifically I want to give you guys some information that you could take back to table talk within your clinic this week.

And even this afternoon, if you’re watching it live. Specifically round table talk and pediatric chiropractic care are the three things that you need to be talking about. Every visit with parents and kids to really reshape and reset the mindset of the next generation, which is one of my missions is to allow the next generation to think about health and see health differently.

And I think you all can agree. We need that now more than ever before. We were just on a trip this last weekend to St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, with some friends of ours. Who are chiropractors as well. And we were talking about our kids, friends. We have six children, myself, three boys, three girls and their kids are couple, a little bit older.

And so many of their friends are on. Anxiety, medication and depression, medication and people that we know and our kids school and Christian education arts under these medications. And when you talk to some of these parents that aren’t in chiropractic mindset in realm, they don’t really think that’s not good, to us, if my kid was on depression medication, First, I don’t know what would have to happen for me to do that, but if it happened, I would be, very shocked and like very concerned and it’s become a normal thing in our society, which is just not okay because we know the effects that, that has on their developing brain and nervous system and everything else.

And we know the true cause and the root cause of the problem is people just don’t know. So the number one thing that you need to be talking about is. You are designed to be healthy. So if you’re taking notes, these are the three things I would write down, put them on a sticky note, put them into your adjusting room and just talk about these all day.

This weekend, next week to parents is, did you know that your kid was designed to be healthy? Did he know he, this was designed to be healthy there, their heart of hearts to knows that’s true, but have they thought about it in that context? Asking them the question, knowing they probably know that they were designed to be healthy, but they haven’t really thought from that aspect they’re designed to be healthy.

Yeah. I knew a lot of this was designed to be healthy. Did you know that healthy is actually normal and unhealthy is. Yeah, I knew that then. Why do you think it, do you think it’s alarming or concerning that majority of teenage kids now are on some sort of prescription medication and then is that prescription medication?

Is that normal or is that abnormal? That’s abnormal, but it’s becoming normal, which means our current society and the state of our teenagers and our kids. Instead of healthy being normal, which is how we were created to be unhealthy means you’re on prescription drugs means that’s becoming normal.

So I think the other important thing to connect there is if you’re on prescription drugs and a lack of symptoms doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Being symptomatic anxiety and depression. Since I mentioned that one, having no symptoms, the average person would think if you have those symptoms, you’re unhealthy, but if you can take medication and those symptoms go away now, does that mean you’re healthy?

No, that doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Just means you don’t have those symptoms because you’re artificially suppressing or modifying the chemistry of the body through taking these drugs and medication, that mindset and process. Really go through most people’s thought processes in today’s day and age. So that’s number one, you were designed to be healthy and that conversation could go many different ways.

And these are just quick, th these are conversations in topics I’m discussing as I’m adjusting. So this isn’t like I’m doing a consult for 15, 20 minutes. These are just happening, 1600 plus people every single week. Our adjustment times are three, two to three minutes. You can have a lot of conceptual talk in two to three minutes.

Number two, your body is smart. Did he know that there is an inmate intelligence that runs your body? And it actually knows what it’s doing. This is another basic concept to chiropractor. That we just assume everybody knows your body is smart. Did you know, like two cells came together and in nine months formed the complete human, right?

And like you can eat cheeseburgers. So this is great for kids by the way, is, they’d have a cut by CA cut or like a rash or something on their body. Their knees are all smashed up, which happens all the time is as soon as I see that, I take that opportunity to. Educate on that. Like how do you think your fingers going to heal up from that?

Cut? Are you thinking about it going? No. I’m not thinking about it. Healing your body heals it. So what did you have for lunch today? I say candy. What’d you have for breakfast and they say candy. Then the parents are all embarrassed and I’m like, okay, somehow your amazing body is taking candy and turning that into new skin tissue.

And it’s taking cheeseburger, eat for lunch and turning that into skin to heal your finger. And you don’t even have to think about it. So would you agree that your body is really smart and inside is an innate intelligence that controls and runs your body ultimately wants to keep you healthy. And now you can connect it to number three, which is subluxation causes, dysfunction that can manifest into symptoms and.

This is where parents get hung up at. They don’t know what the root causes, nobody even talks to them about the root cause they just know my kids unhealthy. What should I do to make them healthy? AKA, what can I do to make them symptom free? Which is where our society drives them. And it’s to take medication.

They don’t have any other choice. So we’re giving them choices by educating them that their body is really smart. That healthy is normal. Not. And now there’s something called subluxation that causes a dysfunction in their nervous system and in their body that can manifest into symptoms and conditions that they never knew.

So this concept of subluxation gives them hope that oh wow. There’s something that nobody’s ever taught me before nobody’s ever talked about before that could be causing dysfunction and resulted in an unhealthy state in my child that would give me another option and solution to make them healthy. And symptom-free without taking drugs and medication and going down that path.

And so subluxation. By discussing. This brings them to the root cause of many health conditions, which is what we know as chiropractors, which is why the first thing we do is get checked for subluxation and nerve interference and remove that these three topics lead them down that path. So number one, you’re designed to be healthy.

Number two, your body is smart and number three, subluxation, the concept of subluxation that it can cause dysfunction that can lead to manifest and lead and manifest into conditions. Totally changes their perception of everything. And you can judge how much they really get this and understand it based on how that, what they react to and what they do.

And the questions that they ask their kid has an ear infection. Are they bringing them to you or are they going to the ER first? If they have some of these conditions that really they should be checked for subluxation first, are they actually checking? Are they thinking I should get this kid checked for Suboxone?

That’s how you can grade how well you’re educating them and how well your table talk is working in, this, these three core concepts should start the first time anybody meets you in your office. Like day one, the tour should be showing them pictures of families and kids and reiterating these concepts of lifetime family.

The whole process of there day one and educating them on chiropractic and, figuring out what their condition is or reviewing their health history. These concepts should be coming up and these questions should be coming up. As you review their health history, you know the question like do you think it’s normal that he has an anxiety or she has anxiety or depression?

Do you think that’s normal? Do you think the body is smart and wants them to be healthy and happy and whole. Have they discussed the underlying root cause of why your child is experiencing these symptoms, making them think, oh my gosh, no, they actually haven’t discussed that with me. They’ve actually never brought that up.

You start unveiling and uncovering opportunities to really change their mindset with. Totally changes the game. So this is where I consider that a win. If I can change the health mindset of the next generation and appearance, that’s a win for me. Even if they end care, they’re going to carry that new outlook on life and health and the body and subluxation with them for the rest of them.

And make better decisions for their kids, which in turn is going to make better decisions for their kids’ kids. And you could have a multi-generational impact on your community and the world through having them think something differently than what they’ve been taught and what they see on media and social media and everywhere else.

This is the fourth one that I’ll give you a cell is only going to say three, but the fourth one once, once they grasp the concept of their body, smart, the kids body smart they’re designed to be healthy. They know what subluxation is. They know subluxation can interfere with the nervous system and interfere with the brain’s ability, communicate with the body and body back to the brain and ultimately lead to symptoms and body dysfunction and disease.

This whole concept. Then the next one is how would you know if your child has subluxation?

How do you think? I know if I have subluxation, they’re going to say pain. They’re gonna say, oh, their back hurts or their knee hurts or their neck hurts, that’s symptoms, but what if they don’t have any symptoms? Is it possible to have a subluxation that’s interfering with the body creating a state of dis-ease with.

If they can say yes to that, then how do you know if they have a subluxation? They have to get checked by a chiropractor. How do I know if I have a subluxation? I get checked by a chiropractor. I’m a chiropractor myself. And I check all these people and I can’t check myself or assess myself for subluxation.

I get checked by a chiropractor to assess my own spine and nervous system for subluxation. And I do that regularly to stay healthy and stay free of nerve interference and allow my body to function at the highest. Though, that’s the final hurdle of getting over is realizing part of my proactive state of health and my proactive outlook on staying healthy and keeping my family healthy is to eat good to exercise, to, make sure we’re not putting bad things into our brains.

With what we watch and what we consume for content and what we let speak into our life and our kids’ life. Not teach sugar and processed foods all day long. Stay active. We’re not on screen time, a lot. We’re out. Most parents know that even if they don’t make the great choices all the time, number four is keep our kids free and nerve interference.

There was one thing I could do. I would keep them three. I’ve never been a friends. I’d let them eat Cheerios every. If I could check them for subluxation, I would rather check them for subluxation and let them eat Cheerios. Then not let them eat Cheerios and not know, or remove nerve reference, or check them from subluxation.

So having these co having them realize and understand, man subluxation can be detrimental to my kids’ health and their future health. Regardless of symptoms and I should have part of my regular routine should be giving them check for subluxation. That’s where we’re leading them to. That’s what we want them to understand.

That’s what we want them to value and to know. And then our job is to how do we make it as convenient as possible for them to get regular chiropractic care subluxation checked for subluxation for them or their whole family. And that’s where we designed SCAD for is to make it easy for families to make chiropractic care part of their everyday life.

They can schedule appointments through an app. They can reschedule appointments through the app. They can sync it with their calendars. It syncs to our EHR systems. So we don’t have to manage most of that. They can two-way text our office that can leave us reviews. They can find directions to our clinic, customize all that through the scan platform.

And now we just make chiropractic care convenient for their life. So I hope you take those three things, four things actually back to your practice. Number one, put, educate your team on that. If your team’s all on board and they can start speaking these, this into their family, into the families that come into your clinic, and then you can start doing this with your table talk.

And if you have multiple associate docs I encourage you guys pick some of these as well, and just say, Hey, this week, let’s talk about your desire to be healthy. Ask questions. Let them tell you, chiropractors, we have a very high tendency to just spew information and just tell, instead of asking, if you can ask and get them to tell you what you want to tell them, it’s going to stick a thousand times more than if you just regurgitate information on them.

So do you think we’re designed to be healthy? Hey Mary, do you think your body is. What do you think it means when we say your body is smart? Hey, do you know what a subluxation is? We keep talking about it’s all over our office. Do you know what the heck a subluxation is? Number four. How do you think, I know if I’m subluxated as a chiropractor and you start just asking them questions and you can mix it up with different people and just get great feedback from LP.

Lisa to lifetime family wellness care ultimately leads to changing the mindset of the next generation, which has an infinite impact on your community. I’d love to hear your feedback and your response on those things as you’re using those in your office. So you can reach me, Dr. Erik, D R E R I K.

It’s good. That life or comment in one of the threads below. Just let me know if that’s helpful for you guys. We’ll keep sharing awesome content. I’ve looked through the children’s show. I’ll see you back the first Thursday of July and don’t miss Dr. Monika Buerger. You see her on the screen right there.

The third Thursday of June, she’ll be alive. Same time, same place. Have a fantastic June. We’ll talk to you guys soon.

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