Blog, Chirosecure Live Event April 25, 2022

The Negative World Framework – Monday Mandate UPDATE April 25, 2022

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Things are continuing to lighten up here in the United States, but internationally we’re still very concerned. About what’s happening with the World Health Organization and in other parts of the world. So today I’m going to update you on the good news and some things we’re concerned about moving forward.

So good morning again, our United States chiropractors. My name is Baron Hoag. I am the executive director of One Chiropractic and the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, April 25th for your weekly update. So first of all, thank you for your patients. As I was traveling in the Scandinavian countries.

Getting Infrastructure set up for the CDC. And I did take a couple personal days as well in that process. So thank you for that separation. If you have emailed me I will be getting to those emails here quickly. If it is urgent, please email me and I’ll make sure that I get back to you right away. The good news is I was able to fly home without a mask and it looks like things are finally starting to lighten up in that regard.

Around the United States, we’re seeing. Just multiple states taking stand. It’s been fun to watch, proactive legislation like we saw in Missouri. I think it was Missouri. And forgive me, I’m a little disconnected at the moment. Where we’re seeing proactive legislation, that’s going to stop any type of mandate or things that actually persecuting those businesses that are imposing unjust mandates as well.

Great things are happening in the most part for the United States. We’re still seeing pockets of the blue states, California, Illinois in the new England states in certain areas. We’re still seeing some different things that are trying to pop up, but I think the data is out. The reality is there.

I think in the United States, we’re not going to see. Really anything else happened? We are expecting that in the fall and in the winter, we’re going to have a new variant that is going to be released. But I think by then the vaccines are going to be exposed for what they are. We’re starting to see that happening really all over the world.

So the negative, however, or the concern I should say is what we’re starting to see. As far as the framework that’s being put into the kind of the world. And how to move forward in future pandemics. So clearly there’s going to be another something, whether it’s another strain of COVID or whether it’s something completely different, the world is already, noticed and said, we need to prepare for the next wave of this something.

And we updated you. I think one of the first to make you aware. Of the World Health Organization and their resolution. You should have started seeing that. I saw a bunch of stuff come out the last couple of weeks from other organizations that are getting tied into that. Now we’ve been working on that from the very beginning.

We made you aware of that. And it’s just interesting to see what’s trying to happen to give authority to organizations even outside of the country itself which really adds a wrinkle because there’s. There is an international court system, but it’s not, it’s a very different process than how we’ve been attacking these things currently.

So we’re monitoring this and we’re, we were going to continue to send information out and make people aware. And then when there’s a moment for you to jump on board and do things, we’ll make sure that we engage you on that process as well. We are seeing Australia is opening up a little bit more.

We can travel there now on New Zealand, we’re still fighting some mild variants South Africa. We’re starting to see a little bit shift. Canada is a very interesting country as it always has been. And we’re continuing to work there. So lots of stuff’s still being done, but it’s a very fluid environment right now, as we’re seeing how these governments are responding to all of the information that’s coming out, really debunking their justification for their behavior.

So lots of stuff being done. We appreciate you guys. I’ve told you that from the beginning. We’re also really starting to dig into the infrastructure again, as I’ve told you before, you’re going to start seeing some more information coming from. The work that we’re doing here in the United States to really ensure that we never go through this type of a situation.

Again, a number of you have been reaching out to me about different issues in your states with masks and things of that nature. Please continue to do that. We’re going to do everything we can to ensure that your rights are protected and that we’re best positioned to be able to be ready for the next wave.

So we love you. We appreciate you have yourself an incredible week. This week, the weather has changed. It’s been great for those of us that are not in perfect weather year round. And enjoy the season as we enter into summer and just know that you’re loved. You’re appreciate. Chiropractic is very much alive.

We’re doing the work that needs to be done, and we’re going to continue to do it because I don’t believe our battles are over. Now’s the time to regroup, to build our forces, to build infrastructure so that we’re even stronger. The next time something comes. So thank you for still being a part of what we’re doing for supporting us both financially, as well as being connected to what we’re doing so that our tribe continues to grow.

We love you. We appreciate you having an incredible weekend. We’ll talk to you next week. God bless.