Risk Management Tips November 6, 2015

Risk Management Tip – Social Media Russian Roulette

Hi I’m Dr. Stu Hoffman, President of ChiroSecure- back again with another risk management tip for you –


Do you like playing Social Media Russian Roulette?

Believe it or not with the advent of Social Media, public attitudes have changed and you might say that the new mantra is guilty until proven innocent.  Ask Bill Cosby. Ask Justine Sacco.

Now everyone with a smart phone has become a news reporter and are happy to share every fault and blemish they find out about you.

So here are 7 things you need to know about Social Media that will make sure if you do go viral it will be because of the people you help rather than the mistakes you make.

Number 1.  Before you use Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media Platform make sure you think, that’s T.H.I.N.K.


T is it true?
H is it helpful?
I is it inspiring?
N is it necessary?
K is it kind?

Number 2  Make Sure you T.H.I.N.K. before you Like anything, share anything or Comment on anything.

Number 3 Make sure that you can pre approve any post, image or video by a company you use or hire to automate your Social Media regardless of who they are, what their background is or how much you think they know about what you do, so that you know they also T.H.I.N.K.

Number 4   People see your personal page and your business page as one.  Always T.H.I.N.K. regardless of which page you are using.

Number 5 Never cross professional boundaries and accept or friend a  former or current patient.  Not only does it blur the line between the doctor patient relationship but it also can damage the therapeutic relationship.

Number 6 Never post anything on Social media that would be misconstrued as a health recommendation, a treatment, or a cure.  Even sharing nameless success stories could be a problem, so before you hit that “post link” button read everything you are going to post twice and make sure you are very clear in your intention.

Number 7 Social media is not a good place to answer specific health questions from people that follow you.  You wouldn’t treat someone you didn’t examine or know their history.  Why would you give them treatment recommendations in a Social Setting?  Take these conversations offline and into your office when possible.

Next time I’ll share with you what risks your staff pose for you and your business on Social Media and what to do about it.

So until next time, I’m Dr. Stu Hoffman, Like us on Facebook and I’ll look forward to bringing you another ChiroSecure Risk Management Tip.