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The Do’s and Don’ts to Managing Negative Reviews Online

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Welcome my chiropractic friends, ChiroSecure family. It is so good to be back. I missed you. I hope you miss me too. And if you didn’t, don’t worry today is all about making sure that we have the do’s and don’ts when managing negative reviews. Listen, I get lots of reviews, so my skin may be a little thicker than most, but.

What I want to do in today’s presentation, as we are winding down this very extraordinary year is to ensure that you know how to best manage your social media. So to do that, we’ve taken a full presentation. To really look at what about the reviews? Do I even care about social media and what’s really going on?

So we’re getting started here today with the do’s and the don’ts of managing negative reviews. Now, before we get start. As always, I want to thank our corporate sponsors. As we close out the end of 2021, it has been a very busy and extraordinary successful year. And it’s because we’re reaching the general public with our message about chiropractic even during a pandemic.

And we were very proud to have such wonderful and generous sponsors such as you, our. And our corporate sponsors such as ChiroSecure. So we love ChiroSecure. We’re so grateful to them as well. If you’re not a member, don’t worry. This is the year to treat yourself to the best marketing opportunities the profession has available by going to F for your gift to yourself in 2020.

Moving along. I want to say this slide points out a few things. It is looking at. What does it mean when chance in crisis starts to come together? Here’s the thing. When you look at a negative review, it’s your chance to split. Spin is incredibly important. It’s the narrative Baton behind the opportunity for your clinic.

This is an important topic for you to understand, because it provides you with the chance to take a potential crisis or patient situation that could spread to the entire community involved and you can make it right. And that’s why you’re spending your time. Really wisely today is your going to learn how to make it right when it’s wrong.

It’s all about preparations. It’s all about the do’s and the don’ts and we’re going to start right away. So for many of you sitting there today, you’re some of you’re saying I actually hate social media. I actually don’t even want to get involved in social media. Let me stop you right there. I’m going to give you some stats.

You get to choose how much time you spend on social media and you get to choose who does it. And I like to think that the consumer’s looking for you. So please help them find you first and foremost, but let’s look at these stats cause they’re real 93% of compete consumers using the internet, finding local business last year.

87% of confused consumers read online reviews for local businesses, and that’s usually in advance of visiting that location. So they’re checking you out and they’re learning what others are saying about you before they actually make the move. Reflect on that for a moment, 71% of patients using online reviews as the very first step to finding a new doctor, is that new doctor going to be you?

I sure hope so. The health care industry actually ranks third in most read online reviews. That’s significant Siri memory. If you came in here with a negative attitude and you don’t like social media, I get a turn you around. We get to make this profound in 20 22, 60 6% of patients feel it’s at least moderately important for providers to respond publicly to honor online reviews.

So what I’m saying here is we need to get you active more important. Social media is about social communication. It’s not a one-way street. So if the patients are responding and giving reviews, guess what? We need you to be acting accordingly and really responding back. So let’s look at the dude. This is the positive of what happens when a negative happens.

So let’s tackle what it looks like. So let’s say you got a one-star review on Google first and foremost, read the review. And as I have to, sometimes I have to grind my teeth. Cause there are people out there that you’re just going to think you’re fat, ugly, and stupid. That’s okay. They had a bad hair day.

I don’t know. Don’t take this personally know that there’s a perspective out there and you can work with it first and foremost, you got to put your pride aside. And that sometimes is a little hard for me, but I still do it. And I apologize. Yes. I said the, a word apologize. Put your pride aside and post a genuine apology to the patient.

Their experience is valid. And just because your perspective is different than theirs, it doesn’t lower. What they’ve chosen to publicly share on mine. When you start off the response with an apology, you are in fact disarming the anger feelings that individual has posted, and it also reflects well on the public perception of you when others do in factory.

The next thing you want to focus on is the future. Okay. We all get stuck sometimes with a review that we don’t want, and we need to acknowledge that you regret and you want to offer to resolve the situation. Look forward to the future. You want to be able to get in touch with them, provide a direct phone number for that patient to call for example, or if it is your patient and you have their number, I would actually.

Call them and ask them, how can we work together to ensure that the situation is resolved? Their experience with you is dependent on what you do. And as you go, the next part of this is there will be spams and I guarantee you there’ll be fake patient reviews. Now some websites actually will help you to get rid of these fake spam.

Unfortunately, there are some such as Google. It’s a lot harder to get rid of them, but if there is an imposter out there and you’ve never cared for that patient, you actually do need to report it as spam and let the directors of that particular social media platform know that it’s a fake patient and that you absolutely dispute this fraudulent claim when it’s raised, do not.

Let it sit on your social media. You need to get active on this. So you do unfortunately have to monitor your online reputation fairly consistently. And perhaps, maybe you put that with your front desk to say at the end of the month, let’s do a full review or what it may be every two weeks. It depends on how busy and active you are on social.

However, let’s spin this to the positive. Now you want to thank all of those positive comments that are actually coming in. Remember I told you those reviews that you get on Yelp and Google, for example, are those patients engaging on your social media accounts? So what do you want to, do you want to ensure that either you or your staff are actually taking the time to respond?

As I said, previously, social media is meant to be not a one-way communication funnel. So finally, our last do, now this is a tricky one. So that’s why we’re on ChiroSecure is that you want to actually decide whether or not you’re willing to give a. Okay. Every situation’s different. I cannot guide you in this and don’t choose to guide you because you need to actually think through the situation.

And I would encourage you to contact your malpractice carrier and ask them because they’re the experts. When it comes to the dues. Now let’s get to the don’ts. What don’t you want to do? You do not want to get into a public argument. Those just go haywire and they go haywire fast. And it actually becomes really negative on both parties, because there’s a public view.

If there is dispute, you don’t want to upset current patients and you certainly don’t want to amplify what they’ve already said. That was. So be very careful. This is the place where lawsuits begin, and this is the place where he just don’t want to be the other. Don’t be very careful when you responding to the actual claim because you have.

HIPAA compliance to think about, and you want to ensure you never give specifics and, or the condition. And it’s very hard when you start getting into a back and forth with a patient online, because things can slip and things can be said that may or may not be helpful at all. So we just want to really be careful on that.

The other part is you don’t want to respond to trolls or fake patient. Like the, do we just covered flag that review and let the universe do its work because really when you get into the troll situation, you don’t want to be activating further trolls to come to your site. So be very aware, be very cognizant and know you can flip a negative to a positive, you can spin it.

You can engage more positive press for your practice by being engaged on your social media, thanking those that are sending. And wonderful messages to your social media site and then deal with those that are negative. I think it’s in your best interest to always be as kind and as caring as you are with your hands, as you will be on social media.

Now let’s move to some further don’ts don’t and last but not least. Scare yourself away from social media, because I just presented these don’ts. This is not a time to be afraid. This is a time to engage. So let’s go some fun things. I’m going to share with you that tip sheet, this new tip sheet here is all about that negative online review.

It may be inevitable. You can spin it. So I want to have something that walks you through the do’s and the don’ts spend some time with your front desk, or whoever’s helping you with social media just to go over and make sure that these are best practices and that you want your staff to be aware that yes, it could be as bad as the doctor always runs.

And sometimes you need to just pay attention. Maybe you are always running late and you thank them and say in 2022, my resolution will be, I will be on time. So let’s just keep going through and thinking about what are the things that make our practice special. The time is now at the end of the year to start preparing yourself for the beginning of 20, 22 and in, this particular best practice handbook is going to help your staff and yourself focus on the things that maybe throughout the year you’ve put aside and never thought about. I would encourage you doctor of chiropractic to sit with your staff and maybe take a chapter a week or a chapter a month, whatever your office can withstand.

Make it fun, make it something that they look forward to rather than detesting, we have another office meeting. So I would think maybe taking them for breakfast or lunch and going over this would be a fabulous next step for you as we are on the word faggot. It is you my foundation member who has helped us be fabulous this year.

I want to go over some fantastic opportunities that have come to place this year. Thanks to your support. First and foremost is our video word. What is a video award? Don’t you worry? I’m going to share with you in just a moment, but we’re really proud. This is a video word for the, I know, pain. 32nd.

Commercial that as was aired 25 times during the summer Olympics. And boy did, we hit it out of the park over 200 million impressions. And I think this is one of those moments where we just have to really give all of ourselves a pat on the back for being able to get our messaging across. And as it’s not easy during a pandemic to do all the things that you’re used to doing.

You were there for the patients and you really did care this year. The next speaking of caring is the military tool kit in case you missed it. That was our new launch. Last month. It was to support veterans day and. Public relations theme of the month, which was taking care of our military and veterans active military needs your support veterans absolutely need your care.

So please make sure you’ve gone through the military toolkit, utilize some of those new infographics next year and be accessing the care for these veterans and active duty military that they so very much. The next piece is the toy drive. Now, many of you are sitting there right now and thinking, oh, toy drive.

I meant to do it. I should have done it. It’s okay. Listen, you may not get a full blown toy drive this year, but work with your staff for next year. There’s nothing better than to see a wonderful outreach to your community to build on Goodwill. Chiropractors are more than just putting hands on patients.

And we know that we want to be able to be really active in the community. And if you can go do some service, that would be a blessing way to celebrate the season and or gift cards, whatever you can do, make your patients aware that there’s a community charity that you’re supporting, that you love, that you’ve adopted into your office.

And that caring goes a long way because it shows how. And truly caring. You are to make your community a better place to be. As we go through, I want to thank a few sponsors. We had an incredible outreach of new corporate sponsors and it was thanks to foot levelers. Our chairman, Mr. Kent, Greenwalt added a bonus to the end of the year to get more sponsors on, to help us get our messages.

I also want to thank Dr. Ray Foxworth from Cairo health USA for also joining in this fantastic opportunity to help more sponsors come on that. I would need you to understand that our foundation is run by dollars that come from you and the dollars that come from standard process. Again, he, Mr. Charlie Dubois, the owner of standard process brought 34 of his standard process reps to become members to support.

The chiropractic profession. So we want to thank them individually as well. What’s up next? My good friends, the new podcast episode has come. We’ve had episodes season one, end two, and we’re winding down 2021. We’re ecstatic with the results of those. Two seasons of our adjusted reality podcast, trusted by the adjusted there’s 10 episodes in season two.

Don’t miss it. We have a ton of new content that you can share with your patients. Listen, this year alone, there’s an estimated 100 in 20 million podcast. Listeners and experts actually anticipate that 2023. There’ll be passing 160 million listeners. That’s amazing. So I need you to listen to the podcast and determine which ones you want to share with your patients.

And when why, because this is a fun, relatable way to engage health by weaving chiropractic in. And I’ll tell you it’s just been fun. It’s been really engaging to see the level of excitement that has actually created a buzz because it’s trusted by the agenda. Now looking back over achievements this year, this is where you should be very proud.

I cannot thank you enough for being part of our foundation because look what we’ve done this year alone. We have fostered four new awards for the profession. Three. We’re direct from the quality of our work on that production of the 32nd chiropractic TV commercial, which aired in the NBC networks during the summer Olympic games.

So I think. The commercial won a telly award. It also want a PR daily and a video award. So our podcasts also took home a digital health award for its content. So let me ask you this. You’re sitting there thinking, so what do I care about the award? And what are these words? Anyway, let’s just start with the tele award.

The tele award was actually a word that started in 1979 and it was to honor excellence in local regional and cable television commercials. And it showed the best work that was created across video for all screens. And the tell your word received 12,000 entries from 50 states and five continents, and we won gold.

So let me tell you why is that important? Because we’re not just hitting our communities. We are intensely. Hitting the world over 58 countries watch the Olympic commercial. So that’s why you want to be excited about the tele award. But what about that video award that you just talked about that we got last month?

This is really exciting because again, it was part of the Olympic video and it honors excellence in the aspects of video production. The competition is administered and judged by an association of marketing and communication professionals and attracts tens of thousands of entries. Oh, for over about a hundred countries.

Think of that. Think of our profession ethically winning not one, not two but four awards this year, the Reagan award that you see in the corner, there is the award that honors people, teams and organizations, that’s you are my organization that projects to help building awareness and important causes across many platform.

So why are these so important? Because we’re building. A statue of importance for the chiropractic profession. So every single American knows, not only are we trusted, we’re safe, we’re efficacious and corporations are seeing the return on investment. So please feel free to share these awards on social media because we came together to make an amazing moment happen.

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Building better practices. So make sure that you keep an eye out for those webinars, because I can tell you we’re getting amazing results with them and we get fabulous feedback. Now, speaking of fabulous feedback, we have the road to Olympics and of year video. I want to share just this snippet with you right now, so that you can see what it is, and then you can click for yourself and watch the whole thing.

So let’s go ahead and watch the video.

And I will want to encourage you to watch the whole thing, because when you’re a supporter, one of the key aspects is this. You get to have access to all the materials and you get to also be very proud that you’re sponsoring the future of chiropractic. So I want to thank each and every one of you and know that you’re an immensely important part of our success.

2022 is our year 2022 is our year together. And prosper. I want to thank each and every one of you, I wish you the very best of the holiday season ahead. And I want you not to forget that we have the fabulous and outstanding doctor, student, who is going to be kicking off next week. So don’t forget.

Come on back every Tuesday to ChiroSecure, because when you start to sharpen your saw for success, the patients know that. The community notices and most importantly, the entire profession wins. So speaking of winning 2022 is our year. Let’s continue to keep winning together. Thank you all very much.

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