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The Impact Factor – A New Message for a New Year – Melissa Grill-Petersen

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Dr. Melissa Grill-Peterson, your host. And I want to say a big thank you to ChiroSecure for allowing us to bring today’s show to you today. We’re going to talk all about your message and why it really matters so that you truly can scale and make a massive impact in 20, 21 and beyond. So we’re going to bring up some slides and I’m going to take you through some key points today because over the past 20 years, both as a clinician, as well as a coach to the coach, if you will. Um, what I’ve done is I’ve been working both in front of the scenes and behind the scenes. And historically as chiropractors, we are amazing at what we do and we want to support and serve everyone. And so what happens is because we can help everyone, we think we should help everyone.

And that means often we’re not helping the ones that need us the most. Why? Because our message gets diluted. And if people have any type of confusion, the confused mind is a, is a mind that doesn’t buy it, doesn’t make a decision. It doesn’t move forward. So today I’m going to share with you just a simple framework of how you really count, get super crystal clear in this moment, in this new year to ensure that your message makes an impact. So I’m just going to go ahead and kind of slide through some of these and really talk today. We’ve got to make sure that my screen is scrolling properly here. So what we’re going to really talk about is, you know, since COVID some interesting things have shifted, right? Like everything has shifted, safe to say, but there’s so much new information that has come out.

And it’s really giving us an opportunity. Now, as clinicians, as business owners to do more than guests, we can leverage data and statistics to take a deep dive into what today’s consumers really want and how you can meet that need now more than ever in your practices and create actual new opportunities to bring new programs and content to go out and really make your impact. So we’re going to look at the data. What does it tell us what opportunities are there for you and how can you then leverage create a message and leverage it in a way that will really attract as well as expand your ideal audience. Um, and finally, we’re going to look at your mission and your message and understand how you can scale those because you know, you are here to make an impact. You’re here to make a difference. You’re here to touch so many lives and I’ve had the honor of working literally with thousands of what I like to refer to as healthpreneur.

So our fellow peers, not just chiropractors, but clinicians of all degrees and backgrounds and type, and everybody’s in kind of the same space. We all love to give, to love, to serve yet. Again, our message can get diluted, and this is one of the primary places in order to attract more people, as well as to keep the ones that you’ve got. You’ve got to make sure that you’re talking to that right person, because again, just because you help everyone doesn’t mean that you should. So a little bit about me. If you guys don’t know who I am, hi, thanks for tuning in today. I am Dr. Melissa Peterson for more than 20 years, I’ve been in the integrative health and wellness space, both as a chiropractor, as a board certified holistic health doctor, wellness coach, all sorts of fun things. But over the past decade, I’ve really grown into becoming an expert in precision longevity and specifically at the genetics.

And I’m partnered with an Academy that certifies coaches across the world in genetics and epigenetics and how really our inputs are signals from the outer world are influencing our very genetic potential. And so I put this message up here very specifically, because when I’m kind of front facing to potential clients, this is one of the ways that I would present myself. Hi, I’m Dr. Melissa girl Peterson. I’m a best-selling author three times summit host podcast, or set up epigenetic and precision longevity expert delivering high to get precision health optimization solutions for high achievers. So they can reverse age of balanced energy and perform at their peak so they can leave love and live life to the fullest. Now I did this very intentionally. I kept this up today. This is from a presentation I’m going to be doing next week, but it’s to an audience that is my ideal audience.

And I want them to know straight out of the gate, who I am and what I really do and why I would be able to support them right. To be so they can start to see a bit of themselves in my very description of who I am. So when we look at this, what I want you to remember is your message matters so much because your gifts are immense. Your talents are needed, but again, if your ideal client doesn’t know that you can help them, then they’re never going to come in. And typically what we have been taught to do is that, um, we’re taught to really go out and lead with, um, a doctor of chiropractic. So we lead with chiropractic as our message. Well, let’s think about this for a moment. The chiropractic is a title. It’s a description that is left to the consumer.

So what do they really know about chiropractic? Do they understand it through your lens? Do they understand it through the way that you deliver it? Do they know somebody that had a great experience? Do they know someone that had a not so great experience? You know, what is their current belief system around what that word means? So when we go out and we try to message through our titles, through our, what we do, sometimes that can actually create an limitation. It can create a limitation in the mind of the potential consumer, because people don’t buy what we do. They really buy the outcome that they want. It’s all about them. As much as we think it’s about us. It’s not always about our ideal client, the solutions that they seek. So the more solution forward we can be, the more that we can make our messaging about them and start kind of with that end in mind, then the greater, the impact that we can make and the better opportunity we have to truly attract and connect in deep and meaningful way with the very people we most desire to serve.

So let’s go ahead and give you kind of the forest centrals, right? So whenever I work with a client, this is where I start. So in my masterminds with all my fellow docs, we start with the four essential is your who, your, what, your why, and your health. And if you can really start here and use this simple roadmap that I’m going to walk you through, and I’m going to give you some examples, and I’m going to tell you how you can take this very simple framework and use it many times over so that you have consistent messaging that again and again, and again, speaks to the person you want to speak, to connects with their, wants their desires, their needs, and lets them know that you’re the person that can absolutely with certainty, give them what they want. Sound good. So when we think about the who, the, what the why and the, how the, who is, who’s your ideal client.

Now, I want to take a moment because when I do workshops and today’s show is short, so this is going to be really power-packed. But think about this for a moment, you might have 10 different types of avatars, 10 different main types of people that come into your practice. And so that could be when people come in for back pain, people come in for nutrition. People come in for pregnancy. People come in for performance. People could come in for a lot of reasons. And I absolutely know that you have the skills and the ability that you can take care of all of those people. But when it comes to really marketing your message, the idea is to start with one place with one big overarching promise. And you want to start to your audience that is going to respond the quickest. That’s going to really want what you’ve got.

Well, other people come, yes. Will you still offer other programs? Yes. So don’t freak out, okay. I’m not going to limit you here, but I want to help you to really focus because if you can focus and you can create clarity, then it becomes so easy to the consumer to see, Oh my gosh, that person, I didn’t even know that Dr. So-and-so did X, Y, or Z. Because if they only think you do chiropractic, then they’re putting you in a box. And if they don’t think that they need what you have, they’re never going to consider you for anything else. So when you hear me say longevity, I work in the, in the realm of precision longevity and human optimization. So there’s a lot that goes into that. You don’t hear me talking about nutrition. You don’t hear me talking about mindset. You don’t hear me talking about chiropractic.

You don’t hear her using those words. Are they a part of it? A hundred percent. What I’m speaking to is what my ideal client wants. I work with high achievers, they’re busy professionals and they want to continue to feel their best, look their best performance, their best, because they want to lead and love and live their life to the fullest because they’re really dedicated and they’re committing, they’re committed. And when their energy starts to drop, when their performance starts to drop, well, then their quality of life starts to decline. And that’s exactly the opposite of what they want. So they want to know how they can continue to really live fully optimized. Right. That’s my audience. Now, do I, within that? Do I have people that have hormone imbalance? Yes. Do I have people that have pain? Yes. Do I have people that are athletes?

Yes. Right. So understand that there’s different people that come in, but I’m starting with who is my most ideal. Like what’s the thing I really want to deliver to them. Okay. So the who, who’s your ideal client? So mine is a 43 year old, high achieving female. That’s my most ideal. I take care of men too, right there, right there at about 43, 44. Things are just starting to shift enough that they are going, Holy moly. I want to do something now. I’m not doing, she drives this and lives there. I’m not going into that type of an avatar. I’m getting some big chunks because I want her to know when I speak to her that I understand who she is and then I can help her. The next thing is what now you’re what is where you might want to think about my, what is chiropractic?

Well, my what’s precision longevity, right? So yours could be, um, you know, if it’s, if it’s chiropractic, what specifically does chiropractic deliver to your clients? Is it pain-free living? So let’s pretend for a moment your, what is pain-free living? So there’s a lot of ways to get to pain-free living inclusive of chiropractic, but also potentially some of the other modalities, some of the other programs and solutions that you may currently have in your practice. So I really want to encourage you to go a little bit more meta, like kind of chunk up a little bit more global and think what’s the big thing they really want. Well, they want to be pain-free. Okay, great. Why, why do they want to be pain-free so they can, this is a really important thing. And I want you to answer this for yourself. So who are they? What do you give them?

Right. Why is that important to them and how do you go about doing it? So let’s go to this next slide and go a little bit more into this. We’re doing good on time. Hoping you guys are enjoying this. If you’ve got questions, go ahead and put some, go ahead and leave a comment here. So I’ve got my production team helping with this right now. I’m looking at slides. If for any reason, I’m unable to answer your question right now during the live show, I absolutely will follow up with you. So at any time you guys need me, you got questions. I want to support you. And I also want to know how each episode that we bring with the impact factor can continue to really provide value to you. So any of these areas that we maybe don’t have enough time to go super deep into today, we can do on upcoming episodes.

So I want to know what really resonates with you. So let me know, tell me your, who, tell me your, who, who is your ideal client? Leave that in the messages. I want to know if you’re, what is it that you really deliver? What’s that big promise, that big takeaway that if they just come into you, they can feel like, wow, I’m going to get this big thing, right? My people are going to age in reverse. Your people are going to live pain-free so what’s that big, big promise. So now we want to think about, again, the, who, this is my example, high achievers. They want to perform at their peak, look and feel their best and live their best life. What precision longevity, that’s my vehicle. Right? And my, my big, what through precision longevity is they are going to age in reverse, right?

So that they can have all those things that they want. Um, and your why is, again, what’s really, why would they want this? Why would this matter to them? Why you, why chiropractic, why your services versus any other? Okay. So for me, my, why starts within their DNA and I’m somebody uniquely qualified to help them to actually unlock, understand, activate, and ignite their full potential that’s encoded within. So you’ve got to think about what is it that you unlock within your patients? What is it that you support and activate within them when they are able to experience pain-free living through your services, right? As an example, um, and then the final one. So your who, your, what your wife and your house. So how do you do it? And it’s easy to think about this. What happens every time I work with docs is this is where they want to get in the weeds.

And they want to think about, well, I do it with, I do it with a 14 day detox, and then I’m going to do some cold light laser, and then I’m going to do some supplements. And then I’m going to do, you know, 12 adjustments. And all of a sudden you get very granular, but the, how is still think kind of big picture magic. So for me to give you a container, I assess I test so they can have success. So I’m going to assess using our proprietary longevity, living blueprint, going through the nine hallmarks of what creates age optimization, right. Just living a long life. Well, then we’re going to test, we’re going to test and look at their DNA and we’re going to do comprehensive labs so that then I can give them their plan so that they can have success. It’s not just information.

It’s how do they implement it with a plan for success? So that’s my kind of one, two, three steps. Most places have a step one, right? Let’s come in and do an exam. That’s your assessment. Step two. Let’s help you to see. So if you’re doing x-rays, for example, it’s the same kind of thing it’s like, don’t guess, right? Let’s let’s really understand what we’ve got here. Let’s show you your potential right here. And then step three is really, of course your magic that you’re going to do. It’s your program. It’s your, it’s your gift. It’s your care. And that’s where you can use my word success. Hey, step three is all about you having the successful outcomes. You want feeling, living, experiencing a pain-free life. And we’re going to do this with your customized care here in the practice. So you don’t have to go into detail.

Um, you want to first just have kind of some, some big ideas with your who, your what, your why, and your how, because if you can kind of chunk down very succinctly and know who you really want to go talk to, and the ways that you can best let them know that you’re here to serve them. Then there’s not a lot of places you can share your message. Okay. And this is just a few, and I think a really great exercise that I love doing with people. Like, let’s say all of a sudden, you come to the, your, what is pain free living through chiropractic. Let’s use that as an example. So I’ve got to see if I’ve got a piece of paper here. There’s a process I love to do you guys call it a mind map? I don’t know if you’ve ever done this.

This is not on the slide. So let me just take a moment and explain it. You get a clear white sheet of paper or a big sheet of paper board, or a poster board, or, you know, get on a whiteboard, whatever big white open space, have some markers have something with color because it helps to activate the creative components of the brain. It’s going to open up your, your thought process of it. So we don’t want to be left friend. We want to be a little bit more right-brain on this activity. But what you’re going to do is you’re going to put a circle in the center of the paper and in it, you’re going to put pain-free living through chiropractic, Oregon, whatever your big, what is that you offer to your ideal, who your ideal client. And this is where we do all of a sudden, a little brain dump exercise.

So you can really shake the dirt off the roots and get some inspiration around what type of conversations, what type of content could you create? What type of programs, what type of posts, messages, videos, blogs, any of it that you could create around your zone of genius, that would be able to get your message out out of your office and out to the people who already know, like, and trust you, but also out to the other people who are maybe in your local area that don’t know you yet, but there’s an opportunity for them to, because you need to become visible. They need to know who you are so they can know like, and trust you. And so the simple exercise, mind map, putting the center of what your big, what pain-free living through chiropractic. And then your question is how are all the ways that I can tell somebody about pain, free living through chiropractic?

What are all the things that tie to this? What are all the talking points? And you’re going to just let anything come out. Maybe it’s like a vitamin D exercise, stretching, good nights, sleep hydration. What are all the things that impact pain in the body that you, as a chiropractor, you’re doing the adjustments, but what’s going to allow the adjustment to hold, right? That’s what they do when they leave you. And there are all these things that you’re trying to tell them all the time about in your practice. But what if you could just kind of brain dump all these things that you tell them all the time. And now you’ve got some ideas of how you could share the message through really interesting and timely and very specific little bite-sized pieces that tells the story about to your, who, what could be at play in creating pain and how they can break through that to experience pain, free living.

And as you share this message, you set yourself up as the expert that you are right. Hi, I’m Dr. So-and-so. I’m an expert in pain-free living here at so-and-so clinic. You know, every day we’re helping hundreds of people in our community break free of pain and live the life that they were meant to live, right? Freely, whatever, like living their best life kind of thing. And now you’re going to tell them all the ways that you do that, and these are all the places, your website, first and foremost, your homepage, this is the most important place right now. People are going to go find you there. You want that homepage to be super clean. What, excuse me, who you want their picture up front, like, or that big promise to whoever you’re who is, who are you talking to? What is it that you deliver?

And they can expect to get from you. Why do they want what you’ve got? Why does what you do matter so much? And how can they get it? Your website should have one consistent call to action. So if that’s call now book now request an appointment, click here to schedule. You want one consistent call to action. And you want that. Who, what, why and how present on that homepage, that simple formula can then be replicated in all these other spaces and places right throughout the office, everywhere from your waiting room to your adjustment areas, into the bathroom, you can have little one-pagers, whatever you want to focus on on that month, whatever you want to bring somebody who’s focused to it’s the who, the what, the why and the how super simple. Here’s what I got. Here’s what it does. Here’s how it’s going to help you.

You’re going to bring their focus in. So these are a lot of places. As you can see, websites, office, social media groups, podcasts, podcasts are a great tool. We’ll talk about those in upcoming shows, because it’s an amazing tool that you can leverage as a local expert and bring in other local experts. Not other, it doesn’t have to be other doctors. It can be other doctors of other types, but it can be other local business owners, other local, um, you know, organizations that already really deal with your ideal client. You’re all in the community together. So spread the love. And so podcasts become a really powerful platform. Again, we’ll do an episode just on that. So you can really get some insight of what you can leverage and how summits are an amazing tool. Um, ads, workshop, live streams, events, email. You’ve got an email list.

That’s like people who already know like, and trust you. You’ve got a client list. And so use it, use it, share messages, share information, whether you’re sending out a newsletter, um, you’re doing a weekly video, a weekly live, stay in touch with your people because they may have come in thinking you only did X, but now all of a sudden, if they realize that you do Y and Z, they might go, Oh my gosh, Oh, I’ve got this friend who needs to go see Dr. So-and-so, right? I didn’t know they did this and this. So the more you can be clear about your message and consistently share it out, the easier it will be for people to really understand what is it you’re doing. And I like to show this because most people don’t really understand marketing and your message is marketing. As doctors, we love to just go heal and to support and provide transformative results for our clients and patients.

Yet, again, if people don’t know what you’re doing, they’re not going to come in and have that transformative experience with you. So your message really matters. It’s so essential so that you can get it out. And what you’re seeing here on this particular slide is what’s called a marketing funnel and think of a funnel it’s just taking this wide kind of like huge field of potential and getting your message out there so that your ideal client can come in. Now, the more general our message, the wider, the, the, you know, the, the sea of people, but it’s more watered down. So the more focused, the more clear, the more precise you can be about who you’re talking to about the outcomes you deliver, then the top part already gets a little more narrow, but the people that are looking for that, now they’re going to see it.

And now this is the process of what built in marketing. It’s called the know like, and trust factor. They need to know you so they can determine if they like you enough to trust you, that you are credible, that you know, that you definitely are bringing value and that they feel you’re somebody that could help them. And that’s when they’re going to give you the lead. That’s when they’re going to call your office, that’s when they’re going to take action. And, or they’re hearing about it from somebody else, which is again, building out that what’s called social proof. Somebody else has an experience with you. They they’ve met you. Then you’re like, well, there’s a better chance I’m going to call doctor so-and-so. So realize this. Your message is what helps to attract people to you. And when you really want to cut through and you want to get right down to it, you want to think about where your ideal client already is.

And that way you have a better chance of getting your message right to them. Instead of trying to, I call it, throw spaghetti on the wall. So it’s sort of trying to just put it out there to everybody and think, well, I’m going to just take out an ad in the newspaper. I’m going to just put out this one video and it’s going to attract everybody. It’s not. And I’ll give you an example. So this past year, um, I did a five day online longevity summit, and I got about 4,500 new emails, new people onto my list that were said, Hey, I’m super interested in this topic. Now that is a warm audience. That is an, and they weren’t engaged during the summit. So now it’s an engaged audience who likes this topic of conversation. So let’s say again, your big result you deliver by way of chiropractic is pain-free living.

Imagine that you create a series called pain-free living, whether it’s a weekly video, you do an online summit, you do a weekly workshop in your community, something, but you start a series around that big thing. I tell people I’m going to help you to look and feel 10 years younger today than you did 10 years ago. We’re going to talk about age reversal, right? Boundless energy, peak performance, people that want, that are going to tune in. I had a lot of different experts. It wasn’t just chiropractic, right? But they tuned in because they’re interested in the topic. So when you know your who, and you really know, you understand where they’re at in this moment, and you understand where it is that they desire to go, why that’s super important to them, then what you’re able to do, because you already see these people, right?

You, you see them, you’re, you’re holding their hand. You’re taking them through the path of care each and every visit. So you really understand this journey. And I call this kind of this little straight face, like not scrappy is where they’re starting. Like they’re looking for something more. And on the other hand, yay, I’m over here. I have achieved it. Like I’ve gotten to this new state, this new expression of health and thriving, and what were the steps that had to happen along the way. So each of these little steps that have to happen along a client’s journey to achieving a new outcome, those are all key points where each and every one. Now all of these are going to have an adjustment in it, probably to some point, right? But it’s, it’s the adjustment and the adjustment. And what else? Because somebody comes into your office, they didn’t come in and just have that situation.

They came in and that’s a result of accumulation of what? And then they leave your office and they go back to their same environment. That’s triggering the same habits, perceptions and beliefs, which means there’s a greater likelihood. They’re going to keep doing what they’ve been doing. So what is it that needs to shift that needs to happen so that you give an amazing adjustment. And when they leave your office, they hold that adjustment longer. They’re getting ongoing benefits. Ian, you’re giving them more right of their piece of where they have to be accountable. They become the guardian and the custodian of their own health versus, Hey, doctor, fix me. It’s not your job to fix them. That’s not what we’re here for. Um, you know, because we can’t fix them. They can only fix themselves. And guess what, what if they’re not even broken to begin with, right?

We know that as chiropractors, their system is out of balance and the adjustment is restoring ease and balance to the system. So what else is creating imbalance in the system is adding to that subluxation. So think about that. And I’ll go a little metal what’s happening in their life every day and their environment. That’s adding to that imbalance in how their system is functioning. These all become key points to mapping your journey gang. We are blowing through this 30 minute show. So I’m going to quickly bring this together. Um, and I want you guys to know there’s huge new opportunities, right? So what the data is showing us since COVID, and we’re all experiencing it ourselves, people are obviously not out as much as they were. Their consumer trends have completely changed. Almost everything is online. Now, people shopping online, people are consuming online. Um, home is the new coffee shop.

So when we think about this, and there is absolutely an uptick in health and wellness, so people want more preventative products. They want to know how they can take better care of themselves. So what does this mean for you? What does this mean with your messaging? You’re an expert at this. How could you possibly look at this time in history as a new opportunity to create new expressions in your own business model, where you can both still offer the same great in office care, but have an extension and start to go virtual. So virtual practices are all about, I’ve got hundreds of coaches around the country that do this really, really successfully. You guys want to know more where you can reach out to me at any time. Um, you know, that’s, that’s what we’re here for. I’m going to be bringing the show to you each month so that you truly can have at your fingertips, the resources, the understanding, the information and the inspiration along with the next step implementation so that you can go out and really make your lasting impact.

So I just want you to start to think differently. I want you to realize that your message matters and you can share it. You can share it in your office, through your emails online. You can share stories. That’s kind of saying, Hey, why me? Why should I be your doc? Why are you, why do you need what I’ve got? Why do you want what I have? Why would you be interested in what’s going on in this practice? Why this, why this thing, why this pain-free living through chiropractic? Why now? Why at this time, is it important for you to experience this and why no other, why is no other solution as optimal as you? This is just a little story grid that gives you a path of understanding how you can truly go out consistently day after day and share your message, share it from your in-office patient encounters.

One-on-ones to start to think about again, scaling it and leveraging those social media platforms, um, in a really authentic way. So that you’re talking to one key audience. You’re really sharing consistently again and again and again, the big promise, the big takeaway that somebody will get when they work with you, I’m not going to keep creating new things. I’m going to keep letting people know you want to work with me. We’re going to unlock your code and you are going to reverse age and you are going to have balanced energy perform at your peak and live a life. A long life, well filled with vitality and joy. I’m going to say that again and again and again, because guess what? They don’t care how I do it. They just want to know that I can do it. And they’re going to come in and they’re going to work with me.

Same thing. If you get pain-free living or, you know, whatever your magic is, you say it again and again, and again, don’t continue to reinvent the wheel. Don’t make it about a title. Don’t make it about a gimmick, make it about you and your gifts and your talents because the world needs what you’ve got to offer. This has been such a joy today. If you guys want to reach out to me directly, you can go to my website, Dr. You’ve been seeing on the screen here, probably my longevity experts network. That’s where I connect all of my experts out with consumers. So listen, what a joy. It’s been a big thank you to ChiroSecure. This was so much fun today. We’re really excited. Dr. Julie is going to be on in two more weeks. You guys want to tune in with her and so much more so until the next time go out there, my friend, and continue to show up, share your message and make your impact.

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