Uncategorized October 16, 2017

Social Media Opportunities and Mistakes to Avoid – For Chiropractors

The recent ChiroSecure Live Event with Dr. Stu Hoffman, the president of ChiroSecure, and Dr. Matt Loop, the highest paid social revenue strategist in North America, gave a number of useful insights on how to make the most out of social media platforms and some mistakes to avoid – for chiropractors.


If you are a chiropractor who is starting out with social media or just new to this platform, you might find the following social media insights from the said discussion useful:


  • That social media is not just for online ‘socialization’. Chiropractors can get legit referrals as prospective patients are there (Facebook, for instance, has 2 billion users)
  • Social media platforms can be an effective avenue to develop a consulting career; a lot people or online communities look at someone or organization as an authority figure, to resonate with
  • You can get your message across to your intended audience without spending a fortune; you can post updates about your practice for free and you can boost more engaging content with just a few dollars
  • Social media platform such as Facebook can help you build local followers that can convert into paying customers. You can do that by sharing updates that could be research based, tips, videos, graphics, or just regular relevant text updates that are useful to your audience. In other words, be authentic, stay relevant to chiropractic audience in order to gain reputation in the industry
  • Demonstrative videos work well. For example, “if you live in an Northeast and it’s winter six months out of the year, why not do a simple video showing somebody how to shovel snow without injuring their spine?”


Some mistakes to avoid


  • Not establishing a social media presence, in the first place. In the earlier days, let’s say, “20, 30 years ago, when you weren’t in the Yellow Pages, people would look at you as suspect because that’s what every reputable business did.” Today, the same thing happens in social media, “if you do not have a strong overwhelming presence,” it can hurt your credibility with the market. Bottom line, build an online presence.
  • Not sharing updated content. When you have a page and audience start to follow you, they expect for updates, useful information from you. So, regular posting of useful content is needed; else, you will be left behind because that is how business is done today.
  • Not starting small in advertising. You have to start small (e.g. a few dollars) and then study and understand the data, the metrics to know which posts are doing well when it comes to audience engagement. Then, boost the posts that are performing well by increasing the ad spend.
  • Not establishing a social media policy for your team in your office. There is information in your practice that can be considered as classified (e.g. patient personal data) and not appropriate for posting online; however, somebody from your team could accidentally post that. To avoid such a scenario, establish A social media policy or posting rules that all of your team must follow at all time.


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