Social Networking Policy

If you have not already watched Dr. Stu Hoffman’s Risk Management Tip on having a Social Media Networking Policy please do so now. Below the video you will see an image of a sample Social Media Networking Policy you can download by clicking on the image. Once you download it you can create your own document customized for your practice. Please makes sure you read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Here is a sample Social Media Networking Policy for you to download below.  Simply click on the image below that looks like an e-book to download or right click on it and choose Download Linked File.


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Please note this is a Social Networking Policy sample document template.  We hope you find this of value in preparing your own Social Networking Policy document for your business and your staff.  Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure that the document you create for your office and staff is in compliance with your state board rules and regulations, and any and all other governing boards, national organizations on the state and federal level you must comply with.  ChiroSecure makes no claims and accepts no responsibility for the legality or enforceability of the document.  It is intended only as a guide for you to create your own Social Networking Policy for your office.  Please check with your attorney as to the validity of your document.