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“The Microbiome of Baby!!”

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Hello, welcome to the ChiroSecure. Look to the Children’s show. I am your host for today. Monika Buerger, and I am welcome you to my not a fireside chat, but we’re going to actually do a wheelchair side. Today say that’s a lot, that’s a lot of bundled, the same wheels, wheelchair side chat. I got all spiffy it up for you all with my new tattoo and everything.

As some of, I took a pretty harsh nasty fall during the holidays. And have you had some pretty significant injuries? So I’m coming to you today from a different view. In my wheelchair with Elizabeth, here we go. She is here with me. She’s been keeping me company and keeping me on target here.

So thank you, ChiroSecure for giving us this platform. And hopefully we can bring you some great pearls today. We are going to talk about the mob. Yes, the mob boss, the microbiome of the baby. Cause it’s all about purple is about right. It’s all about P yep. It’s all about poop. So couple of reasons I wanted to do this topic is I get pinged a lot on social media about, what do we do for constipation?

I’ve been doing everything, babysitter, constipated Formulas does a baby need probiotics if they were had a vaginal birth all these different questions. So I’m going to touch on some of those. But I also wanted to bring forth in ever increasing concern about the mob, the microbiome.

And the reason I’m doing it now is because of the last few years we’ve all been in and what we are seeing with the offspring of the little fiddle farts due to the stress from the pandemic. And one of the things we are seeing more and more is the box that we in, at least in the United States, there is more evidence of preterm birth.

And this is a significant thing that we need to be mindful of. And one thing in particular, with regard to if a baby isn’t breastfeeding, because it was done. The other thing we’re seeing is there is a decrease in breastfeeding and bonding in this COVID generation. Which is often leading to the usage substitutions with formulas.

And this is going to be a key thing that we’re going to cover today. What we really need to understand about all this. So let’s dig in and dive in and Elizabeth is gonna keep me on track here. Hopefully. I did have a concussion whiplash, so I, my brain is getting back on track. Preterm birth is considered anything less than 37 weeks.

Okay. Now let’s be mindful of a couple of things. Most Sicilian sections in this country happened at about 38 weeks. So 37 weeks and earlier is considered pre-term. There’s a lot of development that happens in those last few weeks and primarily the development of the autonomic nervous system I E Vegas tongue.

So number one, keep that in your back brain burner about bagel. Not being fully on board with the preterm birth. Okay. Preterm birth is very much associated with low birth weight. These two fat and low birth weight is considered about three and a half pounds or less. Both of those factors are two of the most studied factors with regard to overall health development, mental health, physical health, metabolic health, over the lifetime of that individual.

Those two factors, low birth weight, and preterm birth. They’re the biggest concern with a preterm birth. Or, and, or low birth weight situation is this thing called necrotizing enterocolitis, big words, right? Necrotizing, enterocolitis. This is associated with five to 12% of low birth weight in. At least it can lead to surgery 20 to 40% of the time.

Cause it’s basically intestines are so inflamed that they start necrotizing. Okay. It can lead up to death in 25 to 50% of cases. These are some significant numbers that we need to be mindful of. So that. Little fiddle fart is born preterm with an immature gut that has an tends to have an inflamed lining.

The immune system function is maladaptive. Okay. Because we know 80%, 70, 80% of the immune systems in the God. So they’re more predisposed to ear infections and upper respiratory infections. And then more likely subjected to antibiotic early in life, which is this cluster of symptoms. We tend to see with our kids with neuro-developmental challenges.

Okay. So one, we need to be mindful that those last few weeks count and may be taking a good history. You know what, how many weeks gestation when they, when brought into this. Too. We need to be mindful of that. The autonomic nervous system, I E vagal tone may not be fully on board because it matures that last trimester, they go tone is going to be important for the inflammatory response and those tight junctions, not letting bad Jude.

Cross the gut barrier. And then this thing called necrotizing enterocolitis, we referred to as N E C for short neck. One of the things that is so detrimental to the potential life of this child is the fact that bacteria and such can cross the gut lining and end up in the blood. So now we have this higher percentages of little fiddle farts being born at a preterm status because of the prenatal stressors of mom, especially in this last two years, less likely to breastfeed, less likely to bond.

One big factor about the. NEC is there’s a big association. Here’s a real big Bob flasher for you is that it is very much associated with the introduction of cow’s milk formulas and the preterm infant. Okay. And this is why I want to bring this forth because it’s becoming more and more of a. So much so that there are there are some litigation suits out there against a couple formulas companies because of, they should have a warning on there that this, these are not appropriate for preterm infants, but as far back as 1991 study came out in Lancet journal.

That there was an association with the preterm birth and introduction of formulas and the cow’s milk proteins leading to this necrotizing enterocolitis. So some of you might be thinking I bad, cause I have to think about all that medical stuff, but so many, we were seeing so many little fiddle parts in our offices that aren’t breastfeeding.

It might be on formulas. This is incorrect, critical thing that we should keep in the back of our minds because when. This happens and there’s inflammatory responses in the gut. Yes. It might need lead to those bad things. Up to 50%. It can be failed 20 to 40% needs surgery excision the part of the intestines.

But from our perspective, from a preventative developmental perspective, what you also need to understand is. There’s options other than cow’s milk formulas. I refer a lot of people to, if they can’t get a breast donor, a donor milk need donor milk, and there is some evidence as well that having moms or donor moms off of cows milk is important as well, but we can refer them to some homemade rescue.

Western a price foundation, the Weston, a price foundation. You can Google it. Homemade baby formulas. I’ve given us out actually recently quite a bit, and people are messaging me back. Oh my gosh. It’s made a world of difference for my little baby. So these are things we should be mindful. What are options out there?

So what’s when they price is a great one to look at homemade formas, it’s a little bit laborious on the parents, but to understand the long-term implications of this little fiddle, fart, okay. Born premature introduced into foremost too soon, inflammatory response in the gut and that. We know, and we’re already seeing in the COVID generation, the dysmaturation with fine gross motor skills and social motor skills.

This is all connected to the mob bus, the microbiome of the. Okay. So if we see this paradigm, we also need to be heads up thinking, all right, what are some PR potential derailment of the trajectory of development of this little field park down the road? So the next thing I want you to keep in mind, pre-term 37 weeks or less low birth weight.

And the literature is about three and a half, three pounds, 3.5 pounds or less. Okay. Those two are the biggest factors in the trajectory of life. Overall health of that individual. Let’s not get cows based. Formula cows milk. Let’s look at alternatives when it comes to probiotics. I get this question a lot.

If mom’s quote unquote. And the baby’s born vaginally. Why would there be an for probiotics? Let’s back that card up a little bit at it. Mom is stressed at all. It is gonna affect her microbiome. You guys figure out who’s stressed right now. Okay. It is gonna affect her microbiome. So a baby is born vaginally, baby.

It inherits mom’s microbiome. If she’s stressed, not going to be so sick. So Syrian section and plus we know that the badging, all microbiome can be dysregulated in mom if she’s stressed. So even if baby’s born vaginally and of course the Syrian section, that’s another concern as well. So with regard to probiotic, here’s your next Pearl, please be mindful.

At the looking at probiotics, especially if you have a preemie that are not milk-based okay. No cows milk in there. No, no cows milk. So look at that for your prebiotics. Vitamin D is also so frequently depleted or below based on. On most individuals, especially if you look up there, above the equator line, right?

So vitamin D is very essential in healing the gut as well. So baby, a little fiddle apart might need about 400 IUs of vitamin D can be very helpful and vitamin a as well. It’s a little trickier to get down a little bit apart, but these are things that are gonna help heal the microbiome. Of course, the chiropractic adjustment is.

The other thing you’re going to see in these preemies less Peristyle assists. And these are the cases that can be really frustrating when people say I’m adjusting, and they’re still constipated. Especially on that preemie. I want you to think that biggest nerve hasn’t jumped into gear yet.

And especially if mom’s breastfeeding and taking in calories. Or if there’s any kind of cow’s milk in that little fiddle, part’s diet need to get it out. Okay. So those are some good pearls. We know that the microbiome, like I said, we’re getting the studies already with the cogeneration about fine gross motor delays and social engagement delays.

The microbiome is very much associated with fine with all of those. Okay. So let’s lay down a good foundation. And good tome for that child at the microbiome. If that mob bus is keeping that intestines, inflamed, that little fiddle part is not going to be able to absorb key nutrients for brain building.

They’re not going to have the metabolic capacity for neuroplastic develop. Probably so they might not be able to ha they might not present with good tone and be able to get into P postural positions that are needed for brain building. Okay. So probiotics, no cows milk, vitamin D vitamin a both very essential for healing.

The gut social engagement with mom, with caregivers in general Western a price homemade formulas. Look at the. So those are some key tips I wanted you to be mindful of as we start to see maybe more struggles in an environment where we’re now practicing in. The other thing that you may see is a lot of extension.

Okay. That baby just wants us to be. And if this can be mistaken as, oh my gosh, my baby’s so strong. They’re looking at

that tone and that extensor tone. Okay. Can be a few things. One. It can be that baby’s actually got intestinal dysbiosis inflammation. The gut and GERD reflux is often associated with that extensor tone. And sympathetic dominance is said to be associated with more of that extensor tone. So it’s not necessarily, baby’s got this going on.

It can be a neuro expressive pattern of distress. Okay. So take home pearls, give get a good history. How many weeks that gestation, where they born, what was their birthday? Did they latch? Are they breastfeeding? Is mom having cows milk? Is, are they formula fed? Are they showing low tone? What is finding gross motor looking like how can you heal the gut prebiotic and I, you can message me on suggestions of.

Consumer products that I use vendors that I use for a prebiotic, it can be very good. You can simply swab these in the cheeks of the baby, or you can put them on the nipple of mom and she’s breastfeeding and get them in their prebiotic and probiotic, nothing. Cow’s milk-based vitamin D and vitamin a okay.

On dosing prebiotics or pre and probiotics or anything, I will usually go. Depending on how the stress, the little fiddle part is I will start out at either a quarter or half a dose just to titrate it in slowly and see how they respond. And then slowly titrate them up to the recommended dose if they can handle it.

So that’s some things that you can consider and you might want to split those doses. Let’s say a probiotic calls for a quarter teaspoon. I might do an eighth of a teaspoon in the morning and eighth work them up to eighth of a teaspoon in the morning and to eighth teaspoon at night. Okay. But start out maybe with an eighth of a teaspoon and you just worked them up.

So hopefully that is some good pearls to think about, but please, this is an incredibly pointless. Topic given the times that we’re living in. All right. So that’s it for me today. That’s it for me and Elizabeth. We’re going to go have a ride on a wheelchair and you are going to see Dr.

Erik Kowalke. They first Thursday of the month of February. And I’ll be back the third Thursday, hopefully a little bit more weight bearing bound by that. But until then you guys keep being amazing. Keep saving lives. Please keep these important pearls and your back brain burner so we can be out there and turn the tide and change more lives again.

ChiroSecure. You’re awesome. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to share a few pearls of wisdom until next month. We’ll see you happy Valentine’s day.

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