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Results Matter: Winning in the Media F4CP

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Welcome to another ChiroSecure Facebook live so grateful that you’re here to join me today to go over a really important topic. Listen, I don’t want to waste your time and I certainly don’t want to waste mine. That’s why we picked this topic today. The topic results matter, and we’re heading to the end of the year, and this is where we really do want to see what are the results that we’re achieving. Are we winning? And are you with me on this fabulous journey across the nation, heading into a number of different state association conventions. And it’s actually really nice to hug colleagues again. I know some of you are still in, in the, um, virtual world only, but that’s okay. You’re with me today. And I want to take you through a lot of some of incredibly important information, but as always, we cannot do these fantastic things without our corporate sponsors.

ChiroSecure is obviously one of them that we absolutely appreciate. Now, next, we have some incredibly important news to talk to you about, and there’s a famous saying by Socrates focus all your time, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. And that’s exactly what the foundation is doing. And as we go to this next slide, you’re going to see what actually is happening on the building of the new. You’re going to say to yourself, Sherry, why’s the self-insured up. Now, I’m going to share with you something really important when we’re talking about winning, getting results. We want to be able to get a results across the board in as many variations on the theme as possible. This was just our article was just accepted into the self-insured for October. Why do you care? The self-insure is the world’s leading alternative risk transfer journal.

This article is talking about chiropractic is a primary care physician in the neuromusculoskeletal space that really does have a return on investment. It means that not only are we safe, we’re extraordinarily effective and most important. Our patient satisfaction rates are through the roof. So getting into this self-insured where we’re able to reach those top level executives from all aspects of alternate alternative risk financing. Marketplace is amazing. Want to give out, shout out to Alexis Legos who just joined us today. It’s always nice to have so many wonderful faces come to our Facebook live. And as you know, how do we get the results that we want? We’ve got to be able to look at the media coverage that we’re putting out this since the last time you and I met is where we’ve been new year’s news, your way, baby boomers. We have a lot of baby boomers.

So being in that space is awesome. Authority magazine talking about where what and how healthcare is changing thrive. Global. This is really mediating the workplace and the challenges and changes that have come up. Spine universe, practical pain management. And obviously we want to be in the radio, lots of new and exciting next steps. Now, when you look at resources and how to best utilize them, so you can get the results that you want in your practice, then you need to be consistent with your outreach. So let’s look at this one slide right here, way over on the left-hand side is the patient resource. And that is nutritional supplements to promote sleep and stress relief. Now who isn’t stressed, who isn’t losing sleep, what a fabulous way to help your patients see alternatives. Yes, there’s ambient. We do not want our patients starting to take, um, medications that may actually lead to further addiction or mess up their circadian rhythms.

So that’s a resource. You can give it now community resource. That’s the one in the middle chiropractic as safe and effective approach to health that my friends is a wonderful resource to share with network physicians in your neighborhood. Go ahead, grab them from coffee. It’s a brand new. We call it the definitive chiropractic resource manual 2.0 wonderful. To have conversations over coffee or breakfast with someone in your neighborhood, reaching out is going to help you garner greater trust in your community last but not least is a resource just for you. It’s called guiding the patients journey. Why do you want to guide the patient’s journey? Listen, this is an important aspect to why the patient is coming to you. And sometimes we actually forget why they’re coming to us and just having that refresher mode, especially with social media, being one of our primary opportunities to connect this resource fabulous for your CAS or your associates in your office.

If you have them to come together and really look at what are the barriers to get into your office, are you breaking down those barriers? Are you making it easier or harder to make an appointment with you? Be very honest with yourself because the more you find when you go through the guiding the patient’s journey to your office, the faster and the better the flow to your community. So keep that one in mind. As we start to move across the nation, we’ve got billboards and we have so many fantastic opportunities to send those patients to your office. Listen to this one that just came up might be in Michigan, but trust me as you see the next one come up, it’ll be an Illinois. And so why do you think or care? You know, that’s a billboard. That’s not even close to me. No worries that yes, to is actually a national directory.

So everybody’s winning in these types of situations. Why is that important? Because you do not know who is driving down the road and they get a phone call and it’s their grandmother and she lives in Florida and she needs a chiropractor. So let’s continue to win together, get those billboards across the nation or almost at about 50 this year. So it’s exciting. And it’s all about everyone. It’s not just about a chiropractic state association while we absolutely love our state associations and work well with them. It’s about all of us being under the umbrella to help anyone at that moment. Now, speaking of all of us, the patients need a resource. Did you know the fastest growing demographic in podcasts is between 12 and 34. Is that not a fabulous audience to hit? And yes, we’re going to hit them. We’re going to have greater opportunities to connect with our patients.

If you go to adjusted reality, last season was impactful and it could not have happened without you. Listen. If you have not listened to an adjusted reality, trusted by the adjusted, I urge you today. Today. Take that time. Maybe just find a moment outside on a nice park bench and just listen, relax and listen. Find an episode as you see, season one is right here that works for you. And then ask yourself, why would I not want to share this with your patients? Because they’re listening to podcasts and you want to gently remind them on how fantastic chiropractic is. Listen, we’re not jamming it down their throat. We’re trying to do it in a fun, relatable way so that they keep coming back and asking more questions about, well, if I do have this, could I do that? That’s what we want. Next. We want to talk about results.

That’s what we need to see all the time, every day in your office and that the foundation. So the digital healthcare awards came up. It was a panel of 53 experts in digital health media with it served as judges. So what kind of judges worthy? They sat on boards from the ARP American medical association, Optum and web MD, and many, many more. And as you can see, what was the results? Well, let me tell you, it just gets more and more exciting. And what we saw was as you go through and you see the gold winner, $47 billion in revenue, Merck, the Katy Kirk story, actually very good podcast. Silver MedPage. Now let’s talk about med page along with their $57 million in revenue and 60 million healthcare consumers that they reach an 800,000 practicing physicians and clinicians. I think they’re pretty well said when they did the most amazing topic track the vacs FDA, chief thous transparency.

So I’m telling you when we won silver, that was a huge bonus and could not be done without you, but don’t stop now rate review and share. So the next part, when you get that award, that just means one thing we started at bronze. We want to go to silver and eventually we want to be gold. When the patients recognize adjusted reality podcast is something they want to absolutely add into their menu of podcasts. That means when they hear something, they’ll say something to their family and friends they’ll share that did, you know, chiropractic really does optimize performance. All of these pieces make a difference. And if you don’t believe it, well, take a look at who picked up the announcement, American health insurance plans, insurance companies want to recognize those opportunities for their insured to have better benefits. So it was a proud moment for our entire foundation.

And we take you along with us and take you along. We will, as September is moving across the nation, I want to bring to your attention, this fantastic hostess. She was such a great guest and Dr. Angela UPCI chief addiction specialists from Stanford university. And recently I have been told was just on the Joe Rogan podcast. She’s fabulous. And her topic was on the opioid epidemic and how it relates to social media. Well, I’m going to let you listen to that podcast to find out how the two come together, but I will tell you this. This is an episode that’s in our drug-free pain management awareness month, and there’s a plethora of opportunity to really engage your patients on an audio level. Remember, we got plenty of visuals. We’ve got infographics, we’ve got posters, we’ve got white papers, but this is a way to hit them in the ears.

Audio is a wonderful way to share what that is going to look like. Now, are we winning? Well, let me tell you, as we get to this very proud, thank you. Dynamic chiropractic moment. We were given the gracious gift by NBC to be part of their history of the Tokyo Olympics on that Sunday, where they did the best of the Olympics. We did not pay for this. We actually got 10 additional 32nd spots on that Sunday. I think that’s a big win. I think that’s a gold metal performance. And as we start to move through what other gold metal performance is, do we have to share while I’m going again? I’m going to bring you in on a sneak peak moment. I don’t even know who the winner is right now, but the PR dailies, nonprofit communication warrants on everything we talked to you about nominated the foundation.

So we’re in the video finalists and our fingers are crossed in October. I promise to tell you where we sit, but right now just being nominated is a fantastic win for the entire profession. And it’s showing something important that as a community of professionals that are engaged in a non-pharmacological approach to enhancing the health of Americans, people are paying attention. How much are they paying attention? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here’s the bottom line. When we did our Olympic commercial, we had a fabulous result. 127,000 people came to our website and NBC did a 32nd commercial placement with a reach of over 1.1 million downloads. That’s amazing total reach 209 million Americans and 56 countries. So we cannot stop. We have to push through because we all know that the opioid epidemic is a very big deal. So big that we’ve lost more lives in the year, 20, 21 than we’ve ever lost any entire history of the nation on the opioid epidemic.

And that is why we do drug-free pain management awareness month. It’s a sad topic. It’s a real topic and it’s touching the lives of our community all over the place. So we did a fantastic show at the FCA called dosa reality, awesome guests and who showed up well, we had the amazing Ashley Moody attorney general for Florida. Listen, I got comments about this, this amazing event all over the, um, the media, but well, I will tell you is this, regardless of, um, her political nature, she is a hundred percent focused on her. Community’s best and wellbeing. And the dose of reality was a phenomenal way to get our message out. And we did it with powerful and impactful information. We took the research, we took the, uh, Washington politics and we blended it all together to talk about what we need to do and how we need to do it.

And as you can see with this panel of guests, we also had James Weyden, who came in virtually on this, but we had John Rosa, Dr. John Rosa, Dr. Fatman Sini, our fabulous chairman, Dr. Camp Greenwald and myself talking about the drug-free pain management awareness. And also about if you haven’t seen it, the crime of the century, uh, HBO documentary, wonderful pieces of information that you can share with your community and even do. If you’d like a virtual that talks about the opioid use and the impact opioids have had on our nation, we don’t stop there because as you know, we go across the nation and it’s not too late. If you wanted to get a resolution or a proclamation passed, we’ve had multiple paths this month. Here’s just a few in Alaska. Good for them. They got a proclamation signed state of Florida, but so many to talk about.

And if you go to a local council meeting, you can talk to your mayor yet this past, whether it’s a proclamation or a resolution, ask them to recognize non-pharmacological options, especially as it refers to chronic pain management, it’s a key to your community and your community needs you. You’re the expert. And you provide something that so many need. When we move forward, I need to make it easy and helpful for you. This is the drug-free pain management awareness roadmap. Why a roadmap? Because you asked for it. Yes, you did. You said make it easy McAllister and I’m making it easy with 1, 2, 3, and four all there. What do you want to post when you want to post it? Do you have meetings with your staff? If you’re not, you’re missing out on a big promotional opportunity? What does she mean by that? I mean, your front desk, your associates need to be out into the public, talking about what your office does and why it’s so very, very special.

And then for you and your staff, we want to make sure that you’re looking at the tools available, the best research Dr. Anthony Lisi is an amazing individual at the VA who is creating exponential opportunities. In fact, he grew it from very few chiropractors in the 2005 to over 200 now and plans on the next three to five years, exponentially growing how many sites and how many chiropractors are treating outstanding speakers in the September webinars series. And you don’t want to miss any one of them. So join us if you’re a silver member or above you get recordings when you sign up. So if you’re part of the foundation, which I hope you are now, because you can see a number of different benefits that are so helpful, it will enlighten your staff. It’ll improve your workload. And it’ll ensure that your community is being educated with adequate information.

Most importantly, truthful information. So going across the country, 13 Ohio billboards this month, which we’re very, very proud of in September. And you can see how we’re trying to align with our theme. Drug-free pain management awareness, better health isn’t within reach and don’t risk addiction. And that’s what we want our community to hear. Now at foresee updates, we’ve got fun things happening across the nation. And listen, if you are a district leader or you want the foundation’s materials, contact us, the whole purpose is positive press for chiropractic. We want to support you and we want to support your office. So let us know what you need. But here is a fantastic example of Tennessee’s chiropractic association and giving away posters to help their members spread the positive news. And speaking of spreading the positive news, doing drug-free pain management awareness had an opportunity to speak to this fantastic individual seven time, a limpic gold medalist, NHL rockstar on Farren, flurry, and his whole piece.

He wrote a book, um, conversations with a rattlesnake and also has a new book out. Um, it’s, it’s fantastic. This key with the podcast is being able to talk about trauma and addiction, someone out there suffering, and someone needs that, but don’t forget. October is coming in. As you can see right here, we have the October roadmap, an amazing moment for you to just have it easily and transparently aligned with what vision you have. This is the national chiropractic awareness month. If you didn’t know that it is, and we want to be proactive in being involved in as many conversations as we can during October sharing the benefits of chiropractic care. So we leave September drug-free pain management awareness month, and we jumped right into what are the benefits of chiropractic? They’re simple. If you wanted to boil them down into three really important ones, you are safe cost effective.

And 100% patient satisfaction rate has been achieved for the first time in this profession at the traumatic brain injury in Florida, at the Florida state university by a Dr. Susan Welch, it’s called the press Ganey award, a hundred patient satisfaction. They didn’t even know that that award existed, but it does. They have 1500 employees. And think about that. One chiropractor made a difference for the entire institution with a hundred percent patient satisfaction rate. Isn’t that amazing that my friends is winning. That is why you’re with the foundation. That is why you want to keep spreading the good news about chiropractic and ensuring our communities are safe. And that we do not miss out on any one person, the greater we share, the more opportunities that we can care about the research about the influence, and most importantly about the best health for our patients across the nation next week. Don’t miss ChiroSecure’s next guest, Mike, uh, Miscoe is fantastic. You always want to join him. I want to thank all of you. You make a difference every day by putting your hands, your heart and your mind into what you do in your practice. And the foundation stands strongly steadfast with you for everything that you do. I sincerely thank you. And I hope to see you next month for national chiropractic awareness month. Take care all the very best.

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