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Pediatrics and Principled Chiropractic – Erik Kowalke, DC

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Now here’s, today’s host Dr. Eric.

You can see me welcome to look to the children. Um, my name is Dr. Erik Kowalke, excited to be here with you today. Um, thanks for ChiroSecure for hosting. All of these shows that they do, uh, if this is your first time to any of COVID secure stuff, they do a lot of shows and they’re, they’re awesome. Dr. Stu and ChiroSecure invests a lot back into the profession, um, which is why I’m part of this. Cause I love the chiropractic profession. I started scared, uh, communication company for chiropractors that gives back to the profession. Um, and so we love chiropractic and we aligned on that. And so I love doing these shows just to give back to you guys in chiropractors and help you be more successful, seeing kids, um, and more passionate about seeing kids. And that’s what we’re going to get into today.

Um, I, I, my wife was out of town last week. We have six kids and they range from one to 12 and she was out of town all weekend. So I took it upon myself to, uh, do all the laundry on Sunday. And one of my nice shirts, this one right here is a hundred percent cotton. And so I washed it and then dried it. And when I put it on this morning, the sleeves were about four inches shorter than they’re supposed to be. And so I tried to stretch it, make it bigger. And I went like this and rip the whole sleeve right off. So if you go and get anything out of this today, um, maybe you can learn after a cotton shirt shrinks, you can’t expand it with your muscles. Um, like I tried to, that’s like the end of my tricep just blew out the sleeve there.

So, um, I have higher health chiropractic in grand Rapids, Michigan. We see tons of kids. Our office is right around 1200 a week. So we probably see, I think, five to 600 kids a week. And one of the favorite things, my favorite things to do in the office is just to educate kids and figure out how to communicate with them effectively and having six kids and being in practice for 10 years and seeing the volume of kids that we do. I really like to talk to you guys, they just about principle chiropractic stuff. You can think about a kid’s day kid wakes up. The average kid wakes up at six o’clock, 6:30 to get ready for the bus. You know, they’re, they’re eating cereal, which is like not doing anything for their body, other than giving them a sugar spike. And they’re coding their cereal in milk, which causes systemic inflammation in their body.

So they wake up with cereal. Uh, they rush out of the house with either a cold lunch. That’s, uh, you know, deli meat wrapped in white bread, uh, with some Cheetos, which, or Doritos, and then some sort of, uh, milk maybe, and like a chocolate bar. So they didn’t get very much anything nutritious wise for breakfast. They had to wake up about two or three hours earlier than they would have if they would have just kept sleeping. They rushed on the bus. Now they’re wearing a mask. So they’re wearing a mask and their CO2 levels are higher all day. It’s causing a stress on their body. They’re going through school, which all of this stuff is going on. You know, their parents were rushing around trying to get them on the bus. So they’re kind of stressed out. They’re they’re told to hurry up like five times, hurry, hurry, hurry, rush, go, go, go, go get on the bus.

They get on the bus, they get to school and they’re going through, you know, all of this stuff they have to learn. And if you have kids in school, you know, they retain a very small, it’s like when you’re going through chiropractic school and you’re memorizing just so much stuff to dump for a test. And like a week after the test, you know, you retain maybe 20% of what you learned, what you just regurgitated on that exam. Well, kids are being taught a lot of times the same way, and they’re just trying to like, you know, just so much information coming at them. And then they get to lunchtime and they’re eating their white bread sandwich and Cheetos and, uh, milk or they’re, they’re having hot lunch, which they skirt around and they try to get pizza or breadsticks or chicken nuggets, uh, with just tons of ranch and sauce on them.

And if they’re at some city school, sometimes they can even get pop and soda and stuff. And then they’re on another sugar high. And then they go through all the afternoon classes and then they’re rushing to get on the bus and they get on the bus and they come home potentially. Or a lot of kids have afterschool programs around our area. So they’ll, they’ll go to an after school program for an hour. Then they’ll go home and then they’ll rush off to, uh, hockey or basketball or football or a dance or gymnastics or swimming or a polo or whatever other sports that they have. And they’re at that for an hour or two. And then they come home and they eat probably a decent meal. If, if they can, if not, it’s like McDonald’s or Hardee’s, or, you know, some fast food restaurant. And then they might play games or watch TV.

And they go to sleep at like nine or 10 o’clock at night. And they wake up at like 6:00 AM the next day. We just think about their bodies as like a machine. So I used to be, if you haven’t been on my shows, you don’t know me. I used to be a mechanical engineer back in the day, I went to Michigan tech and the ups. I worked on the upper peninsula of Michigan as the VP. And I worked on diesel engines and I loved engines and figuring out how they worked. And well, if you’re driving around a diesel truck and you put regular gasoline in there that thing’s not going to run. If you put diesel and then you just start injected sugar and junk in there, it’s going to run really, really bad. So we think about our bodies, the average kid, what they’re putting in their body, it’s amazing that they can function as well as they do.

It’s amazing. They don’t get sick all the time. A lot of kids actually are getting sick all the time. It’s amazing that they develop normally, you know, not now, now consider all the stuff that gets injected into their body. Like if they’re getting vaccinations or they’re getting medications, the number of kids like the last statistic I heard is average teenage kids taking two to four prescription drugs. I mean, think about that. Like the kid goes through a day, like I just walked through with the nutrition that they’re getting or lack thereof. Now you add on the stress chemical stress of, of medications. And you think about how is that affecting their developing body. You add on like vaccinations and other toxins coming into their body. Um, maybe lack of water consumption, all the different things that are involved. You would you’d look at the average American kid and be like, Oh my gosh, this kid is like totally messed up.

We haven’t even talked about nerve interference yet. You think about, you know, you compound all of that with nerve interference. So that’s what I’m getting at is as a chiropractor, our job and what we’re great at. And what we do is removing nerve interference helps with all of those things. So if, if they have nerve interference, their brains not communicating with their digestive system properly, they’re not going to be able to process effectively the nutrients that they are getting the small amount that they are and maybe their body isn’t going to, you know, process the toxins out like it should. And then they’re, they’re stressed out with their mass stuff. Well, if they have nerve interference of brains, unable to properly communicate back and forth to their body, to process everything that’s going on with wearing a mask and how that’s stressing the respiratory system and everything else, because the respiratory system is function of the nervous system.

And then you look at, uh, like after school sports and running around and doing all that stuff well, they’re supposed to perform the best that they can and they’re given their best, but are they mentally as sharp when they just went through a day like that? Are they mentally as sharp if they have nerve interference, uh, are there structurally as safe and effective as they could be? So you probably get the question a lot with sports. Should I get my kid adjusted before or after? Or should I get adjusted before, after I do things? Well, if you ever watch a kid play hockey, my 12 year old plays hockey, um, if they get slammed into the boards, when you rather, your kid gets slammed into the board’s head first with a properly aligned functioning spine, or would you rather get slammed into the board where there’s spines all out of whack and then adjust them afterwards, I’d want to do both, but for sure beforehand, because it’s going to limit his chance of injury.

So they go through all of those things. Well, the best part about chiropractic here is we can, we can help with all of those through removing nervous system interference. You know, we can’t fix an entire kid’s life of problems, right? We can’t make them not eat cereal for breakfast. We can’t make them, uh, drink more water at school. We can recommend those things, but we can’t, we don’t really have control over that. We don’t have control over their, what they’re learning in school, and what’s going into their head. We don’t have control over the stress. That’s on their life from their parents or everything that’s going on there. We can make recommendations, but ultimately we don’t have control over that. But if we can get them on the table, we have control over removing nerve interference and finding nerve interference and removing subluxation from their body and allowing their body to communicate better and function better.

And for me, I, I find great joy in that knowing like, even if that kid lives in, does exactly the same thing tomorrow as he did today, which is very likely going to happen, his body’s going to function a little bit better. It’s going to be able to, uh, adapt better. It’s going to be able to manage better. It might be even be able to allow him to think a little bit differently or clearer, clearer, and make better choices. Sometimes even kids notice, um, they feel better if they eat a certain way or drink a certain way. And so I see in cases where you start removing nerve interference and now their body’s able to function and give that kid senses and, and communicate almost back to them internally about what’s good and bad for their body. And they make better choices through a better functioning, nervous system.

And so what our, what our role is in a kid’s life is just so massive. And it just drives me to want to do more and more knowing that what are, what about the kids we don’t get to you? What about the parents? We don’t get to, you know, what, if this keeps happening, what’s the next generation going to look like if it weren’t for you guys, chiropractors out there teaching natural health and removing nerve interference and getting these kids to function better. What’s the alternative. Like what’s going to happen. The kids who live a life like that, by the time they’re teenagers, they’re already starting chronic illness. By the time they’re in their twenties or thirties of chronic illness. I mean, some of you might have a spouse that has a chronic illness. Like that’s a huge deal that affects everything in your life.

If they have to sleep, you know, half the day, I have moms coming in with migraines and they sleep half the day and they just can’t function unless they’re on tons of medication. I mean, how is that affecting their kid? Well, that mom used to be the kid in the scenario. We’re talking about that got up every morning and had their cereal and took the medications and went to school and all of that stuff. Cause that’s what happens. Sick kids turn in sick adults, kids with bad habits when they’re a kid or adults with bad habits when they’re adults. And if chiropractors don’t do anything, what is what’s going to happen? I mean, we’re just gonna have a six, six society, you know, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Like, Oh my gosh, if I see 20 kids this week, am I really making an impact?

Yes, you’re making an impact because each one of those kids is your 10 X seen things. So just like, um, we have one office, but I teach at multiple chiropractic schools around the country and I speak different places and we own skin. So we, we communicate through skin electronically with chiropractors to 150 200,000 patients every month, um, through text messaging and different things. And so we’re making a hundred X impact through those other corporations. And if I can help you guys reach more people, you know, you’re going to be able to help a lot more people than I can physically do myself. Well, the same concept goes for helping kids because that kid is going to become a parent and they’re going to have influence over their kids, which are going to have influence over their kids. And so you really have generational impact by helping one kid and really helping their body function better and allowing them to see and feel the difference of a healthy functioning, nervous system versus what our society deems as normal, which is just the sick model of, of all this crap that I just went through.

And so that sick model isn’t addressed anywhere, a kid has a chronic health condition. They’re not even asking, what does the kid eat? What do they drink? What is their life like? What is their life what’s lifestyle? What are their stresses? Are they getting enough sleep? They’re not addressing any of that. They’re just saying, here’s the problem. And then they’re just treating it with, with a medication from the outside in, it’d be like, if you were putting sugar in your diesel engine truck all the time, and I was running my craft. Yeah. The, the, the exhaust is going to be all clogged up. The intake. Manifold is going to be all messed up. So I could give you a better intake, manifold or fluid to clean it out. And it would run better for a little while, but the problem is still there. Cause they put sugar in the engine, right?

So many of you are big into nutrition and stuff, and that’s not really what I’m getting at. I’m just getting that kids are sick. The system is sick. The system is broken. Chiropractors have the answer. Uh, nerve interference is a big problem and nerve interference effects everything else. And the only people only profession capable and trained and passionate enough to do anything about it. As chiropractors, we can find your remove nerve interference. And so you should be talking about that. I think a lot of times we think as chiropractors, you know, the more I diversify and the more things I do and the more I advertise the newest, latest technology and the newest, latest thing, I can get more people into my clinic by doing this newest program. But what that’s created is an environment around, if you just stay principled to what chiropractic is the heart of it, what only a chiropractor can do, which is remove subluxations and nerve interference and allow the body to function better from the inside out.

People just gravitate towards that. I am telling you if that’s all you talked about, you had nothing else in your clinic, except for subluxation based chiropractic care. People fly off the shelf to come in. That’s what we do in our clinic. We tons of people, we see almost a hundred new patients last month, 70 were referrals. We just talk about principle chiropractic care. Although the amazing power of the body to heal itself, they have what walks in the door of your office is the most amazing machine that’s ever been created. It has all of the intelligence necessary to get that person healthy. You have the key to unleash it. You have the knowledge and the information and the techniques and the skills to unleash the power of the most amazing machine body ever created, which is every patient that walks in. And just recognizing that and understanding the power of that is just so exciting because you can make such a massive difference and all those kids out there are going to be adults.

They’re going to be, they’re going to be our congressmen. They’re going to be our senators. They’re going to be our presidents. They’re going to be our judges. They’re going to be people running. I mean, in this time, you know, with everything, all the craziness going on, we need a lot of on subluxated, healthy people to run our country for the next generation and multiple generations and chiropractors have the answer to make sure those people are healthy and they’re functioning best that they can. And so if I could give you any encouragement, just be excited about the principle of chiropractic B, be excited and just recognize the impact that you can make in just one single kid, getting chiropractic care and allowing their body to function better, man, you’re changing their life forever, which is changing the life of so many other people forever. Um, and so I get excited about that.

And, and um, the last thing I wanted to share is a little, uh, analogy. Maybe I guess you could call it that I use when I started talking about immune system with kids. So if you know anything about teenage kids that play games, they love Fortnite. Uh, they love like shooting games and all kinds of stuff. So they know army, they know special forces. Most of those kids know weapons and guns that I never even heard of before. It’s a true Fortnite and all these things. And so if you could just tie analogies back to them that relate to them. So I gave up, I gave a family analogy the other day, they’re asking me immune system, artificial immunity, natural immunity. And if you think about your immune system as an army, the first phase layer of defense is your special forces. So if a virus comes in through your nose or your mouth or your ears, your skin, it reaches your special forces, which is phase one of your army.

They’re trying to fight that virus off. They’re trying to, to protect the body first line of defense. Well, you have all these layers of defense. So maybe the center of your immune system or, or you’re the center of the generals in your army. They’re just chilling back in the middle, in a room, drinking coffee, just making sure everything’s functioning like it’s supposed to. And they, you know, the special forces communicate back and say, Oh, we got a level, one invasion. Uh, we’re taking care of it. Don’t even worry about it. And level one invasion takes care of it. The genitals just keeps it in their coffee. Well, the next virus comes in, it gets past special forces and it gets to the infantry or whatever you want to call too. And uh, Oh, it’s a little bit bigger deal now. So now the generals in the, in the middle are like, Oh, they got to level two.

Let’s just kind of get ready just in case it happens level two, defeat. Some, it never gets to them. Uh, it goes through these phases so that your body prepares special forces to fight that forever. So if this virus is bad enough and it gets all the way close to the generals, you’re the body is going to create a special force army to fight that virus or that enemy forever in your body. So now we know how they fight. We know how they got in. We know what they look like. We know all of their tactics and we know how we defeated them. So the body is going to create a special forces army that has all that information that knows how to, uh, combat and beat that enemy. If it ever comes back in, and it’s going to go push that out to level one special forces, and it’s going to exist there forever lifetime natural immunity.

That’s how it works. Uh, artificial immunity, the generals are just chilling in their, in their, uh, tend to drink a coffee. And all of a sudden the virus and a bunch of other toxins get injected right into their camp. So they’re sitting there in coffee. Also, the virus is right there. They got no warning from phase one, phase two, phase three, nobody even told me it was coming. Uh, they haven’t been broken down. They haven’t been defeated at all yet. They’re like, here we are rod. So generals are just killing them. You know, they don’t, they don’t really know what they look like. They don’t really know how they fight. They didn’t really know how they presented themselves. They have no idea how they got there. They just showed up. And so the bodies, you know, develops a bunch of antibodies to, or special forces to combat whatever this was, but you know, it’s artificial.

So it’s kind of there and it might help if the virus ends up coming through phase one again, but it’s not going to last forever because we don’t even know how it got there. And we don’t really know what it look like and all this stuff. And so it might last for a year or two and they might be some special forces out there looking for this thing, but they’re going to eventually just go away because we didn’t have enough information to really build a strong team for it, which is why they need booster artificial immunity. And that you have to like keep doing, because it’s artificially created, whereas natural, it’s going to be there forever. And that really strengthens your immune system. Uh, because now those special forces, they know what that looks like, but they’re learning. Cause it’s always learning. So now it knows if another virus comes in, that’s a little bit different, but it looks like this other one or is acting like this other one and your body already knows how it defeated.

One that looked like that. So it has an advantage over them versus never seen them before. And a lot of light bulbs went off, you know, and, and it inspired them to ask a lot of questions. And as kids they’re like, Oh, that’s exciting to hear my body in that way. It’s exciting to have it explained that way. And they can think about it and they can ask questions about it. And so just, you know, we could get into immunoglobulins and all this stuff, and they’re going to be like, I don’t know what he’s talking about. I don’t remember any events though. And so communicating it back in a way that’s fun and, and relative to their life. So if you have teenagers in the, in the new Fortnite, you probably could use, uh, even better analogies with specific guns and like all kinds of stuff.

That would be really fun to explain that. But, um, that’s the stuff that sticks with them. And if many of you got into chiropractic because chiropractor educated you. So if you can inspire kids to love their own body and appreciate the power of their own body, maybe they’ll go be a chiropractor or maybe they’ll influence somebody else. Or at the very least, you’re not teaching them what to think, but you’re teaching them how to think and you’re teaching them. Man. I had no idea that my body does this. I mean, how many adults come in your practice? And they don’t even know anything about the body. They have no clue how their own body functions. They have no clue that the nervous system controls the immune system. They don’t even really know what the immune system is, because if they did, they wouldn’t have to take a pill or a drug.

Every time they have a fever or an illness or a stuffy nose. Cause they know that’s not the best thing to do for them, but they have no clue. I had two teenagers in my office last week and I was asking them about the body and uh, you know, where their spleen is. And they didn’t even know they had a spleen or what the spleen was. And I said, what about your liver? How many livers that you have? And they said, we got two livers, man, you’d be a powerhouse of, you had two liver kidneys. And it just went on and on and on. It was so funny. And his dad was like, Oh my gosh, we failed as parents. But I think, you know, guys, character just don’t overcomplicate it, man. I mean, sometimes we just, so over-complicated, if you think back to before you were a chiropractor and what you really knew about the body, it wasn’t very much, I mean, let’s just get back to the basics because the basics to the normal person are really exciting and amazing.

The body is amazing. It just get back to, Hey, this is what the body does. Sometimes it can get old. So you just gotta come up with new ways to explain it. And new ways that connect with people, to excite yourself and keep yourself passionate about how amazing the human body actually is. Because it’s more in how you say than what you say. It’s more in how you communicate it and your own excitement. So if you’re not excited about it and you’re not passionate about it, you can say the best words and describe it the best way. Uh, but I can guarantee you people won’t receive it in a way that they’ll remember it. So hopefully you got something out of that. Um, uh, I’m going to go with sleep. Is it, I gotta go change my shirt now that I failed to stretch it, it actually did stretch.

It fits all the way to the end of my arm. Notches just has a little vent hole in the back. Um, but thanks again. Uh, look to the children. My name’s Eric Kowalke, uh, I’ll be back the first Thursday of December, hard to believe last show of the month. We’ll see if we can come up with something exciting for December show. First Thursday of December at one Eastern. Uh, if you’ve never seen Dr. Monika, she just showed up on the screen. Dr. Monika has awesome. Next week. She has a show, uh, look to the children. She’s just so, um, the best way I could describe it as just a massive knowledge base. So just a massive knowledge base and a passion to help chiropractors just be better and learn more and get a better understanding of what it is that they do. So definitely tune in her show. And again, thanks for dr. Stu for hosting all this and ChiroSecure, uh, hope you guys have an awesome November and Thanksgiving, um, and have a lot to be thankful for. And we’ll see you guys in December.

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