ChiroSecure Chiropractic Insurance is Now On Facebook and Twitter

A Special Email From Dr. Stu Hoffman ChiroSecure

Hello Fellow Chiropractor,

First of all I want to extend a thank you to for being a ChiroSecure subscriber.

Today, I am just extending an invitation for you to join us on our new Facebook and Twitter profiles.

chiro-twitter chiro-fbIn order to provide you with regular information and interesting content that is relevant to you and your practice, ChiroSecure is now regularly posting on these social media websites. We are hoping that you would join us and help us grow our social community.

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As the president of ChiroSecure I am happy to introduce this new component to our online media. I hope that you come and join us in conversation and engage with us on these popular social platforms.

You will also receive updates on Chiropractic subluxation research and special risk management tips to help you avoid a claim. Of course we will provide you information about the exciting Live Events we have each month with some of the top leaders in the profession. We will also share informative articles, funny antidotes and interesting content relating to the practice of chiropractic.

Thank you for liking our Facebook Page and Following us on Twitter!
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Here is the link. Just right click and choose Save Link As Affirmations Chiropractor

Thank you for your time and hopefully we will see you online!

-Dr Stu Hoffman