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Speaking with Authority During Uncertain Times

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Hello and welcome to another episode of Empowering Women in Chiropractic brought to you by ChiroSecure. I’m your host, Dr. Cathy Wendland Colby. And I am super excited to talk to you about a super relevant and super important topic. And today we’re going to be talking about how to speak with authority during uncertain times. Listen, this past year and change has been some of the most uncertain time that any of your people have experienced in their life. It’s certainly the most uncertain times that we’ve experienced in ours and your community is no different right now. Your community is confused. They’re lost, they’re scared. They’re being bombarded with fear. And they’re wondering is everything that I’m hearing on the TV, through the news on the radio, from the politicians, from the news reporters, is that really true? Because it doesn’t make sense. And then on the flip side, you have some people in your community, maybe even in your practice that sounded like parrots of propaganda.

And you know what I’m talking about because you’ve most likely run into these people. I know I have, I had a conversation with a woman at the gym recently who was like a talking head for the news channels. I mean, she was repeating all of the propaganda with authority. She was talking about how one of her friends had gotten sick, but before they left the hospital, it was a good thing that they gave them the vaccine because when he got out and he got the breakthrough virus, again, it was less severe because he had been vaccinated while he was sick. And this is the type of top that you’re hearing from people that don’t have a complete understanding of health that don’t have a deep understanding of immunity that don’t have a basic understanding of epidemiology. This is what you’re hearing from people who have gotten their science from newscasters.

And the scary part is, is that so many of our patients, so many people in our community, and sadly, many of you have family members who are buying into the propaganda. Now more than ever people lead, they need a leader. They need a leader who can bring them to a better understanding of health and healing. And they need a leader who is willing and able to put themselves out there and teach the people what they need to know to keep them safe and to keep them healthy. And that’s where we come in because our expertise as doctors of chiropractic, as doctors of cause as doctors of correction, is to find the underlying cause of their health problems and help to correct it through the simple and super effective, super safe chiropractic adjustment. But we specialize in an understanding of health and healing and how the body functions, whereas so many other healthcare professionals specialize in the detection of symptoms and the covering up of those symptoms.

We don’t do that. We understand health. And so it is crucial right now for you to learn how to deliver a relevant conversation about where health comes from and how you can provide the body, the tools that it needs. So that health is the most natural outcome and have that conversation in a way that doesn’t push people away, but attracts them to you that doesn’t scare them off or make them think that you’re crazy, but actually allows them to start questioning what they’ve been hearing all along on the news, on the radio, on the TV, from their coworkers, from their other healthcare providers, from their family members in a way that we educate them with a better understanding of health. And so one of the things that I find most positive right now to do with my patients and most engaging right now to do with my patients is to ask them to dig deeper into the things they believe they understand.

So they come in and they say something that you and I would clearly think is outlandish is ridiculous, is propaganda is just absolute insanity rather than just attacking them and bombarding them and saying, oh my gosh, where did you hear that ludicrous information? That’s not going to work. That’s not going to win you any favor in these people’s minds instead, turn around and ask them a question. Where did you get that information from? And how did that make you feel the first time you heard that? And as you started to process that information or hear it repeatedly from people, how do you feel about that information now? Did you question it when you first heard it? Are you questioning it now or are you now accepting that information as fact when maybe it’s just opinion and to start having a question where you allow them to start accessing part of their brain that initially questioned this information, but then accepted it and bring them back to that place of, remember when you initially questioned this, because this didn’t make sense to you, how did you get to a point of accepting this?

Or when did this become acceptable information to you, or what changed that allowed you to view it from this perspective and how do we help you have a more broad, a wider, a greater understanding of health and healing and how your body is designed to function. And when you help people to access that part of their brain, that starts to question things, then all of a sudden they don’t just look for the, yes, no answer. They look for the why they look for the, how is that possible? Does that make sense? See, people don’t want to be in that state of cognitive dissonance. That’s where you see one thing, but you believe something different people don’t want to be in that state. So when they see something that doesn’t agree with what they believe, they have to start shifting to one side or the other, because they don’t want to stay in a state of opposing viewpoints for too long.

So they either turn all their attention to one side or turn it all to the other. And so our unique position right now is to help them stay in that middle area where they can hear one thing and see another and make the decision for themselves, which parts of both aspects make more sense to them. And so I really truly believe that this is a time for you to step up in your leadership skills. This is a time for you to up your game. This is a time for you to start really getting more comfortable, voicing not only your opinion, because that’s not the most important thing right now, but voicing your education, voicing your, and your understanding and voicing your knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, epidemiology, immunology of the nervous system, how the body functions and how we were designed to function so that our body can be healthy so that our body can fight off viruses, bacteria, foreign bodies that are invading us so that your body can process the foods that we eat and the air that we breathe and the water that we drink and build new, beautiful, healthy cells.

Teaching them from that aspect is going to ingratiate people to you so much easier than coming at them with a fighting attitude and, and a willingness to battle and bicker about everything that they say, because the, the, the reality is you can be relevant without being argumentative and all too often, when it comes to when it comes to this plan DEMEC, or it comes to this, you know, altered state of healthcare that we’re seeing across the country and across the world, it is so easy to get argumentative and stand your ground and prove your point and try to argue with people that don’t agree with you. But think of that old saying a man convinced against his will, will remain of the same opinion still. So you can beat them to death with your opinion, just to the point where they’re like, okay, whatever you say to get out of the conversation, but it doesn’t mean that you’ve broadened their horizons, open their eyes, or brought them to a better understanding of health instead, stay relevant without becoming argumentative by asking questions, using the Socratic method.

When they say something that clearly makes no sense, turn it back around, use their own words, to formulate a question that makes them have to dig deep into their brain and say, huh, how did I come up with this idea? Or when did I start accepting this? Or when did this nonsense begin making sense to me, use that ability to break people back to a different understanding so that Napa, you can introduce a greater understanding of health. So if somebody comes to you and says, well, I know that my family is sick. Um, so it would be better if they go do something in addition, then you can bring them to an understanding that it says, well, do you understand that once your body is, uh, in the presence of, or learns to fight off a foreign invader, that you work, your immune system, much like a workout.

And now, because you’ve had that workout, you’re better able to recognize that foreign invader again, and you’re better prepared to battle that foreign invader, if your body were to come in contact with it again. So having conversations that don’t necessarily revolve around vaccine laws that are trying to be introduced or vaccine mandates that are coming down the pike, but instead turns to natural immunity and we’re health and healing comes from, and your body’s ability to function. As long as there’s no interference, having those kinds of conversations is going to help you lead people toward a better understanding of health so that they can make better decisions for themselves and their families. And after all, isn’t that what we’re here for is to help provide the information so that people can make healthier choices and choose to live a healthier life. That involves being subluxation free, or being checked and adjusted when necessary.

That’s what I do all day long. That’s what you do all day long. So let’s use our knowledge, our education, and our experience right now with certainty to overcome their doubt. Because right now your people are doubting their body’s ability to heal. They are Downing their body’s ability to function. They’re doubting their children’s ability to heal. Now more than ever. You’re seeing parents who are petrified, that their child is going to come home from school sick, or that their child might get a fever or that their child might have a sniffle or a cough or sneeze. Whereas in years past, we expected that in the first few weeks of school, we welcomed it because we knew that as children go back to school and they’re exposed to all this, nobody knows kids that they’re going to sit next to and who touch the things that they’re touching, that it is normal for our bodies to have an immune response that is part of health.

And when they have that immune response, that’s what builds their body up to be stronger, their immune system, up to be healthier, their future up to be better prepared to face all the foreign invaders. We don’t want anybody living in a bubble because we understand that the boy in the bubble can’t survive when he comes out, because he’s not accustomed to experiencing and fighting off any of these bad guys. So they’re called, right. But we have to be that voice of certainty right now, because right now they’re doubting their kids’ immune systems. They’re doubting their children’s immune response. They’re doubting that the fever is a good thing. They’re doubting that the cough is a body’s way of getting rid of garbage. That doesn’t belong there, doubting that sneezes our way of clearing out the nasal passages. They’re doubting that their body is brilliant and capable of healing.

And so your certainty is going to be so important right now because whether your state has already gone back to school, and you’re seeing the sniffles in the costs and the codes that are normal this time of year, or your state is preparing to go back to school in the next two or three weeks, it’s coming. Their fear is going to get worse. The scare tactics are going to ramp up and the conversations about how there are some people who are choosing not to protect others. They’re choosing not to participate in the greater good. Those conversations are going to increase. We’re seeing these mandates where they’re talking about firing nurses that three months ago, and five months ago, and eight months ago, and a year ago, we’re being heralded as heroes. And now they’re calling them the villains and wanting to fire them. So the whole shift is happening before our very eyes.

Your people may or may not be realizing it, but they’re experiencing it. And so if you can get really certain about everything that you know, that you know, that you know now is the time more than ever to lead with that certainty, speak with authority, be sure that you know what you’re talking about because you do and be sure to share your education because it’s valuable and be sure to share your experience because it is relevant. The people that you see on a day-to-day basis who are getting healthier under chiropractic care, that’s a story that needs to be shared. When a new patient comes in, share some information, don’t overwhelm them. Don’t be argumentative, but be certain speak with authority and make sure that you’re bringing them the information that they need so that they can make better healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.

And when you do that, you’re going to have a group of people who not only get what you do and appreciate it, but who will become raving fans. And we’ll start talking to their friends, their coworkers, and their family members, because right now everybody’s having the conversation about health. Everybody’s having the conversation about sickness and everybody’s having conversations about diseases and immunity and vaccination and immunization and viruses and costs and fevers. Everybody’s having a conversation that you have been preparing your whole life to leave. Everybody’s having the conversation right now that you have been studying and preparing for many, many years to be the authority in that conversation. And everybody’s discussing things that they may not have a great understanding of, but that they’ve been bombarded with one sided information, propaganda designed to keep them in fear, to scare them into doing whatever they’re told to do, and to make them believe that their body is not capable of healing, recognizing invaders, launching an immune response, unless it’s managed medically.

And we know that that’s just not true. So one of the things that you can start doing is having small conversations at the table with all your patients and pick a topic for the day. And maybe this week, you might pick a topic that says, do you know how your immune system works? Or you might pick a topic that says, what is an immune response? Or you might pick a topic that says fever is a good thing. Or how about a top? It says vomit, healthy or sick, because we all know the answers to these questions, but your people might not. And so if you find a specific topic that your patients are not clear on right now, such as what is health, what is healing? What is an immune response? What is a normal reaction to poisons in the body? What is a normal reaction to toxins?

What is a normal reaction to a virus or a bacteria? Why does the temperature raise in the body? How do we sterilize ourselves? What is a fever, spike? There’s so many topics that you could use right now. If you start using them at your table or putting them on your whiteboard or asking patients to ask you questions about this topic, or having a little note at the front desk, where they sign in that says, ask the doctor about fever today, or ask the doctor about vomit or ask the doctor about ear infections or something that you want to carry throughout the day, throughout the week, as your topic of discussion, all of a sudden you bring people to an understanding that, huh, my child’s body ran a fever because it was trying to sterilize itself and cook off the bad stuff. And then the fever spikes to kill the really bad stuff.

And then it dropped the fever down and gave my child chills to cool off the body before it backed up to that low grade fever. And that was all intentional and by design. And that’s all part of a healthy response. I didn’t understand that. Tell me more. And now you open the door to better quality conversations about health and healing and how the body was designed to function. And that is what we as chiropractors specialize in. So the keys today lead people to a better understanding of health, use your stor certainty to overcome their doubt and stay relevant without being argumentative. And that right now is how you’re going to speak with authority in uncertain times. If you need help, if you want some suggestions, if you need some topics to put up on your whiteboard, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m always happy to help you help your community because together we rise. And when more people are under chiropractic care, we take one step closer to fully realizing the big idea. Thank you so much for joining me this week on ChiroSecure’s Empowering Women in Chiropractic as always reach out to me with any questions. And I look forward to seeing you next time right here. Thank you.

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