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Struggling with the Juggling?

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Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s episode of Empowering Women in Chiropractic. I’m your host, Dr. Cathy, and this week we’re going to talk about app overload because if you have ever tried to manage all of the apps that keep your business running, you know how crazy it can get and all of the social media channels, all of the messaging channels, and then trying to actually go to live events and.

Stay in control of all the contacts that you meet at networking and outdoor activities, and whether it’s screenings or lunch and learns, oh my gosh, it can get overbearing, right? So what can we do? As women in business to make our businesses work smarter and make the business work harder for us instead of us working harder on the business.

And that is what I really wanna talk to you about today. So think about everything that you use on a daily basis to keep your business going. You’ve probably got a website or. If you have multiple businesses, multiple websites, now each one of those websites, people can access those and then they can contact you, they can send you comments, they can send you inquiries, they can send you message requests, they can send you appointment requests.

So you’ve gotta manage that. But then you also have to manage your social media channel. So you’ve got your Facebook, you’ve got your Instagram, you’ve got your TikTok, you might have LinkedIn, you might have Twitter, right? And then you have your software in the office where you’ve got your appointment reminders that are going out to patients.

Plus you’ve got texts and you’ve got emails. And then don’t forget phone calls, but what happens if you miss a phone call? What happens if you miss a phone call and they don’t leave a message for you to call back? And then of course, In addition to that, you got Google My Business, you’ve got Google reviews, you’ve got your Google Calendar, and then you got your kids’ calendars and all the things that you have to do like football, softball, cheerleading, right?

I know. I’m there with you, mom. I’m there, right? We have so much on our plates and we’re trying to keep it all going. Sometimes it just gets to be way too much, and so sometimes we miss those opportunities. We don’t have the time, the energy or the desire or the know-how to go to a networking event. We don’t have it in us to find any more space in our calendar to go meet other business owners in our community.

And we barely have enough time left in our day for ourselves, but yet we still have to market our business. So we’re doing screenings or lunch and learns or dinner with the docs or going to. The Toastmasters group, the Power Core Group, the B N I group, the local Business Association, the Chamber of Commerce, the optimist, the Rotary Club, and on.

And you’re probably even on the P T A or the school board or your local churches or, you know what I’m talking about. There are so many things to manage to help grow your business. To maintain and grow your reputation in your community and to keep it all organized so that it looks seamless and smooth and it looks effortless.

And the reality is, for so many women in business, we might look smooth up here, but underneath we are paddling like crazy to keep it all going. I’ve been there. I know, and I do that and I’m one of those people that have always said, I’ll sleep when I’m dead. But the reality is, That’s not sustainable. It’s not sustainable for you.

It’s not sustainable for me, and it’s certainly not sustainable for my clients that I get to coach. And the reason why is because your kids need you. Your partner needs you, your staff needs you, and you know what, you need you. You need time. To just spend with you. And so often we will miss those great opportunities because we’re so busy taking care of everything else and everyone else that we don’t get the opportunity to grow or we don’t get the opportunity for adventure, or we don’t get the opportunity for joy, or we don’t get the opportunity to just sit back and breathe it all in and know that all of our efforts are producing the amazing life that we desire.

So how do you do that? There’s a story that I wanna share with you because there was a patient who was trying to get into the office and had sent multiple messages, had saw videos on Facebook, had saw some of the Instagram videos, had seen out in the community, some of the things that were going on, and was trying to get into the office and kept reaching out.

But they were going into the dms and nobody was checking them. And then they were reaching out into the Facebook messenger. However, it was going into the business profile, and nobody was checking them. And then they were reaching out through the website. But you know what? It was bouncing back so that wasn’t working.

And this patient tried and tried and finally ran into the staff and said, Hey, I’m trying to get set up for an appointment in your office. How do I go about doing that? And they said, oh, just reach out to us. Wait a minute. I did that. And then started explaining to the team. All the places that this patient had reached out and they were going nowhere and they weren’t getting any feedback, and they knew that this was the office that they wanted to be in because they had heard great things from other people in the community, right?

That’s your reputation right there. And finally, what happened? The staff said, okay, we’ve got a problem here. Let me take your phone number, let me get you scheduled in the office and let me call and confirm with you as soon as I get back to the office and I’ll make sure that you are down. We’ve got you scheduled, and we’ll follow up from there.

And then they finally got the patient in. And this patient ended up being very influential in the community, very involved in a lot of organizations, very involved in the local networking group, and has opened up doors to get more patients into the office. And this isn’t my patient. This is the patient of one of my clients, and here’s what was going on in her office.

She was so busy. Doing everything, doing all the things right, trying to be super mom, and trying to be awesome doc, and trying to be the great business owner and the awesome team leader and trying to still have a social life and go out and network her business. She was doing all the things, but she was burned out and things were dropping, things were getting missed, things were falling through the cracks because there was just way too many ways.

To get in touch with her and she couldn’t keep track of all of them. How many times are you gonna log into Facebook? How many times are you gonna check your Facebook messenger? How many times are you gonna check your dms? She couldn’t do it all. She had too many accounts. Too much to manage and things were falling through the cracks.

So what we did is we streamline everything for her and we made it where she gets to be the doctor, she gets to be the creator, she gets to be the one making the videos or sharing the information, or coming up with the ideas to share with her team. And we gave her a nice, easy calendar to follow along so that she knows exactly when and what she’s planning to post all month long.

But we didn’t stop there. We created a 52 weekly video checklist for her, a full on spreadsheet letting her know every week, these are the videos you should be creating, and you can mix them up in any order you want, but we outlined it for her for 52 weeks. You know what she was able to do, create videos in one weekend.

We brought it to her Brandathon weekend. We batch recorded, we did 52 videos in one weekend, done recorded, ready to go. All she had to do is load ’em up with her staff, click a button, and they all get posted to all of her social channels, and she’s able to funnel all of those contacts into one app. On her phone where she can check it, her staff can check it, and she can make sure that she’s getting her Google reviews to manage her reputation.

She’s posting on Google My Biz. ’cause you might not be posting on Google My Business right now, but you need to be. She’s posting on Facebook and Instagram and TikTok without having to do it herself and without having to do it every week. ’cause they can schedule it now. It’s getting done. And by doing that, what it did, Not only did it showcase her and her business and her brilliance and all of her experience, her knowledge and the information she wanted to share, we were able to do it professionally.

Beautifully done. Already done, ready to go, so she didn’t have to spend time every day in the office thinking about, what should I post? When should I post it? Does my hair look good? I don’t look that good. Right now, I’m not comfortable with what I’m wearing. I don’t really wanna record a video. I don’t have the right lighting.

It’s not the right background. There’s too many papers on my desk. You know what goes in through your mind when you’re thinking about recording a video? You’re like, oh wait, it’s not, there’s not a good area right now. I don’t have a good backdrop. I don’t have the right lighting. I’m not ready for this.

We eliminated that. And we made it easy for her to have all of her videos done and ready to go. And if that’s something that you want to do, please reach out to me. Because doing these branded on weekends, I’ve been doing ’em for years. It is so much fun because we were, we get to record so much great content and we coach you through it so that you can have everything done.

For all of your businesses. Some of you have multiple businesses, and then you can go home and you can relax and you can think about what do I actually wanna say with this video? Or who do I wanna tag? Or what hashtags do I want, right? How do I wanna link this to something else? But we made it easy and I’m trying to help you.

Make it easy for yourself too. So if right now you are thinking, this sounds a lot like my office, I’m trying to get my staff to post on Facebook and I’m trying to remind them to post on Instagram and I’m trying to ask everybody to record a video or have patients that will record videos with us. And I’m trying and I’m trying and I’m trying and I’m trying, but it either isn’t getting done.

Or it’s not getting done to the quality you want, or it’s not getting done on the schedule you want, then things start to fall through the cracks. And if you’re missing out on the opportunities to stay engaged with your community, that means you’re missing out on the opportunity to attract new people in.

I think we have a responsibility to educate our communities, and one of the best ways we can do it is by recording our voice. Using our likeness and sharing it out with the public. So when you learn how to manage all of your apps in one place, guess what happens? All of a sudden, all those great videos that you can record, you can share them out.

So we took all of your social media, we took all of your reputation management. We put it together in one app. Through expanding my, I partnered with their software and now . Every single thing. Whether you wanna stay on your existing website or you wanna build a new one, it doesn’t matter. We can link everything together so that you can stay engaged with the community that’s looking to get in touch with you.

And you can post with the click of one button on multiple platforms, and you can check all of your messages, whether they’re Insta, whether they’re Facebook, whether they’re texts, whether they’re phone calls. You can check all of your messages right here in one app. Easy. I. Easy because it gets too crazy trying to manage all of them.

Some of my clients don’t even know their login information for Google My Business, so they’re not using it at all. Some of ’em don’t even know their business login information for their Instagram, so guess what? Unless their staff is posting something randomly. They’re not doing it. And some people don’t even set up appointment reminders, so their patients are just showing up when they want to because they don’t have the appointment reminders set up.

So you can do all that. So I want you to check out expanding my and on there you’ll see some information that’ll show you that we can combine all this in one spot. And as a gift to you, I partner with them and have offered to give you. That monthly planning calendar so that you know each month this is what I’m going to post.

It has worked really well with my clients and I know that it’ll work great for you. And also, if you want, I’ll drop a link down below. Where you can get access to my 52 weekly video spreadsheet. I’ve got two of those, actually. One that is straight chiropractic and one that is for pregnancy, prenatal, and p new mommy.

So this way you can create those videos. You’ve already got the titles to do it. You know exactly what you should include in them, and you can start creating those videos. And if you need help with that, reach out to me because I know we’ve got another brandathon weekend coming up. I think it’s in the next few months, but we can get you information on that one as well.

If you wanna sit down and record all of your videos for the next year. We can do that with you. So listen, I know how busy it gets trying to manage your reputation, manage your business, manage your kids, manage your schedule, and stay on top of every single app that’s out there and every single social media channel.

And sometimes you feel like you have to be involved with these just to be relevant. And in a way you do, but you don’t have to go crazy trying to do it. So let me help you make your life a little bit easier. Check out expanding my and we will help get you the information you need so that you can put everything in one easy to use app so that you can check it all and stay in contact with your perspective and your current patients and clients.

So for that, I just wanna say, I know that you’re doing a great job, moms. Women, we juggle a lot of hats in our practices. We juggle a lot of hats. As the business owner or the person that’s running the practice, we juggle a lot of hats and sometimes we are juggling everybody else’s and we forget to make time for our own.

So I wanna make your life simple. I wanna show you how easy it can be to have all of your content done, ready to share, knowing what you’re going to post each week, and make sure you can manage your reputation. Your clients and all of your prospects all in one place. So reach out to me. Check out the link that we’re gonna drop below for you and go check out expanding my where you can get more information about how we can get you all set up.

Ladies, keep doing what you’re doing, but make sure that you’re carving out time for you, because you know what? Sometimes as moms and women, we get so busy serving everybody else, we forget to serve us. Let’s make our life a little bit easier. Let’s make a little bit more time for us and let’s keep our businesses growing, thriving, and impacting lives in our community.

Thank you so much for joining me. I look forward to seeing you at one of the live events coming up soon ’cause I know I’m gonna be at Chiro Fest and I’m gonna be at Life’s Fall ce and I’m gonna be doing a lot of other events. Of course, I’ll be at lcw, spiz and Spa. There’s a lot of live events coming up.

I hope I’m gonna see you at those. I know ChiroSecure is sponsoring a bunch of those and I will see you here next time. Be sure to check out our car secure Facebook page for more information and other great videos from a lot of wonderful speakers in our profession. Have a great week everybody.

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