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The Line Between Personal and Business Posting on Facebook

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Hello ladies. And welcome to a nother episode of Chirosecure’s Empowering Women in Chiropractic. I’m your host, Dr. Cathy, and I’m really excited to come to you this time, because the first time I heard it looked quite so good and my lipstick wasn’t doing so good. And my technology wasn’t working. So we took a pause.

We fixed it. And now we’re back. And we’re back to talk to you about that line between your business and your personal social media pages and had a blur. Yeah. Keep it real, real distinct, real separate. And when should you do what? So let’s just jump right into that because whether you heard our first recording or you’re here for this one, let’s talk about how do you know what to post, when to post what to keep on your private page, what to keep on your business page.

And really it comes down to you. Feels right. And congruent with who you are and how you practice. So your personal page, that’s the place where you share all your personal issues, your challenges, your obstacles, your victories, your learning opportunities. That’s where you get to share everything and people can reach out and love on you.

Congratulate you celebrate with you, lift you up, whatever it is you want to share with. Your business pages. That’s where it’s advantageous to be a little bit more professional, to not blur the lines so much and to know what you’re posting and what your desired outcome. Listen on your personal page. If you want to post what you’re eating today, your workout, what your kids are doing, where you’re going on vacation.

What’s aggravating you this morning. What’s uplifting you this afternoon have added on your business page though. That might be your patients viewing. But it may be community members. It may be prospective patients. It may be council members and dignitaries in your community. It may be colleagues. It may be some students who are looking to you or other people who are looking to you as a mentor.

So think about your business page as the professional side of you. What would you want to show? What would you want BJ to see if he were to walk in and log into your social media? What goes, there should be a reflection of what goes on in here inside of your office, in your community, within your promotional mindset for your practice.

So when you think about what do I post on social media? Think about two separate pages, two separate buckets, two separate areas where you’re either going to share all your personal stuff on your personal page and only your business stuff on your business page or a small bleed through maybe your kids did something wonderful.

Maybe your family is doing something amazing. Maybe you accomplished a lifestyle goal, or maybe you just climbed Mount Everest. And he wanted to share that on your personal and your business page. But a driver ticked you off on the way to the office that you probably stay in one place. And if you think in personal, you got it right now, the only way I can see where that would be relevant to your business page is if you spot.

To put a good positive spin on, Hey I encountered this horrible driver on my way to the office today, which reminds me when you’re out there driving, please be careful because we don’t want to see anyone in our community get hurt. However, if you are involved in a car accident or even a sports injury, or you slip and fall in your own driveway, shoveling eyes or cleaning up leaves or doing yard work.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call because we’d be happy to help you get your health back to the level you’re accustomed to. So that’s one way you could actually put a positive spin on something that may necessarily usually go in your private page, but maybe you want to filter it into your business page.

So think about that. What you’re sharing, how you’re sharing it, how often you’re sharing it. Think about what’s your desired. One of the things I constantly teach women when I’m teaching them how to speak in the different courses that I teach is some people speak for attendance. Your goal should be to speak with intention, meaning you’re not just speaking to hear yourself.

You’re not just speaking so that you can fill an empty space. You’re not just speaking because you want to be the loudest voice in the room. No speak with the goal of. Helping someone improving somebody’s life, bringing new information to people, sharing an experience, sharing a learning lesson that you’ve had sharing something new that you’ve been exposed to bringing people to a greater understanding of health, teaching people about her practice, subluxation pregnancy, natural birth attachment, parenting, breastfeeding, whatever it is you want to bring them to speak with in tension.

And then. Since, you know what your intention is, your speech is more deliberate and the same thing should hold true for your social media pages. If you’re just throwing something out there, because it’s the meal of the day or the shoes of the day, terrific. Have fun with it. But if you’re trying to educate, inspire, motivate, or captivate your audience so that you can teach them something new or bring them into your audience, your office, then think about what you’re posting.

Does it fit in alignment with what my end goal is? What is your end goal? Are you trying to educate your current patients? Are you trying to provide your current patients with information that they can go share with their communities? Are you trying to attract new patients to your office? Are you trying to educate your community at large?

What is your goal within your social media posts? And if you think about, why am I posting this? It’s a lot easier to figure out what to post. Think about what is my desired outcome. And then I want you to look around your office. And look around your community and look around your social media contacts and decide what relationships can I tap?

How can I tap into someone else? That’s doing something in my community. How can I tap into one of my patients that maybe is doing something spectacular? How can I tap into another healthcare professional that is reaching similar people? To what I’d like to bring into my office. And how can you do a Facebook live with them?

How can you do a healthy parenting posts with them? How can you do a post about athletes and sports performance with one of the local sports performance gyms? So start thinking about who are the relationships you have in your community, or even the relationships you’d like to be. And how can you tap into them?

How can you reach out to those people and say, Hey, can we do something together? Can we share posts together? Can we create a list of the top five things that athletes would want to do or mechanics should do to keep their bodies healthy, start tapping into those relationships so that you’re providing useful information to the people you want to talk.

So if you get very specific with your messaging and that could be on social media, but it could also be at a lunch and learn or dinner with the docs or at a local community event that’s going on or at a screening or at a networking or a business association or your chamber of commerce. You can get very specific with your messaging based on who you’re going to encounter that day or who you’re trying to.

Engage with on your social media platforms. And then when you start thinking about who am I trying to reach? What’s my goal. What’s my intention. What do I want to share? And then you start realizing in addition to sharing, educating, inspiring, and motivating people, how do I start promoting? And one of the things I like to see people do is share the why, share the what, but promote the.

You get that? So share the why. Why should people get under chiropractic care? Why do family. One to experience a greater level of health. Why are they searching for someone who can be the solution to a problem they’re dealing with? And then talk about what the solution is or what the answer is or what steps they can take to start living a healthier life.

And then you become the, how your office becomes the, how your promotion becomes the how, and if you start facing it like this and approaching it like this, and you’re really delivering. With intention, not just for attention, your content will actually hit its mark better and you’ll be able to reach the people that you’re trying to reach it more accurately, more consistently keeping them engaged, keeping them where they’re commenting, liking, and here’s the big one, sharing your posts with people that are similar to them.

So if you are. Gold person is a mom with a family that’s busy and they’re already taking money out of their pocket to do healthy activities. And you reach those people guess who they know, they more, they know more people just they’re probably friends with them on social media. They probably see them at the cheer gym and the karate studio and the soccer field and the swim leagues.

And they probably see them at different sporting events or different community events. And they’re probably friends with them on social media. So if they like it, they comment it and then they share. Then the people who are similar to them will start to see your posts. So have the big vision in mind while you want to target the person, your ideal client, your ideal patient, your ideal market, while you want to target them.

And you want to speak with intention to deliver information they need. And that goes for in-person emails, social media. When you speak with intention to deliver something they need, think about what. Be shareable. Would this be relevant for the people they know? Would they feel comfortable sharing this with other people?

Am I delivering information that is in a form that they look at it and say, this would help my friend who has been dealing with the same issue my family is dealing with. And the more you. Get specific and you get really regimented about what you post and look, sometimes you’re just going to post whatever I get it.

We do that too. And sometimes you’re going to get very specific. Then you’re able to. Systematically reach people. One of the things I did many years ago is I created 52 weekly videos that targeted every topic that has ever come up in the office. I did a whole series that was for my general population, my regular patients.

And then I did another entire 52 week series that was just geared toward my pregnant patients. My new mommies, my young families, and we were able to use that not only on social media, but we send that out to our people so that they get the information they need. They’re coming into the office with questions that are important and relevant.

And. Raise the questions that I want them to ask that they come in asking very good, very valid, qualified questions so that we can give them great information to take home to their families, to take back, to work, to take to their communities. And by doing that honest system and having it set up, knowing what we want to talk about each week, we were able to really deliver great content to the people at a time when they needed it in a way that they would engage with.

Like it and share it. So think about setting something like that up in your office. If you haven’t already done it, you don’t know how to do it. You want somehow just reach out to me. I’m happy to share that with you and help you out so that you can start reaching more people in your community and just be mindful that whatever you post on social media, people can see.

Usually that’s the goal, but sometimes if you post something that’s intended to be private, it might not stay that way. Super private things. You might want to keep them offline or keep them on your personal pages. And then for anything that’s geared toward your patients, towards your public, towards your community, put that in your business pages and make sure that it’s reaching the people that you’re trying to.

Before we go today. I want to say a huge shout out to ChiroSecure because not only have they been a huge supporter of women in chiropractic and all women in chiropractic, but they’ve also been a huge supporter for the last 10 years of the League of Chiropractic Women, which is celebrating their 10th anniversary this month in March.

So big congratulations to the league of chiropractic women on their ten-year anniversary and a big shout out to ChiroSecure for being. Very big, huge supporter of the league of chiropractic women and also for supporting our event coming up next week, which is the gathering a name granted to us with love and permission from the Sigma foods family from Dr.

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I want to thank you so much for your patience with us this morning. And I want to say. Keep doing what you’re doing, because whether you realize it or not, it matters. You’re having such a positive impact on your corner of the world and the world needs what you have. Keep doing it. Reach out to other women for support, reach out to other women for community.

Join the league of chiropractic women reached out to me and keep checking in here every week for empowering women in chiropractic. Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing you next time. Bye-bye.

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