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Refresh Reinvigorate Redefine

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Hello, and welcome to this week’s episode of Empowering Women in Chiropractic. I’m your host, Dr. Cathy. And this week, we’re going to talk about how to refresh reinvigorate and redefine. But first I really want us to start the new year off and begin with an attitude of gratitude. And it’s something that I try to remember to do.

On a weekly basis. I’m not going to sit here and say that I do it every day, but I try to remind myself and I hope that you do as well to begin with an attitude of gratitude. Maybe that’s the beginning of your day at the office. Maybe that’s the beginning of your day. When you wake up in the morning, maybe that’s the beginning of your night routine.

When you start to unwind and get ready for the evening and bring yourself down and get ready to go to sleep. But at some point I would love for us to all start incorporate. Attitude of gratitude. So today I want to say that I’m so thankful for ChiroSecure for their support of women in chiropractic.

We’ve been doing the show for a couple of years now. And ChiroSecure has been one of the pioneers, really jumping on board and seeing the need to support women in our profession. ChiroSecure has been a sponsor of the League of Chiropractic Women, which I want to give a huge thank you to the League of Chiropractic Women for being one of the first.

Female organized organizations. I mean set up by women for women in our profession, which has spawned many other organizations. And I think that’s wonderful. But when I mentioned LCW, I’m going to have to take a moment to mention one of our original founding members, which is Dr. Kim Gambino. As many of you may know Dr.

Kim and her husband, Dr. Danny were involved in a very bad car accident in Mexico, a couple of weeks ago. And Dr. Kim spent 12 days in the hospital. She’s recently been home. With her husband, Danny, and she is suffering from a traumatic brain injury due to the motor vehicle accident. So I would just like everyone that’s listening right now, just momentarily.

If we could just hold a vision of seeing Kim healed physically. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, if Kim, you know that she is a very well-rounded soul very deep human being in a very true lover of life, of humans, of our planet of chiropractic. She has a wonderful spirit as is her husband Danny.

So I’d like for us all, see see her collectively healed from this traumatic brain injury and also to send a lot of love and support to her husband, Dr. Danny, as they navigate this new role. But I want to continue as we see that vision and we hold that vision. I want to continue with this attitude of gratitude.

And I really want to say that I’ve so much. Gratitude for this profession that has given you and me and all the chiropractors and the teams that serve us the opportunity to positively impact not only our communities, but our families as well. And in that regard, I want to say that I’m so thankful for all the people and the circumstances that have led me to chiropractic, including my own.

Motor vehicle accident, way, way back in 1990. So a big thank you to you for being here for joining us and for just being willing to take steps, to improve yourself, improve your personal life, improve your business life and improve the impact that you’re making on not only your community, but the world.

So today we’re going to talk about really how to refresh reinvigorate and redefine your success because really how do you choose. To measure success. And that’s something that we should. C as not a concrete, but as something that can ebb and flow like the waves of the ocean, constantly changing, constantly molding, constantly morphing and constantly in a state of dynamic and positive change.

If you think about your goals and your definition of success, when you were a teenager, you may have defined success as passing your driver’s test and getting a car, or maybe getting your first job and having that first sense of. In your early twenties, maybe you define success as being able to move out on your own or buy your own house or graduate from chiropractic school or graduate from college.

Maybe at one point you define success as starting a family or starting a marriage or starting your practice or starting a health journey. Your definition of success has changed. Throughout your lifetime and it should continue to change throughout the coming years. And the reason being is the world is not the world that we knew five years.

It’s not the world that we knew three years ago. And it’s certainly not the world that we thought we were entering into in January and February of 2020. Everything has changed. Your ability to practice may have changed based on your state. Your ability to see patients may have changed your ability to do screenings or outside talks or dinner with the doc.

All of that may have changed because maybe restaurants closed or health fairs weren’t going on or screening opportunities dried up or just stopped happening altogether. So your definition of success by default should be changing and it’s okay. And it doesn’t have to be a numbers based definition. Many years ago, I decided to define success by being able to live your life in your own.

That means being able to say yes to opportunities when they present themselves being able to say yes to travel or yes, to family experiences or yes, to learning new skills or doing new crafts or experiencing new adventures. That to me became my definition of success more so than the numbers at the office, more so than the numbers in the bank.

And more so than the numbers of new patients we were bringing in, or patients that we were converting to care. It became a matter of defining success in a manner that said, can I live my life the way I choose? And as we come into this new year, and so many people are focused on creating goals and setting up action, steps and plans, I want you to be kinder to yourself.

I want you to really embrace this attitude of gratitude gift. Thanks for what you have. If you’re still in practice after the last two years, that’s something to be thankful. Because if you look at the businesses in your community, there is an overwhelmingly large percentage of businesses that were not able to survive that were not able to continue staffing or continue seeing their customers or patients or clients that we’re not able to survive.

All of the lockdowns and all of the mandates. And so my hope for you is that your not just surviving, but that you’re thriving. And one of the things for me that absolutely says thriving is looking around at the people that you are surrounded with. There’s an old saying you are the sum combination of the five people you spend the majority of your time with.

And if those people are pulling you down or holding you back, Or maybe poo-pooing on your dreams, right? Maybe they’re the naysayers that are saying you can’t do that. That’s too lofty of a goal. You’ll never accomplish that. You’re not cut out for that. You’re not meant to do that, or that’s not for you or that’s not your strength.

That’s not your skills. That’s not where you belong. That’s not your lane stay in your lane. If you are surrounded by people who are constantly telling you. No. Worse yet. We’re telling you what you should do and they’re shooting all over you or you’re shitting all over yourself. Then we need to change that.

We need to surround ourselves with people who bring a new vision or bring a new idea, or bring a new level of fun or a new level of creativity. Maybe they’re not even in your profession. Maybe they’re outside of chiropractic. Maybe they’re just people who share positive. Or they share fun or they share adventure.

And I’ve been doing exactly that. I surrounded myself with this wonderful group of new friends that are just so positive and uplifting and so much fun to be around last night, playing poker this weekend, taking six women up to a cabin and we will be doing some vision boarding and some life planning, deciding what really matters in the coming years and in the coming.

And in the coming weeks and days, how can we focus our energy? One of the ways I’ve always taught people to focus on a plan is to imagine your plan as if the destination, your goal. Is a location, a physical location. Let’s just say you live in New York and your goal is to get to California, right? If you want to start by being a sedentary couch, potato, and you want to ultimately run the Disney marathon, how do you get from here to here?

How do you get from New York to California? If your practice is seeing a certain volume and you’d like to take it to a new level, or if you’re working a certain amount of hours in your practice and you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and you’d like to take it to a more. Economic more environmentally friendly for yourself, a more feasible schedule where you can see your patients in a better timeframe and still have time to do the things that you want.

What is your end goal? Where is it that you want to end up? Is it California? More volume. Is it more free time? Is it more time with your family more time with your children, more time to do the things that you love? Is it learning a new hobby or going skydiving or bungee jumping or going parasailing or traveling?

Whatever it is. That resonates with your heart and whatever it is you want to bring to the world. How do you fuel the life of your dreams by creating a practice that gives you what you need to go out and do what you want to do, right? If you think of your practice as an extension of your life of your goals and your practice is not just the goal, but it’s an extension of your goals and it’s just one fast.

Like a starfish, just one arm of your goals is your practice. Another could be your personal relationships and other could be your family. Another could be your fun and other could be your health and fitness, your finances, your freedom, whatever you want to put into your life’s overall plan. How do you fuel each arm or each wheel or each spoke?

How do you fuel each spoke of that wheel? However, you want to look at it so that you can create the life of your dreams. And so as you start to do this, and as you look at your practice and say, how was the practice over the last two years? Obviously it was different than the previous three, four or five or 10 years, but how was it?

And although it was. Different could be good. Different could be okay. Different could be invigorating. Maybe you want to see more volume, or maybe you realize that this volume that I’ve seen over the last two years is exactly where I need to be. And how do I have more of that? Or maybe over the last two years, some of the patients that weren’t exactly your favorite people to start.

You know what I’m talking about. Maybe some of those people have waited themselves out and you’ve replaced them with your ideal patients. Maybe there’s more of your favorite people walking in the door, or maybe everyone that walks in the door is one of your favorite people at this point, if that’s the case.

Yes. That’s exactly where we want to be. That’s exactly where I love my practice to be where everyone that walks through. I’m excited to be. And in the mornings, as I’m getting ready in the back, one of the things that I start to think of is the favorite piece. That I haven’t seen in awhile and I’ll just put their name in my head or put their name on my heart, or just send out a message to the universe.

To as Sharon Gorman would always say, God, send me all the people that need my help today and just put their name out there or put a thought of them out there. And lo and behold, those people will walk in your door. It happened. Every time without fail. It happened on Monday. It happened on Wednesday and it’s happening today.

So there’s an attitude of a willingness to serve and being open and available for people that will allow them to come in and seek out your care. So with that attitude of a willingness to serve with that attitude of gratitude, being thankful for what you have and an attitude of what I call thankful expectation.

Giving, thanks in advance for what we expect to happen as if it had already happened. So maybe you might look at your practice and say, I’m so thankful that my practice is collecting this or that my volume is that, or that my new patient is this, even though it’s not, maybe you see. Thanks in advance that my practice is doing this.

And you visualize that you are doing that and you feel, and act and behave as if you’re already doing that. And then the universe will be. So there are steps necessary to take, but the vision comes first and that’s why this weekend I’m doing vision boarding with these six wonderful women, all from different professions, all different business owners, all entrepreneurs, all successful in their own.

But doing a vision board, where will we will be focusing on. Fitness family, friendships, fun, their health, their relationships, their finances, their travel, their goals, the different things that they want to incorporate in this new year. The things that they want to say, you know what? That was good.

And it served its time period, but it no longer serves me and it doesn’t need to be in my coming year. So when you start to think about how do you want your practice to. What do you want to feel when you walk in that door? How do you want to feel when you leave your office at the end of the day, should you feel refreshed knowing that you just served all these people and you help to change their life.

Do you feel invigorated knowing that you made a positive impact? When you look at your life, are you thankful? Are you happy? Are you healed? Are you whole, are you full of joy? Or are you living in dread? Are you in a situation that’s not serving you anymore? Are you in a relationship or a business situation or maybe an associate ship or an internship position where it’s no longer fueling the life of your.

And you want to create something more. I ask you to sit down, take some time. During this month of January, this is the month of really re focusing your attention, redefining your level of success, feeling out what worked last year or the last two years or five years or 10 years, or maybe the last 25 years of your life.

What worked for you and what didn’t and how do you create something even more magnificent going forward so that you truly can live the life of your dream. And as you decide what you want to include in your life, what you want to incorporate and what you want to. Do and have in your life. Then I want you to think of that as the destination and that destination, like we said, it could be California and you’re starting in New York and that’s okay.

It’s a long way to go. And you could just wander and hopefully someday get there, or you can map out a plan. You can map out steps, you can map out goals or strategies or many accomplishments to say, you know what if I want to take my practice from 10 visits a week to 20 visits a week to 30 visits a week to 40 visits a week to 50, 60, 80, a hundred, 200, 300, 500 a thousand, whatever the numbers are for.

They’re your numbers. They don’t matter to anyone else except. And your community. So whatever goals you have, think of the end goal, and then how can we backtrack and make small opportunities along the way. And for me doing a vision board or doing goal setting or mapping out strategies or setting your action, steps is all about knowing where do I want to end up?

Where am I starting? And what are some very definitive points along the way that I can say. I’m heading in the right direction and they don’t have to be concrete. They need to be fluid so that you can say I was aiming for this goal, but along the way, I found something that brought my heart so much joy or brought my practice to a level that is so much more fun or is so much more impactful and more my community, or brought my life to a point that I never even knew existed.

Brought me hope, joy love, just excitement that I never knew was available to me. And so as you look at the coming year and you start to lay out those steps, that will absolutely fuel the life of your dreams. Know that those steps can be fluid and they don’t all have to be in a straight line escalating to your culmination point, but there can be ups and downs and twists and turns.

But as long as you stay focused on the end, And allow it to change if it needs to, but not get sidetracked when it doesn’t need to not get derailed, because something else happens that you didn’t plan for, or didn’t want in your life, but learn how to say this is the path that I’m going on. And that looks like a really good opportunity for something that fulfills my needs.

While this looks like a bad decision that could take me completely off course and make me miss my goals all together. If you start to filter everything into the funnel or the map of does this get me to my ultimate goal and it may be a small detour. It may be a fun detour. It may be something that I want to incorporate, so I may choose to do it, but it may be something that completely takes me off track and makes it where I can’t ever accomplish my goals.

I want you to look at those things in your. With an attitude of gratitude and know that even those people, those places, those circumstances, and those situations in your past, that weren’t exactly the best. Did help to create you to become the person that you are because we are a product of our environment and we are the, some combination of all the decisions we have made people are where they are because of the choices that they’re making.

And if you’re not at the level you want to be right now, you need to reevaluate the choices that you made in the past so that you stop making those decisions and start making better decisions. Because as we learn better, We should do better. And as we learn what we don’t want to include in our life, we get to choose what we do want to include in our life.

And as your practice starts to take shape and provide for you. The ability to live the life of your dreams, then you will learn how to filter more things into the plan and keep things out of the plan that don’t necessarily serve you. So as you come into this new year, my hope, my plan, my vision for you is that you learn how to refresh reinvigorate and redefine your own level of success.

Now on that note, I do absolutely want to invite you to join me and join the women of the league of chiropractic women in Florida. The weekend of St. Patrick’s day, that’s March 17th through the 20th. I really want to invite you to join us because we have a phenomenal program. That is set up to invigorate you, to empower you, to connect you to other women, and to really help you redefine not only your level of success, but redefine who you bring to the world.

We’ve got some experiential learning. We’ve got plenty of opportunities to network and really. Do a Q and a session on the beach with some of the women that you may have looked up to in your professional years, or that you may want to get to know, or maybe women just like yourself who are doing it every day.

And you just want to sit with them and share stories. So I invite you to join us, check out LC and know that as you navigate this coming year, and I know there’s going to be some changes. There’s some mandates that may be coming and hopefully we don’t see those actually take fruition, but as you navigate the coming.

Remind yourself that you can be that lighthouse, that beacon of light that others can follow, but don’t be so rock solid in your foundation that. Get knocked over when the storms come, be willing to sway ever so slightly on a firm foundation, but be like a Palm tree that can bend and sway and not get broken and be willing to create the life of your dreams, build the practice that will fuel that.

Not the other way around build the practice that fuels the life of your dreams and have a video. Some action steps and some goals that will help you to continue on your pathway. No matter what the world throws at us in the coming year. Ladies, I’m so thankful to spend time with you. I can’t wait to see so many of you in person and hug you and hear your stories and get to hear about all of your challenges, your overcomings and your successes in the last two years and find out what you’ve got planned for the coming year.

So it’s on you to redefine your second. Refresh your life to make it what you want and leave each day feeling invigorated. No. That you did exactly what your heart feels is best for your life, for your practice, for your community and for your family. And most importantly for yourself, ladies, thank you so much for joining me on.

I hope that you continue to join us every week right here at empowering women in chiropractic brought to you by ChiroSecure. And my thanks goes out to all of you. Make this a fabulous year. I’ll see you.

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