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Stoking the Fire Within – Cathy Wendland-Colby

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Welcome to ChiroSecure’s empowering women in chiropractic the Facebook live show for successful women by successful women. Proving once again, women make it happen. Join us each week as we bring you the best in business growth, practice management, social media, marketing, networking leadership, and lots more. If it’s about women in practice and business, you’ll hear it here. Now. Join today’s host Dr. Cathy Wendland-Colby, as she talks leadership community and juggling it all. And now here’s Dr. Cathy.

Hello and welcome to empowering women in chiropractic. I’m your host, Dr. Cathy Wendland-Colby. And I am super excited to finally connect with you because in this crazy world of Corona and COVID and lockdowns and pandemics and media frenzies, and disinformation, intentional misinformation, you are still in practice and you are still trying to help people in your community, run a business, feed your family, and take care of your staff. So there’s a lot going on. And some of you may be homeschooling your children for the first time ever, or perhaps like me. You went the opposite route and went from homeschooling your children and sent them into public school for the first time in their life. Because you know what, for me, I said anything that’s more routine and more exposure to other children and more normalcy. I want to put my children into that.

So I went the opposite direction as most people in this country going, but let’s talk about you because right now your practice may be doing great. It may be doing exactly what it was doing before March. It may be doing better than it was doing before March, or perhaps you are still kind of in the weeds and just existing on what’s coming in by accident. And I talked to a lot of doctors and a lot of doctors are saying similar things that the patients that are coming in are still coming in, but the ones who dropped off either because of their fear or because of finances or because the loss of a job, or because they’re now carriers those people 72 phone calls later, they’re still not coming in. They love you. They miss you. They want to be part of your office. They’re just not ready for one reason or another.

Whether it’s finances or fear or family, they’re just not yet ready. And you know, the people I’m talking about, maybe you have someone who has a family member who’s on chemo or a family member that has a chronic illness or heart disease. And they’re just too scared to leave the house. Or you’ve got elderly patients who their family members won’t take them anywhere. So whatever you have going on, let’s really dig deep. Because today I want to talk to you about your foundation, your platform. That’s your principle, that’s your philosophy. That’s what needs to sustain you through this entire thing, because as the saying goes, and I know I’m going to misquote it because it’s a Thursday and it’s crazy. But as the saying goes, do you have more faith in a pillow powder or a potion than you have in the universal intelligence that animates your living body?

I hope not. Because as chiropractors, we know that everything that we need is inside of us, it’s within and innate intelligence within can provide every chemical, every up, every down, every drug, everything that we need naturally without having to take anything from the outside and bringing it because we as chiropractors live that inside out mentality, but our communities don’t. So how do you lead in a time of mass chaos, mass confusion, intentional fear. Fear-mongering how do you lead in a time like this? Where people are just inundated with false information, scare tactics and inaccurate numbers that are designed to keep them scared. Well, first and foremost, think about yourself, your health and your family. For me, this is really easy looking at this COVID ridiculousness, because we were fortunate enough to be the early adopters, right? We had COVID back in December and January, my son and my daughter on Christmas day were too tired to even open their presence.

And for the next 15 days, my son costs and slept. What do you think he had? We don’t get tested, but it’s pretty obvious. Right? And if you think back to this time last year, you probably had a lot of patients that had that three week nagging, cough. I specifically remember saying to patients, wow, I don’t know what was in that flu shot that your coworkers got, but they must be shedding something really bad because you’ve been coughing for three weeks. And every person that I had coming in that had coworkers or family members that had gotten the flu shot, they had the cough, not that people got the flu shot, but the people around them had that three week long cough. So something was going on. So by the time my son got this 15 day, knock him on his butt, sleep and cough and sleep and cough and burn up thing.

We knew something was up, but we just talked it up to, there was something bad in the vaccine that year, because I relied on my philosophy. He didn’t need a test. He didn’t need a drug. He didn’t need a shot. And either you, you and there does your community. What he needed was an adjustment, some sleep, some good nutrition and just time, because all processes required time and he needed time to heal. His body needed time to just fight off whatever was going on. And because we were able to rely on our philosophy, then I’ve been able to rely on my philosophy. Now it’s a lot harder when it’s yourself and your children than it is when it’s a stranger or a patient or a community member. Right? Because then you have that mom guilt that might come in. We say, am I doing the best thing I can for my kid when they’re burning up? Yes. You know, you are because the best thing you can do

Do is nothing. Adjust him and leave,

Leave it alone, detect and correct the red table subluxation and leave it alone, move the bone and let God do the healing. And that’s what we did. And so that faith in our philosophy, that structure, that foundation, that solid principle carried me through with my son, with my daughter and with our patients. And I know that most of you have probably had numerous patients by this point that either have called you because they’re quarantine because their children’s school or their job, or have called you because they were just in your office and then went and got a positive test or have been hospitalized and been in the ICU for this and have come out or are just staying home because they’re elderly or they’re immune suppressed, or they’re on chemo or something. That’s preventing them from leaving their house. So whatever you’ve been exposed to, and I’m sure you’ve been exposed to the whole gamut, understand that this unfortunately is not going away, but how we approach it as chiropractors, our mindset, our mentality, our fortitude, what we believe in, what we stand for and being able to walk.

The walk that we’ve talked for so many years is really, what’s going to lead you and separate you and help you reach your community members right now. So they lock us down again. What are you going to do? If the world starts turning in a different direction, great, what are you going to do? And what are you prepared to do in your office right now? So let’s get your mindset straight, because if you keep your mind on the fact that the body is brilliant, there’s an innate intelligence that knows how to handle everything that comes our way, especially when we provided everything that it needs. Meaning making sure there’s no interference to the function of the nervous system, making sure that we’re supplying it with good food and good water and lots rest and lots of positive mental attitude and moving that body to keep everything going.

Then the body is better able to handle whatever comes its way. So leaning on our philosophy, how do we stay mentally prepared in this time period? When there are unpredictable moments, when you don’t know if your office could get shut down or your state could have a lockdown or your children’s school could quarantine, or you’re told that you have to close your office because you had a patient test positive. So how do you prepare yourself? First and foremost, you need that financial aspect because let’s face it. You have bills. You have to pay and staff that you have to keep employed. So you’ve got to have your finances, right? If they haven’t been right, now’s the time I know you’re thinking now’s not the time to get my finances, right? Well, yeah, actually it is because guess what? Most things around your clothes. So all of your normal spending, not on your bills and utilities, but all your normal spending, you’re going out to eat, going out to drink, going to seminars, traveling a lot of that’s been curtailed.

So put that money aside so that you have the finances to handle a lockdown, and you have to have the mindset that this is all temporary. This too shall pass. This is temporary. And be that voice of reason for your community. Be the one who’s able to say, listen, I understand that you’re scared, but let’s look at facts because numbers are numbers and facts, facts, and scare tactics. While they may have worked. When you look at the numbers and you look at the facts, it’s not as scary as they’re making you believe the numbers just don’t add up. The, the people who are succumbing to this illness were immune compromised, elderly, chronically ill. It’s not your average. Eight year old, 10 year old, 16 year old, 25, 35, 40, 55 year old, 70 year old patient that is succumbing to this. And if that just kind of ran the gamut of the majority of your patients, then you have a lot of leeway there to explain to people, look, stop being fearful because that’s going to put you into fight or flight, and that’s not where you need right now.

Start being more purposeful, start being more dedicated to your health. Start being more grateful for the abundance that you already have. Start being more aware of the life that you’re already living and the choices that you could make to improve your health. Right now start having that conversation in your office. Take a little extra time, because if your office is a little bit slower or you’ve got your patients spread out a little bit more than while you’re doing whatever precautionary measures you need to do in your state. And there’s a patient there use that as an opportunity to talk to them about things that are going to put their mind at ease. Not about the weather, not about sports, not be played school, but about things that are going to put their mind at ease. Remind them that you have an intelligence within your body that is constantly giving to it.

All of its properties and characteristics. That’s maintaining you an existence, meaning your body is brilliant. It knows what to do, make sure that you’re giving a good quality food drink and plenty of water moving, resting, having positive mental attitude. And what you’re doing right here in this office is the most important. And that’s making sure that your brain and your body can communicate effortlessly without interference. So mrs. Smith, I’m so glad to see you here for your adjustment because you’re doing one of the top key things that you can do to keep yourself healthy. Now let’s make sure when you leave this office, you’re staying in the right frame of mind and not getting sucked into all the negativity and all the fear and all the news and all the media. That’s trying to scare you into not living your life. Mrs. Smith. When you leave this office, I want you to go out there and I want you to live to the best of your ability.

Sure. That images may have changed and the places may be different than the experiences. Maybe a little bit smaller or more spread out, but you still get to live. You can still go for a walk. You can still go for a bike ride. You can still make healthy food with your family. You can still bring your friends and coworkers and family members in here to get adjusted. And you can continue to live your best life, even in the pandemic. So have that mindset that you are the voice of reason, have that attitude in your office, that this right here is a safe space for conversation, for healing and for empowerment, where we’re going to teach you that your body is brilliant because let’s face it. Everything that they’re seeing on the news. I mean, this is, to me like an, an exponentially amplified version of what they do to pregnant women during their 40 weeks of pregnancy, right?

Fear-mongering scare your body’s not smart enough. Your body’s not brilliant that baby’s going to be too big. It won’t know when to come out. Your body doesn’t know what to do. You need our help. You need this, you need that. You’re going to need an epidural and a shot and a PZ tummy. You’re going to need all this stuff. Cause you can’t do it on your own. That’s 40 weeks of a woman’s life. Every time she gets pregnant. Now take that and multiply it by the world of where they’re telling us for the last year, almost that this is not going away. This is not going away until 2022. And they’re telling people that, you know, you’re not going to be able to walk out of your house without being gagged without that gag mask on. And you won’t be able to take that gig mask off until every person in the world has a shot that hasn’t fully effectively been tested.

And obviously there’s no long-term studies, but we’re going to make sure we give that to everyone. Anyway. So for your people who are really getting sucked into that and scared, remind them about the movie I am legend with. Will Smith where all the people turned into zombies, except that the very beginning of the movie, which most people don’t even is the reason everybody turned into zombies was because of a vaccine. Hmm. Right. Vaccine that was going to save the world, turn them all into zombies. So look, I just want to have a little fun with this topic with my patients, because I know that it is so stressful and some of them are so tense and some of them are so scared about their family members or themselves or bringing something home. When they go out to the grocery store, I had patients who were literally leaving everything in the garage, spraying down, leaving there for 24 hours before they bring it in and then doing the same thing.

Once they got inside, they were talking on the news, how you had to have airtight chambers for any of your packages and how you had to undress yourself in your garage and put all your clothes in a plastic bag for 24 hours, and then go right inside to a shower. I mean, that’s just insanity because that’s an outside in mindset that the boogeyman out there is going to come in here and we need to put a protective barrier for the boogeyman. Well guess what that protective barrier is already inside. It’s called your immune system and have that conversation with your patients. You know why the nasal swabs are so bad because you’re bypassing the protective mechanism that nasal mucosa, the hairs that are trying to stop and catch everything before it gets inside. But then we take this nasal swab and we shove it up into the brain, right?

As everybody’s saying, so we’re bypassing the protective mechanism. So let’s use our common sense, your brilliant remind your patients, that their body is brilliant while they may not fully understand science, their body doesn’t need to understand science to work properly. So have the mindset that look, your body’s capable of fighting this off. And for most people under the age of 75, if you get this, you might cough. You might sneeze. You might lose your sense of smell. You might not want to eat because you’ll have no real taste going on, but you know what? You’ll be fine. In a couple of days, maybe two or three weeks, you’ll be back to business. You might’ve lost a little bit of weight, but you’ll get back healthy. You might’ve lost a little lung capacity, but you’ll get that back. But the fear that you’re living in right now is so much worse than the virus itself, because that fear is stressed and it’s eating your body apart and it’s not good for you.

So let’s get you on the table. Let’s get you adjusted. Let’s get your body functioning at its best level. And then I want you to go back out there and start living again. And that’s going to make the difference because look, let’s face it. We can not control whether your state is going to lock down again. We cannot control whether your municipality is going to shut you down again, for those of you that have been shut down and we can’t control whether or not your patients are going to buy into this and stay home or getting your office. And if they get in your office, that’s where we can control things. Because once they get in your door, you have the gift of gab. And I hope you use it to share with them, all of the things that they could be doing and remind them that the number one thing they’re doing is being right here in this office, getting your spinal line, helping the nervous system to function freely, without interference, connecting with the spiritual, keeping the brain and the body connected, whatever words work for you, make sure your patients know that this way of living, that we do is an inside out mentality and what the world is trying to scare you.

That’s outside in, let’s not be worried about the boogeyman coming in. Let’s fortify the inside so that we can withstand as many boogeyman as they can throw it our way. Right? And that mentality, that’s going to get you prepared. If your state shuts down, listen, please just try to do your best financially to put yourself in a little bit better position each week. So that if there is a shutdown, you’re okay, you’re not stressed. You’re not freaking out. You’re able to keep going. And then if you need to diversify by doing some virtual calls with your patients or some virtual coaching with your patients or your community, then diversify so that you have an additional income source that could kind of help sustain you in the event of another big lockdown. But in the meantime, listen, let’s just have faith. Let’s put our faith in man.

Let’s put our faith in the system. Let’s put our faith in the fact that people are waking up and they want to go back to life. And let’s put our philosophy as our foundation so that we can lead from a strong mindset that says the body needs no help. Just no interference. And whatever comes at us, we are designed to adapt. We are designed to recognize and to overcome. I know you can do this. I know you’ve been doing a great job in your offices. Whether your practices is booming right now, struggling right now or staying the same. Listen, you’re doing the best in your corner of the world. Just keep doing it. Just stay positive. Keep that positive mental attitude. Remember that those tips of staying healthy apply to you and your family as well as your community. So make sure you’re moving your body every day.

Make sure you’re eating good quality nutrition, getting tons of water in there. Make sure you’re keeping that positive mental attitude to stress is going to eat your way and make sure you are getting adjusted, checked and adjusted on a regular basis so that you can stay on your a game and help the people around you so that they can stay on theirs. It was so great connecting with all of you. I know it’s been awhile. I know we’ve got another great show lined up for you next week. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. If it’s something, I said, something that touched something in your heart or in your mind, and you just want to have a little chit chat. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me because here we grow and together we rise. And when we come together as women and empower each other, watch out because not only will we empower women, but we’ll empower the men and the children around us to do better, live better and have a greater experience. So go out there, tackle the world, live life to its fullest

And enjoy every minute. I appreciate you. I love it. Appreciate you. Thank you so much to ChiroSecure for hosting, empowering women in chiropractic. And I look forward to seeing you next time. [inaudible] join us each week as we bring you the best in business growth, practice management, social media, marketing, networking leadership, and lots more. If it’s about women in practice and business, you’ll hear it. [inaudible] we hope you enjoy this week’s Facebook live event. Please like us on Facebook comment and share. We look forward to seeing all of you next week for another episode of empowering women in chiropractic. Now go ahead and hit the share button and tell your friends and colleagues about the show. Thank you for watching. Have a beautiful day. This has been a ChiroSecure production.

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