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Welcome everyone. ChiroSecure family. We are delighted to have you today because we’ve got something very special. As may is National Posture Month, and that means there is a reason that today’s lecture is hyper focused on things that we do best. In fact, you think about it, what Doctor does better on posture

than a chiropractor. It absolutely is our ballywick. It’s where we focus our time, our energy, and our wisdom with our patients, for them to live a better, more well-balanced life. So today in May, we’re gonna showcase some of the fun things like shrimp posture, that is in fact a meme that came up and it was covered in an article.

So we’re covering it with you because while you think about it, How many teenagers have you seen shrimping lately? It is astronomical how poor our use posture is, and it’s up to us to fix it. So today we’re gonna be covering shrimp posture and other tech related resources to support MA’s posture month.

So let’s just jump right in. As we wanna thank our corporate sponsors. Facebook Lives cannot be possible without ChiroSecure, so allowing the foundation to continue to move the needle forward with you. And next month I’m gonna tell you how big of a needle we have moved forward. So I’m gonna keep you on the edge of your seat on what does it look like, but let’s just thank them because without these corporate sponsors and without you, This all could not be possible.

So here we are. May national correct posture month. What does that mean for you? It means that you need to be the expert, and I know you are, but you need to be able to share it and you need to make your patients aware when they come in that it’s posture month and we get excited about it because we all need to have a lift up, a deeper breath in, and hopefully a smile on our face.

I like to always say one of my colleagues, Dr. Mark Santa, always says, if you lift your arms over your head like that, it’s hard to be upset. And those armpits going up in the air do make you feel better. So if you’re watching right now and you wanna bring your arms over your head, please do I want you to be as happy as you can.

I go through national, Posture month. So I told you it was a meme and yes it is. So here we are. What is shrimp posture? I’m glad that you asked because in this meme it says My back hurts. all the time for no reason. This is how I sit all day. And there’s all of your patients that come in, never really thinking about how their forward head posture actually impacts their neck.

And that, my friends is called Tech Neck, as we all know. Shrimp posture follows with it because people get a visual when they think about a shrimp. So you’re sitting in your chair, you’re hunched over, you’re looking like an over coached shrimp. Doctors, it’s time to take the bait. Ah, did you get that?

It’s time to make sure our patients are having fun by being better at what they need to be doing. Chin up, shoulders roll back and down, and make sure that you’ve talked to them about their ergonomics, because if their ergonomics is wrong, doesn’t really matter what you do. It matters what they do. So if you wanna have fun, you can put this infographic out there on shrimp posture, performing posture correcting exercises.

That is where we do our best job. You will share with them with some of the tip sheets I’m about to share, what good posture looks and how to adjust their workspace ergonomics. We have this all for you. You just have to implement, take breaks from your computer. Get up and do your stretches. And if you’re like me, I just did this fabulous thing for friends is I went on eBay and I keyworded in the word exercise dice.

Yes I did. And it actually is a hexagon like structure. It’s a big dice, it’s styrofoam and it has all sorts of fun. Exercises that you can do in your one minute break. I have mine sitting right beside me. It’s got tricep, dips, lunges, sit-ups, planks, you name it. This could be a fun little piece that you can have in your office that you give away for people that really do need some breaks from their computer.

So shrimp month it is. And don’t forget, you own as a chiropractor, the ability to talk to your patients about their sleep posture. Don’t forget how important sleep posture is because a visit to the chiropractor is more than just. Adjustment. It’s about education, and that’s why I’m really covering a lot of these infographics.

Many of you are very busy, and I know that means that you’ll be doing your adjustments during the day and maybe your front desk can share with. The patients that come in, some infographics that are fun, change them out, put ’em on social media. Whatever works for you is going to work for your patients.

But remember, getting outta your office is always the key. I ask you, I plead with you every month, get outta your office. Here is a PowerPoint slide you can take with you wherever feels comfortable. High school, junior high school, middle school, maybe there’s a church group all sorts of different places.

Think big because people need you. And this posture month, this customizable PowerPoint can also be an upcoming lunch and learn. And if you don’t wanna get outta your office, you could do a webinar recording and host it on your own website. So think big, think bold, think brave in this past month because we need our patients and potential new patients to think that way too.

Remember I said something about tip sheets, so this could be a perfect leave behind if you do a lunch and learn. This is a PowerPoint tip sheet that you can bring once you’re done your PowerPoint. You can do a posture in bed moment. Many people don’t think about how they fall asleep and how that can create a whole morning of a nightmare ever falling asleep on the couch.

Let me show you what that’s gonna look like in just a moment. But remember this one in three Americans are not getting enough sleep. , that’s a lot. And if you are talking to them about getting the best sleep ever, then we’re helping America be their very best. And that is all chiropractic. So once you have these types of tip sheets, you can also move to what I classify as our ebook.

You can put this on your website, you can put it in a social media post. These eBooks are. Perfectly aligned, especially if there’s a patient out there that’s suffering with low back and they have no idea that they sit like a shrimp during the day. So bring these out and motivate them and that’s really what is going to help get the message on.

You are the expert in posture. Remember we have videos too. , 90% of videos get watched more than people read because reading has an element of slowing down. Videos are fun and I wanna give credit where credit is due, and that is to Dr. Heidi. Havocs team, she put together this lovely video that I personally think is a great win for the younger audience to understand what kind of things happen when you have.

Poor post. So think beyond just posting infographics or a t a tip sheet. Here’s a video and I just showed you infographics. Do we have it all today? Yes, we do. That’s you making it real now. A lot of you are out there going McAllister. That is so much, how do we put it together? The marketing roadmap. You’ve seen it.

and if you haven’t seen it, it means that you’re not a member. So join with us today. Having these marketing roadmaps really help your front desk because when they know what’s coming up, they end up doing better. And sometimes many of you will say, when I’m on the road, I’ve not logged into my foundation website.

And what does it look like? I am here today to give you a where do I get all the materials from and how do I make that happen? So here, if you even just start with it, you go to f four and when you get there, you’re gonna be able to put that in and log in. You’ll see the little login and now you’re logged in.

You go to print materials, look at the great stuff. Here we got print materials, champion series advertisements, infographics. There is how to avoid the posture being a shrimp posture, so you can put that in. Now if there’s more that you want, put in the keyword posture and you’ll see. Watch your step, understanding the importance of your feet and the kinetic chain so much more.

Posture is life influencing through balance correction. And here’s one, choose your customizable Facebook and LinkedIn cover photo. This is a great one. If you change them up, your patients will love you because they’re thinking that you’re active on social media and that makes them more excited to be with you throughout the time.

Change it up. We have you got, we’ve got you covered. I just showed how to log in. You put your login password in and you go to the media center where all the print materials are there and you can start getting activated almost immediately with so much to share and so much wisdom now.

Speaking of wisdom, I wanna share with you some of the things that make you special. You support us. We just were honored with the 2023 Gold Aramis Creative Award for two commercials. Chiropractic care for the older adult, and chiropractic care for pregnancy, both commercials. Are part of our naturally chiropractic campaign.

This is an international competition. My chiropractic friends and family. This is the oldest and largest creative competition in the world. This year there was 6,500 entries from around the world and. We got gold. So I’m telling you, we got a lot going on here. If you wanna learn more about the award, it’s your award.

We together won it. You can go to the press release, but let me share who picked it up. Ahi. Now, what does AIP stand for? That’s America’s Health Insurance Plans, so they know we’re a winning team together. They picked up our press release in their wellness industry development section of their Wellness Smart Brief, which is pretty cool because this goes out to over a hundred thousand healthcare professionals ranging from health advisors to insurance plan agents.

So we are winning together. Moving to our next place is we’re not any good unless we’re getting media coverage. So together we need to pump out the information so our audiences understand the importance of chiropractic care. So we secured a placement in best life. It focused on what happens to your body if you sleep on the couch.

Remember I talked to you earlier about posture and sleep posture, particularly Now the reason I’m sharing this is actually twofold. , it aligns with our posture month and theme. Did you get that aligned? Okay, you’re with me. Number two, it is pretty neat that the chiropractic coverage is not only being syndicated.

But translated in a different language. So there it is in Spanish that my friends is epic. This is how you know you’re winning. You share they care. And when media coverage picks it up, they also put out. Infographics for us, so very well. Media coverage. It’s aligning with our posture month, so we put together the very well health and focusing on the benefits of using body pillows for back pain.

It is our world and it’s only good if you follow us. Does that mean take a moment because all of our stuff that we put online can be yours to share. And you can do it once a week, twice a week. We are posting all the time. So looking at following us on social media is what’s gonna make a difference when we regularly post.

You can grab that new content, the updates from the foundation, and release that new marketing resources for your patience. So let’s do this together. We’re already winning. We’re being syndicated and translated. The other part that I did talk to you about last month, we are doing a soft launch. What does that mean?

It means I need you to start engaging with us because we’re not going national till next year. We need a bunch of you to come together to sign into the next step community. It is the month. That we need more of you to get active, and we had quite a few from last month, so I thank you If you’ve already signed up to be a next step community leader and host a runner, walk at the frequency of your choice.

You could do it bimonthly. You could do it every month. You could do it once a quarter. You could do it twice a year. It is up to you. All I’m asking is. This is the opportunity where you can go out, meet and greet other healthcare professionals that brings you into the mix. Then we bring our community in.

So you have a naturopath, an acupuncturist, maybe there’s a G Gong specialist out there. Maybe there’s an orthopedic surgeon you wanted to meet. Ask them to go on a walk with you, share the next step. Community brochures. It is absolutely up to you because that next commu step community logo is gonna go everywhere next year.

Will you be with me? Will you take a moment to download our next step Community handbook and sit down with your staff, determine what your frequency’s gonna be, determine there’s the next step tool kit. The how-to It all comes down to one simple thing. What are you willing to do for chiropractic? People are suffering in social isolation.

Still doctors haven’t met other doctors in their community. This is your moment to do that. Bring them all together. Take the next step with me as we go through. Remember, I’m taking many steps. In fact, I’m on the road a lot and I would love to see you on the road. If any of these dates line up with where you’re gonna be, come see me at the booth together, we can make lots of wonderful things happen, and I promise you’ll walk away so much richer coming to our booth or listening to my lecture than you did before.

Why? Because I cannot possibly cover how much gets done in a month with the foundation we make. Progress together. So in June I will be in rest in Virginia and I will be at the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Why would I do that? Because yoga therapists are gonna collaborate with chiropractors, and if they do, so what better way to have a balanced.

Yoga practice than to have a chiropractor supporting them. That my friends is progress. I’m also gonna be in Texas, so all you from Texas, come visit me At the end of June, I’ll be at the Texas Chiropractic Association and the end of July. If you’re from Missouri, please do find me. I wanna talk to you. All I want to say at the end of posture month as we go into a long weekend and we start to have friendships and opportunities to discuss things that sometimes people don’t want to discuss, like shrimp posture, think about what you stand for.

You stand for a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, and may is a perfect time to showcase our expertise. I wanna thank you for joining me for Facebook Live. Have a very safe. Happy Healthy Memorial Day weekend. Don’t forget to come back here next Tuesday though cuz ChiroSecure always has a fantastic Facebook live presenter.

And I will be with you in June where I release some very exciting new information you don’t want to miss. Thanks again and we’ll see you next month. Isn’t it time you join the most powerful team of successful doctors and chiropractic and go for the gold? Simply go to and get your customized practice success solution.